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Greetings Chick Picks, Your tastiest e-magazine is back..! Thanks for the support and valuable feedback, this magazine is stretched, repositioned, now Paper chicken not only got tastier, but also healthier. Don’t skip the pages as you don’t know which page has element of fun albeit each and every page is crafted with Surprise, fun and information. Don’t forget to read the Chicken and pig story at the last. Happy Chicking…!

Editor Chick Kumar

According to 2006 Survey by United Nations food and

Agricultural organization only 40% of 1.2 billion Indian population identified themselves as Vegans 

India is now the world’s largest producer of milk, poultry, and

meat. 

India has emerged on the world

poultry map as the 3rd largest egg (56 billion eggs) and 5th largest poultry meat (2.6 million tons) producer. 

The cost of producing chickens

for meat in India is second lowest in the world and production of eggs is cheaper than any other country according to Poultry federation of India. 

Total chicken population has registered an annual growth of 7.3%

in the last decade. 

India's 75% of egg produce is consumed by the population of 25%

living in urban and semi-urban areas.  Analyst estimates that over the years the poultry industry in India has contributed approximately US $229million, to the Gross National Product (GNP).

Professor Manjula, Associate Professor Marketing,

Manjula madam did her schooling at Seventh Day Adventist Higher Secondary School, Madurai and snatched her BBA & MBA from SVN college, Madurai securing 5th rank in the university. Before joining TSM she worked as a senior lecturer at KLN college Madurai and joined TSM on June 2006 and now affectionately she has become “Puratchi Thalaivi” known for her practical approach in making the students understand concepts of Marketing thorough field work and interesting assignments. She has a cute daughter named and her husband is working as Manager at Airtel.

Q: What is your favorite Chicken dish? Hot n Sour Chicken Soup particularly from BHEL Hotel, Tamil Sangam road. Marvelous dish

Q: Does your daughter like chicken? Which chicken your daughter likes the most? Yes very much..KFC chicken…at home Chicken 65

Q: What is your advice to TSMites on eating chicken? Avoid eating chicken. Because that is what my doctor advised after I got to know that I have fallen prey to Diabetes. He says chicken causes much heat in the body which impacts health systems.

Q: As TSM is reinventing itself on several aspects do you foresee whether chicken will be allowed in the campus in near future? NO………WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Q: Dear madam how do you find Paper chicken ? On scale 1-5 how do you like to rank PC with 5 being the highest score? “5”….No doubt…Good initiative….Suggest “ Naattu Kozhi” instead of broiler at the best from my end for chicken addictions…..:)

EGG TO BIRD: SUGUNA FOODS An Entrepreneurial Story of Suguna Chicken Founders Muthukarthick,II-MBA All eggs are not fertile. We need to identify the fertile eggs and incubate them properly, and then only we will get chicks. Same like that, Entrepreneur also needs to identify the business opportunity from the cluster of ideas and ability to convert into Business model. In 1985, B.Soundararajan and his brother B.Sundararajan join together to start a venture into poultry business. They are born and brought up in Ganapathipalayam in Udumalapet. Their parents worked as teachers in a village government school. His father encouraged them to start own business rather than continuing studies in college. They both also passionate towards starting own business rather than lying in comfort zone of monthly salary. After completion of his class 11th started in 1978, B.Soundararajan ventured into agricultural farming in the

ancestral agricultural land. Their parents supported them by lending some money for agricultural activities. Next three years they continued agricultural farming and incurred huge losses. Eggs will get broken, if you not handle with care. That was happened to him. He was forced to work in his cousin’s company to clear debts incurred by agricultural farming. His brother Sundararajan planned to start Poultry farming. Both the brother’s joined hands and their mother supported with amount of Rs.5000 to make the shelter and buy the chicks. We bought the chicks from hatcheries and feed from manufacturers and supply them to farmers. Business grew very rapidly in few years the difficulty had was outstanding revenue of Rs.810 Lakhs but the farmers who owed us were struggling. So it leads them to idea of contract farming. Instead of cash, thought the farmers could repay their debt to suguna in service. They identified the root cause of the problem encountered by the farmer and found that there were many cost centers and several middlemen who ate their profits. In the contract farming model, they provided the farmers with feed, chicks, vaccines. Farmers need to

invest in infrastructure and after 42 days; we bring back the livestock to sell in the market. This model gave the farmers a steady income every month. Suguna Poultry realized the full potential of the business in 1997 when the company began generating about Rs.7 Crore in turnover. Like a fully grown bird, Suguna Poultry rebranded themselves as Suguna foods. As always change was inevitable they ventured into aquatic food business by launching retail outlets that offered ready to eat meat products. Today Suguna foods family encompasses 18,000 farmers in 14 states across India with turnover of Rs.4200 Crore‌‌..(to be continued)

