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Choosing a career as an accountant has spared me from most work related health problems. Atop my padded chair in a climate-controlled office, only an occasional paper cut or being punctured by a mechanical pencil stand as potential physical dangers. However, I have become painfully aware of several physical ailments that have affected me directly because of the way that I work. These ailments are known as "heel spurs" and "carpal tunnel syndrome." Fortunately, simply changing some habits and doing certain exercises have allowed me to overcome both of these ailments. This article deals with heel spurs. Heel spurs are evidenced by a sharp pain on the bottom of the foot usually near the heel, which feels like having a bruise or tender spot. Striking the foot on this sore spot can be excruciatingly painful. This pain had bothered me for many years without causing me to give it a whole lot of thought. My assumption was that the pain was caused from wearing the wrong kind of shoes, having weak feet, or by having injured the foot in some way. During this last year, however, the pain in one of my feet became unbearable, especially when I first got out of bed, rose from my chair at the office, or left my reclining chair at home. In any of those cases, I was sore to the point of limping as I walked. The worst part was that as I started to work longer hours during my busy season the problem only got worse. It was time to call the doctor, but then again, who has time to see a doctor? Instead, my good wife suggested that I research my pathetic condition on the Internet. It became clear after just a little bit of research that I had heel spurs, a very common condition, and that there were a number of products available for treatment. The most common remedy involved heel cups and other sorts of shoe inserts. What was not immediately clear to me was the cause of my pain. Fortunately, I came across a website, that gave me insight into the source of my pain and how to get rid of it. Let me say first off that I, like the fellow who put the website together, am not a doctor. My experience may not be universal, but it was effective for me. Here is what I have learned, in a nutshell:

The pain was in my Plantar Fascia, a tendon like connective tissue that joins the heel and the toes. The condition is known by the technical name of plantar fasciitis.

My condition was caused by not stretching my calf muscles. Desk jockeys like myself were especially vulnerable because of our sedentary work habits. Sitting at my desk all-day and

sleeping at night left my calves in a continuously relaxed position. Without a regular habit of stretching my calf muscles, I was vulnerable to hurting my plantar fascia with very little impact. In fact, every time I rose and struck the bottom of my foot, I was re-injuring myself.

There would be no quick cure, since the fascia does not heal quickly.

By performing daily stretching exercises for my calf muscles, my pain would probably diminish or be eliminated over time.

The exercises are fully explained at the website referenced above.

This sounded a little too easy, but it all worked according to the above script for me. Since my cure, I have spoken to several other sufferers who have tried fancy insoles, expensive doctor treatments and lots of medicine. Unfortunately, these treatments have brought little or no benefit. If this non-medical, non-surgical approach worked so well for others and me, why is it not more widely explained?

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Carpal tunnel syndrome wrecks many people’s lives with the pins and needles symptoms it produces. At

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