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E-Commerce Strategic Plan

LUNCHTIME Inc. Mansukhani,J.|Martinez,M.|Marquez,J.|Te, K. Â

can’t decide where to EAT ??? Want to COMMENT on


restaurants? How about your FAVORITE Dishes?? Or maybe some ★★★★★ RATINGS?

UNFAMILIAR with restaurants around the Taft area? Give FEEDBACK for restaurants to

perform BETTER??


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TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Introduction ... p4

Chapter 2 Industry Background – p6 Chapter 3 Mission Vision & Strategies // P7

Chapter 4 Review of Similar ECommerce Businesses ,,, p9

Chapter 5 the E-commerce business model ;; p14

Chapter 6 Support to Nation Building + p29 Bibliography )) p30



About LUNCHTIME Inc. COMPANY BACKGROUND Lunchtime Inc. is the founder of LUNCHTIME!, an online-offline application or simply a lifestyle guide that aims to provide up-to-date restaurant listings and updates on current organizational activities happening in and outside campus. The lifestyle application launched by the firm, which started out with only four Lasallians, aims to provide its market niche similar service given by large-scale competitors like Looloo and Zomato. With all its up-to-date features that target the students around Taft area, the company also aims to expand to future market niches that are not very catered to by its large-scale competitors.

PRODUCTS && SERVICES The website – Mobile site – Lifestyle App –

MANAGEMENT CULTURE Lunchtime has a very fun management style. Being a firm built and ran by a group of students, there is free flow of ideas within the group that helps build great ideas that will benefit not only the firm but to be able to better cater to the needs of its consumers. Although the culture is fun around the business environment, employing good work ethics, having professionalism and respect amongst each other is never forgotten.




RESOURCES • PHYSICAL – Computers, Tablets/Ipads/Iphone or Adroid or Windows Compatible Phones (Used for the programming, developing and testing of the Application • HUMAN – Management of 4 individuals, Programmers and System Developers • FINANCIAL – Budget and Financial Capital for start-up from each of the owners of Lunchtime Inc. • MARKETING – Use of Social Media to spread the buzz, In-campus pop-up booths through the support of School Organizations



The E-COMMERCE INDUSTRY “The e-Commerce Industry is comprised of companies that produce and sell software to businesses and corporations of all sizes. The wide range of products and services offered work to improve and expand customers’ information technology (IT) capabilities, by enhancing such internal tasks as inventory management, tracking purchases, and operations management.”(Gendler, 2013)

With the growth rate of the e-Commerce industry, a lot of businesses rely on such to expand their networks and services. Businesses are able to continually produce quality goods and services for its consumers accompanied by the innovations brought by information through technological capabilities. Although the existence of a lot of competition within the industry, continuous modification and modernization aids in the continuous improvement not only in business transactions but also in the way of life of many individuals. Everything made easy. “E-Commerce, in the popular sense, can be defined as: the use of the Internet and the Web to conduct business transactions. A more technical definition would be: e-commerce involves digitally enabled commercial transactions between and among organizations and individuals.” (Pearson Education, Inc. 2010)



VISION Lunchtime Inc. launched LUNCHTIME! as the first and only lifestyle application that targets a certain market niche of students that aim to provide quality, convenient and most of all personalized service for its users.

MISSION -­‐ Aims to target a specific market niche that caters to the needs of its users, primarily students. -­‐ Provide a personalized, user-friendly lifestyle guide for the convenience of its market niche. -­‐ Implement strategies to improve the services provided by Lunchtime for its consumers. -­‐ Provide up-to-date information on the latest restaurants, reviews and events that are related to the preferences of Lunchtime’s consumers. -­‐ Respond to the daily basic problem of utilizing their college dining experiences



STRATEGIES Market Focus Lunchtime Inc. is able to provide its services for a specific market niche, mainly for the needs of the student body around the Taft area. The application launched by the company will be able to provide convenience and personalization for the preferences and budget constraints of students to maximize their dining experience.

Maximizing the use of Modern Technology With the continuous modernization that is happening in today’s society, everyone is easily exposed to online technology. Thus, Lunchtime can fully utilize this as a strategy as a marketing campaign for their users. The application can easily be downloaded, accessed and even personalized to the culinary preferences of its users.

