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Reading is a very beneficial practice that you should strive to continue throughout your life. While many do not take the time to read books, it does have a number of advantages that you should consider. The first is that reading will help you to expand your mind. You will find out things about other people, human nature, other cultures, and a wide variety of subjects that you might have never encountered before. This will help you to understand the world around you and people much easier the more that you read. Your mind will start making connections and relationships between things that you otherwise might have missed. This extra knowledge will help you connect very different ideas and makes more sense of things you may not understand otherwise. By reading you can pick up on new hobbies or interests you might not have considered otherwise. It is very easy to learn these types of things that you can ultimately turn into a part time passion or hobby for fun and entertainment purposes. Your reasoning and logic skills will also get noticeably better by reading more books. This is quite important, especially later on in your life. It is good to keep that part of the mind active especially as you start to get older. By reading more, you can begin to write and even speak better. You mind will be full of quality writing, so it will help you to communicate more effectively with others. Also, reading is a cheap form of entertainment. Most of the time, for about the price of a movie, you can get a paperback book that you can spend hours on. This is a much more affordable means of entertainment than many other things. With libraries and used books, this makes the cost of this entertainment even cheaper. Reading can also be a way of dealing with stress and just relaxing. You can get your mind focused on whatever might be going on in the book. This can help you to forget about any negative things that might be going on in your world around you for those moments. This escape is not only healthy, but it can really make you feel much better.

Reading books is an activity that has a number of advantages. Learn what these are and how reading can help make you a more knowledgeable, interesting, and ultimately happier person.

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Empowerment: Advantages of Reading Books  
Empowerment: Advantages of Reading Books  

Reading book helps, and through ‘knowledge is power’ the gained knowledge empowers readers. This is most true for ‘Women’s Power: Its Past,...