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Grayson Lakes Annual Meeting December 4, 2012 Mark your calendar to attend the Grayson Lakes Annual meeting at WoodCreek Junior High on December 4th. The meeting will be held in the Cafe. We will begin with a forum at 6:30 PM like we did in 2011 with the actual business meeting starting at 7:00 PM. If you are unable to attend, be sure you return the Proxy form that will be included with the official notice. At least 10% of residents must be present in person or by proxy in order for us to conduct business and elect Board members. While 10% doesn’t sound like much, we usually struggle to achieve that level of participation. Completing Your Proxy If you are not able to attend the annual meeting of the HOA on December 4, 2012, please be sure to send your proxy. Without a quorum, we will not be able to conduct business and elect Board members. You will receive a proxy with the material you are sent regarding the meeting. There are four steps to completing your proxy:

1. Name your proxy holder: This can be a friend you know will attend the meeting or you can designate the Secretary of the HOA. The acting secretary will be a Board member who is not running for election. 2. Grant authority to your proxy holder: This ranges from just counting your proxy for quorum purposes to granting full authority to vote on all issues. Or you can instruct the proxy holder to vote for specific Board candidates. 3. Sign the form: It is required that at least one signature be on the form to be valid. All owners of the property should sign when possible. 4. Mail, FAX or hand deliver your completed form to the management company. Grayson Lakes Community Association, Inc. c/o Community Sound, Inc. 22503 Katy Freeway, Ste. 7 Katy, TX 77450 Or FAX your Proxy to: 281-347-8303 NOTE: Your proxy must be received by noon the day of the meeting, December 4th. Time is needed to verify the validity of each proxy.

Reserve Fund Study The Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors contracted to have a Reserve Fund Study completed this year. The Reserve Fund Study was conducted to assist the Board and Budget Committee regarding understanding the useful remaining life of components and systems that the Association is responsible for maintaining. Last year was the first year the Budget Committee was able to earmark monies for the Reserve Fund. This fund is to be used to repair and maintain items in the community that are over and above typical maintenance that is expensed annually. According to the Reserve Fund Study, over the next 20 to 30 years, the Association will be responsible for replacing approximately 1.6 million dollars in community systems and components. The Reserve Fund Study also indicated that the community’s current reserve fund is inadequately funded to maintain these amenities. Therefore, the coming year’s budget will reflect an increased amount earmarked for the reserve fund to meet the Association’s responsibility for amenity maintenance. Once finalized, the Reserve Fund Study will be uploaded to the community web page. The findings of the Reserve Fund Study will also be discussed at the December Annual Homeowner’s Association Meeting. Board Candidate Information: The following residents have announced their candidacy for the Grayson Lakes Board of Directors. If you are not able to attend the Grayson Lakes Annual Meeting on December 4, 2012 at WoodCreek Junior High, be sure to complete the Proxy form you will receive in November so business can be conducted at the meeting. Candidate: Melissa Simmons What experience and/or qualifications can you bring to the Association Board of Directors? I have a BBA in Accounting with 10+ years of professional accounting experience, including specialization in non-profit accounting and HOA auditing. I can help to ensure that HOA dues are being accounted for and disbursed appropriately, as well as give financial insight into favorable ways to allocate future dues.

Happy Holidays

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Do You Want To Party?

December 7th - 9th

Anytime between 6:30 & 8:30 p.m.

281-346-2279 5 min. west of the Grand Pkwy. 3 min. east of Fulsher on FM 1093 Learn more: Celebrate Christmas A Drive-Thru Life of Christ

Mason Creek Community Center provides downtown ambiance with neighborhood convenience. A wonderful location for school events, graduation, office parties, weddings, family gatherings, or any holiday event. • Sound System • Covered Patio Let us help you to make your special occasion a memorable one. Click on Community Center

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What area of Community Management are you most concerned with? Naturally, I am concerned with all financial areas of Community Management, but as a mother of young children, I hope to serve as a voice for all of the other young families in our neighborhood. I desire to improve and expand our resident events, getting every family involved and excited about being a part of such an exceptional community. Tell us a little about yourself. I am currently a stay-at-home mother of two girls, ages 3 and 1 and a stepmother of one boy, age 11. My husband and I are originally from Austin and have lived in Katy for 6 years. We like to have pool parties and watch football and we are always ready to BBQ. I am a member of the Grayson Lakes Playgroup and enjoy getting to know other families in the neighborhood. Candidate: Jim Keil What experience and/or qualifications can you bring to the Association Board of Directors? I am a Professional Engineer (Retired) that has been registered in 3 states, as well as a Registered Project Management Professional. My wife and I have owned other homes in 3 states - some with HOA’s, some without. I worked on the Budget Committee this year. What area of Community Management are you most concerned with? Finance and Budgeting. Tell us a little about yourself. I’m a retired Engineer who worked in the oil business over 40 years. I owned my own company 12 of those years. We have 3 grown children living in 3 different states. Candidate: Lee McAdory What experience and/or qualifications can you bring to the Association Board of Directors? I have been a Board member for the last two years as the Treasurer and Vice President and served as a secretary to the Board for a year prior. Additionally, I own my own business and am acutely aware of how a business, including a non-profit such as a homeowner’s association, should be run. What area of Community Management are you most concerned with? I am most concerned with the communication within the community. I would like to see more community awareness and involvement.



