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The Playstation 3 console costs almost Rs.22, 000/- in India. The XBox360 starts from Rs.15, 000/-, while the good-old Playstation 2 costs a modest Rs.6, 000/- Perhaps this is the reason why any one starting out with a game console in India would prefer to buy a PS2, even though there aren't any more new games being released for the console, and that is why Sony is still actively promoting the console in India, even though it has ignored it in the rest of the world. The PS3 and XBox360 are still popular in India, but they lose out to a more popular console, and that is the regular PC. There is a simple reason for this; PC games usually cost in the range of Rs.499-999/- This is much less than what the PC games sell for in the US markets. On the other hand, console games are never usually less than Rs.2500/- and sometimes go as high as Rs.4000/- which is definitely a lot to pay for a single game. Most people keep wondering why the latest consoles always have expensive rates along with them. There is a very simple reason for this. Games for the PS3 and the XBox360 are usually imported directly along with their packages from the origin country, which is usually the US. This results in custom duties and importing fees, which jack up the prices of the game. This is why the games are always priced high. If game prices in the US and UK are checked, it can be found that console games and PC games have a very small difference in pricing. However, when it comes to India, the console games are completely imported, sealed from the US. Since most PS3 games come on blu-ray discs, there is no problem of region encoding (NTSC/PAL) That's why the games manufactured in the US are directly imported into India, resulting in the high cost of the console games. Games costing around $50 in the US are sold for Rs.2500 (~$56) in India. While that translates to a small difference in price, it is still high compared to the prices of PC games in India. PC games either arrive in bulk on spindles, or are manufactured entirely in India itself, resulting in a lesser cost. There is a rumour that the prices of PC games dropped in an effort to battle piracy. While that is far from the truth, it is indeed one of the factors. The real reason is that since cost of production has come down, the prices of the games have come down as well. The same has happened in the case of the PS2 games, which are now being manufactured in India directly, meaning that a PS2 game costs in the range of Rs.499-799/-

In the future there are good chances that game studios could set up manufacturing plants in India, so there is indeed hope that the console game prices will also start to come down, as the popularity of the consoles is on the rise.

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