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Aug 2011

Issue No. 9

To all Indians Happy Independence day !

My Dear Pranavite's It's my pleasure to express my views about our Pranav Group via 9 th issue of Nav Udyog. Our growth of the group is very healthy and we stand very strong in the Indian Agri Processing Economy. We have acheived last year turnover of Rs. 625 crore and now we will have target of Rs 750 crores for financial year 2011-12. I am very glad to see our new generation from my family as well as young managers, who are all moving the company's core values at great speed & dynamism. It is always our endeavor to add value added products & protect our company from the economy's speculative and volatile commodity markets. Our R&D team is also making good progress and making our product lines unique in the market. Our all time green division AFS is consistent in their growth plans. Our CSR under Suraj Foundation has updated its prospectus by adding new courses which are catering to our society's requirements. As they say, so far so good‌ The monsoon's have blessed us with good showers and as a result we are expecting good crop in our region hence leading to positive crushing for the group this coming season & year ahead. Our Human Resources department is working hard round the clock to maintain sufficient labor force throughout the divisions. We know we face the challenge to keep our labor force available throughout the year. Young managers, dynamic and multifaceted minds will be the key driver for our growth. Job related skill training will be our thrust area. ISO certification will enhance our performance further with discipline in our day to day working. Lastly, we have a new addition to illustrate our group. Our new logo, which I feel will create a great presence for our group in our ever growing global arena of innovative industries. I wish you all the best of luck, Jai Hind. - Pravin S. Lunkad



Accept Responsibility : Responsibilities gravitate to the person who can shoulder them said Elbert Hubbard & how true this is. When people accept additional responsibility they are actually giving themselves a promotion. Responsible behavior is to accept accountability. That represents maturity. Acceptance of responsibility is a reflection of our attitude and the environment we operate in. Most people are quick to take credit for what goes right but very few would readily accept responsibility when things go wrong. A person who does not accept responsibility is not absolved from being responsible. Our objective should be to cultivate responsible behavior. People who don't accept responsibility shift the blame to their colleagues, God, fate, luck or the stars. Responsible behavior should be inculcated right from child hood. It cannot be taught without a certain degree of obedience. People who use their privileges without accepting responsibility usually end up losing their privileges. Responsibility involves thoughtful action. Pettiness causes us to ignore our responsibility. Petty minds are busy passing buck rather than doing what needs to be done. Let us be the responsible employees of our organization.




am very happy to publish Nav

Udyog after a commercial break. Nav Udyog is our internal circular that makes family members aware of activities in group . This is a window to introduce new employees and new technologies adopted. Attracting, keeping and motivating talent has become one of the main activities of organizations 'Stop complaining' This is easier said than done, but a simple trick may help to create positive attitude towards life. Now days employee retention plays vital role in Human Resource management Six job dimensions have been identified as important characteristics of a job conducive to job satisfaction. These are: (a) Mentally challenging job and the job content. (b) Opportunities for career growth. (c) Supportive co-workers. (d) Supportive supervision. (e) Conducive working conditions. (f) Personality-Job Fit profile (Holland's Theory).

Editor Mr. Sandip Kumbhar Mob. 9372106193 Publisher Mr. Kamat N.G. Mob. 9372105764 For PRANAV GROUP Ph.: 0233-2644521 / 22 / 24