Student-centered Being a firm that focuses on catering to the needs of its specific market niche, the student body, it will easily be able to catch a craze. In having such kind of strategy, they are able to provide for the needs and wants of the student body, their main target market. This also works as a good strategy since news on the latest fad that is occurring around easily spreads amongst the student body or in school more than anywhere else. Â



ABOUT ZOMATO VISION: “To be the lonely planet of food.” MISSION: “To build exquisite brand loyalty through good word-ofmouth by providing foodie’s quality and updated content on food establishments.” STRATEGY: To achieve the mission, we refresh our content every 90 days. As our database grows, we plan to hire more people in order to keep the customers satisfied.

Zomato, formerly known as foodiebay, is an Indian start-up that is quickly getting recognition around the world. Started by Deepinder Goyal in 2008 with a database of 1,200 restaurants in New Delhi, the service swiftly erupted to cater 185,100 restaurants to an audience of 132 million foodies in 7 countries. Zomato staff goes door-to-door to restauarants across a city and collect menus, contact numbers, and other information (i.e operating hours, photos, prices of food), which will be scanned into the database. In Metro Manila alone, Zomato has a database of 10,000 restaurants with 10,000 user visits a day and a total of 100 users daily, and to think they launched their service last March 21, 2013.



ABOUT ZOMATO There are 4 kinds of ranks when a user signs up for the application: Foodie (New member), big foodie (15 reviews and 15 followers), super foodie(30 reviews and 30 followers) and, the connoisseur (50 reviews and 100 followers. User A can follow user B and user B’s reviews will prompt a notification to user A. this promotes social experience and gives the opportunity to foster relationships with a community of similar interests. They also hold regular contests over twitter like, “#FoodieFriday”, and “write for a bite” contest where the best review of the week gets a Php 500 voucher to a restaurant. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses • Financial resources • Market is focused only on restaurants • Larger market with 7 countries • Because they serve many • Available in all mobile platforms countries, their focus may be (IOS, Android, Windows Mobile, impeded Blackberry) • Up-to-date database Opportunities Threats • Other regions in the Philippines • Local competitors that know the aside from Metro Manila market better • USA Market



ABOUT LOOLOO VISION: “To provide users a ridonkulously easy way to find food.” MISSION: “To have the most accurate place database.” STRATEGY: “By physically mapping and curating places for users.” Looloo, a filipino developed-app, was conceived for people to discover new places and sharing them to their friends via a photo or short review. They want people to try out places that are not popular by physically mapping these less well-known establishments in their application so as not to leave them out of the excitement. Aside from restauarants, Looloo users also review hotels, spas, salons, and tourist attractions all over the  

Philippines. Looloo has over 45,000 users with about 40,000 reviews who formed a meetup group with about 120 members that meet up once in a while to discover places together. Every member has a meter of what they call “inflooence”. A member needs to submit reviews before his “inflooence” builds up. However, only one photo per review is allowed, which makes inflooence hard to come by. 11


ABOUT LOOLOO SWOT Analysis Strengths • Focused on the Philippine Market • Diversified services (hotels, spas, etc) • Caters to small time restaurants

Weaknesses • Only one photo per review • Only available in IOS

Opportunities • Expand to other mobile platforms

Threats • International competitors with abundant financial resources like Zomato, Yelp, Foursquare

Possible Features for Adoption Lunchtime will be using the location-centered service, which finds the nearest restaurants to your location. This service will make it easier for the user to find restaurants around the vicinity of their location for convenience We will also feature complete, scanned menus of all the restaurants around taft. With this feature, users can view the menus of any restaurant before spending time and money going there and being disappointed. We will also use restaurant ratings and the ability to review the food, staff, ambiance, etc.

How Recommended Features Supports Mission / Vision / Strategies Featuring a comprehensive list of restaurants around Taft with all the corresponding information like menu, operation hours, price of food, contact number (if available) will put information at the hands of a lunchtime user, who will be able to make a decision of where to eat memorable.