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WITH THIS AD NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER Tell us a little about yourself. My wife and I moved into Grayson Lakes in 2004. Since moving in we have had two beautiful and wonderful children who are now 3 and 5. My oldest just started Kindergarten at Wood Creek Elementary this year. I own an IT consulting business and my wife is an officer at an oil and gas import and export company. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and learning new technology, on top of just breaking stuff and seeing if I can put it back together. Candidate: Ed Parma What experience and/or qualifications can you bring to the Association Board of Directors? I am a retired geophysicist with 38 years of experience in petroleum exploration. Most of that experience was with large corporations where I learned finance, budgeting and project management. I have served on the Grayson Lakes Board of Directors for 4 years. What area of Community Management are you most concerned with? I am most interested in making sure our community is properly maintained. This means having enough money to do the job and having a handle on the work that needs to be done. This year (2012), your Board was able to contract a Reserves Study so budgeting for 2013 will be done with an understanding of the major outlays that will be required down the road. Tell us a little about yourself. Shirley and I have been married for 44 years. We have two children and two grandchildren with another grandson due in early October. Shirley and I sail and we were attracted to Grayson Lakes because we are able to sail out of our back yard. This is a very unique community.

Grayson Lakes Community-Wide Garage Sale

The annual community-wide garage sale was held in Grayson Lakes on October 6th. We had 46 registered participants. A total of $460 was collected and after marketing expenses that leaves $246 to help defray expenses associated with the Kid’s Fishing Derby and the Independence Day Celebration. Thanks to all our volunteers who put out signs: Mary Lou Proctor, Lee McAdory, Marge Grass, Emily Grass, Veronica Cantu, Jennifier Grier, Donna Medeiros, John Medeiros and Andres Uribe.

Grayson Lakes

December 2012

Santa is Coming to Grayson Lakes!

Join your Grayson Lakes neighbors on Sunday, December 2, 2012 from 3-5:30 PM at the Grayson Lakes Clubhouse to celebrate the holiday season.

3:00 PM: Santa and his elf will visit atop a fire truck with candy in hand. Route to include Grayson Lakes Blvd, Lake Grayson, Anchor Lake and Silver Brook Lane. 3:30-5:30 PM: Club House Festivities including refreshments, bouncy slide, crafts, cookie decorating, trackless train and photos with Santa (bring your own camera). 5:45 PM: Holiday Boat Parade will float by the Recreation Center Dock. Vote for your favorite. Thanks again to our generous and faithful sponsor of the annual holiday event Bob Miles, Broker Associate, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene.

Proper Parking Did you know that it is illegal to park on the wrong side of the road (against traffic)? It is also illegal to block driveways and sidewalks with motor vehicles. Please be courteous to your friends and neighbors and park properly. Warnings may be issued for vehicles improperly parked and could be followed by citations for repeat offenders. Additionally, please refrain from parking in the street. Parking in the street, particularly in a cul-de-sac, is not only unappealing, it poses a danger to the neighborhood children who may run from between two parked cars into the path of another. Parking in the street may also create a delay for access by an emergency vehicle. Be considerate of the community and please park in your garage or at least in your driveway.

Deed Restriction Summary The following information has been prepared for inclusion in the welcome packet given to new residents of Grayson Lakes. It is being published here because your Board thought it might be a useful reference for current residents. It gives an overview of the items that come up most often and is the product of a joint effort by your Board and the Architectural Review Committee. The modification request form and guidelines have not been included in this article, but they can be found on the Grayson Lakes website,, under Community: Resident Forms & Documents.

Grayson Lakes Community Association, Inc. Did you know…? Exterior Modifications: Most modifications and additions to your property need to be approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). A copy of the request form and guidelines are attached. See Article 4.3 of the Declaration for more details. General Property Maintenance: The overall appearance and repair of your property, including mowing, cement and siding, are your responsibility and should be actively maintained. The community does not employ services for non-common areas, such as those provided by condominiums.

December 2012

Grayson Lakes

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Landscaping: You are responsible for maintaining the existing landscaping and any improvements made to your property. Your property should retain its relative curb appeal and stay weed and overgrowth free. Additionally, each property requires a predetermined minimum tree count and the trees should remain trimmed at least 6’ off the ground. See Article V in the CC&R’s and the Landscaping Guidelines, on our web site at : community : resident forms and documents, for more details.

Rain Barrels: Rainwater Recovery Systems must be installed on your own property and should not encroach onto any other resident’s property or common area. Prior approval is required by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).

Fences: All fences are to be kept in good repair. Painting or staining of wood fences is prohibited.

The following email was sent to Grayson Lakes Residents on February 6th. If you have not already signed up to receive email alerts please do so by going to and on the home page under the “Quick Links” section click on “Email Alert Signup” and give us your name and email address. You can sign up for two levels of communication. One level is for email alerts and the other is for community activities. We will assume you are signing up for both lists unless you tell us different.