Hotel Review: Noodle King, Madurai This month we planned to review noodle king restaurant and a 9 member team went on an expedition to hunt chicken at Noodle king located behind KFC at Kalavasal. As the brand name has “noodle” in it one might wrongly perceive this hotel offers only noodles and related varieties. But my friends suggested this hotel offers variety of chicken and seafood dishes apart from noodles. It was a Sunday afternoon and there was already heightened appetite, and we were salivating like Paulo’s dogs after seeing the shining red menu card. Physical evidence: 2 split A/c’s , 40 seater capacity, beautiful wooden chairs with cushion seatc, LCD TV

Product Varieties The product category consists of Starters, Soups, Rice, Noodles, Gravy/ side dishes, deserts, and Juices and we have been bombarded with lengthy product line and we got perplexed which food to select. Laggards and late majority people like me and few others decided to try the same old time tested foods like sweet corn chicken soup, chicken chettinad soup , Hot n Sour soup with chicken rice and chicken gravy, Prawn fry. Some early adopters and innovators ordered dishes they never tried before. Singapore mee goreng, chicken yummy noodles, etc. The Sweet corn n soup and other soups are hell lot tastier than what we had expected. The blend of spicy-sour aroma coupled with bud tickling taste would make you fall in love with those soups and if you ever go back again to noodle king you wouldn’t start without a soup. There came the rice dishes we have ordered. We didn’t foresee such a shock would come and hit us that early.

Check out our reactions in the next page

Our Reaction when there was NO CHICKEN IN CHICKEN RICE

Our reaction when there was no prawn in prawn rice

After seeing the Bill

Noodle King Ratings Value for money Hygiene and ambience Quality of Food Go to Noodle king if you want to taste eclectic Chinese foods with a thick wallet……

With shrinking rupee, water scarcity, petroleum availability Homosapiens did enough to exploit the mother earth in the name of economic growth and industrialization. Humans- whether created out of AdamEve or years of evolution or planted onto the earth as per theory of Prometheus by Ridley Scott… they were primitively been deployed with sole purpose of eating and reproduction. Some literatures in the past indicate Ancient human’s had life span of 200-300 years. As evolution took place and civilization creeps in the very framework of Mother nature got altered. Now our wise men at world conferences talk of sustainability, save our earth , global warming blah blah…. Ippo nee enna solla varey..? Oops…let me come to the

point..Ladies and Gentlemen “ Paper chicken “ takes great privilege in coining the term “Sustainable eating”….ever heard of that ?…if not we define below “Sustainable eating is the act of eating without compromising our Quantum of food that we might eat in the Future”.. piriliyaa..? Refer Figure Below

One plate of

Walk from Coimbatore to

Chicken Briyani

Pollachi ( 44kms)

Coimbatore Diabetes foundation in one of their publications has stated that a plate of chicken Briyani produces as much calorie required for homosapien to cover a distance by walk between Coimbatore to Pollachi ( appx. 46kms.) What if I don’t walk…….? If we don’t use up those calories then our highly evolved human brain will find ways to store those calories in the form of fat ; for men that idle fat gets deposited in Abdomen and for women fat is stored at the back and thigh region…,the portions of body which involves less physical movements in our day to day activities. Later this fat deposited near Abdomen impedes the absorption of glucose to blood stream and ultimately resulting in Type 2 diabetes. So what’s next.. Answer is Run Lola Run

Lesson’s from BAT Topper……. After a tehelka operation, we got the below snapshot from TSM Class / BAT Topper’s Mobile. This homosapien, who is a topper of PGDM and Bloomberg Aptitude test, is basically carnivorous in nature. Hunts for Chicken more than 3 days in a week. Last year he logged 250 hours of running in treadmill and now he crossed the mark within 6 months striving to hit 500 hours of walk this year.

Conclusion: Walking not only helps you to prevent diabetes but helps maintain your body weight. It is good for your heart. Walking is known to reduce your blood pressure, improve your blood circulation and all round cardio vascular functions. So chick picks you have been bestowed with an opportunity of running more. So run-lol-run.

A Pig and a Chicken are walking down the road. The Chicken says: "Hey Pig, I was thinking we should open a restaurant!" Pig replies: "Hm, maybe, what would we call it?" The Chicken responds: "How about 'ham-n-eggs'?" The Pig thinks for a moment and says: "No thanks. I'd be committed, but you'd only be involved!"

Sometimes, the story is presented as a riddle Question: In a bacon-and-egg breakfast, what's the difference between the Chicken and the Pig? Answer: The Chicken is involved, but the Pig is committed!

Idea Behind the Story The fable is referenced to define two types of project members by the scrum agile management system pigs, who are totally committed to the project and accountable for its outcome, and chickens, who consult on the project and are informed of its progress. By extension, a rooster or gamecock, can be defined as a person who struts around offering uninformed, unhelpful opinions. This analogy is based upon the pig being able to provide bacon (a sacrificial offering, for which the pig must die in order to provide) versus a chicken which provides eggs (non-sacrificial). A successful project needs both chickens and pigs (roosters are seen as unproductive). However, given the sacrifice required of being a pig—forswearing other projects and opportunities— they can be difficult to collect. Thus, the construction of a successful project-team must ensure that the project has sufficient "pigs" and that they are empowered to drive the project in return for committing to and taking accountability for it.

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