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When did you last search for your voice? Was it MIA (missing in action)? Having a voice is your birthright. This voice lives in your mind, your heart and your soul. It leads you to self discovery. Using your voice is the surest way to build connections, find solutions and live in truth. I want to hear your voice not a pseudo rendition of it. It helps me to understand and appreciate not only you but what you believe. What happens when you don't find your voice? You don't join the conversation. A conversation that is important to women, children and society. A conversation that needs to have balance. A conversation that thrives on your ideas. Ignoring your voice leads to frustration - a continued fear of expression. Women who ignore or lose their voice stumble in achieving their goals. It leads to regret. The biggest fallout from losing your voice is not paving the way for young women to come. Women weren't made to be quiet and sit down. We were designed to have thoughts and feelings that contribute to the greater good preserving a world that is safe and supporting. Here are 7 good reasons why you should find your voice. 1) Honor your expression. Expression leads to growth. Keeping your voice hidden smothers the beauty inside you. Un-silence yourself. 2) You can teach me. You are the director of your voice. The knowledge in you is valuable and needed for the rest of us. 3) To be understood. How does your outer voice match or reflect your inner voice? Being understood is fundamental to your being as a woman. 4) Open new perspectives. Your voice assists in achieving your goals. Finding perspectives that belong to you, are new to you and challenge you are instrumental to your growth. 5) So I can know you. Your voice is unique - none other like it. Your voice is a reflection of you. Once you know who you are share yourself with me.

6) Become part of the conversation. Use your voice to influence the conversation. Make your opinions heard. The power of your voice is real. 7) Makes you feel alive. The first steps in finding your voice may be awkward. In fact, it may be terrifying. It's like searching for buried treasure. Only when you dig you find gold. 8) To pave the road for our daughters. (Okay, I included a bonus reason). There is a greater promise for our daughters when we find, open up, and share our voice and that's being heard. Just like our mothers did before us - we pay it forward. Choose to find your voice. Fight for it. You'll be glad you did!

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Empowerment: Why Women Must Find their voice  

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