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DESIGN VERTIGO The Client: vintage and vintage inspired apparel, home decor and design boutique. My role: art director, designer and post production Photography: Danny Green Problem: Design Vertigo offers unique boutique products but offers no outlet for consumers to purchase products online. This poses a problem because there is a strong demand for Design Vertigo products for consumers who are unable to visit the location. Solution: Create a branded online store “The Wilde Room� (named after the owners last name) featureing hand picked collections for each season in a classic look-book format.

DESIGN VERTIGO the website The four description words I was given by Design Vertigo owner Amanda Wilde before designing this website was “vintage, whimsical, earthy and quirky.� Channeling these words I created a web design that I think captures the creative uniqueness and beauty the store exudes.

web hOme


DESIGN VERTIGO WILDE ROOM cOllectiOns Each collection is shown through a digital 2 page Spread look book, that allows the visitor to hover over labeled (by numbers) items, view their names and prices and once clicked links them to a purchase page. Each collection is distinct from one another with different color pallets, products and styles.

THE cOllectiOns.

rich, stunning and timeless.

soft, sexy and glamourous.

bright, quirky and fabulous.

ART DIRECTION THROUGH PHOTO EFFECTS Through post photo-editing I can turn a beautiful photo into a beautiful story. Looking through these before and afters, you can see how the editing elements can change the tone, the emotion and even the time period the photo evokes. These elements begin to code a visual story for the audience creating an even stronger brand experience.





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Design vertigo boutique

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