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Preventative Maintenance

The Critical Path to Long Term Performance


s building owners and property managers know, maintenance and repairs are a constant concern. All too often, these concerns are addressed only after a problem arises.When thinking of the protection your roof provides look at it this way‌roofs are like cars, if you do not maintain them, they may not perform when you need them most. A comprehensive maintenance and repair program can protect the integrity of the roof system, extend the life of the roof, prevent damage to the interior and exterior of the building, and maintain the requirements of the warranty. It is important to exercise diligence in adhering to scheduled maintenance and addressing repairs in a timely manner for both the performance and longevity of the roof system. There are a variety of factors that contribute to wear on a roof system including exposure to the elements either long-term weather exposure or short-term exposure to chemicals and pollutants; structural movement such as settlement, expansion/contraction; biological growth in areas of standing water or algae. In addition, not fixing problems promptly, forgetting about maintenance, and changing the use of the building e.g. an increase in the interior relative humidity of a building can cause condensation within the roof system. Even a common issue, such as a few missing shingles, when overlooked, can lead to bigger problems. If we look at this seemingly simply problem a greater scenario unfolds. For example, a few shingles missing on the roof leave an area exposed to the elements, which can cause the roof material underneath to weather at a pace faster than it would under normal circumstances. Once the integrity of the roof shingles is diminished, the underlayment can become exposed and although the underlayment adds another layer for protection, prolonged exposure to heat, sunlight, and other



conditions will denigrate it quickly. The area now compromised becomes a source for a potential leak to occur during inclement weather. This type of common maintenance issue can occur on a low slope roof with the same result e.g. if the roof is not kept clean and free of debris the gutter, down spout, scupper, or drain can clog. A clogged drainage system can cause water to pool or pond creating over spill, leakage, and some of the same conditions that will lead to wear on the roof system and deterioration in the watertight integrity of the roof system. Of course, allowing water or moisture to penetrate the roof system can produce an environment that fosters mold and dry rot, two conditions that equally contribute to damage on the interior or exterior of a building. When performing a routine inspection of the roof, look for evidence or potential leaks. Evaluate the exterior walls for staining, metal for rust; identify areas of traffic, and if the roof needs to be cleaned. Examine the interior for any signs of leaking such as moisture on the walls or ceilings. Evaluate the base flashings, metal work, caulking for deterioration, or anything that would affect the watertight integrity of the roof. Examine the condition of the roof, look for debris, damage to the material, and check that penetrations are properly detailed. Remember, the best most cost effective way to ensure continued performance is a regular inspection and mainten-ance program, addressing problems in a timely manner, and replacing the roof system when needed. Your roof system is an investment. With regular maintenance and repairs, you can preserve the roof, protecting your investment for years to come. Source: Melissa Wood, All Seasons Roofing & Waterproofing Inc.



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Preventative Maintenance the Critical Path to Long Term Roof Performance

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