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Gran Turismo 5: Popular Racing Game and the most anticipated in the series of Gran Turismo. It has created uniqueness among other Racing games by showing difference in Locations and vehicles. Gran Turismo 5 is a PS3 exclusive game. The release date not confirmed yet but the latest news revealed that 90% of the game is over and is undergoing some technical enhancements. It is said to have 3D and motion control features and is considered one of the reason for the delay of the Game. Blur Racing Game: A Racing Game by the famous publisher of Call of Duty Games. The Game is said to give a nice racing experience with fun. Various collectibles like speed boost, protective shield and more other revealed after the release of the game. In addition to the driving skills, power-ups also help the racers. Power-ups will not be the winning factor but is a helpful one. The racing location is split between 14 different locations especially on Tourist places. The Power-ups you get can explode away the opponents, gives you a shield and more. The Multiplayer mode is more interesting which allows to create your own Networks, customized Racing Tracks and is only limited to the creativity of the players. Split Second Velocity: Split Second Velocity takes place in a Fictional place where players have to drive for money and fame. The entire game displays you a 'Power play Meter' which captures your stunts / Jumps and maintains your score. Split Second Velocity Game will be available for Xbox360 & PS3. Modnation Racers: This is a Racing game similar to Kart Game Genre. Collect weapons as you move which will give you the power to Turbo speed, shield, sonic attacks, missiles, lightning and you can also stack up the weapons to give more effect. The players can also create their own Racing track, characters and Vehicle. The best thing about this game is the variety of weapons available.

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