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Distance learning Program Distance Education: Distance Education (DE), distance learning or online learning, is a field of education that focuses on the pedagogy, technology, and instructional systems design that aim to deliver education to students who are not physically "on site". Keeping abreast of the changing hospitality trends and latest technology. Equipping students with a high degree of academic knowledge and skills to meet the human resource needs of the industry. Gain more out of your Distance Education programme Distance education is not a new concept however the multitude of options in the methodology of pursuing distance education vary from institution to institution and are quite dynamic due to the development of technology, so an obvious doubt in the minds of people is how they can gain maximum from their distance education programme, the answer to this can be explored in a few simple steps that are as follows, Be comfortable with technology: distance learning programmes make extensive use of technology, do not hesitate to try new methods of learning , this adaptation with also help you improve your technological skill altogether which is always good in the present scenario , therefore your comfort with technology provides you a dual benefit , better interpretation of matter and hands on technological experience .for e.g. edunxt launched by SMU-DE in 2009 makes use of cutting edge technology to impart quality education. Make complete use of any forum provided: Most distance education programmes provide various forums such as maybe an online bulletin board, make complete use of such a facility in the following ways, • Discuss: do not hesitate to discuss various topics on the forum you are provided with , distance education allows one to interact globally with other students , employed teachers etc. do not miss on the opportunity to gain insight on the topics by such discussions. • Ask your doubts: never hesitate to ask your doubts, distance education is providing you an opportunity for consultation at any hour, so if you have a doubt at 2 am, post it online whoever is available will surely answer to your query. Respect the material: make full use of the course material provided to you, read between the lines, concentrate, broaden your horizon and pursue with enthusiasm. Do not ignore any of the material provided to you

Distance education – The past, the present and the Precedent

Distance education has grown in different dimensions to become the chosen route for higher education. The larger section of the student community in India, aspiring for higher studies, seeks distance learning for its convenience, flexibility, affordability and accessibility. The eligibility aspect of distance learning attracts even the adult segment to purse higher education. As per the 2011 statistics, during the last decade (2001-2011) distance education has grown from 20% to 26% of the student populace in India. This growth is further catalyzed by the increasing demand for better competencies for a particular job. Add to that, the technology boom has bolstered the distance education space, through better reach, promising to deliver a bright future The final word Distance education in India has come of age, with innovative pedagogy, technology-driven learning interfaces, remote access, quality output and employability, as its focal point. As India sports 1.29 crore people in the 10+2 category, distance learning holds immense prospects for the future of the country both in the economic and social planes. Need of Distance Education in India The global pool of information, the online-connectivity, the surge in employment opportunities, and the need to continuing education- Distance learning answers it all. Globalization, the information-age and consumer awareness have spelt a paradigm shift in trends, lifestyle and education standards. The scenario witnesses a transition in thought, mindset and growing ambitions amongst the ever-growing populace. The change in turn spells Distance education as a prospective mode for higher education for the new-age populace Distance education works on a multi-dimensional premise. To elaborate, working professionals can pursue studies while on job, and fresher’s can take up work, draw regular earnings and pursue studies at the same time. In such cases, a certification/ degree through distance learning adds value to one’s profile, in the way of experience, expertise and the academic degree of course. And above all, distance education program is affordable. Additionally, with the foray of technology, into the education segment, distance learning is part of a “live network” of students, tutors, academic exponents, who converge on the online interface. Thus the erstwhile drawbacks of distance education, which compromised on quality, delivery, and studentcommitment, are overcome through technology. The online information resource makes any distance learning university accessible for both students and working professional. In short, online distance learning deploys the best of resources – pedagogue, faculty and references to deliver on an active online interface.

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Distance Education (DE), distance learning or online learning, is a field of education that focuses on the pedagogy, technology, and instruc...

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