This division is a new addition to the Pranav Group, An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company The concept was initiated way back in late 2008 and the division, headed by Dr.Vedhakumar Valliappan and Mr Ravi Nersihan, has started production from May 2010. Operations is ably run by Mr. Sachin Terdale, Mr. Vijay Sunke and Mr Ashok Mane and supported by divisions like refinery, packing, maintenance, boiler, electrical, etc. What are Speciality Fats? Speciality fats are used widely in the food and other industries where special applications require specific physical properties and the largest single user of Speciality Fats are the chocolate and confectionery industries where several factors like : • meltdown in the mouth, • flavour release, etc. are extremely critical and are usually compared with industry's standard of excellence - cocoa butter. Speciality Fats are thus, tailor made to imitate the many positive traits of cocoa butter or other properties to make them more suitable for specific applications. Traditionally, natural cocoa butter was the only fat that possessed the most desirable properties for making chocolate. The premium qualities of cocoa butter led to a pricing of the fat above all others. This attractive price consideration was one of the main factors which motivated research to find replacers for cocoa butter. This soon led to the development of many other types of replacer fats that were mixed with cocoa butter and other materials to make chocolate confectionery. These fats came to be termed generally as Speciality Fats. Speciality fats are not only used in the Chocolate Industry but also find uses in: • Ice Cream Industry – ice cream fats, ice cream chocolate coatings. • Confectionery • Pharmaceuticals – suppositories/binders • Milk fat replacers • Non Dairy Whipped Toppings • Cosmetics – lipsticks The division processes and supplies Cocoa Butter Equivalent fats like Kokum, Sal, Sal Stearin, Mango, Mango Stearin and Mango Olein for export as well as the domestic market and Cocoa Butter Substitute fats to the domestic market. Congratulations SCHOLAR! Dr. Shivankar Santosh has been awarded Ph.D. on Sept.2010 from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. He presented thesis on 'Integrated Management of Spodoptera litura, a major pest, of sugar beet crop'. He is working as Manager (R & D) in KVAIL Agri Input division. WHALE DONE! THE PRANAV PUBLISHING HOUSE CONGRATULATES DR. SHIVANKAR. Agmark Training


Printer Mr. Ganesh Gaikwad Mob. 9922964841 email :

Mrs. Sheeja Mane, Sr Chemist from Biotech R & D, completed 15 days training successfully and approved as Agmark Chemist. Congratulations for her success.

Executive Director Offline

MORE PRODUCTS OF Krishna Valley Agro (I) ltd. in the market

Attitude... The key element for success Everything begins and ends with your attitude. It is the foundation for our success. In fact, in many companies a good attitude is not only nice, but also essential. Improper Attitude can hold back people from getting hired and in other cases it is a reason for dismissal. For example, if you apply for a job at one major hotel chain and you do not smile at least five times in a five -minute interview then your chances for getting hired are almost non-existent. In another instance, major enterprises have managers at different levels who observe employees and if they see anyone with a bad attitude they relieve them of their duties immediately. All this "attitude" stuff may seem fluffy to some, but to attract and keep clients we must project an upbeat, caring and concerned attitude. To keep attitude adjusted at all times follow these three mantras: 1. Flip side exercise - This exercise is based on the principal that no matter what goes wrong there is always something good that comes from it. For example, if you hate your job, the flip side would be that at least you have a job or if you put a dent in your new car the flip side is at least you were not hurt. The man who recently got divorced stated it best, "I'm not divorced, I've just been traded." These guidelines are easier said then done. To make the flip side exercise work for you take a small notebook with you everywhere you go and when something goes wrong, write down what went wrong and what is good about it. Try this for a month and you'll find that you're not only thinking this way, but you're enjoying life even more than before. 2. Count your blessings - Count your blessings, not your worries. Too many times we let every little problem affect us. This causes us to be less productive, less happy and our attitude suffers. For example, if we lose a sale many of us become disappointed and we let the negative energy affect us. To combat this we need to appreciate all our blessings such as family, shelter, friends, our job and others. We then need to put it all in perspective and focus on what is really important in life. 3. Simplify your life - Make your life simpler and watch your attitude improve. For example, one client of mine was going to fire one of his employees because of his poor attitude. The reason he had a poor attitude was that he had to drive a long distance everyday in terrible traffic. Realizing this may be the problem, the employee moved to a new apartment, which was only 5 minutes from work. Almost immediately, his attitude changed and he was like a new person. Simplify now and you'll see a change for the better. Attitude is a choice we need to make. So please, keep a positive attitude on life, work hard towards your goals and keep the positive attitude going under all circumstances. Eventually, we will all reach our destination and achieve our desired goals and the world will be a much better place.

New products developed by agri input division under guidance of Mrs. Shruti Chotai

Amrut Power which is a biologically activated herbal extract, enhances the nutrient uptake capacity of plant.

Amrut Amino It is a amino acid based plant stimulant with herbal extracts and humic acid specialy designed for enhancing the crop yield in sustainable agriculture.

Both these products are available in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 lit and 5 lit packings.



