Sep 2016

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Emily Ramser Emily Ramser is an undergraduate student currently pursuing her Bach-

elor of Arts in English and Creative Writing, and is expected to graduate in May of 2017. Editor in Chief, Incunabula; Assistant Editor, Weasel Press; Design Editor, Sights and Insights; Arts and Entertainment Editor, The Salemite; Assistant Editor, Vagabonds Creative Anthology; Assistant Editor, Visceral Uterus; Editorial Assistant, Change Seven; Some of her inspirations include: Thornton Wilder, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Bhanu Kapil, Andrea Gibson, Gabriel Gudding, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Matt Nielsen, and Alfred Lord Tennyson.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Emily Ramser last year while she

was working as an editor at Visceral Uterus. We began talking after she published a recently accepted poem of mine there. The formatting at the site required her to completely type up my poem from scratch before posting it, so I knew straightaway that this was someone who truly cared about poetry and was willing to give her time, energy, and passion to the small press world. Ramser is set to release her fourth collection of poetry soon through Weasel Press, and so I thought it would be a good time to reach out and ask her a few questions about the forthcoming chapbook‌ - Scott Thomas Outlar The Wagon Magazine - September -2016