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 Our legal abilities are of the very highest standard and our professional ethics and conduct are above question. If we can assist you with your case, please Contact Us for a free consultation.  First Amendment Law with emphasis on Internet Defamation and limits of internet free speech  Criminal Law (All North Carolina Federal and State Courts)  International and Domestic Corporate and Small Business Law  Civil Law and Personal Injury Law  Immigration Law

Krispin Culpertson ď ś First Amendment Law Krispen has devoted the latter stages of his practice to a passion he has developed for First Amendment Law and Privacy. This interest had its beginnings in real life situations he encountered while practicing law, and with one in particular. He is currently developing a "reputation remediation" service which will combine legal remedy with internet technique for protecting and "fixing" online reputation in cases of defamation.

ď ś Immigration Law Culbertson & Associates is in the process of helping many undocumented workers obtain legal status (where appropriate) in the post 9-11 quagmire of Immigration law.

K.E. Krispen Culbertson, Senior Partner Mr. Culbertson has 18 years of legal experience and is a widely recognized Federal and State court litigator. In the past year, Mr. Culbertson has been in both National and State news (see Articles About This Firm). He is also one of the elite percentage of attorneys that has a case reported in Federal Law Reports -- the large law books that contain the controlling caselaw of the United States. He has handled dozens of Federal criminal and white-collar crimes, in addition to important Federal and State civil cases. Mr. Culbertson practices appellate law on both Federal and State levels, and is a member of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. He was educated in law at Wake Forest University in North Carolina and at Oxford University in England. Krispen Culbertson has handled over 3,000 cases in the Federal and State courts of North Carolina.


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