Mr. Shinde Pramod (Best performance for the year 2010-11) Mr. Shintre Prashant gets performance bases incentive Mr. Anil Pharate gets performance bases incentive Mr. Maruti Kumbhar gets performance bases incentive WHALE DONE! PRANAV PUBLISHING HOUSE CONGRATULATES ALL THE PEOPLE.


Field Trial Impressive Results of AMRUT AMINO

Poultry farmers meet at Vita Poultry farmers meeting in Western Maharashtra specially arranged for vita area at shetkari bhavan, Vita on 8th July, 2011 by AFS poultry division. Hundreds of layer farmers attended the meeting. The programe was started with welcome & introductory speech by Mr. Nawadkar. Mr.Shahaji Gadadare, our dealer, explained his business development after dealing of Amrut Layer Concentrate & Chick Crumbles. Dr. Gund Dy. G.M.Sales explained motto of farmers meeting, technical aspect of Amrut Layer Consontrate (PC 35%) & Amrut chick crumbles. He insisted veg feed concept and its benefits in poultry farming. Dr.Dronawat CEO presented current poultry scenario, Bio-security in layer farming and water management in layer industry. Higest first three PC 35% purchaser awarded with gifts. One day program ended with delicious food.

Influence of Amrut Amino on Pomogranate yield. (Dr Shivankar & team) Among the different agricultural solutions, Krishna Valley Agro (I) Ltd. offers a unique product 'Amrut Amino' to farmers for their crops. This product provides readymade proteins to plant, acting as an anti-stress agent and boosts the crop yield. The performance trial of Amrut Amino was conducted in Pomegranates farmers (Shri Bharatkumar Patil) field at Bedag. Two spraying of Amrut Amino not only improves the fruit quality but increases the number of fruit and weight also. The weight of per fruit is 167 gm in treated plot while it was 91 gm in control plot. Overall, farmers gained 30% more yield by application of Amrut Amino.

Advanced technology COMES IN PRANAV Gas Liquid Chromatogram for Amtut Biotech research and development centre

Nav udyog publishing house recognizies efforts made by Dr.Dronawat CEO (AFS), Dr.Gund. Dy.GM.Sales, Mr.Nawadkar and Mr.Pawar Anna. Prominent Visit......

Kaneka Corporation, Japan

team visited Sangli Factory and Dairy Research Unit at Sangli added in Amrut Biotech R & D centre which is used to check adulteration in edible oils. WE ARE RECOGNISED TRAINING CENTRE On behalf of Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL) is implementing a scheme of practical industrial training for students of M.Sc./M.Tech./B.E./B.Tech. Biotechnology. Under this scheme Ms Snehal Kamlaskar from Nashik and Ms Jyotsna Gayan from Asam completed training in Our 4 AMRUT Biotech R & D center. under guidence of Mrs Phadake

A commercial trial was conducted at Arag, Sangli in Broiler, for the first time in India, on Co-enzyme 'Q-10'. The trial was funded by Kaneka Corporation, Japan. It was 6 weeks project conducted jointly with Pranav Agro Ind. Ltd. And Kaneka corp. It was coordinated by Dr. Dronawat, Dr. Gund and Mr. Anna Pawar. The results of the trial were very encouraging. Based on this trial results , Kaneka corp. has been offered three more trials on Dairy, Layer and Broiler.

Human Resource Development and welfare - WE CARE Investment in learning and development programs for employees, creating an enabling work environment, training programs, health check-up camps, staff welfare activities and performance linked incentives. EVENTS THAT IMPRESSED PRANAVITES Safety Week from 04 to 11 March 2011 at Sangli factory

HEALTH CHECK UP CAMP; SANGLI from June 08 to June 11, 2011 General check up, skin, nose, throat, ear check up ,Eye check up, ICTC counseling and medicines And HIV test. More than 300 employees were checked. Workshop on Stress Management & Naturopathy Date & time: 12.01.2011

Safety posters exhibition, Fire extinguishers training etc. to increase safety awareness. Competitions like safety posters, slogans, accident description. were orgnised

Celebration of 13th National Technology Day on 11th May 2011.