Drainage: Any modifications that affect the drainage of rain water on your property must be approved by any other affected property owners. This specifically includes landscaping. Exterior Lighting: Additions or changes to exterior lighting should not negatively affect any other residents. Direct light, reflection or cast off may inadvertently cause unwelcomed lighting to other residents view and their property. Portable Basketball Goals: Portable basketball goals must be well maintained and stored either reasonably out of view from the street when not in use or positioned in a manner that gives the impression that it is a permanent freestanding basketball goal. Portable basketball goals, like permanent freestanding basketball goals, must be submitted for review by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Written approval from the ARC must be obtained and on file with the Association. See section 4.2 Basketball Goals in Exhibit “E” of the Architectural and Aesthetic Guidelines for more information.

with Exterior/Interior Paint Approval

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As a result of a break in that occurred on January 22nd, resident Donna Medeiros suggested that the following information be sent as a reminder to all residents on the email alert system. In particular, you should note that the non-emergency number, 281-341-4665, has been updated and is different from the number that used to be posted on our web site. Information from the Fort Bend Sherriff’s (FBS) office regarding Neighborhood Security is as follows:

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• If there is a ‘crime in progress’ or you feel that there is imminent danger to life or property, call ‘911.’ • If you observe ‘suspicious’ or ‘out of ordinary’ people, activity or vehicles, call 281-341-4665. Both calls will roll directly to the FBS dispatch, but will be routed based on the information given. Suggestions from the FBS dispatch officers regarding suspicious people are to get a physical description including race (white, black, Hispanic, etc.), height, weight, hair color, clothing etc. For suspicious vehicles, try to get a License Plate # and color, make and model, if possible and direction the vehicle is going. Keeping a pad of paper and pen in your own vehicle will make it easier to obtain the needed information. Please have the FBS # 281-341-4665 posted near your home phone, programmed into your cell phone and if you have children at home, make sure they know where to find the number and also put it in their cell phones if they have one. Never open your door to anyone that you don’t know or looks suspicious and make sure children know this as well. Neighborhood Security information as well as detailed information in reference to our Neighborhood Watch Program are available on our website, The Neighborhood Watch document contains ways to keep yourself and your property safe and ways to help facilitate local law enforcement to reduce crime in our community. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes and ears open! Please sign up to receive Email alerts and forward this to any neighbor you know that may not be getting urgent information.

December 2012

Grayson Lakes

Friendly Reminder about Trash Containers According to the Grayson Lakes restriction 4.10 Trash Containers: Trash containers and/or recycling bins must be stored in one of the following locations: • Inside your garage • Behind your home so that the house blocks the trash container from view from the street • Along the side of your home, provided they are set back at least 10’ (feet) from the front façade of the home and reasonably screened from public view In addition to the above requirements, additional screening is encouraged to further screen trash containers from view by neighbors.

Tennis Court Etiquette Recent repairs have been completed at our tennis courts. Repairs were necessary due to normal wear and tear and improper use. The following are a couple precautions that should prolong the use of the tennis courts and keep repair costs down: • No skateboarding or rollerblading in the courts • Please refrain from repeatedly pushing into the fences (i.e., kicking soccer balls or batting baseballs into the fence).

Volunteers Needed! If you are interested in volunteering for the Grayson Lakes HOA Budget Committee, please contact Trey DeVillier at 281-347-7772 or send an email to Thank You!

Recycling Grayson Lakes has recycling services. Collection will occur on Mondays only; please have your recyclables out by the curb before 7 AM every Monday. Best Trash is requesting that paper products be dry, clean and loose; and containers be empty, clean and loose.

GRAYSON LAKES BOARD OFFICERS President: Ed Parma Secretary: Mary Lou Proctor VP Special Projects: Lori Glasgow

Vice-President: Lee McAdory Treasurer: Robin Mann


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Please place my name on the Job Seekers List

(Students must be 12 before they can be added to the babysitting list.) Please fill in ALL information or we will not put on the list Job(s) _________________________________

q B -Babysitting

Name _________________________________ q SS -Safe Sitter

q SL -Swim Lessons

Address ________________________________ q CPR -CPR Certified

Paper products acceptable for recycling pick up include: • • • • • • • • •

Newspapers and inserts Magazines and catalogs Junk mail, envelopes and file folders Office paper Cardboard Cereal and gift boxes Wrapping paper Milk and juice cartons Paper bags and phone books

Containers acceptable for recycling pick up include: • Glass (clear and colored) • Aluminum cans, foil and serving containers • Plastic bottles, jars, tubs, buckets and grocery bags • Styrofoam containers and packaging • Metal can, pots and pans


Email _________________________________ q FAC -First Aid Cert.

q RCC -Red Cross Cert.

Birthdate - Mo/Yr_________________________ q P -Pet Care (only)

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Age ______ Grade________ Class of ________

I give my permission for my child’s name and phone number to be published in the ‘Teenage Job Seekers’ section of our subdivision newsletter. Parent Signature ____________________________________________________

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December 2012



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San Antonio was the site of the recent Texas Speech Communication Association convention (TSCA) which was attended by a group of six current and retired speech teachers and debate coaches from Katy. In addition to numerous interesting, useful and thought provoking sessions on all aspects of teaching speech and debate, several awards were given. Notably among the awards was Secondary Speech Educator of the Year, which was presented to Gay Hollis, James Taylor High School debate coach. She has had a very successful coaching career at Taylor and other schools and is a teacher looked up to by students and colleagues alike. Other teachers attending were the speech and debate coaches from Mayde Creek High School, Greg McGee; from Morton Ranch High School, Carrie Sanguinetti and from Seven Lakes High School, Charli Lennon. Rounding out the group were retired Katy teachers Norma Coston and Bo Williamson who currently own Custom Awards & Engraving in Katy. Although retired from teaching and coaching, the two remain active in their professional association and Custom Awards & Engraving donates the award plaques each year for the various categories of Educator of the Year. Both Bo and Norma are Life Members of the association and while Coston has been a member for 32 years, Williamson boasts a 48-year membership.

