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Developing Management Expertise among Technical Graduates through Distance Education The opening up of the Indian economy over past couple of years has resulted in a fascinating rise in demand for managerial expertise among local as well as multinational conglomerates that have set shop here.

Simultaneously, a management degree in the form of a BBA or an MBA has come to act as a gateway into the corporate world. With a growing number of Indian youth choosing to leverage the job market at an early age, distance education in India for MBA and BBA in distance education have come to gain tremendous popularity.

How Distance Programs Help Create Managers –

The benefits of a distance education for MBA or BBA are quite evident. Besides the convenience that distance learning offers for future managers, it also facilitates the honing of managerial skills for professionals from an academically technical background.

Helping Engineers Shift Careers

A growing number of engineering graduates are now opting to offer their analytical skills in the financial sector for higher career scope. Distance education programs allow students from technical fields to easily make the transition into a managerial work environment without having to sacrifice additional years towards managerial skill development.

Most reputed distance learning institutions offer a range of management programs on a graduate as well as undergraduate level. Students have a choice to study the nuances of general management or delve deeper in its various facets by opting to specialize in marketing, finance & accounting, human resources management or operations & logistics management. Many institutions also choose to diversify into areas of sustainable management, leadership and entrepreneurship to encourage development of specialized skills for business.

The demands of today’s competitive business scenario compel employers to hire personnel that exhibit multiple skill sets. Distance education allows engineers, medical professionals and other technical experts to fill the managerial gap and mould themselves into well rounded professionals.

Developing Management Expertise among Technical Graduates through Distance Education