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2 6 14 18 22 24 27 2 18 22 6 27 14 in profile: Charma ine Olivia A San Francisco based artist exceling in oil and water based painting.




September 2012 Fo u n der

Krislyn Perez

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1 Michael Bastian for Gant 2A/B Versace/ 3 Barneys New York 4 Vanity Fair 5 Gypsy Warrior 6 OPI 7 Alexandra Yeske 8A-D Thrifted&Modern 9 A/B Isle Valfre 10 A-G, see descriptions 11 Ophelia Olive 12 Charmaine Olivia 13 14 Wikihow 15 Penguin books, Noelle Pasada 16 Dolce & Gabana, Tony Kim 17 Madeline Poole 18 Micah Mahinay

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L o s A n g e l e s O r a n g e C o u nt y San Diego San Francisco

Note From the Editor


OBSESSIVE BEHAVIOR Our first issue is finally here and ready to deliver the latest trends, how to wear them and much more. Fast-paced, high-tech and always on-trend; nothing is better than living in the city. From picking out the days outfit to exploring newest most stylish parts of our beautiful city, being a city girl is a fabulous thing! The vast amount of shops, living on the coast trying out clubs and all the FASHION you see on the streets. If you’re a lover of these things then this magaziine is Summer Fruit chapstick by EOS. Delicious, refreshing, and comes in this cute little ball. I dare you to try it out.

completely and utterly for you. Enjoy bbys.

xoxo krislyn // 1

“Shoes transform your Studding

body language and attitude. They lift you physically & emotionally.”

Louboutin —Christian Loubouti

heels vs flats? Flats Heels


we asked our readers and the answers are in!


M Am e e n r sw ic e an a r



Rock n’ roll style is back this 2012 year in the form of studs! So if you want a look that’s rebellious and fashionable, studded items have tones of attitude and plenty deadly style, the new studded trend is the best this year! Rocking up leather jackets, dresses also handbags, studs are becoming so much more versatile and unique and not just something that a rock star would wear. Studs are a lot more popular on the high street and online, studs are a simple yet dramatic way to change your usual wardrobe. Studs and metallic embellishments come in many different shapes and sizes and can be worn with quite literally anything! By purchasing something simple and customising it with studs is a great way to work the stud trend without the hefty price tag.


Men’s wear has long played second fiddle at New York Fashion Week, though a handful of respectable designers and labels like Duckie Brown, Nautica, Joseph Abboud, Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Bastian continue to show their clothes for guys amid a sea of competition for attention from women’s designers. A lot of big guns decamped for market weeks in Europe a while ago, so Calvin Klein and Tom Ford usually show in Milan and Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders took his collection to Paris this summer. Now London is

2 //

putting a bigger focus on men’s wear shows and Mr. Ford has said he will show there in January. But what’s wrong with New York? Dan Peres, the editor in chief of Details, said the time was right for American designers to assert themselves here, especially since men’s wear has been growing in stature in recent years. So the magazine has rented a space at the Lincoln Center branch of the New York Public Library to encourage designers to show here.


As seen on the runway in Versace and more, studs are becoming much more versatile. Golden studs on white dresses, bags, and shoes have a light feminine feel, completely different from their traditional rockstar roots.

Skinny Disney

Nail Shapes Do you know the ideal nail shape for your manicure? Obsessive Behavior breaks down different nail shapes and how to file them.

Oval To achieve the perfect oval shape, file side walls straight to make sure they’re even. Then, shape the side walls into a rounded oval, making sure the angles are even on each side.

Squoval First begin with a square with straight and even side walls. File the corners until your free edge is rounded and beveled. Remember, you still want strong side supports— don’t go too file-happy.

Square 3

Minnie, Daisy & Goofy

To create this timeless shape, file the side walls straight and make sure they’re perpendicular to the free edge of the nail. Once you’ve got the perfect square, angle your emery board and bevel the nail.

The classic Disney characters–Mickey, Minnie, Donald–have never been drawn as what one would call “skinny”; while their princess counterparts are a different story, our favorite mice and their friends have remained largely the same over the years, with a few tweaks from the original black-and-white incarnations. All that is about to change, however, as Barney’s New York has teamed up with Disney to give the iconic figures a makeover for an ad campaign called “Electric Holiday”, which includes a 3D film in which the newly waif-like characters head to Paris for fashion week. High-end designers Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana, and Balmain have all offered up their threads for the new models to wear, which can be seen below. The changes have some people wondering whether or not it’s a good thing for children, who are used to a much different body-type on their beloved Disney friends. But the creative forces behind the project say they had a long discussion about how to pull off the ad campaign. “When we got to the moment when all Disney characters walk on the runway, there was a discussion,” Barneys creative director Dennis Freedman said. “The standard Minnie Mouse will not look so good in a Lanvin dress. There was a real moment of silence, because these characters don’t change. I said, ‘If we’re going to make this work, we have to have a 5-foot-11 Minnie,’ and they agreed. When you see Goofy, Minnie and Mickey, they are runway models.”

