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Playing backup Xbox games is rather a tiresome and confusing task for some gamers. The most important part of it is the creation of the backup game. Some gamers ask if a MOD chip is also needed to play the backup games. This may be true for some but there are tutorials on the internet that says otherwise. For the creation of copied games, this usually involves downloading game copy software over the internet to use for the burning process. After which, it will just involve burning it to a blank DVD disc. We will follow a complete guide in burning and playing backup games in Xbox. First of all, we need to download game copy software. ProGameCopySystem is good, reliable software you can download for 30 dollars. This system breaks through the latest 'Unbreakable Protection' easily and allows you to play your backup copies without any modifications to your console that would void your warranty. Install the ProGameCopySystem software on your PC or Mac. Then just insert your original Xbox or Xbox360 game you want to copy into your computer's DVD drive and then open the software. Select the folder where you need to store the files. The software will automatically read past the copy protection and is basically copying the data from the original Xbox game to your computer hard drive. When all the files needed are already copied to your computer hard drive, insert a blank disc into your DVD drive and automatically, the software will burn your Xbox game unto the blank disc. All the relevant hidden data will be automatically copied which makes your console read it as an original copy. And that's basically it. All you need to do now is to load the backup Xbox game into your console and play.

So go and play backup Xbox games now.

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