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Xbox 360 is the latest gaming console released by Microsoft and is the successor of Xbox and has a lot to offer to its users. There are close to 676 games available to Xbox360 users all over the world. As part of the Xbox Live Service in the Xbox 360 gaming console, users can now use Xbox 360 Avatars. These Avatars can be customized to represent the player. The player can choose the type of body sharp, facial features, clothing, gender and hair style. There are several games available now that use Avatars. As part of the latest update, the players can also buy clothes for their Avatars. This is possible through Avatar Awards that is something that a player gets depending on his or her achievement in the game. With every achievement milestone crossed, the player can unlock an award. As of now only clothes are offered as an Avatar award. Alan Wake A psychological thriller, this action packed adventure video game was published by Microsoft and has been developed by Remedy Entertainment. The game is all about Alan Wake who uncovers a mystery when his wife disappears mysteriously while on their vacation at Bright Falls. Alan Wake also has to deal with several blackouts and visions of characters that he supposedly had written about which he has no memory of. The game unfolds to its players in an episode format. Basically what players have to do in this game is that they have to discover items and manuscript pages that offer various clues and lead the player to the next event. On playing this game, players can unlock several Avatar awards that are available to them.  Lips Lips is another video game available on Xbox Live feature in Xbox 360 and was developed by iNiS. Lips allows users to play in their various modes like Kiss, Time Bomb and Vocal Fighters. The players can also sing a duet and the game offers several rewards to players on their singing. The players are expected to sign in six different categories which includes vibrato, rhythm and pitch. Players can also sing to a tune of their own which can be played through their Zune or iPod or a flash drive. All thought this game the payers receive points that they can use later to unlock avatar awards.Â

Toy Soldiers Toy Soldiers offers the player a great mix of strategy and action in the game. This game was developed by Signal Studios for Xbox Live arcade. In this game, players can control one amongst the two armies of toy soldiers. These Toy Soldiers are miniature in size. The game has a World War I landscape to it. Players are required to destroy enemies for which they receive points that they can use later on to unlock their Avatar awards. To keep this game user friendly, when a toy solider is shot at, no blood is displayed. The player also has the flexibility to control and create several units and plan strategies to defeat their enemies. The scores of each played is tracked on the Xbox LIVE leaderboards.

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Taking world by storm xbox360 games with a difference has given joy to many people. Its xbox360 premium version is a gaming marvel

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