December 2012



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Another winner from our area was George Tennison, speech teacher and debate coach from Olle Middle School in the Alief School District. He was honored as TSCA’s Middle School Speech Educator of the Year. Next year’s convention will be held in Corpus Christi and all speech and debate teachers are encouraged to attend and learn from the sessions provided as well as ideas of colleagues’ they meet. It’s a “once a year” opportunity to experience a “teaching growth spurt” over a short period of time.

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CELEBRATION OF LIVESTOCK SHOW & RODEO’S 70 TH ANNIVERSARY BRINGS COUNTRY ACT TO BENEFIT SCHOLARSHIP FUND Following the FFA motto “…Living to serve,” in 1943, L.D. Robinson, former Katy High School agriculture teacher, initiated the Katy ISD FFA Livestock Show & Rodeo to serve and better prepare Katy ISD students. To celebrate the legacy of Robinson and the anniversary of the FFA Livestock Show & Rodeo, the Casey Donahew Band will perform a concert on February 9, 2013 at 7 PM at the Leonard E. Merrell Center. All proceeds from the concert will benefit the L.D. Robinson Scholarship Fund. The L.D. Robinson Scholarship Fund was established in 1970 to honor Robinson. Multiple four-year scholarships are awarded in the amount of $500 per semester to graduating seniors in the Katy ISD FFA and Agriculture Science program who meet the requirements of the scholarship. To date, the scholarship fund has awarded almost 90 recipients. “We are so excited to feature the Casey Donahew Band to celebrate 70 years of grand achievements within the Katy ISD FFA Livestock Show & Rodeo,” says Diana Elder, daughter of L.D. Robinson and co-advisor/director of the L.D. Robinson Scholarship Fund. “In the spirit of my father, we would like to continue to give back to the community by increasing scholarship funds for students through this benefit concert.” Casey Donahew released his fourth studio album, Double Wide Dream, in October 2011. In 2012, the Donahew organization received five nominations at the annual Texas Regional Radio Music awards and in June signed up for professional membership with the Academy of Country Music (ACM). For more information about the concert, contact Ben Rolens, general manager of facilities at the Leonard E. Merrell Center, at 281-396-2562. Go to to get your tickets online.

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December 2012

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St. Peter’s United Methodist Church Early Childhood Development Center Registration for the 2013-2014 school year for St. Peter’s United Methodist Church - Early Childhood Development Center starts January 9, 2013 and ends January 23, 2013. Registration forms will be available at these times in the St. Peter’s ECDC Office. We offer classes that are developmentally and socially appropriate for children ages 15 months to 5 years. We are located at 20775 Kingsland Blvd., Katy, TX 77450. For more information call the St. Peter’s ECDC Office at 281-492-0623 from 9 AM – 3 PM.

DECEMBER 2012 Observances & Fun Facts December 2012 is observed as: • Universal Human Rights Month

• Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Birthstone: Turquoise & Blue Topaz Fruit & Veggies for December: • Comice Pears • Kumquats • Sapote • Pepino melon • Cherimoya • Ugli fruits • Parsnip • Beets • Turnips • Rutabaga • Celery Root / Celeriac • Horseradish December Flower: Narcissus & Holly Astrological Signs: Sagittarius (till 21st) & Capricorn (beginning 22nd)

December 2012

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Is Your Car Winter Ready? Winter has a tendency to sneak up on all of us. But where you can simply dig the winter coat out of the closet when the first cold snap rolls through, preparing your car for winter takes a little more foresight. Is your car winter ready? Here are some tips: • Check fluids. Check your coolant to make sure you have enough, as you’ll be left without heat if you don’t. Keep extra coolant in your trunk in case of emergency. Check your brake fluid, oil and transmission fluid are also at the proper levels. • Wash and wax your car at a professional car wash. A thorough wash can remove harmful compounds that may cause damage when mixed with sand and road salt. Experts from the International Carwash Association also recommend a coat of wax for an extra layer of protection from the elements. • Check your tires. Cold air can cause your tires to lose pressure, so be sure to check again once the temperature drops - the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle can be found on the inside of your driver’s side door. Cracking, presence of wear bars and shallow treads are all indicators that you may need to replace your tires. • Check your wipers. Checking your wiper blades for wear and replacing them if needed can prevent huge visibility headaches once snow and sleet arrive. • Test your battery. The next time you have the car in for an oil change, ask the mechanic to test your battery to make sure it can provide enough starting power once the temperature plummets. • Brakes. While you have your car in, ask for a brake inspection as well, as you’ll need them to be in good working order when driving on slick roads. • Winter emergency kit. In addition to stocking your car with a scraper and brush, it’s a good idea to include a few provisions in case you get stranded in snowy and cold conditions. Pack extra blankets, hats and gloves, snacks like granola bars, drinking water and a first-aid kit. Keeping a collapsible shovel in your trunk is also a good idea in case you get stuck.

