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Sikkim Manipal University – Distance Learning Courses Distance learning courses are now becoming the established and recognized medium for higher education. The common myths surrounding distance education are effacing, with the considerable improvements made in quality and credibility of its courses. It is no longer the “fill-gap” mode of learning, which draws in people who study for the sake of a degree or aspire to fill the discontinuity in school-college studies. With a larger section of the Indian populace, falling in the “students’ category, distance learning is the accessible and affordable mode of higher studies for many aspirants. Add to that, the much advancement in ICT (information and communication technology) along with the internet penetration in the country, has delivered greater flexibility in distance learning courses, through the online platform. Even working professionals aspiring to upgrade their skills, enrol for specialized distance learning programs, as they can retain their job, while studying at the same time.

As the “earn while you learn” trend is on the rise, thanks to distance education, there are many important factors, which will help you establish firm grounds in your work –space and deliver the much awaited promotion letter. Here are a few know-how’s:

1. What is your exact job-role? Get a clear-cut idea of what your job-role is. Understand the nature of the job, the team, the interface and other job-specifications. Any doubts, you have should be thoroughly clarified with your immediate senior.

2. What is expected from you? : Getting to know your job-role is different from what is expected of you on-job. Meeting your senior’s expectations will be going that extra mile from your assigned job-role. So do not hesitate to put in extra hours, when needed or volunteer for other kinds of work, where you feel your expertise will come in handy.

3. What is the feedback? : Always take time out for regular appraisal sessions with your boss. Even if it is not initiated from your senior’s end, be sure to review yourself till you are assured that your performance is up to the mark.

4. What are professional development sessions? : If you have been with the company for more than 2 to 3 years and; are aiming for better roles, you could initiate a one-on-one briefing session with your boss and express your desire for learning new skills. Enrolling for training programs will reveal your enthusiasm to learn more and help further expand your job responsibilities.

5. What is skills’ enhancement through distance learning: As mentioned earlier, you could leverage the multiple advantages of a distance learning program and secure a degree, while being on job. A professional qualification is a prerequisite in some companies for higher designations.

6. What is the right time? While pitching for better roles and recognition, ensure that you keep in view the organization’s growth and its current profitability. Do not approach your seniors, when there is an economy slump, which has run your company into fiscal deficits or poor performance.

So, the next time you aim at grabbing the spotlight for your performance, keep the above pointers in mind and stage your job-role well.

Sikkim Manipal University – Distance Learning Courses