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Acorn press Resource guide Autumn/Winter 2011 $29.99 Economics for Life by Ian Harper Ian shares many insights gained from his professional career as an economist during an exciting period of world economic history. Writing this book from his perspective as one of Australia's best-known economists and as a practising Christian, Ian demonstrates why economics is a good servant but a bad master. This book will appeal to a range of readers, from those sceptical of economics to aspiring students of economics and those already involved in the profession. Paperback. 180 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-95-5. eISBN: 978-1-617505-27-0.

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Pastoral Care and the Spiritual Life God’s Love in Action: Pastoral care for everyone


Jill McGilvray

'A challenge for the Christian church has always been the translating of theology into practice. This book will prove to be a valuable tool for Christians serious about authentic pastoral care. I would commend this book to congregations and individuals who want to see God's love made manifest in this world. This book will lead to people experiencing God's love "with skin on".' Revd Peter Pereira. Paperback. 80 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-84-9

I, You and Us: Creating a loving, lasting marriage Shirley Goldsworthy


This book is written for couples that are contemplating marriage, engaged, being remarried, renewing their marriage vows, or desiring to enrich their marriage. It focuses on the 'how to' of relating to help couples to keep their vows and its resources and practical skills will assist them to build on their strengths and strengthen their weaker areas. It is a valuable resource for clergy and those who work with couples, individually or in a small group. Paperback. 76 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-86-3

Out of the Depths: Bible studies on depression and hope Helen Rienits


Out of the Depths is designed for use by those experiencing mental and emotional illness, as well as those who would like to improve their skills in caring for people in this situation. These studies also provide some biblical teaching on the special spiritual problems that arise for those who are struggling with mental and emotional illness, as well as some basic medical knowledge to help those who suffer understand more about their problems and what can be done to help. Paperback. 84 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-98-6

One Step at a Time


Robyn Claydon

For those seeking meaning in their lives, Robyn Claydon provides practical advice and encouragement to grow and persevere in the Christian faith and to have the courage to face the ups and downs of everyday life. The wonderful stories of people she has met around the world encourage and challenge us to take one step at a time on life’s journey. Paperback & eBook. 128 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-79-5 eBook ISBN: 978-1-617504-90-7

No Time to Say Goodbye When a loved one dies, especially a child Paul Arnott


Paul Arnott’s book offers solace and practical help to those who have suddenly lost a loved one and all who assist them in their grief. This revised and expanded edition has a new chapter on men, women and grief, discussing some of the different ways people grieve. Paperback & eBook. 146 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-46-7 eBook ISBN: 978-1-617504-89-1


Evangelism and Mission Christianity alongside Islam


John W. Wilson

Dr Wilson's book succeeds in digesting a vast amount of information about both Christianity and Islam and presenting it in a way that is very accessible to non-speciality readers. The approach of concurrent discussion of Christianity and Islam according to particular themes and topics ensures that the reader finds answers to key questions such as 'How does the Islamic view of "X" affect me as a Christian?' The book is comprehensive in detail but very readable in style. Hardback. 424 pages. Includes colour plates and maps. ISBN: 978-0-908284-91-7

Islam, Human Rights and Public Policy Edited by David Claydon


In this ground-breaking book, a diverse group of international writers, scholars and commentators shed light on some of the most pressing human rights and public policy challenges of our time. Contributors include thinkers of Muslim background with extensive personal experience in developing countries, and Western writers of both secular and religious orientation. Individual essays deal with the human rights of Muslims and non-Muslims alike, in areas ranging from women's rights to freedom on religion. Paperback. 282 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-76-4 eBook ISBN 978-1-617504-88-4

God Next Door: Spirituality & Mission in the Neighbourhood Simon Carey Holt Winner of the 2008 Australian Christian Book of the Year Award


What if God lived next door? Would you recognise him? Would you talk to him at the fence or avoid catching his eye? Would you love him as you love yourself? Simon Holt has listened to the experiences of numerous people of faith living in a variety of urban & suburban neighbourhoods, and uncovered the spiritual possibilities of our neighbourhoods. His inspiring stories open up exciting new possibilities for 21st-century mission. Paperback & eBook. 165 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-63-4 eBook ISBN: 978-1-617504-87-7