Round This shape is flattering for wide nails, and gives the illusion of a thinner nail bed. File the side walls straight like a square, then round the free edge into that perfect swooping circle.

Talons While it’s not favored for the everyday look, this extreme shape can actually slenderize and lengthen the fingers. File the side walls evenly and taper until you’ve reached the desired tip. // 3



“I love fashion. I think its so important because its how you show yourself to the world. “

emma watson 4 //

Visit the boutique at:


6 //

Ombre Chain Link Necklace

Trend Spot // 7

Trend Spot

Ombre in your home Ci ipic testiis simustium endoles aruit alibusanis adendum untur rehenis vent landaectota con ra ped quame laut quassim usdantem esciliquas mo temped esciusa vel in cus eicimusaes nos accus estia volores aut prem quaerio. Nequatumquam exeribus se ad moluptat ad qui di ipsandusamet doluptatem. Oratia di corum quo quis ea amus aut di cum sentibus. Ignihit vel maio cusam aliquid exerspedi doluptates ellatiosam, nestem quid magnihicium exerupt atemporibus, qui dolupta cuptis vene is ex eatem ratem illabor eremquam quo dolore consequam faccae. Itatect iaspit voluptate ipsam, offictur sin rem expe paribuscia dunt remolent volupta tiundae ssequiam doloria quibus ea volor as aceptaeno cum eni pliberspelis sume suntem sant veritas mo cum etur no aencum, voluptatis etur? Mint. Bus invfesnelenis everuntem apitae aen no utirsin si autempo rernam, voluptatat que resto cusam sg gsdged quiem quiam aut eat. Inullent vellate stionsedis pre provit vendelite re num entem. Ut aut alis molor maximinctis volorer ferecuscia quo dollabo. Dit lam quatur sunturi atetur, omnim sa consequam est abor sitaspi ciandeliquid maionse volore vid quos dolorem eatur sim quis aperferis evendit, idus sunto et molor aut il eius prorerum

8 //

Ci ipic testiis simustium doles aut alibusanis ad untur rehenis vent landaectota con ra ped quame laut quassim usdantem esciliquas mo temped esciusa vel in cus eicimusaes nos accus estia volores aut prem ven qui quo met quaerio. Nequatumquam exeribus se ad moluptat ad qui di ipsandusamet doluptatem. Oratia di corum quo quis ea amus autdi fal sin pa di cum sentibus. Ignihit vel maio cusam aliquid exerspedi doluptates ellatiosam, nestem quid magnihicium exerupt atemporibus, qui dolupta cuptis vene is ex eatem ratem illabor eremquam quo dolore consequam faccae. Itatect iaspit voluptate ipsam, offictur sin rem expe paribuscia dunt remolent volupta tiundae ssequiam doloria quibus ea gs volea or as aceptae pliberspelis sume suntem sant veritas mo cumcum cum cum, voluptatis etur? Mint. Bus invelenis everuntem apitae aut autempo rernam, que auit aut rest voluptatat que resto cusam quiam aut eat. Inullent vellate stionsedis pre provit vendelite re num entem. Ut aut alis molor maximinctis volorer ferecuscia quo dollabo. Dit lam quatur sunturi atetur, omnim sa consequam est abor sitaspi ciandeliquid maionse volore vid quos dolorem eatur sim quis aperferis evendit, idus sunto et molor aut il eius prorerum dolorem olorupt iatinimporem aut estia non nectemporias eaque eveles rehendi nonectem dolor mostotatem vendissus diciae. Itas

Ombre Dyed Fabric

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Trend Spot

Ombre, Oil Canvas

10 //

Wearing Ombre

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Ombre is here to stay

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Watch for these trends!

The Chunky Heel There is no going wrong with the Jeffrey Cambell Lita. jeffreycambellshoescom

The Messy Bun Hot summer days constantly turning your hair into a mess? Go for the messy bun that only looks better as the day goes on.

STUDS STUDS STUDS Stud everything from your shoes to your bra! See our favorite studs at

The Ear Cuff

Interesting and unexpected, most ear cuffs don’t require a pierced ear. // 11


What’s in THE CULT


Legion of Honor

my bag


The Bag - -

Kate Spade Scout Bag


Alexandra Yeske New York based art director, graphic designer and blogger. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications Design from Syracuse University. She is currently working as a graphic designer at Madewell and pens the blog dreams + jeans.

