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Dear Chick picks, Hope everybody is warming up your brains for trimester exams. Now it’s time to take a chicken break. THE ALL NEW PAPER CHICKEN is back with interesting features once again..!. Before plunging into Magazine I would like to share an important fact that has been haunting me for a while..! The review of Hotels in this magazine gives the reader a snapshot of the service encountered at a point of time where the 7p’s of marketing blend themselves in a particular combination. So Paper Chicken reviews and judgements are based on the taste of the food , services deployed at a instant of time. But true nature of service can be effectively judged by evaluating the services over a period of time not by judging the services at a point of time . You can check this fact by tasting a Biriyani at any hotel on Sunday afternoon and another Briyani at the same hotel on Wednesday night. If taste tally it's a really a APPATUCKER Hotel...Got the point..:) Happy chicking chick picks. Meet u al next trimester. Editor Chick-kumar

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KFC Colonel David Sanders was awarded lifetime imprisonment by Supreme Broiler Court of England for killing maximum chickens in the world.










ACROSS 1.Delicious chinese Sauce recipe 3. Indian city considered as home for Mughalai restaurants 4.Popular ring type bread in United stated 6. Goat in Hindhi known as 8. cock. 9._____ pulling

DOWN 2.Food following Islamic dietary guidelines 4. Snack food from ITC 5. Sliced meat from Middle east 7. Form off rusk originating from Germany

BY Purnima RajaRajeshwaran

It has been three months since I got accustomed to the tsm vegan.! I am a pure non vegetarian since I was born. I could realize the ardent desire of my taste buds to venture in to the Madurai hotels relish their food, live it and feel it.. To start wid, I and my friend went to the not so famous shop named efc near pasumalai, it was when KFC was under construction. So the only option that could satisfy me and not test my patience was this deserted place . i was not bothered abt the quality of food, wen it come for eating anything, anywhere is fine. all I wanted was to eat a piece of chicken to satisfy my hypothalamus cells, for creating such a deep instincts for chicken. We had ordered for take away chicken nuggets (pack of ten) meanwhile the gluttony behavior of mine increased manifold.. With all the much hype we took the aluminum foil packed grub and rode way back. I opened the aluminum foil with the hope that my desire will get satisfied that very moment . I saw crispy fried brown balls. Had the first on my mouth.! Not until I discovered that it was deep fried soya balls..! So next time when u go out anywhere make sure u eat wat u desire. Not wat u compromise..!

Thulam raasi poornima avargaley.. Ungalukku vadakkey soolam iruppadhal innum oru madham packaged chicken vaanguvadhai Thavirkkavum..:)

Story of how kamali tackled here Kolapasi during her internship days at Chennai..:) How magnificent the city is during night time with full moon..!! During my internship days at Chennai on one fine Sunday evening I was watching Korean serial at PG hostel and I was fascinated by watching the Koreans eating... Me too wanted to eat something spicy and went for Google search As I was browsing I found one funny restaurant named as “Kolapasi� which captivated my attention. It raised my curiosity to look it in to it more intensely. When I got in to their website it gave me hilarious impression. Their website was so simple and it made my appetite stronger because the variety they offer is incredible that too in chicken . The menu on that day was chicken biriyani, mutton biriyani, egg biriyani, chicken chukka, pudhina chicken,kothamalli chicken fry, kadai chicken, pepper chicken fry, kozhi varutha curry and chicken 65 .. The price was also meager. After glancing all the varieties i took my phone to order food. A lady with a humble and a sweet voice picked up my call. I ordered for kadai chicken and chicken tikka. She asked me would you like to order anything else..? I replied no this is enough mam.. After 10 minutes I got a call again from the restaurant informing me that my delivery had started and they have also given 2 complimentary dishes for me to taste :-) The service was prompt .

Got the food within half an hour. I really liked the personal touch stated on amazing 2 packs in a cloth bag with an envelope saying "Dear Ms.Kamali Thanks for trying us" - Wow that was a good start. The taste, texture, smells, presentation and moreover it was delicious too. I really amazed with their deliver and also the quality of food. It tasted awesome and I felt like having home prepared food. It was spicy and yummy. The had also given after-mint along with the food. The food was really tasty and delicious plus sumptuous for a person. The innovativeness in the material and combos is really worth appreciation and looks like great work has gone into enhancing the foodie's experience. Nothing beats the satisfaction from having a good meal and Kolapasi has really nailed it. I highly recommended this for bachelors who miss home food. Limited & right options which has Indian cuisine and tastes extremely superb... I would rate them very good in delivery, packaging and taste. Good job team :-) If u would like to feel that ecstasy look in to


Coupled with urge to complete Services marketing Project and urge to taste the much hyped juicy chicken five member team including senthil, Adityan, Emmanuel, Venkatesan, and myself went to KFC-Kentucky fried Chicken near Kalavasal, Madurai. As we entered we were enthralled by the interiors captivating the customer with its rich and vibrant colors and one would appreciate the time spent in creativity and imagination that went behind in establishing this shop. Unlike Noodle king where services would be delivered to your table at KFC you should reach the counter, order the menu and avail the food by yourself. As we approached the counter a lady greeted us with a flat tone “ Good afternoon sirs, Welcome to KFC�. We decided to try much hyped bucket chicken and the KFC girl showed us some customised menu packages and since we were five in number she recommended Best of KFC Package costing 912 bucks including Service taxes.

