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Tips on how to increase your focus on your studies Introduction Are you eager to perform par excellence in your distance learning program? Which means have you gathered about the deep-diving or the Immersion technique for your studies? As part of a steadfast, sustaining study technique, total immersion defines complete involvement with your subject of learning. And, as a test-proven method of studies, Immersion ensures better retention and recall. Immersion is widely practiced in the learning of new languages and it has proved fruitful. The concept can also be extended to other subjects to produce the desired effect. This technique assumes greater significance for distance learning students, who are chiefly engaged in the self-learning mode and have to optimize performance by balancing other priorities as well. The Immersion technique in studies leverages the flexibility of distance education, by making proper use of the time and space available to the students. Meaning, the different channels of this method of study can be deployed to suit the student’s/working professional’s busy schedule. So, if you are ready to get immersed in your studies and bring out your potential to the best, here are a few tips on how to go about it: 1) Expose yourself to the content: When you want to immerse yourself into any subject of your distance learning program, you need to give optimum exposure to the content pertaining to that subject. The content can be in the form of a) Study material or magazines or other dailies, which feature developments about research in your subject or trends b) Blogs, which are relevant to your subject through Feed Readers or other customized apps, which deliver new online materials to your gadget. c) Be posted/up-to-date with the content, where you could subscribe to Google alerts to get the latest news or blog posts relating to your subject of learning. This way, you will be on the anvil of learning the subject in all planes. d) Surround yourself with the content: During the course of a day, there might be places in your house, which you frequent or spend more time in. Put up facts& figures, important formulae, or key points as a look-up on walls or doors. This way, you will be able to relate to the content easily and register better. e) Use the “transit-time”: Be it a long –ride to your office or waiting hours in the queue, you could connect with a live interface to read about latest updates/alert/posts about your subject area. 2) Use browsing for constructive purposes: a) Social networking: Be it twitter or Facebook, leverage the information available posted on these sites to your advantage. With a vast user base, you can follow industry-persona, Management gurus and others of the like and gather tips about market trends or new developments. b) Create a blog for your subject: Start writing mini-blogs about your subject and engage with the readers to expand your horizons of learning. c) Participate in students’ discussion forums: There are innumerable online discussion forums for students, including exclusive ones for distance education universities. Ensure to participate in these

sessions, be an active responder to queries, offer guidance or share study tips to maintain a liveconnect with your learning process. The above tips detail on the different avenues you can take to, when you realize that the Immersionin-studies method can indeed deliver the par excellence performance, which you have always dreamed of.

Tips on how to increase your focus on your studies  

Are you eager to perform par excellence in your distance learning program? Which means have you gathered about the deep-diving or the Immers...

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