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There has been a huge commotion going on about MTV/Harmonix's latest and greatest entry into the genre of music/rhythm video games. From the makers of Guitar Hero comes the newest music gaming sensation, Rock Band Video Game. It is an innovative, multi-player game that has opened the doors to a whole new level of gaming experience. It has a multi-player functionality that allows up to four people to simultaneously sing and/or play in a band of their own creation. With the addition of an online community (where you can compare notes with other players or find new members for your own rock band) plus new song tracks coming out each week so you can add to your band's repertoire, Rock Band gives its players endless possibilities for fun! Nominated in five categories at this year's E3 Media and Business Summit, Rock Band walked away with three awards, including E3's "Best In Show". Not too shabby for a "first-timer"! The manufacturer has only limited supplies for its first run copies of Rock Band the game. Normally, that would be something everyone could deal with, especially since the manufacturer hopes to have a second run ready by mid-December. The problem here is with the holidays coming up, the demand for this award winning game is going to skyrocket beyond belief. Pre-release orders have prompted the manufacturer to actually limit the number of copies sold to only one per household! Due to the limited supply, some online auctions already have bids of almost three hundred and fifty dollars for a copy of Rock Band video game (which is set to retail at $163.99!). Add in all the pressure of wowing everyone at Christmas, and the demands from all of those shoppers will probably send that price soaring even higher. Once it's released, everyone will be scrambling to get their own copy of the Rock Band game. Don't get left out in the cold this holiday season and those cold winter nights. If you're planning to "rock their world" with the latest MTV game sensation, you need to get out there and find a way to grab a copy of Rock Band for your very own. Don't count on Santa. He is going to have his hands full this year.

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