December 2012

Grayson Lakes

Nichole F. Cole, MD • Jennifer Huebner, MD • Amina Sayeed, MD • Obstetrics • Gynecology • Comprehensive Care For Women • Laparoscopic/Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery For an appointment call

832-553-5450 23920 Katy Freeway , Ste. 480 Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza One

GIRL SCOUTS Galveston - Houston Archdiocesan Committee on Girl Scouting Save the Dates 2012 - 2013 Spiritual Awareness Retreat Weekend February 1, 2 & 3, 2013 Camp Casa Mare, Seabrook, TX Book Review Day - Sat., March 2, 2013, 8:30 AM - 11:30 PM St. Edith Stein Catholic Church, 3311 North Fry Road Katy, TX 77449 Carmel Hall - Rooms: 101,102 & 103 Religious Recognition Ceremony - Saturday, April 20, 2013 Registration & Line-Up: 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM; Ceremony: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM St. Edith Stein Catholic Church, 3311 North Fry Road Katy, TX 77449 For more information please go to website:

BOY SCOUTS HOMESCHOOL PACK 164 Cub Scouts is a fun way to teach boys about character, respect, responsibility and many other traits. Pack 164 is a Christian, home school Cub Scout Pack that services the Greater West Houston/Katy area. Pack 164 promotes service to God, to country and to others. If you are interested and your son is entering 1st through 5th grade, please contact “Van” VanZant at 281-851-8374 or at

Homeschool Pack 393 Cub Scout Pack 393 is a homeschool pack that serves the Katy area. If you have a boy between the ages of 6 and 10 (entered first grade through fifth grade this fall) and are wanting them to join an activity that is full of fun learning experiences, this is the group for you. To learn more about both scouting programs, upcoming summertime events and 393 please e-mail Sam Randolph at


Pediatric Dentist of Katy, PA

holiday events

Benjamin T. Po Jr., DDS 24022 Cinco Village Center Blvd. Suite 210 • Katy, TX 77494

281-693-9100 Most Insurance Plans Accepted

 New Patients Welcome Children’s Play Area

9 th ANNUAL CRHS COUGAR STAR HOLIDAY PARADE OF HOMES A traditional holiday event under the ‘Stars’ of Katy that promises to be brighter than ever before! Mark your calendars for the evening of Dec. 6th and 7th to visit six Katy area homes that are each unique and smartly decorated from fun to elegantly traditional. Step into a home with a Tuscan theme allowing both traditional and whimsical decorations promising to warm your heart and a home specifically designed and decorated right out of Pennsylvania Dutch with a twist of Texas. Hear the CRHS Bravo Choir (Thurs.) delight everyone in a season with song. Tickets are $12 and available from your favorite Cougar Star or at the following retailers: Beau Kisses, Hauerlands, YaYa Club and Curtain Call.

for the Eighth Annual Seven Lakes Fine Arts Holiday Extravaganza!

Friday, December 7th The Fundraiser Dinner and Silent Auction features: Band, Choir, Orchestra, Sapphires, Theater and benefits our Fine Arts Musical, The Drowsy Chaperone!

6734 Westheimer Lakes N Drive Katy, TX 77494 Full Service Veterinary Care (Next to La Finca Mexican Restaurant on 1093)

• Vaccinations and WellPet Plans • Spay / Neuter / Surgery • Medicine • Heartworm/Flea on &Vaccinations Tick Prevention with • Allergy Treatmentour WellPet Plans • Arthritis and Pain Management • In-House Laboratory/Digital X-Ray


SAVE 40%

Dinner and auction are from 5:30-7:15 pm in the SLHS Commons with a full concert following at 7:30 PM in the SLHS PAC.

With Coupon. Not valid with any other offer. One per family • Expires on 7-31-12

Full Service Veterinary Care


• Vaccinations and WellPet Plans • Spay / Neuter / Surgery With coupon. Not valid with any other offer. 1 coupon per family • Medicine • Heartworm / Flea & Tick Prevention 6734Treatment Westheimer Lakes N Dr. • Allergy • Arthritis & Katy, Pain Management TX. 77494 • In-House Laboratory / Digital X-Ray

(next to La Finca Mexican Restaurant on 1093) Happy Holidays! Hours: M-F 7am - 6pm • Sat 8am - 12pm Hours: M-F 7am-6pm • Sat 8am - 12pm

281.394.2355 281-394-2355 Accepting Appointments and Drop-Offs Now wery Accepting Appointments and Drop-Offs Now


holiday Church events & services Current ChristIan Church

Journey To BethlehEM When: December 7th - 9th Times: Friday 6:45-9:00 pm Saturday 5:45-9:00 pm Sunday 5:45-8:30 pm

Come join us for this live re-enactment of the journey that was taken in the days leading up to the birth of Jesus, complete with live nativity! This is a FREE event for all ages. Current Christian Church is located at: 26600 Westheimer Parkway, Katy 77494. Questions? Call us at 281-395-4722.

Grayson Lakes

December 2012

Celebrate Christmas at Trinity Baptist Church Come and be a part of our new traditions Worship services at 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM 10000 Spring Green Blvd., Katy

Dec 2nd - First Sunday of Advent - Lord’s Supper Dec 9th - Second Sunday of Advent - “The Present is the Future,” Children’s Musical Dec 16th - Third Sunday of Advent - “Songs of the Season,” Congregational Christmas music Dec 23rd - Fourth Sunday of Advent - “Joseph’s Story,” Dramatic Monologue Dec 24th - Christmas Eve Candlelight Service - 6:00 PM

3 rd ANNUAL “A MERRY CHRISTMAS COOKIE WALK” Saturday, December 8 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Family Life Assembly of God 1012 South Mason Road Katy, TX 77450 Delicious homemade Christmas cookies for that special loved one, last minute gift or holiday gathering. Choose from an assortment of goodies that will bring a smile to any holiday celebration. Come early for the best selection. All sold by the pound. For more information contact us at or call 281-392-0637. th

Living Word Lutheran Church

“A Night of Rejoicing” Living Word Lutheran Church invites the Katy community to its presentation of “A Night of Rejoicing” on Sunday, December 9th at 8:00 am, 9:30 am and 11:00 am in the church sanctuary. The cantata will feature the Living Word Choir, Bell Choir, Choristers and a chamber orchestra. “A Night of Rejoicing” features both familiar Christmas carols and newly-composed pieces. Following each service, there will be an instrument petting zoo for children to get a close-up look at the musical instruments.