Best of KFC has the following components 1. 8 pc chicken 2. 4pc boneless strips 3. 12 pcs Hot wings 4. 2 salsa dips 5. 2 litr Pepsi

BEST OF KFC We selected a spot to dine and as we were chatting and taking photographs one of the guys from the counter signaled us that the order is ready. KFC chicken looked more like fried chicken biscuits to me with no urge to control we began our feast. My first bite tasted awesome the chicken was tender and Soft and when dipped in the sauce the combination became extra awesomatic and surpassed my very notion that its not just a chicken but much more. Hats off David Sanders. Atlast I finally came to know how the 11 secret spices would really taste like. As were predating..the visuals of different varieties of KFC chicken was continuously screened in a LCD television and in one of the ads it mentioned Ask for a Kitchen tour...:)

KFC KITCHEN TOUR-A MUST WITNESS FOR ALL Sparked by the curiosity we approached the manager and enquired him about the kitchen tour. He asked us to wait for 2 minutes and after 10 minutes Mr.Karthikeyan invited us to the kitchen. Before entering we were asked to wear head covers. We witnessed the process in live and Karthikeyan bombarded us with unknown facts. KFC chickens are not sourced locally but comes in refrigerated packs from New Delhi. These Chickens were marinated or soaked in spicy mixture before refrigeration. We witnessed the making of fried chicken. One of the chefs mixed the chicken with flour in big tank. After enough kneading the trays were taken and immersed in oil bath at 300c. After the necessary bath in the oil, the brown fried chickens were taken to the oven and kept for 5 Minutes and then taken to delivery counter. The entire process took 13 minutes to complete. We were astonished by the process and thanked the chef for bestowing such a opportunity. Really it s a great Experience..:) So guys, next time you visit KFC don't forget to ask Kitchen tour. And don't forget to read that funny feedback form..:)

It may not sound very surprising for us to know that millions of man hours are spent every day on this earth for playing Angry Birds- a colorful game where a group of birds wage a war against Pigs for stealing the birds eggs. The anatomy of game goes like this. Each wingless bird in this game has their own trajectory. The Gamer has to target a pig, define the trajectory and adjust the sling and release the bird from the sling and destroy the pigs habitat. After successfully destroying the target the birds move on to the next level to take revenge on the pigs for stealing their eggs. With such simplicity in design and fun the game is a big hit in Europe and American countries and the desire to smash the pigs went viral throughout the world.

The pigs in the angry birds were inspired by 2009 Swine flu. Ville Hiejari one of the developer behind the angry birds revealed that in 2009 during game development the swine flu epidemic gave them idea to develop the Green and sickly pigs.

Developer Peter Vesterbacka and Ville HeiJari have big plans for the Angry Birds brand "We're going to expand the franchise in a lot if directions , so we're working on the movie side, broadcast, TV," Angry Birds developer Peter "Mighty Eagle" Vesterbacka told CNNMoney at the SXSW Interactive conference Designed by ROVIO entertainment the game was first released for Apple iOS in December 2009.More that 15 millions copies have been purchased and forced the company to come out designs for touch screen based smart phones including Android, Symbian and Windows phone operating system.

The film is being produced and financed by Rovio Entertainment, and, according to an announcement, will be distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment and is scheduled to hit theaters in 2016. Get ready folks. A blockbuster in the making...:)


Health practitioners advice detoxifying your intestines as a path towards optimal health. Detoxifying is the process of removing toxic substances from your intestine that reside out of refined sugar and eating meats. Green tea is great source of removing toxins from your body. Green tea has lot of anti-oxidants and considered to be antiviral agent. It is not only good for fighting cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and dementia, but it also lowers cholesterol levels. Moreover, it is great for cleansing one's body from impurities and toxic substances. Detoxing one's bodily system, performed at least once a month, can help reduce plague and bacteria, fight cavities and bad breath, strengthen the tooth enamel, and prevent getting food poisoning.

HOW TO PREPARE GREEN TEA AT HOSTEL Required Items 1.HOT WATER KETTLE 2. GREEN TEA PACK 3. GLASS WITH SPOON 4. SUGAR STEP 1 1. Fill the kettle with TSM RO water with 3/4 th capacity.

STEP 3 Ensure the water in the kettle does not reach the boiling point. Keep the water below 80 deg C

STEP 2 Remove the Green tea dip from the pack and place it inside glass

STEP 4 Pour the hot water in the glass with tea bag


Sqeeze the green tea pack with 5 a spoon and drain the contents into the glass

STEP 6 Add sugar if desired and stir the mixture





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