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Book Talk Exhibition “The Asian Cinema Experience: Styles, Spaces, Theory” Asian Communication Resource Centre (ACRC) 28 Jan to 9 Feb 2013

BOOKS ON DISPLAY Ahn, S. (2012). The Pusan International Film Festival, South Korean cinema and globalization. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.[CALL NO.PN1993.43.P8A286] Balmain, C. (2008). Introduction to Japanese horror film. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. [CALL NO.PN1995.9.H6B194] Bose, M. (2006). Bollywood : a history. Stroud: Tempus.[CALL NO.PN1993.5.I8B743] Butler, B., & Mirza, K. (2006). Cinema of prayoga : Indian experimental film & video, 1913-2006. London:[CALL NO.PN1995.9.E96C574C] Cardullo, B. (2010). Waves from the East : new world cinema, Asian style; essays and interviews. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars.[CALL NO. PN1993.5.A75W355] Cavallaro, D. (2010). Magic as metaphor in anime : a critical study. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co., Publishers.[CALL NO. NC1766.5.M34C377] Cavallaro, D. (2012). Art in anime : the creative quest as theme and metaphor. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Company, Inc.[CALL NO. NC1766.J3C377an] Cavallaro, D. (2012). CLAMP in context : a critical study of the Manga and Anime. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc.[CALL NO. NC1764.5.J3C377] Cavallaro, D. (2011). The fairy tale and anime : traditional themes, images and symbols at play on screen. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co.[CALL NO.PN1995.9.F34C377] Choi, J., & Wada-Marciano, M. (2009). Horror to the extreme : changing boundaries in Asian cinema. Hong Kong London: Hong Kong University Press ; Eurospan [distributor]. [CALL NO.PN1995.9.H6H816E ] Dickey, S., & Dudrah, R. K. (2012). South Asian cinemas : widening the lens. London ; New York: Routledge.[CALL NO.PN1993.5.S64S726] Dönmez-Colin, G. (2006). Cinemas of the other : a personal journey with film-makers from the Middle East and Central Asia. Bristol, UK ; Portland, OR, USA: Intellect.[CALL NO.PN1993.5.M638D684] Dwyer, R., & Pinto, J. (2011). Beyond the boundaries of Bollywood : the many forms of Hindi cinema. New Delhi ; New York: Oxford University Press.[CALL NO.PN1993.5.I8B573]

Gokulsing, K. M., & Dissanayake, W. (2012). From Aan to Lagaan and beyond : a guide to the study of Indian cinema. Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham.[CALL NO. PN1993.5.I8G616f] Grossman, A. (2000). Queer Asian cinema : shadows in the shade. New York: Harrington Park Press.[CALL NO.PN1995.9.H55Q3A] Gugler, J. (2011). Film in the Middle East and North Africa : creative dissidence (1st ed.). Austin: University of Texas Press.[CALL NO.PN1993.5.M53F487] Hu, T.-y. G. (2010). Frames of anime : culture and image-building. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.[CALL NO. NC1766.J3H874] Jacoby, A. (2008). A critical handbook of Japanese film directors : from the silent era to the present day. Berkeley, Calif.: Stone Bridge Press.[CALL NO.PN1998.2.J17] Kaur, R., & Mazzarella, W. (2009). Censorship in South Asia : cultural regulation from sedition to seduction. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.[CALL NO.Z658.I4C396] Lal, V., & Nandy, A. (2007). Fingerprinting popular culture : the mythic and the iconic in Indian cinema. New Delhi ; Oxford: Oxford University Press.[ CALL NO.PN1993.5.I8F497] LaMarre, T. (2009). The anime machine : a media theory of animation. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.[CALL NO. NC1766.J3L216] Liu, S., & Asian Media Information and Communication Centre. (2002). Manpower & training needs of content providers in Singapore : an investigation into the human resource and production training needs of local film and video production companies. Singapore: Asian Media Information & Communication Centre.[CALL NO.PN1993.5.S5M285] Macwilliams, M. W. (2008). Japanese visual culture : explorations in the world of manga and anime. Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe.[CALL NO. NC1764.5.J3J35]

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Richie, D. (2005). A hundred years of Japanese film : a concise history, with a selective guide to DVDs and videos (Rev. ed.). Tokyo ; New York: Kodansha International : Distributed in the U.S. by Kodansha America.[CALL NO.PN1993.5.J3R531H 2005] Roy, A. G. (2012). The magic of Bollywood : at home and abroad. New Delhi ; Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications.[CALL NO.PN1993.5.I8M194] Saari, A., & Chatterjee, S. (2011). Indian cinema : the faces behind the masks. New Delhi ; New York: Oxford University Press.[CALL NO.PN1993.5.I8S112n] Steiff, J., & Tamplin, T. D. (2010). Anime and philosophy : wide eyed wonder. Chicago, Ill.: Open Court.[CALL NO. NC1766.J3A598N] Uhde, J., & Uhde, Y. N. (2010). Latent images : film in Singapore (2nd ed.). Singapore: Ridge Books. [CALL NO.PN1993.5.S55U29 2010] Van der Heide, W. (2002). Malaysian cinema, Asian film : border crossings and national cultures. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.[CALL NO.PN1993.5.M27H465] Williams, L. R. (2005). The erotic thriller in contemporary cinema. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.[CALL NO.PN1995.9.S45W724] Yau, K. S.-t. (2010). Japanese and Hong Kong film industries : understanding the origins of East Asian film networks. London ; New York: Routledge.[CALL NO.PN1993.5.J3Y35] Yau, K. S.-t. (2011). East Asian cinema and cultural heritage : from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan to Japan and South Korea (1st ed.). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.[CALL NUMBER.PN1993.5.E19E13s] Yoo, H. J. (2012). Cinema at the crossroads : nation and the subject in East Asian cinema. Lanham: Lexington Books.[CALL NUMBER.PN1993.5.E19Y59]