Christmas Eve Worship Services Living Word Lutheran Church would like to invite the community to join them on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Christ. A Christmas Eve Contemporary Worship service featuring the praise band will be held at 2 pm. At 4 pm, children ages 2 years through 3rd grade (and their parents) are invited to an interactive Celebration for Children. A Festival Candlelight Worship service featuring traditional music, the choir, bell choir and a brass ensemble will be held at 7 and 10 pm. Prelude music will begin 30 minutes before the start of the Candlelight Worship service. Living Word Lutheran Church is located at 3700 S. Mason Rd. in Katy. For more information, visit or call 281-392-2300.

St Peter’s UMC

For all of your plumbing needs, call... One call dOes it


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Any job over $95

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• Exterior & Interior Paint • Faux Finish/Color Assessment • Hardiplank Installation • Wood Replacement • Siding Replacement & Repair • Sheetrock Repair & Retexturing

281-492-1200 Cell


e y r w

Recipe for Christmas All Year Long Take a heap of child-like wonder That opens up our eyes To the unexpected gifts in life— Each day a sweet surprise. Mix in fond appreciation For the people whom we know; Like festive Christmas candles, Each one has a special glow. Add some giggles and some laughter, A dash of Christmas food, (Amazing how a piece of pie Improves our attitude!) Stir it all with human kindness; Wrap it up in love and peace, Decorate with optimism, and Our joy will never cease. If we use this healthy recipe, We know we will remember To be in the Christmas spirit, Even when it's not December.

To many people, Christmas is just not Christmas without singing or hearing Handel’s Messiah.   The Chancel Choir of St Peter’s United Methodist Church will present our annual ‘Messiah Sing-along’ with full orchestra in the Sanctu

By Joanna Fuchs

Grayson Lakes

Insured & Bonded

25 Years Experience • Work Guaranteed • Free Estimates

Christmas is Coming! What is Christmas without Handel’s Messiah?

December 2012

e y

Happy Holidays from

Your friends at Krenek Printing Co. 13

ADVANCED HOME EXTERIORS WE DON’T TRY TO DO IT ALL... WE ONLY DO WHAT WE DO BEST! SIDING, WINDOWS, ROOFING & INSULATION HardiePlank Siding & Exterior Painting Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Re-Roofing -- Blown-In Attic Insulation

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HardiePlank or Window Replacement *Minimum purchase required

Recommended by Tom Tynan, SportsRadio 610 am Call Today for Your Free Estimate!


ary on Sunday, December 9th, at 7:00 pm. The church is located at 20775 Kingsland Blvd. We invite everyone in the community to join us, either as a singer or a listener. Scores will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis; however, given the limitations of available scores, you are encouraged to bring your own music.   We hope this will be a Christmas gift to our community that we can continue giving for years to come.   Please mark your calendar. If you have any questions please email us at or or contact Rae Ann Beck at 281-492-8031, ext. 329.

Katy Christian Women’s Connection Christmas Luncheon Mark your calendars, our next luncheon will be Thursday, December 13, 2012
, 11:00 am-1 pm.

 The Club at Falcon Point
, 24503 Falcon Point Dr, Katy, TX 77494
 - $16 inclusive per person

. Our Speaker and musical guest will be 
music teacher and concert pianist
, Sherry Woodruff
. She will be delighting us with her Christmas Program 

Mark your calendars… You don’t want to miss it!! 

Please bring a Christmas ornament (under $5) and be a part of a festive ornament exchange!
 For reservations call 281-232-8338 or email KatyCWC@gmail. com
 by 5 pm, Monday, September 17th. 

 Husbands are invited and are welcome to attend! Please go to to visit our Facebook page.

The EmPowerment Center


ELECTRICIAN 5 Year Warranty* 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

$30 Off Any Service Call! WIRED 713-467-1125 281-897-0001 P P P P P P

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Electrical Services Residential & Commercial

Mount Flat Screens Generators Lighting Add Circuits Panel Replacement Cable/Phone Now Installing Solar Panels

24/7 Service • Same Rates 7 Days a Week Family Owned & Operated Award Winner


Master #100394 • TECL #22809

Financing Available

“Just for Kids” Toy Drive The EmPowerment Center is sponsoring our Annual “Just for Kids” Toy Drive, thru December 14, 2012. Then join us for a Ho! Ho! Ho! Toy giveaway weekend beginning Saturday, December 15th at 10 am, Santa & Friends host “Snacks & Toys” and Sunday, December 16th at 9 am, it’s Santa & Friends host a Holiday Production  and Toys, both days on the campus of The EmPowerment Center, 20910 Park Row Blvd, Katy, Texas 77449. Everyone is welcome. For additional information, visit us online at or call our office at 281-578-3535 to support or receive.

First Christian Church of Katy



Annual “Living Nativity”

Join First Christian Church of Katy for the 6th Annual “Living Nativity” on Saturday, December 15, 2012 from 6:30-8:00 PM. There will be 3 live representations of the Nativity scene lasting approximately 30 minutes each. Refreshments will also be provided in the fellowship hall throughout the evening. First Christian Church is located at 22101 Morton Ranch Road, Katy, Texas 77449. For more details, call the church office at 281-492-2693 or visit our website: www.