1. Burberry Wallet 5. Kate Spade twirl rollerball 2. Silver ipod nano 6. Legion of Honor pamphlet 3. keys with kidston keychain 7. clipper card 4. EOS Lipbalm 8. rose tinted lip treatment 9. Ray ban aviator sunglasses // 13


MOVEMENT Sexy, classy, and classic

are the features to look for when buying clothes for this Fall and Winter

14 //

Model is wearing Thrifted & Modern Brocade Pencil Skirt

mixed prints and brocade // 15

Model is wearing Thrifted & Modern Evil Twin Dark Spirit Shirt


16 //

Digital prints &Colored Hair

Model is wearing Thrifted & Modern Unicorn Tee // 17


Valfre Ilse Valfré is a 23-year-old model, fashion designer, illustrator, author, and photographer on the rise. Not to mention the girl has uncanny sense of style. Her face and work have been featured in various major print publications as well as online media outlets. Ilse was born in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, but raised in Tijuana. She’s been a serial doodler since childhood and is now using her hobby to her advantage. In 2008 she wrote and illustrated a children’s book. The idea for The Bambinis came from observing her preschool students. Yes, Ilse is a teacher too! A prime example of the total package, she has brains, beauty, and an imagination. I actually got the opportunity to speak to Ilse and pick her brain. By the end of the interview our email addresses were on the brink of BFFs! What sparked your artistic interest? I do not know exactly what it was, but all I know is that since I was a little girl I have enjoyed drawing on every surface I could put my hands on. My crayons were my best friends growing up. What is your ultimate long term goal when it comes to your career in art? One of my many goals I have is to paint on walls around the world, images that distract and delight people and remove them from their everyday concerns. What are you working on now? I am writing my first short films, I am gonna start shooting them next month.

18 //

Really? A clothing line? Where can we see some pieces you’ve designed? I did some t-shirts for Rouge Monk (LA). They are available on the Rouge Monk online store. What publications have you and/or your work been featured in? I have been featured on Nylon Magazine, Examiner, Urban Outfitters, Teen Vogue (online), TCLY, Scout Magazine, Da Emme, Fab Gab, Mejfote, Caviar Izquierda and other blogs. Do you have a routine or a specific place you go or thing you do when you create? Inspiration comes where I least expect it. But it’s usually in the middle of the night. Who are some of your favorite artists past, present, and future? Past: Frida Kahlo her art was very raw and very inspiring. Present: I would say Miss Van. Her work speaks to me in a very special way. Future: I think it may be my nephew. His paintings and drawings are very interesting. Have you done any collaborations with anyone? I did some illustrations for t shirts for the Rouge Monk. And I am in the talks to do a couple of collaborations with companies that I really like, but I cannot say anything until is 100% sure. What are your hobbies outside of your art? I love roller skating. I also absolutely enjoy being with my friends. We like to go for coffee or just watch movies. // 19


BACk-TO-School musthaves

Utility Backpack, Urban Outifitters,

Colored Blazers,, h&,

Cable Knit Sweater, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Edgy Jewelr y,

Colored Denim, Old Navy, Infinity Scarf, Cotton On,

20 //

High-Low Collared Dress, Gypsy Warrior Boutique,


aphotoblog ofagirlwho photographs herself



Olivia Whether she’s making us fall madly in love with the women in her gorgeous paintings or making us feel like we’re teenagers again with her beautiful illustrations, Charmaine Olivia is one talented artist. The way she can easily go between mediums, showing us her wide range of styles, one could easily assume she was formally trained. In fact, San Franciscobased Charmaine is a self-taught artist who started out painting on wood and who soon found her calling after posting her work on a ver y familiar art website.

It was May 31st and as Americans were crawling back to work after the Memorial Day weekend, now with the golden potential of summertime concerts and art shows fluttering just past our fingertips, Charmaine Olivia updates her Facebook status. She writes in her cute and casual tone, “sooo Lady Gaga chose me as one of 3 Etsy artists to design a poster for her new album release.” Among moving into a new studio, participating in our ver y own rockin’ Warhol Reimagined and being featured in several other shows in the San Francisco area, this busy lady has

22 //

managed to inspire the reigning Princess of Pop with her new kind of pop art woman. Lady Gaga has chosen the painting she calls “Headache” where a voluptuous, dreamy-eyed vixen runs her hands through her stark white hair and two antlers. It makes perfect sense. Charmaine’s work is both soft and stunning, as she turns the idea of sexiness on its head. Her adorable deer in gym socks has appeared on the cover of a book and you can buy prints of her quirky cool painting “Bears in her Hair ” at Urban Outfitters. Her online presence indicates certain savvy of the changing market for art and means of exposure, but it is simply her work itself that speaks to so many people. Charmaine’s dominant subject is women among some aspect of nature. For ever y element of beauty there is an element of the wild, an adventure that we cannot quite discern.

