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1 Kris Henry Mr.Gloyd English 13 December 2010 John Krifulusi and “The Ren and Stimpy Show” Does every artist need creative control? Often a chance to express how they feel to the masses without a feeling of control by corporate. Take artist John Krifulusi for example, a cartoonist who spent years as an artist drawing for nickelodeon and other TV stations. This is a perfect spot for you to put in a statement of opinion that will drive the rest of your piece… you need a thesis statement… “Artist John Krifulski was a Canadian animator who spent years creating cartoons such as: The Ren And Stimpy Show, The Ripping Friends, and Weekend Pussy Hunt”(“John Kricfalusi”). Wikipedia 2010. Wikipedia Foundation, Inc. 13 Dec 2010. you only need to put the title… now I see what your question was referring to… you need to put the entire entry into the works cited at the end, but not after each in-text (or parenthetical) citation. Not only did he create the cartoons but he was also the artist behind them. He also was the artist behind the popular 70’s cartoon, Mighty Mouse. But soon after he did not receive the creative control that he had once sought to find. That led to a lot of TV shows being pulled off the air. “In 1979 Kricfalusi’s first cartoon was a short called Ted Bakes One.”(John Krifulusi). Wikipedia 2010, Wikipedia Foundation, Inc. 14 Dec 2010. During that time, Kricfalusi had worked for Hanna-Barbara on many different TV shows during the 1970s

2 and mid 1980s. Later on in the years he began working on shows such as Mighty Mouse, but due to the controversy of the main character depicting the act of snorting cocaine, the show was immediately canceled. When John Krifalusi had not worked on Mighty Mouse, he had begun working on a new show for ABC called “The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil”. When he worked on this show, little did he know that the same people he worked with would help him to later create “The Ren & Stimpy Show”? With his partners, Jim Smith and Lynne Naylor, he began working on a pilot for “The Ren and Stimpy Show” for Nickelodeon. The show received very high ratings, but Nickelodeon had later pulled the show off the air due to the violence and slapstick comedy provided. The show was filled with toilet-humor and often had the appeal of a show similar to South Park. Obviously Nickelodeon was supposed to be a kid-friendly station, so “The Ren and Stimpy Show” did not meet that appropriate criteria. “One of the episodes, ”Nurse Stumpy”, did not meet Kricfalusi’s approval, leading him to use the alias Raymond Spum in its credits. (“John Kricfalusi”). Wikipedia 2010. Wikipedia Foundation, Inc. 14 Dec 2010. In 2003, “The Ren and Stimpy Show” made a return to television. But premiered on Spike TV. The show was written and directed by John Kricfalusi, but was heavily influenced by ideas from the fans and scripts that were turned down by Nickelodeon due to the lack of appropriateness for younger audiences. After three episodes that aired on Spike TV, the show was once again cancelled in 2004. When the show was completely pulled of the air, the complete series had later been releases on DVD in 2006. This DVD release had also contained three episodes that had never been aired on television before.

3 Does every artist need creative control? From details provided my conclusion is yes. Sales on sites such as show that “The Ren and Stimpy Show” received 4 out of 5 stars and have great reviews. For example, Antoinette Johnson “poky” says actually didn't buy Ren and Stimpy off Amazon. I bought all 3 at Wall*Mart many years before discovering Amazon. I was not disappointed. The show is as entertaining now as it was when I was little. I've picked up on jokes and stuff I never noticed before. For those who don't know, Ren and Stimpy is an old 90's cartoon that starred a Chihuahua named Ran and his dumb sidekick Stimpy. The show was insane! It had gross humor, cartoon violence, and many mind tripping moments that had kids laughing and sometimes on the edge. This was during a time where cartoons both appealed to adults and children so don't be surprised if you parents out there pick up on content your children may or may not get. This first season is a little bit of an eyesore, but just keep in mind that these are some of the very first episodes. Its not until the late season 2 that the animation begins to become artful. Ren and Stimpy is a very entertaining and fun show. There was no other kids show out there like it at the time. It had the balls to go where many kid’s cartoons today would never go. You have never lived through the 90's unless you've watched this show. Its worth a buy.”( Amazon 2010. Amazon, Inc. 134 Dec 2010. . So, yes, many artists do need creative control in order to accomplish success toward their craft. By giving the example of John Krifulusi and “The Ren and Stimpy Show”, I have shown that artists work best by expressing themselves through art and creativity.


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