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Empowerment of Entrepreneurs Self Empowerment Series In this series of empowerment, as reflected in our Women’s power, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google plus pages, we focus on empowerment of entrepreneurs










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Any kind of product, service or even event needs to be promoted. It is because of this fact that other companies have thrived or failed in their business. Consumers need information to make common choices between brands and products. Therefore, information dissemination or the lack there of, can place your product either higher, or out, of your market's list of choices. Many advertising and promotion companies answer this kind of need from the consumer and the producer/manufacturers. The same could be said of web traffic, hence web site traffic promotions. DO I NEED WEBSITE TRAFFIC? Fact: websites NEED traffic to flourish. It can survive without traffic but that would be nonsensical since most websites were made to be visited. Also, websites can have monetary value because of traffic. How much did Google buy YouTube again? Oh, just 1.65 BILLION dollars in shares. With that kind of financial value pegged on high-traffic websites, it's not a surprise when many website owners or builders dream of, or aim at having traffic by the millions. ANY SUGGESTIONS? There are now websites, downloads software and online programs that increase website promotions. It would cost a pretty penny for some to actually get these services and products. The thing is, not all of them are legit, considering the large number of scams and fraudulent website services. Also, though they sport testimonials of people getting increased traffic, it may not work for you website at all for one reason or the other. It would boil down to the risk involved and how much you are willing to pay for it. Now, if the web site traffic promotion program or website did well in what it promised to do then all's well that ends well. You might as well do a good deed to society and promote that website and program to others. This way, they can avoid spending their money on online fakers. That is, if they don't start thinking that your testimonial is sponsor-based. So do consider web site traffic promotions services, but do choose well for you, and your website's, sake.

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