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Find All-Natural Pet Feed and Supplies at Kriser’s More pet owners are making the switch to natural pet food as the benefits become more evident. There are also many people who fail to understand exactly what “natural” or organic pet food really is. Simply put, pet food which is deemed natural or organic, is that which is derived only from plant, animal or mineral sources. With so many varying opinions about the best diet for animals really is, pet owners can easily be torn between commercial feeds, table scraps, and those pet foods that are made with only ingredients deemed natural. One of the most significant arguments for avoiding commercial dog and cat food is not what it is lacking as far as nutrition, but what it has in it that the animals shouldn’t eat. Before commercial dog food was available, people usually fed their pets scraps from the table. That meant that they were getting human grade food, especially where meat was concerned. Today, most of the most popular dog and cat foods sold contain poor quality meats and by-products of processing. They also have additives and other ingredients that are not recommended for animals to digest. For instance, although corn is the primary ingredient in many commercial dog foods, there are many arguments against feeding dogs corn in any amount. The pet foods for dogs, cats and other pets that is available at Kriser’s pet stores in Chicago, Southern California, Denver and Houston include the top quality brands available today. The argument that Kriser’s has made for providing only natural products for pets is based on personal experience of founder Brad Kriser while feeding all-natural food to his own dog. Although there are arguments on both sides of the corn dilemma, nothing makes a greater argument to any pet owner than seeing improvements in their pet’s appearance and activity level. Many breeds of dogs are prone to specific ailments, such as joint disease and allergies. The additives that are found in commercial pet food can contribute to these conditions and, potentially, cause them to develop. All natural foods eliminate these problems and can not only increase the health of the animal, but also give it more flexibility and increase its lifespan. Although the number of pet owners who are making the change to an all-natural diet for their pet is increasing, some don’t realize the need for a comprehensive approach to the pet’s lifestyle in order to have the largest impact on their well-being. This includes giving pets treats that meet the definition for natural as well. Often, a dog’s treats serve as one of the resources for its nutrition. In order to get the vitamins and minerals needed to keep them healthy, their treats need to be just as nutritious as their feed and be absent of byproducts and fillers that they can’t digest. Kriser’s pet stores in Los Angeles still carry the same natural and organic food and treats for dogs, cats and other pets that they did in the Chicago store that started it all. Visit the website at: and happier pets. Also, Kriser’s offers pet grooming in Chicago and at other pet store locations which use all natural grooming products. Bio: Brad Kriser learned about natural pet food from his cousin in Boulder, CO in 1999. Once he realized the difference it made in his dog, he added all natural foods to the pet day care he

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Find All-Natural Pet Feed and Supplies at Kriser’s | More pet owners are making the switch to natural or organic pet food for their pets in order to improve their healt...

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