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The Journey from a Manager to a Leader Managerial skills are vital for a business to perform at all levels and in all domains. As the global industrial scenario sports a wide spectrum of businesses competing to become the brand, management takes the lead to make every resource productive. What doubles the productivity levels is integrating leadership qualities with managerial skills. As a manager, you have the responsibility of making the resources workable, and perform. Extending managerial skills to leadership will make this endeavour enjoyable for both you and your team. Here are a few tips on how you can rise to the level of a leader from that of a manager. Break free from the cliché/stereotype/Bust the myth Managers are mostly associated with the ones who get the work done, than the ones who do actual work. Prove it wrong. When any new assignment or project comes up, take the initiative of understanding the technicalities and show your involvement in every module. A proactive and active manager not only builds a good professional rapport but also wins a great degree of confidence from his team. Win confidence by being the friend, philosopher and guide Any leader is expected to possess qualities, which will make the team bank on him and even look up to him at all times. So step down from the hierarchy and relate to your team as a coworker, who is as eager to learn as to share what has been learnt. This in turn helps to forge a relationship, which can give better returns in terms of productivity, attitude and performance. Project the right attitude A manager with an attitude can never be a leader. Show equal fault-tolerance levels to every team member to the extent you would show yourself. Being higher in the hierarchy does not mean that you have achieved perfection and the others around you are imperfect. Strive for the best but not for perfection As a manager, you will be aware of your team’s potential and the best possible outcome, which you can bring out from it. So work towards maximizing and utilizing the existing potential. It is ok to stretch the limits of performance but do not strive for perfection. The standards of perfection are only relative, differing from individual to individual. Be the keen listener What draws the line between a manager and leader is the former’s reputation of talking and the latter’s power to listen. Listening, apart from exhibiting an eagerness to learn, also creates an empathy factor, which will bond the team with you and entail them in your vision. So, be a keen listener; be receptive and open-minded and, by doing this you will give your team the assurance it seeks- in terms of credibility, integrity, patience. It will also bring about greater clarity in communication. Communicate effectively

Communication can make or mar a deal (business, partnership, friendship etc). Managerial skills encompass communication as well but what makes it effective is the approach, the attitude and the mode, which delivers the message. So, be the manager, who can inspire through effective communication. Managerial skills can enter into the universe of leadership, when driven through the technical, instinctive, intuitive and the emotional. With managerial skills taking the lead in every business domain, leadership qualities will surely help to outperform competition.

The Journey from a Manager to a Leader  

Managerial skills are vital for a business to perform at all levels and in all domains. As the global industrial scenario sports a wide spec...

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