New Creation Lutheran Church Christmas Eve Candlelight Service is scheduled! New Creation Lutheran Church will hold a worship service with music and carols for those who may be travelling over the holidays. If you would like to share some special time with your family before you get on the road or are busy on Christmas Eve, please join us at 4 pm Sunday, December 23rd for a candlelight service at the Irene Stern Community Center in Fulshear. Traditional holiday treats will follow. Come out and meet your neighbors. Pastor Dale: 832-492-5136.

Grayson Lakes

December 2012

Pediatric Dental Safari “happy kids, beautiful smiles”

Free Exam & Bitewing X-Rays New Patients Only. Expires December 31, 2012.

10% Discount

New Patients Only. 10% is taken off of the patient’s responsibility after insurance is applied. Offer does not apply to IV sedation fees. Expires December 31, 2012.

Amita Damani DDS Pediatric Dental Specialist

832-437-4894 2840 Commercial Center Blvd, Suite 101 Katy, TX 77494 Most Insurance Accepted We offer Nitrous Oxide, Conscious Sedation and IV Sedation Dr. Damani welcomes Special Needs Children


December 2012

Grayson Lakes


Proud Sponsors of: Cinco Ranch High School

Seven Lakes High School


The Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston (PHC)

Gingerbread Jog

Epiphany of the Lord Frostyfest Craft Show To help raise funds for a local charitable organization, join Frostyfest on Sat., Dec. 1st. Come and shop at our wonderful Craft Fair filled with booths with beautiful handmade items from local crafters. Bake sale, silent auctions all day and food court. Located at 1530 Norwalk Drive, Katy (South of I-10 off of Highland Knolls between Fry Road and Westgreen Blvd.). Wonderful Christmas shopping!!!

The Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston (PHC) is excited to announce the First Annual Gingerbread Jog event to be held on Saturday, December 1, 2012. This 5 K fun run and family 1 Mile walk/run will begin and end at the Villagio Town Center in Katy (22756 Westheimer Parkway) with a start of 8 AM. All profits from this fundraiser will benefit the PHC operations. REGISTER TODAY at

Texas Tech Parent Assoc. Greater W. Houston Chapter Bowling FUNDRAISER Our bowling event in January is a fundraising event for Texas Tech students, through Texas Tech Parent Association - Greater West Houston Chapter. Our bowling event will be held at Copperfield Bowl on Sunday, January 6th from 3-5 pm. Cost per person is $20 and includes 2 hours of bowling and shoe rental. Open to Texas Tech parents and students. RSVP is required. Visit www.texastechparents. org/group/GWH for more information. 

Keep Kids Connected - Recycle your Aluminum Beverage Cans for a Good Cause! Keep Kids Connected, a local non-profit organization that gives Netbook computers to kids with cancer or other serious illnesses, collects and recycles aluminum beverage cans the second Saturday of each month at the Tradition Bank, Pin Oak branch from 9 am-12 pm. Please stop by each month to donate your cans. The proceeds from the recycling are used to purchase computers. visit for more information on the organization.


Grayson Lakes

December 2012

Good Kid... ...Bad Choice

Grand Parkway

Defense of Juvenile Crimes


ay Westpark Tollw

FM 1093

La Centerra at Cinco Ranch 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd Ste H205 Katy, Texas 77494



Adams Law Firm 281-391-9237


Visit for a full listing of all upcoming Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo events. For questions about the events above, please feel free to contact the individuals listed • Dec. 1-2, 2012 Photos with Santa for each event. Houston Metro Go Texan Committee Cypress Fairbanks Subcommittee   For general information about the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Time: noon - 4 PM please contact Sarah Poole via email ( or Location: Traders Village phone 832-667-1200.  7979 N. Eldridge Pkwy Houston, Texas 77041   Contact: Tom Fitzgerald, 713-562-3363 The 2013 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo runs Feb. 25th through • Dec. 8-9, 2012 Photos with Santa  March 17th. Visit for more information. Houston Metro Go Texan Committee Cypress Fairbanks Subcommittee Time: noon - 4 PM Location: Traders Village 7979 N. Eldridge Pkwy Houston, Texas 77041 Contact: Tom Fitzgerald, 713-562-3363 • Dec. 8, 2012 Tamale Sale  Houston Metro Go Texan Committee Alief/Southwest Subcommittee Katy YMCA 10 AM - 12:30 PM Time: Location:  SYSCO • WINTER YMCA Youth Sports Leagues: Youth NFL Flag Football (grades 1st - 7th), Basketball (PreK-7th) or Cheerleading (grades K 1390 Enclave Houston, Texas 77077 6th). Teen Volleyball and Basketball also offered. Contact the Y for Contact: Lisa Bolt, 281-451-4183 details at 281-392-5055 or check out our website: ymcahouston. • Through Dec. 9, 2012 Holiday Wreath Pre–Sale  org Registration deadline is December 2nd ($10 late fee after NoHouston Metro Go Texan Committee Fort Bend/Stafford Subcommittee vember 25th). Delivery: wreaths will be delivered between 2 and 7 PM on Dec. 10, 2012 • LIVESTRONG at the YMCA: A twelve-week, small group program Contact: Lois Gremminger, 281-723-3718 designed for adult cancer survivors. YMCA membership is NOT re• Dec. 15-16, 2012 Photos with Santa  quired. All participants will receive a free 12 week Y membership. Houston Metro Go Texan Committee Cypress Fairbanks Subcommittee For more information, contact Cindy Jackson at 281-392-5055, ext. Time: noon - 4 PM 220 or via email at Location: Traders Village • Volunteers Needed for Community Event: High School stu 7979 N. Eldridge Pkwy Houston, Texas 77041 dents: Do you need service hours for school? The YMCA’s ThanksgivContact: Tom Fitzgerald, 713-562-3363 ing Day Turkey Dash is the perfect opportunity to earn those hours.   Approximate hours 6:30 – 10:30 AM. Visit www.ymcaturkeydash. org and click the Volunteer Ops tab to register.


