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As an artist, it is important to have your own website to showcase your art. With a website you can get your art out in front of people who might not have otherwise seen it. Galleries, collectors and dealers often locate new artists through their websites which makes it a great way to increase interest in your work. Not only that, but by having your own art website you can keep your current collectors and fans up to date with the latest work you are doing and any upcoming shows or events that you have scheduled. If you are like a lot of artists, though, the last thing you need is to add the task of building and maintaining a website to your already busy schedule. Wouldn't you rather spend your time creating new art instead of learning HTML and building a website? Even if you know how to build a website it can still take a lot of time to keep it updated and to add new work as you finish. Most artists don't have the budget to hire a web designer to create a site for them, either, so that option is usually out. You can submit your work to online galleries, but part of the problem is that because you are not their only artist they don't do everything they can to help promote your work and get your pages on their site listed in the search engines. Not only that, but they can charge high commission fees and even monthly fees just for putting your work up on their site. Then, to add insult to injury, many galleries display obnoxious advertisements on the same page as your work which can distract people from focusing on your art. Rather that learning HTML, hiring a web designer, or posting your work to an online gallery you should consider using an online website builder. An online website builder will allow you to create a website for your art without needing to know HTML. You create the pages for your website right through your browser so if you can use a mouse you can make your own website for your art. Steer clear of the free online website builders since they can be plagued with problems. As you know, nothing in life is really free and these "free" online website builders are no exception. Many of them will require you to use their expensive web hosting for your site. Then, if you decide to move your site somewhere else or discontinue the service they won't allow you to take your pages from your website with you. That means that you lose all of the work that you put into building your site and have to start over from scratch.

A better option is to go with an inexpensive paid online website builder. For a small monthly fee you can create your site simply by dragging and dropping text and images where you want them. You can literally create your whole site in under an hour, which is really fast. Once your site is completely doing updates to it just require a click of the mouse which makes it much faster than any other option for building websites available.

Check out for information on which website builder to choose for making your art website. Using the right website builder can make creating and updating your website a breeze and free up more of your time to create art instead.

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