Walking in the Light Reflections on the East African Revival and its links to Australia Colin Reed


This book identifies and explores the key factors behind this revival that began in Rwanda in the 1930s before spreading throughout the entire East African region. It also explores connections to Australian missionaries serving there and their varied responses to the Revival. The influence of the English Keswick Movement in shaping the Revival is also examined. Paperback. 288 pages. Includes photos. ISBN: 978-0-908284-62-7

Connecting Across Cultures Sharing the gospel across cultural and religious boundaries David Claydon


This book describes how Christians can take the gospel across religious and cultural boundaries in loving, sensitive and respectful ways to develop meaningful friendships with neighbours and colleagues of different faiths. With its sensitive summaries of the historical background, central beliefs and practices of many of the non-Christian religions present in Australia, this book is invaluable for those wanting to understand other belief systems. It also includes cultural do’s and don’ts to help prevent misunderstandings. Contains a study guide. Paperback. 208 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-38-2


Contemporary Issues Another Way to Love Christian social reform and global poverty Edited by Rod Yule and Tim Costello


Various contributors explore the role of Christian social reform and how we can act to stop not just the symptoms, but also the causes of global poverty and injustice. This book explores the theology behind social reform and looks at some major issues affecting the poor today – climate change, overseas aid, fair trade and child slavery – and ways we can act to make a difference. Paperback. 192 pages. Co-published with World Vision Australia. ISBN: 978-0-908284-82-5

Fragments of Home Piecing life together after childhood sexual abuse Monique Lisbon


This book is more than just a record of one person’s path towards healing from sexual abuse. It journals the tough, disciplined task of self-exploration and deep reflection where the anxiety of doubt and even the threat of death are frequent companions. We witness the complex and fragile patters of a relationship with God presented in such a way that those who have been through similar experiences will recognise it as a story of redemption, courage and hope. Paperback. 176 pages. Includes music CD. ISBN: 978-0-908284-94-8

Choices One person’s journey out of homosexuality Christopher Keane


This is the author’s story of how he broke with a sexually active homosexual life, as well as the process of change he experienced after he left that life. Over time many people have asked him how they can best help other Christians who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction. So as well as his own story, he has included information about what one can do if they have a homosexual friend or relative. 129 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-75-7

eBook ISBN: 9781-617504-89-1

Outrageous Women, Outrageous God Women in the first two generations of Christianity Ross Saunders


This book is a study into the status and ministry of women in the New Testament, and how they went against many of the social and religious constraints of their time. It is a fresh approach to the place women, both Jewish and gentile, made for themselves - from the conception of John the Baptizer to the death of the last apostle. Paperback & eBook. 189 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-83-2 eBook ISBN: 978-1-617504-91-4

Women, Leadership and the Church Jim Reiher


Does God want women in the pulpit or the pews? Jim Reiher makes no secret of where he stands on one of the Church’s most vexed issues. He uses the Bible to argue that women’s gifts are to be affirmed. Timely and thought provoking, this book offers readers a fresh look at this controversial topic. Paperback & eBook. 128 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-59-7 eBook ISBN: 978-1-617504-92-1


Bible Study and Theology The Old Testament on the Way to the Cross John W. Wilson


The Old Testament on the Way to the Cross provides a helpful introduction to ways in which the Old Testament relates to the New. This is an improved format of studies which sold 10,000 copies when first published in 1994. This book consists of 49 studies (one per day for seven weeks). At the end of each week of studies there is a series of Group Discussion Questions - ideal for further personal reflection or group discussions. Paperback. 56 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-99-3

Better Together: Equality in Christ


Kevin Giles At a time when views about women’s leadership seem increasingly polarised, how do Christians know what to believe? Kevin Giles takes readers to the heart of the debate, providing an excellent introduction to the key scriptures and areas at issue, and pointing to principles of interpretation and practical application. Eight short studies with discussion questions. Paperback. 72 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-85-6

Genesis 1–3: Science? History? Theology?


