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Reading Log Recording Sheet Record the number of minutes per night in the chart. Remember – you must have 100minutes per week.




# of Minute s

Code* *

Parent Initia l

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total weekly minutes: ________ **Use one of the following numbers to describe how you read under “Code.” 1-Read independently 2-Read with a parent 3-Read with someonemy age (or to a sibling) 4-Parent read to me 5-Followed along to a taped reading Oncea week, respond in a PARAGRAPHtelling me ONEof the following about ONEof the BOOKSyou’ve read.  I really liked…..  The setting takes place…..  This book reminds me of…..  I am still wondering…..  I just couldn’t believe……  I want to know more about……  I am similar/different from _____ (a character)…….  If I could change……  I would rate this book…..  My favorite character…..  I was surprised….  The moral (theme) of the story……  I learned (non-fiction)……

Remember: a paragraph must have a beginning, middle, and end with at least 4-6 sentences. Make sure you’ve written meaningful sentenceswith elaboration. Your paragraph must be handwritten (neatly) or typed. If you write on a separate sheet of paper, pleasestaple it to this form. Thank you!

Reading Log  

Use this log to track your weekly reading.

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