AVS ON DISPLAYS Ahmad, I., Ng, B., Ahmad, M., Salehuddin Abu, B., Juliana, E., Eizlan, Y., et al. (2011). Hantu bonceng . Kuala Lumpur Singapore: K & L Entertainment Sdn. Bhd. ; Distributed by Dallas Entertainment Pte. Ltd.,. [CALL NO. F586927] Farhādī, A., Ḥātamī, L., Moadi, P., & Artificial Eye (Firm). (2011). A separation Nader and Simin, a separation. [London]: Artificial Eye,. [CALL NO.C587208] Farrukhzād, F., Gulistān, I., Makhmalbāf, M., Gulistān Film Co., Facets Video (Firm), & Facets Multimedia (Chicago Ill.). (2005). The house is black. On Films from Iran . Chicago, Ill.: Facets Multimedia,. [CALL NO.RA644.L3H842] Kon, S., Tsutsui, Y., Minakami, S., Toyoda, S., Maruta, J., Takiyama, M., et al. (2007). Paprika . [S.l.]: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment,. [CALL NO.PN1997.5.P218]

Mihrjūʼī, D., Intiẓāmī, ʻ. A., Nasirian, A., Sāʻidī, G. Ḥ., & First-Run Features (Firm). (2004). The cow. On Great directors of the world. [S.l.]: First Run Features,. [CALL NO.PK6561.S27C874] Miyazaki, H., Van der Beek, J., Paquin, A., Leachman, C., Tanaka, M., Yokozawa, K., et al. (2003). Castle in the sky . [United States]Burbank, CA: Walt Disney Home Entertainment ; Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment,. [CALL NO.PN1997.5.C353|zDISCS 1-2] Panahi, J., Muḥammadkhānī, Ā., Bourkowska, A., Orfani, F. S., & October Films. (2011). Le ballon blanc The white ballon [sic]. [S.l.: October Films],. [CALL NO. D587184] Ray, S., Zaidi, S., Siddique, J., Jindal, S., Kumar, S., Jaffrey, S., et al. (2006). Shatranj ke khilari Chess players. [India] New York: Devki Chitra Productions ; Distributed by Kino on Video,. [CALL NO. PK2098.S7S533 2006] Sugmakanan, S., Sudsawad, Y., Teaosuwan, C., Pongsittisak, V., Sukaphatana, J., Trairut, C., et al. (2007). Dorm. On Tartan Asia extreme . [United States]: Tartan Video USA,. [CALL NO.PN1995.9.S8D712] Wee, L. L., & Objectifs Films (Firm). (2012). A Wee thing short film collection by Wee Li Lin . [Singapore]: Objectifs Films,. [CALL NO. PN1995.9.E96W394] Yang, D., Zhang, Z., Zhang, G., & Jin, Y. Guling jie shao nian sha jen shi jian A brighter summer day. [S.l.]: AsiaFilm,. [CALL NO.PN1995.9.Y6G896]

Yasmin, A., Munasar, A., Yap, B., Sharifah Amani Syed Zainal, R., Sharifah Aleysha Syed Zainal, R., Yeo, Y. Y., et al. (2010). Muallaf . Singapore: Distributed by Lighthouse Pictures,. [CALL NO.PN1995.9.I697M941] Yi, W., Zhong, Q., Ge, L., Chen, H., Ding, H., Liu, E., et al. (2002). Man bo nü lang Mambo girl. Hong Kong: Panorama Entertainment : Distributed by Panorama Distributions Co.,. [CALL NO. PN1995.9.W6M266] Zhang, C., Chen, G., Lu, F., Guo, Z., Luo, M., Sun, J., et al. (2004). Can que Crippled avengers [Xianggang]: Tian ying yu le : Zhou li ying shi you xian gong si fa xing,. [CALL NO. PN1995.9.H3C212]

Notes: 

These 38 books and 14 AV titles come from various NTU Libraries and are on display in ACRC from 28 Jan to 9 Feb 2013. Please explore the Library Catalogue ( for more titles.

DVDs on display are available for viewing at ACRC during the exhibition. Please approach the Service Desk for assistance.

Books are available for loan after the exhibition. Please fill up the Reservation Forms available at the ACRC if you wish to reserve.

For enquiries, please call 67906927.

Asian Cinema Experience  

Book Talk by Assoc Prof Stephen Teo

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