CHAPTER 4 |REVIEW OF SIMILAR E-COMMERCE BUSINESSES ZOMATO vs. LOOLOO Features Blog Available in Different Countries User Generated Reviews Network (Followers) Restaurant Ratings Scanned Menu Operation Hours Prices of Food Contact Numbers Ability to upload multiple photos Mapped Coordinates of Restaurants Accessible across all mobile platforms Website Accessibility Social Interaction (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) Ability to share review to Twitter and Facebook Ability to Review hotels, spas, salons, and tourist attractions Meet-up group (Members of Application meet in person) No Character Limit on Reviews Location Centered Service

ZOMATO ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

LOOLOO ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

✓ ✓

✓ ✓ 13


The VALUE PROPOSITION What will make Lunchtime successful? It caters to a daily basic problem of DLSU, CSB, and St. Scho college students who want to fully utilize their college dining experiences given their unique preferences and budget constraints. Here are the benefits of using Lunchtime:

Maximize Awareness - Be informed about the complete and accurate array of restaurants and dining places located in the vicinity of De La Salle University, College of St. Benilde, and St. Scholastica’s College! - Discover and explore into hole-in-the-wall and unheard restaurants you haven’t eaten before! - With new places to try and taste, never be forced into eating in the same dining place you’ve always eaten in just because it’s always the only one that pops into your head!

Save Time and Effort - Reduce the effort thinking with your friends of a good place to eat in. With a list of top rated dining places and preference-based suggestions, deciding where to eat is made easy with the use of Lunchtime application!



The VALUE PROPOSITION Save Time and Effort - Never have to waste time deliberating. The features of Lunchtime let you and your friends easily decide where to eat today, tomorrow, and other days ahead!

Personalization - In Lunchtime, your dining preferences as a student are a priority. Your choices will be filtered according to your current location or preferred dining sector, your budget constraint for that day, your culinary preference at that moment, and even your type of dinning ambience! - Preferences can be saved as long as you have an account. Calendar your must-try restaurants and day-specific restaurants!

Interactive Map - Lunchtime comes with an interactive map. Turn on your smartphone’s GPS and allow the application to show and suggest the nearest dining places around your current location! - Explore the best restaurants that are 1, 5, 10, or 15 minutes away from you!




The VALUE PROPOSITION Student-Centered - Lunchtime developers know how college students think and decide regarding restaurants and dining places. Everything in this application is designed to help you find the best ones and share your experiences to your friends! - Rate and comment! Let your friends know about the food quality, your meal’s worth, and the overall experience of the restaurants you dine in. Commend or rant about it, share your dining stories to your buddies! - Receive recommendations! Lunchtime allows you to know what other college students like. But the best part is receiving recommendations from your friends who you trust and know you well! Be part of the community and share your recommendations too!

Online/Offline Feature - Fully Online? Great! Enjoy all the online features including the interactive map, social interaction, your preference tools, ability to review restaurant menus, and much more! - No Unli-3G? No problem! The application downloads content available for offline users providing the complete list of restaurants, last-saved ratings, and other useful offline content!




The REVENUE MODEL The E-commerce business model will be making money through three major ways:

1. Student-Generated Advertisement –Student organizations and businesses can advertise their events, products, or services to the users of the application. DLSU alone has more than fifty student organizations that organize events year-round. There are also a lot of student businesses that might want to promote their merchandise.

2. Restaurant Advertisements - Restaurants can avail of ad spaces. Restaurants seeking to promote themselves through the application’s ad space would mostly likely be: (1) new restaurants, (2) restaurants who have new products, and (3) restaurants offering discounts and promos as a marketing strategy.

3. Sponsored Choices - Lunchtime will also provide limited ad spaces for restaurants that wish to be highlighted during user search.



The MARKET OPPORTUNITY Lunchtime targets a very specific market niche. There is no existing website or application that can provide content as complete and accurate than Lunchtime with regards to the target market covered by the business model. Lunchtime mainly intends to serve college students of: De La Salle University Manila – Undergraduate student population: 12,500 students St. Scholastica College – Undergraduate student population: 2000 students College of St. Benilde - Undergraduate student population: 8,600 students

The COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT Though similar applications such as Looloo and Zomata provide services, which are the same as Lunchtime’s, there are various features that Lunchtime offers which cannot be surpassed by the existing applications available. Lunchtime offers a value proposition that provides student-centered and scope-specific benefits to its target market, college students. In essence, Lunchtime doesn’t have any direct competitors since the application targets a very specific market niche: DLSU-CSB-St.Scho (Taft) Area. Certainly, its users would find the application very useful and relevant to their college life.



The COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Lunchtime’s competitive advantages include:

Scope Focus – The application will target a very specific market niche that applications such as Looloo and Zomato doesn’t fully hit. Due to the scope focus of Lunchtime, it has a design, which can offer special advantages and unique benefits to its users. Information Symmetry – Due to guarantee of the application to provide a complete and accurate array of restaurants and dining places around the vicinity of DLSU-CSB-St. Scho (Taft) Area, including all the hole-in-the-wall and unheard-of restaurants, the application will be able to maximize the information symmetry between dining establishments and college students. First Mover Advantage – According to our research, Lunchtime is the only application that gets this close, specific, and personalized with its target market. Looloo and Zomato are hardly used by college students for the problem that Lunchtime provides a solution to. Convenience – The online/offline feature ensures that its users can use the application anytime and anywhere. Looloo and Zomato cannot be used offline, but Lunchtime can be. Providing convenience is a priority of this application.



The MARKET STRATEGY Online Promotion – During its launching, Lunchtime will be heavily promoted through the use of social networks. Since its developers are affiliated with many organizations and student groups, these avenues can be utilized to initially attract a good pool of college students. Booth / On-Campus Advertisement – The developers of the application plan to set-up a booth within campuses to promote the application. It will be offering restaurant discount coupons, shouldered by the developers, to students who will download and use the application. Word of Mouth – The application is designed to be great enough to be promoted by its users itself. Upon launching, the developers believe that the value proposition of the application will certainly cause college students to induce word-of-mouth marketing.

The ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT The Ecommer group consisting of four members would be enough to manage the design, implementation, and operation of the application. Aside from hiring a programmer to make and sustain the application, Lunchtime wouldn’t need any additional hiring of people.



OPERATIONS The main search page of the application will ask for your location preferences, then your cuisine preferences, next your price preferences, then lastly your ambience preferences.

Locations DLSU Northside DLSU Southside CSB-SDA Area CSB-AKI Area Leon Guinto Vito Cruz


Description Near Agno, One Archers Place, Sherwood and EGI Near LRT Vito Cruz Station, University Mall and CSB Main Gate Near U-Pad, and St. Scholastica College along Ocampo St. Near and along Estrada St. Near St. Scholastica College along Leon Guinto St. Near Grand Towers and Rizal Memorial Sports Complex along Ocampo St.



Cuisines American Asian International Filipino European Dessert Drinks Any of the above


Examples The Burger Project, Kenny Rogers, Army Navy, Slice and Dice Toribox, Cafe De Seoul Izakaya, Tokyo Tokyo, Bugi's Pong Kiss, Caric's, Food Locker, Solomon's Guesthouse 8065 Bagnet, Rice Taft, Adobo Connection, Sinangag Express, Rufo's Yellow Cab, Handuraw, Chansel Pizza Haus White Hat, Famous Belgian Waffles, Picole, Becky's Kitchen Zen Tea, Starbucks, Dakasi, D'Cream, Coffee Bean, Seattle's Best *No particular preference



Price Options

Price Range (per meal)


within 60php


within 100php

Economy within 140php Casual

within 180php


within 220php


within 250php No Budget Constraint





Ambience and Service Description Options Air Conditioned Cool and air-conditioned establishments Sit-down restaurants with waiting Casual Dining services Fast orders and closed dining (with Fast Food tables and chairs) Music Establishments accompanied by music Cook to order food, served right from Served Hot the flames Easy To Go Convenient take out counters WiFi WiFi Hotspot establishments




OPERATIONS The application’s provides a rating system for its users to evaluate an establishment’s: (1) Price Value (2) Ambience, and (3) Quality of Food. The application also allows for a comment system. The application also allows for a comment system for each restaurant or dining establishment under the list. The calendar feature allows user preferences to be saved. Must-try restaurants and day-specific restaurants can know be scheduled!

With the Random Option Feature, a user can let the application choose for him or her.



OPERATIONS The interactive map service will show a map of the Taft Area together with snippets of the restaurants nearest the person. Ratings will also be shown in the snippet. The user can then choose to click any of these restaurants to learn more about them.

