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It is very easy these days to build and publish your own website. Whether the website is for sharing photos, sharing your own stories, making money online, the types of websites are limited by your imagination. To build a site, there are essential free website making tools that you will need to do the job. I have listed some items below that you will need: Website Domain Name To get a .com or a .net domain name, you would need to spend some money. eg. where mydomain would be the purpose of your website. However the free alternative to getting a domain would be to get a subdomain. What this means is that a free webhosting company would offer a domain of the form: [] where yourdomain is the only part you have control over and freedomain is usually the fixed part of the domain related to the hosting company offering the free service. Website Host There are so many website hosting companies available both paid and free, the difference being the types of services they offer eg. cPanel, PHP, MySQL, site builder tools. Also with the majority of free services, you are forced to display ads. There are only very few free hosting companies however that offer all of these and alot more services, reliability and also no ads. Website Template or Building Tools There are some website templates freely available that you can use as your own and modify, where the majority of work is done for you as far as the overall layout is concerned, you just have to add the content. You can also build your website from scratch if you use website building tools which is also available with some free hosting companies. These are basically the essential components with free website making, and it is easy and fast to setup provided you chose the right tools.

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