It was a health awareness seminar on Stress Management & Naturopathy held at Sangli. Employees were guided how to get away from dieses Blood Pressure, Spondylities, Asthma, A c i d i t y, D i a b e t e s ( S u g a r ) , Migraine, Improper Blood Circulation And Most Common Is Mental Stress. It was guidance how to cope up with the complexities of life and get away from diseases and medicines as far as possible

Training program on work culture and productivity

Mr. Kamat N.G. Secretory CSR, Mr. John Johnson, Dy. G.M.; Mr. M.N. Kale Chief Guest. Mr. Makarand Narayan Kale, who's work has been appreciated by Hon Scientist and our Ex- President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam , inspired our participants . He has explained a bullet proof jacket from made of Ayurvedic material , Ayurvedic color which make an aeroplanes invisible on Radar. His lecture and films inspired 250 employees to start innovative ideas in department. A lesson from our young Manger to all of us Achived hights production at our Solapur Unit

The training program was arranged fantastic garden and recreational hall at Vijaynagar. Trainer Mr. Bharate made participative and joyous environment. To do the Best Work in ‌ Time, Once, Safety, Perfect, Quality, Planning, Less Rejection, Minimum Cost 5

They MAKE our team stronger

Dr. Dronawat Sanjay N. C.E.O.(AFS) Pune AFS – POULTRY

Mr. Chavan Sanjay B. Sales Officer Pandharpur Krishna Valley Agro (I) ltd.

Devender Kumar Trader Mumbai Pranav International

Mrs. Pranita S. Fulfagar Executive (Commercial) Mumbai Pranav International

Mr. Nikam Ganpat J. G.M.Sales (North) Pune Krishna Valley Agro (I) ltd.

Mr. Shinde Santosh L.

Mr. Pawar Prashant R. Maintenance Engineer Sangli AFS div. Sangli

Mr. Gurjar Nandkumar V.

Mr. Pande Abhishek V.

Mrs. Grishma Upadhyay

Production Officer Shirval AFS , Shirval

Sales Coordinator Pune AFS div.

Sales coordinator Pune Speciality Fats

Mr. Arun Shah P. Manager Techno-commercial Pune Speciality fats

Mr. Wagh Swanand

Mr. Shaikh Javed

Mr. Bharati Amol

Chemist Sangli Biotech div.

Chemist Sangli Oil div.

Mr.Shintre Prashant S. A.S.M. Sangli Krishna Valley Agro (I) ltd.

Mr. Mali Bandu D. Accounts Assistant Sangli

Mr. Patil Sandeep S. Jr. Accountant Sangli

Mr Vivek patil Microbiologist Sangli Biotech div.

Mr. Harip Surekha A. Accounts Asst. Pune H.O., Pune

Mr. Ghogare Rajesh B. Asst. Production Manager Banglore AFS- Banglore

Accountant Mundhwa, Pune Krishna Valley Agro (I) ltd.

Mr. Magar Yashawant

Mr. Ghorpade Vinod

Mr. Pangarkar Dyaneshwar

Mr. Jodgudri Lagmanna

Mr. Bhosale Dinesh

Chemist Sangli Oil div.

Mr. Sangvikar Pravin

Mr. Vadagave Kranti


PSL playing with Hostel Students

Sports Competitions at Sangli Factory on 4 to 6 Aug. 2011

TOUR OF PLEASURE For workers at Sangli branch Employees made the tour friendly, entertaining and joyous by their active participation. Ganapati Pule – Marleshwar -Mahabaleshwar

On may 17, 2011

On April 26, 2011 Events that Impressed PRANVITES

Bankers Visit to Sangli Factory

Lunkad Family Visited to Suraj Foundation: Mr. Pravin Lunkad Mrs. Madanbai, Mrs. Chanchalabai, Mrs. Shamabai, Mrs. Pushpabai Lunkad Mrs. Ashabai Lunkad, Mrs. Latabai Lunkad, Mrs. Ujwalabai and Mrs. Aruna Lunkad

New logo Innogoration

Uttur AC & ABC training center started from 5.8.2011 for BSC.Agri & Agri Diploma ,Vaternary students (Mr. Salunkhe and Mr. Kamat N.G.)


e-learning through EDCUCOMP software

New Logo

Pranav Agro Industries Ltd.

Ravi Nersihan 8

Executive Director Speciality Fats

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