* Sample of Rating Criteria Â



The MARKETING PLAN Lunchtime is a smartphone mobile application that is available to download on IOS/Android/Windows Mobile platforms. This user-friendly and personalized application provides its users an advantage of gaining both preference and convenience. The online/offline feature ensures that its users can use the application anytime and anywhere. The online features including the interactive map, social interaction, your preference tools, ability to review restaurant menus, and much more, while the offline version still provides content including the complete list of restaurants, lastsaved ratings, and other useful offline content. Â Assumptions:


Five student organizations or business establishments avail of 10 months nonclickable ad space for the promotion of their events, merchandise, products, or services. Five student organizations or business establishments avail of 10 months clickable ad space for the promotion of their events, merchandise, products, or services. Three restaurants avail of the sponsored listing ad space for the promotion of their foods, discounts, coupons, new products, or other promos. The Ecommer group will be the one to manage and regularly update the restaurant information database. Application will be launched January 2014, thus development costs will be incurred under this year. Operational costs will also be incurred during year 2014. Ad Space Options: o Advertising: (Ads at the bottom of the application that changes every 2 minutes.




REVENUE Non-Clickable Ads Clickable Ads Sponsored Ads Total Revenues

2014 P25000 P30000 P30000 P85000

2015 P25000 P30000 P30000 P85000

2016 P25000 P30000 P30000 P85000

Total P75000 P90000 P90000 P255000

COSTS Developmental Costs: Programmer Fee (CCS student)





P1200 (P100 per month) P10000



Operational Costs: Hosting Fees (Zoom UnliPro Service*)

P1200 P1200 (P100 (P100 per per month) month) Programmer Yearly Maintenance P10000 P10000 Fees (Updates & Upgrades) Marketing Costs: Promotional Booth Set-Up Application Launching Promo (20% discount coupon for first 500 people who download the app and sign up) Yearly Marketing Costs (Flyers, Coupons, Etc)

P2000 P12000

0 0

0 0

P2000 P12000





Total Costs

P33200 P14200 P14200



P51800 P70800 P70800





CHAPTER 6 |SUPPORT TO NATION BUILDING Lunchtime, an E-Commerce Lifestyle Application, aims to not only provide a convenient and personalized search service for college students, but also strives to support nation building. There are three ways the application helps the society namely: (1) it caters to the problem of information asymmetry, (2) it supports restaurants and business establishments, and (3) it empowers the voice of consumers. As a student, I feel that many of my fellow college students are not aware about the dining establishments around the Taft area. Many are willing to discover and try new places, but are always constraint by their time, budget, and their limited knowledge about restaurants. The problem of information asymmetry may not exist as much in more popular leisure destinations such as malls and recreational places due to the information provided by websites and major applications, but it does still exist in Taft. Every year, freshmen wonder about the dining places they can eat in with their new met friends. And as students, these people are willing to discover hole-in-the-wall dining establishments and see what gastronomic experience they can derive from these. Lunchtime helps bridge the information asymmetry between food establishments and college students. Consequently, food establishments and restaurants will get higher revenues as they benefit from better consumer information awareness through the service delivered by the application. Also, Lunchtime’s developers know how college students think and decide regarding restaurants and dining places. Everything in this application is designed to help users find the best ones and share their experiences to their friends. Through the rating and comment feature of the application, everyone can be informed about the food quality, meal’s worth, and the overall experience of the restaurants each user dines in. Lunchtime allows its users to know what other college students like. By providing up-to-date information on the latest restaurants, student-generated reviews, and events that are related to the preferences of Lunchtime’s consumers, the application responds to the daily basic problem of finding good places to eat and maximizing overall college experience. The application is still bound for future development. Hopefully, other location-specific editions of the application could be developed once the Taft chapter is made successful. It would be great to have Lunchtime in other college communities around the Metro. The application will continue its vision of providing quality, convenient, and personalized service for its users, in aim of helping college students fully utilize their college experiences given their unique preferences and budget constraints, and in the process, help support nation-building through the positive socio-economic benefits it provides.


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Gendler, I. (2013). Value Line Inc. . Industry Analysis: e-Commerce. Retrieved from: * Photos used in this E-Commerce Strategic plan were taken from Google Images




An E-Commer Strategic Plan for LUNCHTIME Inc.