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Instagram Competition - Entry Brief / +91 9766055284

This composition is a tribute to RMJM, and its contribution to the world of architecture we live in. We congratulate them and wish more success in the near future. Check out our proposition for #RMJM60 An architectural project is an “event” which involves countless agents like the engineers, laborers, users, NATIONS, keepers and so on. “IT IS NOT ABOUT JUST THE DESIGNER, BUT every single person”

In frame, are the 60 events when RMJM touched so many lives around the world, with their credible and responsible architectural delivery.


These glorious 60years were built by these events as building blocks one by one on the firm foundation of RMJM. “CONSTRUCTING 60 YEARS OF worldwide REPUTE.”

420mm 20mm


The blank spaces on top signify the new upcoming additions to the RMJM portfolio, in the future.

The number 60 of trust are figuratively “built” by each of these individual projects one by one like bricks.


The empty squares are left, for doodling a personal touch to specific studio.

“pure. holistic. evolving” All this was possible due to the rock solid foundation of RMJM and the people in it..

Suited for RMJM offices with all or few dark accent walls.

Poster Application: Dark Surfaces

1.Project Number, 2. Logo, 3. Status, 4. Name, Location, 5. Flag, 6. Image, 7. Flag Streaks.

Suited for RMJM offices with walls of lighter shades overall.

Poster Application: Light Surfaces

Suited for RMJM offices with Glass facades or separating walls.

Poster Application: Transparent Surfaces

description: To us, an architectural project is an event, which brings together a countless number of individuals, eg. like engineers who detail, designers who create, laborers who build, consultants who assist, nations who grant land and comissions, house keepers and we can go on and on. Instead of just flagship skyscrapers, we felt that why not honour those 60events of different variety, where the practice of RMJM, has touched so many of these stated lives around the world with their credible architectural delivery. Why not honour each of these opportunities, acknowledging a wide scale of works along different studios of RMJM on this auspicious occasion. Considering the above as premise, we chose 60 stellar projects from the RMJM arsenal, and constructed a recap of those glorious 60years block by block, bit by bit, like they did. Not just stopping there, but also admitting that this milestone reminds us of more and more successful years to come! The colors, define the diversity and flavours of different practices, united by the same mission even after separated by huge distances. Whereas the blank on top voids symbolize more such opportunities RMJM will embark upon in future. Overall exercise makes the portfolio of RMJM even more accessible to the public domain.

about ME:

Krishna Sirugudi

I am a fresh graduate architect from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India. An avid architecture enthusiast, my interests also extend to Virtual Architecture, Embedded and Interface design. I am currently developing a exchange platfrom for designers over the world.

VARIANTS Print Mockup:

carbon black

Giving a certain depth quality, this heavier color tones give a feeling of stability and permanence.

brushed steel

This lighter shades does not border the composition with limits spilling the visual limits off the canvas.

clear glass

Certainly, only the artwork is visible floating in midair. Only the content is highlight no backgrounds, no fills.


60 limited edition stamps symbolizing RMJM portfolio accross the major countries and continents, with 60 stellar projects. Making this outstanding portfolio more accessible.

60 Years of In+credible Architecture.

In+credible: A practice which is so credible yet unbelievable in terms of creativity and design prowess.


KRISHNA SIRUGUDI | +919766055284

RMJM - Wall Artwork Proposition - 2016  

A graphic design entry - hosted on instagram for worldwide RMJM offices, on their 60th anniversary.

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