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ROLE OF CINEMATOGRAPHY IN FILM MAKING Can we imagine a film without visuals? Answer to this small question tells us the importance of ‘Cinematography’ and the vital role it plays in the process of film making. If film making is all about story telling through the vision of the director, it is the cinematographer who brings this vision alive on screen. In the ever growing showbiz industry, cinematographer is without any doubt one of the most sought after positions and lucrative at that. The person in charge of the cinematography called the D.O.P or Director Of Photography. As opposed to the popular belief cinematography is not only about recording with camera or handling of camera for that matter. It involves a lot of technicalities – 1. 2. 3. 4.

Composing a shot within a frame Controlling the exposure Manipulating the color temperature Arrangement of lighting set up as per the demand of the scene and to create the desired mood

All these necessitate proper training and hands on practical for somebody aspiring to become a professional cinematographer. With the advancement of technology and inventions almost every other day the need of specialized training is today more than ever before. Among the few film schools imparting training on cinematography are 1. Film & Television Institute Of India ( FTII ), Pune 2. Satyajir Ray Film & Television Institute Of India ( SRFTII ), Kolkata 3. Atharva Institute of Film & Television ( AIFT ), Mumbai

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