J. A. Thompson

This published lecture on Genesis 1–3 is a valuable contribution to the old science versus religion controversy, particularly in the light of the recent attacks on the credibility of Christianity by an aggressive atheism. John Thompson’s study of the literary forms in which the creation narratives are expressed shows that the theological truths which they convey are in no way threatened by scientific discoveries. What is critical is to understand the literary forms and the cultural milieu through which truth is revealed by God. Paperback. 48 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-69-6

The Ten Commandments and Ethics Today


Scott Cowdell This book takes a fresh look at the Ten Commandments. It sets out to ‘rediscover’ them, exploring their strength as an ethical code grounded in God’s wider purposes for Israel and the Christian church. These reflections are practical, insightful and accessible to a wide readership. They come with questions for personal reflection or else group discussion that have been tested in practice, making this book an ideal resource for the individual Christian reader, Bible study group or Religious Instruction class. Paperback. 76 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-70-2

The Cross and the Prodigal A commentary and play on the Parable of the Prodigal Son Kenneth E. Bailey


Kenneth Bailey, American Middle East scholar, has lived and taught in the Middle East for 40 years and experienced peasant life first hand. Through the local people, his understanding of the meaning of the parables of Christ was greatly enriched. He brings out the parable’s literary meaning and its emotional impact on the original hearers. The one-act play in the book’s second half, ‘Two sons have I not’, illuminates the parable’s underlying conflicts. Paperback. 136 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-43-6

eBook ISBN: 9781-617504-92-1


History and Biography Montgomery of Tasmania Henry and Maud Montgomery in Australasia Robert Withycombe


Henry Montgomery, fourth Anglican Bishop of Tasmania, 1889-1901, was a dynamic force in the national church. He regularly left Hobart to care for remote West Coast mining communities and the Aboriginal people consigned to exile on Cape Barren Island. Maud was an able partner, pioneering ministries in support of vulnerable women and children and Christian education. Hardback. 312 pages.

Short-listed for the 2010 Australian Christian Book of the Year Award. ISBN: 978-0-908284-78-8

Refuge on the Roper The origins of the Roper River Mission - Ngukurr Murray Seiffert


Why would CMS Victoria decide in 1906 to establish a mission to Aborigines in a tropical North Australian location where malaria, tuberculosis and leprosy were common, and the only available transport an occasional boat or horseback? Answers for these questions were found in the contemporary records. Published in Ngukurr’s centenary year, the book reviews the mission’s early years. Paperback. 200 pages. Includes colour plates and maps. ISBN: 978-0-908284-67-2

I Heard Him Call: The story of Neville Langford-Smith


Margaret Thornton Neville Langford-Smith lived in Tanganyika and Kenya for over four decades. He first served in Uha, setting up mission stations and schools. He became a teacher, headmaster and teacher trainer and in 1937 was ordained priest in Sydney, marrying fellow missionary, Vera Dobson shortly after. Together they shared in the development and encouragement of an indigenous church in Tanganyika and Kenya, experiencing the difficult war years, the East African Revival and the turbulent years of the birth and growth of Kenya as a nation. 162 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-66-5

Rescued by Angels The story of miracles during the Rwandan genocide Bishop Alexis Bilindabagabo with Alan Nichols


Alexis Bilindabagabo created the Barakabaho Foundation, which now cares for 8000 children in foster families and has pioneered trauma counselling in the country. He has been a refugee three times - as a five-year-old boy with his parents, as a schoolboy with his brother, and as an adult with his family. He survived the 1994 genocide with his wife and four children through a series of miracles. He believes God saved him so he could become 'father to the fatherless' in Rwanda. Paperback. 120 pages. Reprinted twice. ISBN: 978-0-908284-39-9

