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There are so many ways to learn how to speed read - you can take classes or you can teach yourself. But don't just rely on the Internet for the techniques you need. Consider investing in speed reading books. those books contain all the right techniques you need to be able to master volumes and volumes of text at half the time it would normally take you. If you are diligent enough to follow the exercises in the books, you can be a real speed reader in no time. Although most of the students take classes to learn these techniques, there are many advantages to buying these books instead. For one thing, books come in two different forms: as actual books, or as e-books. With digital books, you can easily take it with you on your iPhone or USB drive and browse through its contest wherever you go. Obviously, if you take a class, you won't have the same flexibility and mobility offered by the books. Whether or not you get an actual book or an e-book, books will enable you to learn how to speed read at your own pace. Nobody, not even the smartest person, learns how to speed read overnight. Like all skills, it will take time and practice, and you can easily do both if you have speed reading books you can go back and refer to.   So what do speed reading books contain? First, they have an explanatory part where they explain the skills you need to master. Then they include snippets of fiction tests for you to practice on, as well as drills that you need to go through regularly. They also have reading comprehension tests to see if you were able to retain the information you just read. After all, learning to speed read won't do you much good if your reading comprehension remains poor. Some books also contain other relevant tips you can use at school and at work, such as faster note-taking, vocabulary, and how to think critically about the texts that you just read.  The final advantage to getting speed reading books is that they are more affordable than classes. These books can cost as little as $19. The more expensive speed reading books come with computer programs that should ideally help you improve your reading speed. However, it is better to get the simpler speed reading books. At the very core of it, all kinds of speed reading make use of the same basic skills. So don't spend hundreds of dollars on expensive speed reading books. All you really need is one that teaches you the basics. Once you've mastered the

techniques, you can even give classes yourself and charge small fees. Now this is what you call an investment. Speed reading books are also available on my website and all leading bookstores.

John E Laing is an Speed Reading expert . For more great information on speed reading books, visit

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Empowerment: Truth About Speed Reading Books  
Empowerment: Truth About Speed Reading Books  

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