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The gaming industry is touted to be larger than Hollywood. Games have been part of our lives since a long time, and it's going to stay like that for a long time. Sitting for hours together in front of the television, playing games is an awesome way to pass the time. The earliest consoles were cartridge-based, and were fun to play in that generation! Nowadays, console games come stuffed on dual-layer DVDs and Blu-ray discs, and provide hours of game play in stunning 3D environments, providing the best experience for a gamer since Pong was first invented. Although consoles continue to remain popular, they're not the most popular platform for gaming. That's right -the machines built for gaming aren't the most popular choice of gamers. That award belongs to the personal computer. Some people may not be able to afford a PS3 or an XBox360, but a lot of people can certainly afford to buy a PC and play some sort of games on it. This is the reason for the PC becoming the most popular gaming platform in the world. Almost every major game title these days supports multiple platforms, like the PS3, Wii, XBox360, PSP, and of course, the PC. It may be interesting to note that the price of the PC version is usually the lowest among them all. Yet, it is the console versions which sell better than their PC counterparts. This is a very healthy trend which should actually be encouraged. Why, you ask? The reason is simple. With the advent of the PC, most gamers got distracted and began using their PC for gaming more than their consoles. Due to this console sales fell sharply, and until the PS arrived, there was hardly any excitement in the console industry and there weren't many memorable games as before. Besides, with the PC, there's always the headache of having to upgrade a few parts to play the latest games. In the case of consoles, this is no such requirement because the hardware is always the same and the game developers design their games to suit the machine's hardware. This is very convenient because all the gamer has to invest is on the game title itself, and doesn't have to upgrade his/her hardware just to play a new game! The PC certainly has stronger gaming capabilities but not everyone can afford to buy such powerful hardware.The consoles offer nearly the same experience at a much cheaper price and thus will continue to remain evergreen in the gaming scene!

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Xbox360 games: Consoles Better Thank PC  

xbox360 games have taken the world by storm. Teenagers are enganged in them. At we offer information abo...

Xbox360 games: Consoles Better Thank PC  

xbox360 games have taken the world by storm. Teenagers are enganged in them. At we offer information abo...