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Ecommerce Courses from Sikkim Manipal University

Commerce is the exchange of items of value between persons or companies. Any exchange of money for a product, service, or information is considered a deal of commerce. Commerce has been a constant part of history. As new methods of transportation developed, people were able to trade with people from distant places that they were previously unable to trade with. The internet and an efficient postal system have made international commerce convenient for businesses as well as individuals. Commerce Courses is an essential element of capitalism. In a capitalistic economy, an individual or company develops something of value for sale. Commerce allows this entity to profit from its trade and the more widespread commerce can be the more demand there is for goods and services. Today, most trade involves a form of currency. When a needed product is developed, people trade money for that product. When a needed service is offered, people trade money for access to that service. When new ideas are secured by patent, people trade money for the rights to that idea Why Commerce? Increasing integration of the world economy and globalisation has further enhanced the importance of commerce. The study of commerce includes subjects like accounting, statistics and economics. The study of commerce and economics provides a springboard for work opportunities in a range of

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Financial services Banking


Business and industry


Management and entrepreneurial ventures,




Hotel management


Government services

Get the SMU-DE advantage Access to Sikkim Manipal University and its services through University Authorised Centres 2. Self Learning Material and Assignments available in pdf format on online platform EduNxtBusiness and industry 1.


Semester system that allows students to re-register every six months


5 days of contact sessions per semester at the University Authorised Centres

Career Prospects The study of commerce includes subjects like accounting, statistics and economics. It is often selected by students for the doors it opens to a wide variety of career options. The following roles will be open for Commerce graduates: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Commercial Assistant or Manager in Manufacturing or Trading Firm Staff Selection Commission examination related to commerce and trade Entry level jobs in Broking and Security analysis firms Entry level jobs in KPOs Banking entrance examinations

Ecommerce courses from sikkim manipal university  
Ecommerce courses from sikkim manipal university  

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