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Key Motivators of a Quintessential Distance Education Student Whether you are an educator, a parent or a student yourself; understanding what motivates distance education learners is significant. Motivated students are more likely to take up tasks that enable higher academic achievements and learning’s. Having said that, here are the primary factors which contribute to the motivation of a student – 1. Feeling Empowered – Giving students of distance education in India the feeling that they have control over specific aspects of their learning, makes them feel more empowered. For example, giving students the opportunity to make independent decisions about topics within a smaller assignment for their Distance MBA education projects is a great way to give some academic control to distance learners. 2. How useful is the Course – It is important that students perceive the course to be useful and important to their academic or professional cause. While some courses offer evident signs of skill set development, in many the correlation between the course structure and skill acquisition isn’t always clear. 3. Making Success Possible- It is also important that students feel that they have an opportunity to succeed in the course, if a reasonable effort is made. Educators must aid students in setting the right expectations and goals. Combined with relevant feedback and giving students access to relevant academic resources can prove to be extremely motivating for a distance learner. 4. Maintaining Interest Levels – Finding ways to enhance the interest levels of the class my sharing additional resources and putting existing technological and academic resources to good use is a great way to ensure continuous motivation amidst distance learners. Also, Show students ways in which they can apply concepts in the real world. Students require feeling that the educators as well as family members care about what they learn. Caring can be an extremely important motivator for distance learners. If the immediate circle of a distance learner gives the course value and respect, it isn’t very difficult for the student to continue on his academic pursuits and enhance his learning.

Key Motivators of a Quintessential Distance Education Student