Escape from West Papua How and why refugees came to Australia Alan Nichols


What would drive 43 refugees to set out from West Papua in a traditional canoe across stormy Torres Strait to reach Australia? Only desperation. This book tells their dramatic tale – why they left, how they survived at sea, and how their faith sustained them. It also recounts the rift in Australian–Indonesian relations that arose when they received refugee status in Australia and voices their hopes and dreams of an independent West Papua nation. Paperback. 80 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-68-9

eBook ISBN: 9781-617504-92-1


History and Biography - continued A House Divided? The quest for unity within Anglicanism Tom Frame


This book identifies what is ailing Australia’s Anglican Church; explains why parts of it have become diseased; advises against persisting with policies and practices deleterious to its wellbeing; prescribes changes to its common life in order that it might regain health and suggests actions and attitudes that will promote vibrant mission and ministry; so that the Church will be able to face some of the challenges rising before it over the next 30 years. Paperback. 320 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-92-4

Facing the Future: Bishops imagine a different church


Edited by Stephen Hale and Andrew Curnow Facing the Future reflects the theological diversity and geography of this vast country, as well as different understandings about the episcopal role. The bishops who were invited to contribute were asked to be honest, to share their sense of perspective about where they currently are, and their sense of the way forward. The book does not set out to be a rigorous piece of academic writing, but it does seek to give a significant number involved in the leadership of our church a voice that will give a clear indication of some options of the way forward. Paperback. 260 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-90-0

WASPS, Tykes and Ecumaniacs Aspects of Australian Sectarianism 1945–1981 Benjamin Edwards


Sectarianism has always been a significant force in Australian socio-cultural life and during 1945-81, intense changes in society and religion in Australia and overseas brought many contentious issues to the fore. Some of the changes in Australian society were brought about by the religious revival of the 1950s, the rise of ecumenism and the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s, postwar mass-immigration, the politics of education, and increasing secularism. This book offers a contribution to the historical understanding of sectarianism in Australian society of this period. It also records the lingering significance of sectarianism in Australian society through to the early twenty-first century using oral history and memoir. Paperback. 264 pages. ISBN: 978-0-908284-74-0

Ebooks Acorn Press has just released six of its best-selling titles as eBooks: • God Next Door by Simon Carey Holt (eBook ISBN: 978-1-617504-87-7) • Islam, Human Rights and Public Policy by David Claydon (Ed.) (eBook ISBN: 978-1-617504-88-4) • No Time to Say Goodbye by Paul Arnott (eBook ISBN: 978-1-617504-89-1) • Outrageous Women, Outrageous God by Ross Saunders (eBook ISBN: 978-1-617504-91-4) • Women, Leadership and the Church by Jim Reiher (eBook ISBN: 978-1-617504-92-1) • One Step at a Time by Robyn Claydon (eBook ISBN: 978-1-617-504-90-7) You will be able to read these titles using a range of eBook-reading electronic devices, including iPads, Kindles and Sony Readers. You will also be able to read these eBooks on your computer if you have installed the appropriate software. So that our eBooks are accessible to as broad a range of readers as possible, our titles will be available through a number of eBook retailers, including: Apple iBookstore, Amazon, Borders, Kobo and Sony Reader Store. Acorn will be introducing new titles to its eBook range over the coming months. To purchase these Acorn titles in eBook format, visit any of the websites of the eBook retailers listed above and search for each title using its specific eBook ISBN. Once you have found the eBook you are looking for, follow the eBook retailer's instructions.


About Acorn Press Acorn Press was established as a not-for-profit company in 1979 with the purpose of publishing books by Australian authors to meet needs in the Australian churches and society at large. Since then, Acorn Press has published many books on ethical issues, pastoral care, connecting across cultures and religions, Bible studies, women's leadership and ministry, and Christian theology, as well as music and other church resources. Acorn Press publishes books for Australians which are Christian, thoughtful and well-informed. Acorn focuses on non-fiction, concentrating on biographies, ethical studies, challenges to Christian thinking, mission, evangelism, church growth, and ministry resources. A current emphasis is on books that will appeal to the general public.

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