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Kris Gunn Intro to Journalism A-7 January 15, 2013 Friends By many, friends are considered an essential part of life, most commonly at school. Many friendships begin when we are children. Friends are the most people we know, talk to, spend time with, and take advice from. As guys, we joke around; watch football, basketball, or baseball games or prank each other. Girls probably do each other nails, gossip or have sleepovers. People always think their friends are always going to have their back when a big situation comes or when they just need their help. Sometime you think you have real friends, but you really don’t. Your real friends are the people who have your back and you can always count on them. From my experience, I thought I had lots of friends until I was getting bullied in middle school. I went to some of my friends, and they didn’t be that friend I needed. I told my friend JP what was going on. He got suspended for 3 days because he got into a fight with the kid that was bullying me. That was the friend I needed and that’s the friend I still have. Sometimes you have to realize the people who say they are you friends, are not because anyone can say that there are friends because you probably have something they want. My freshman year in High School, we got a new kid in my Physical Education class. Two male students started to hangout with him because he had money. They kid would bring his money to school, and the boys would always ask him for money, or if he can buy them something. The kid didn’t realize it until our physical education teacher took us bowling. When we were at the bowling ally, they wanted him to buy them a lot of stuff. I couldn’t just let them use him for his money. So I decided to tell him that they were just using him for his money, and he needed to stop giving them what they wanted because they weren’t being real friends.

If I wouldn’t have helped that kid, they would have kept taking his money and when he would of ran out of money, they would have stopped being his friend. A friend is whom one knows, likes, and trusts; a person whom one knows, and acquaintance; a person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a person who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause or movement. As I said before, “we have friends, but some of the friends we have are not really friends.