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hazard. AMI may hire someone to remove/trim any branches that cause safety hazard and send you the invoice if you fail to maintain trees within your property. The architectural committee enforces deed restrictions very seriously and any home addition or improvement, regardless of the size of the project, needs approval. Visit VAL website for more information.

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Remember: External buildings or sheds visible from the street are strictly prohibited and must be submitted for approval. Iron fences/gates not originally provided by the builder undergo special review for their appearance and height. These also must be submitted for review prior to installation.

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In general any changes or improvements to the outside of the home require approval from the Architectural Committee. Examples: • Landscaping • Siding • Mailbox (brick addition) • Driveway extension • Window (solar) panels or Window air-conditioners • Fence (height, color, movement) • Shed • Gates • Exterior Paint

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When driving through neighborhood streets, pay attention and observe all rules. For the safety of children, walkers, joggers, etc., drive slow and come to a complete stop at the STOP signs. Do not text or talk on the cell phone while driving. Do so only if you have a hands-free device.

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Violating rules can prove to be very costly. So be careful.


Any time your dog is outside your home, make sure the pet is under leash. Why? Because it’s the law. We have found cases in our neighborhood where the owner lets the dog run free in the backyard, not realizing that the gate was open and the dog escaped into the street harming others. So keep your dog under close supervision.

Street Parking

Our neighborhood is routinely patrolled by Harris County Sheriff’s law enforcement department. Automobiles parked on the street on a temporary basis must be positioned such that front of the car is facing the same direction as the flow of traffic. Residents and their guests must also be careful not to park right across from another parked vehicle that can hinder normal flow of traffic passing through.

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Sheriff’s office has informed us that any vehicle parked on the street that is immobile for more than 48 hours is likely to receive a violation notice, with repeat offenses subject to a more rigorous action.


You can stay abreast of what is going on in the community by making a habit to log-in: Here you will know what events we are planning, important announcements and just to see what neighbors are chatting about. You can also share with others your experiences or if you are seeking help with a question. Call AMI if you have trouble logging-in at 713932-1122.

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FinAnciAl/tReAsUReR RepoRt Sam Vyas, Treasurer, presented the financial report to highlight the status of the association at year end 2010,...