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"Dear Santa: I've done my best to be good all year long. All I want for this Christmas is a new kind of video game that will be better than anything you've ever brought me before. Thank you! Jimmy" "Dear Jimmy: You really did do a good job this year. Consider it done! Santa" Jimmy gets up Christmas morning and is thrilled to pieces when he finds Santa's gift. His very own copy of MTV/Harmonix's newest gaming release, Rock Band. If you haven't yet heard about this latest gaming sensation, read on! Rock Band is the latest entry into the genre of music/rhythm games and the creative design crew at Harmonix has gone way above and beyond on this one. Its developers wanted to come up with more than just another video game. They wanted to step things up to a whole new level, and more than succeeded with Rock Band. This innovative game allows you to play each of the musical instruments on your own or "jam" with up to three other "band members". Rock Band also brings an entirely new dimension to the world of gaming by allowing the players to gradually be able to perform live solos, on their own, and eventually as a band. Forget karaoke. it's time to "rock"! Each musical part, including a lead guitar, bass guitar, drummer and lead vocalist, has several levels. Each member has to work on improving their performance on one level before they can move on to the next. Harmonix is also in the process of setting up an international online community where you can find new members to play in your band or just meet and compare performance strategies. There will also be new song tracks available each week so you can continue to add to your band's playlist!

Due to the incredible pre-release response, Rock Band is expected to sell out very quickly, so if you haven't already written to Santa, you'll need to make sure to grab a copy of Rock Band for yourself. "Dear Harmonix: Thanks for making my job so much easier this year!"

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XBox360 Games: Santa Rock Band  

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