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Quality Hair Transplants Actually the success is different from result. The patients are the best judges for any cosmetic surgery. Selection of a hair transplant surgeon depends on results of their patients. 1. Actually proper Framing of the face depends on designing of the frontal hair line. This plays a crucial role in giving beauty to the face and also gives a mature manly look which adds beauty as the age progresses. The hairline designing is unique to each individual and each race. Like in Asians the forehead is broad so we create flatter hairlines. Caucasitions have narrow fore head which gets satisfactory look with much higher hairline. 2. Quality of grafts – the mic0roscopically Slivered and Dissected grafts from the donor area according to their natural distribution in the scalp gives an undetectable look after transplantation. This type of grafting is called Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Grafting. We also create Density Gradient across the bald area giving aesthetic and pleasing look. 3. Density – Distribution of a certain no of grafts per sq. cm which gives a cosmetically good coverage of scalp. Normally 80-100 grafts per sq. cm are present. Always the permanent roots from donor area are limited in supply and generally the progression of baldness is a dynamic process. So we can give a density of 35-45 grafts per sq cm at the time of transplantation which is the best density through the world. This is also called the cosmetically acceptable density. Contact Us: Web site:

Radiance Advanced Hair Transplantation  

Radiance advanced hair transplant centers are one of the best centers in India. Which are providing the world class transplants, not only in...