A sensual women wearing a fox mask or headdress of vivid feathers, exotic octopus tattoos on her neck or beautifully crafted sailboats on her delicate shoulders. “I suppose it ’s just my own way of connecting more with the natural world, as I live in a city and don’t get to see nature much. I’m also kind of obsessed with fairies and mermaids and other fantastical women which you only find in nature,” the young and beautifully talented San Francisco based artist tells us. It is clear that a contemporar y young audience identifies with the whimsy and strength in the stor y Charmaine is telling. She says that she paints mostly for herself as a way of “living vicariously in [her] made-up fair ytales.” But these are not your average sleepy, staid fair y tales. Her beauties display an epic sort of ferocity, while still seeming ethereal and unreal.

In her more recent work, like the painting for Warhol Reimagined, which she describes as “Jackie O, but Charmaine-ified. Tattoos, half shaved head, three eyes and a nose ring, yet still maintaining her elegance and poise” she explores the concept of extra eyes. The kaleidoscope eyes are at once alluring and alarming, familiar but freaky.

the one of social media. “It totally IS becoming its own art form!” She agrees social media, “just makes it really easy to share, not only my art but little bits about my life. Those sorts of things interest me with other artist and musicians that I follow. I love seeing bits of their life, not just the finished products. Sometimes the process can be just as beautiful as the product.”

If adding extra eyes to her painted ladies was born from the Hindu and Eastern influences in her life growing up, the way she has turned the concept around is distinctly her own. “The symbolism of the thirdeye has always intrigued me,” she explains, “except the thirdeyes, or fourth, I give my girls are a little off. They ’ve gone awr y. I’m really curious as to what it would be like to see out of multiple eyes. It ’d probably give me a major headache.”

A self-taught artist who embodies the progressive beauty and the intention of her gorgeous subjects, Charmaine Olivia is simultaneously conquering another art form—

Maybe that ’s why Charmaine’s work speaks to so many in this era of instant and constant communication. She paints sensuality that doesn’t take itself too seriously and bewitching myster y fringed with a softer, quirky whimsy. And the Internet seamlessly carries the process to any onlooker, the product to any admirer, and the stor y to any Lady Gaga.

Charmaine Olivia // 23


quick Stop the perfect

Red lips

It may sound silly to have a tutorial on how to apply lipstick - but when it comes to dark, bright or opaque colors, applying straight from the tube is not the best option. That is, unless you a) are fine with looking like a clown or b) have amazing precision. Both of those are entirely possible but for the rest of us, it takes a few more steps to achieve a per fect red lip What we used: CO Bigelow Rose Salve (to moisturize before application) Sephora Red Nano lip pencil E.L.F. lip brush MAC Russian Red lipstick E.L.F. small concealer brush concealer.


what were reading “Lolita, light of my life fire of my loins. My sin, My soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trp of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta.


24 //

obsessed with the classics “My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath - a source of little visible delight, but necessar y. I am Heathcliff - he’s always. always in my mind-not as a pleasure, any more than i am a pleasure to myselfbut as my own being.”

“I am your spaniel. And Demtrius, the more you beat me, I will fawn on you. Use me- but as your spaniel. Spurn me, strike me, neglect me, lose me, but give me leave, unworthy as I am, to follow you. // 25



The strongest re-emerging (and constant) trends in fashion.

‘75 ‘85 ‘89 ‘95 mens wear

power dressing

color blocking dark romantic

‘96 ‘04 ‘06 ‘07 minimalism

26 //


refined prep


Manicure Trend Trendy space print that was ever ywhere this Spring has been transformed into some ver y cool nail art. It ’s a fun and elaborate manicure to tr y for a party. And while it may take some time and practice to find your own way to achieve it you can experiment and tr y creating different patterns and nebulas on your nails. To create space nail art you ’ll need black or deep blue pealescent nail polish for a base, white, yellow, violet, red or teal nail polish to create nebula, clear glitter polish, and a topcoat. Sponge is a handy tool for creating nebula. The technique for creating abstract space nail art is quite easy. Layering is the key. Pat the sponge with lacquer in the middle of the nail layering the colors and glitter. You can also create some dots after finishing the nebula to imitate stars or planets. Finish off by applying top coat.

Space Nail Art 17

Milky Way, stellar gases, galaxies. Nebulas. // 27




Obsessive Behavior  

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