December 2012

Grayson Lakes


West Houston Girls Softball Association Registration


West Houston Girls Softball Association invites you to come join the fun! Registration is now OPEN for our Spring 2013 season. Make some new friends and enjoy the outdoors in a fun and exciting way. No experience necessary! Girls, ages 5-17, are eligible to play! Every girl makes a team and every girl plays. Registration can be completed online, in-person or by mail (visit our website for forms and dates): If you have questions, please feel free to email Kim Jowers at


Bear Creek United Methodist Church

• POOL CLEANING SERVICE • Weekly pool maintenance


Flagstone, pavers, spray deck & stamped concrete

• LANDSCAPE DESIGN & INSTALLATION • Custom landscapes, water features and stonework

Celebrates our 11th season of UPWARD Basketball and Cheerleading Registration has begun and ends December 8, 2012. Evaluations are December 1, 2012 from 2 PM to 6 PM and December 8, 2012 from 9 AM to 12 noon. Practices begin January 2, 2013 with the first game on January 19, 2013. Last game will be March 9, 2013 and Awards Night is March 10, 2012. Costs are Basketball $75 and Cheerleading $80. For more information, visit or call Larry Tyree at 281-463-2330 ext.119 or larryt@ (email).

• IRRIGATION (Lic. 8260) •

Sprinkler system / drainage installation and repair


Basic lawn maintenance & full-service packages


Quality lighting & installation



Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Katy (formerly Katy TaeKwonDo Academy) is pleased to announce its newest class of black belt students reaching new milestones and Tiger Cub graduates from the October belt rank exam. Congratulations to these students who have earned their First Degree Level 1 “Probationary” Black Belt: Matthew Armstrong, Edward Benim, Morgan Grindal, Nathan Hatfield, Franco Iannini, Sydney Kim, Ellis McKay, Lewis McKay, Jose Mejia, Ruben Mejia, Shelley Schenk and Peyton Wingfield. Congratulations to these students who have earned their First Degree Level 2 “Decided” Black Belt: Armando Ibarra, Daisy Lin, John Linton, Mateo Mosquera, Mat Parker, Pearce Ram, Nathaniel Shorb, Philip Tanev and Taha Tyebjee. Congratulations to the following students for earning their Second Degree Black Belts: Justen Dorrance, Tanaya Pampattiwar, Bernardo Vilchis and Bruno Vilchis. Reaching a significant black belt milestone is Tiger-Rock staff instructor, Travis Atchley. Mr. Atchley tested for Fourth Degree Black Belt at the Fall National Championships in Spring, TX in September. The judges’ decision to advance Mr. Atchley to Fourth Degree was announced at the October academy testing. Congratulations to the following students who graduated from the Tiger Cubs program into the Junior program: Ruben Perez, Keegan Pollard, William Schmidt and Audriana Schrock.

i9 Sports

   


(281) 859-2122

Visit us at 18

Registration is open for fall Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer and T-Ball/Baseball leagues in Katy! i9 Sports is the #1 provider of youth sports leagues, camps and instructional clinics in the country for kids ages 3-14. We focus on fun, skills and sportsmanship with a commitment to safety. For more information, please visit www. or call 281-398-PLAY (7529).

Volleyball Please contact Dean at if you are interested in playing volleyball. You must be at least 18 years old and be able to play at intermediate level. We play at different locations in and around Katy area.

Grayson Lakes

December 2012


Boarding, Grooming, House Calls, Rehabilitation, and Fitness

281-392-7387 (PETS)


50% OFF Grooming

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Any size bag or case of Hills Science Diet or Prescription Diet


for New Clients with Boarding and Grooming

with Veterinary Exam for New and Established Clients


By appointment only. Pet must be current on required preventative care.

By appointment only with coupon presented at time of service. Pet must be current on required preventative care. Expires 12/30/2012.

12 month purchase Heartgard Plus

Memorial Hermann


Kingsland Blvd


Pe Rd

Grand Parkway

Rover Oaks

Katy Rugby Club Fun for all the family. All ages welcome - boys & girls. Training every Sunday 2-4 PM, at Beck Junior High school Football Field. For more information, visit

Katy Valkyries HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS LACROSSE The Katy Valkyries is a varsity team competing in the Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League and accepts players from all KISD high schools. Lacrosse experience is not necessary to join the team - we will teach you the skills and game strategy. Please see our new website at: for additional information.

CHURCH NEWS Katy Christian Women’s Connection Please join us for a prayer coffee and fellowship from 10 AM to 11:30 AM. On Thursday, December 6, 2012 at our new location 
The Life Center at 
The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch Church
, 22765 Westheimer Pkwy.
, Katy, Texas 77450
 (Westheimer Pkwy. @ Peek Rd.) 
Bring a friend and don’t forget to bring your Bible. 

(plan to arrive 30-minutes before the prayer coffee begins for breakfast and fellowship 
- the prayer coffee will begin promptly at 10 am! 
In the same area of the church is Kosmos™, a not-for-profit coffee shop 
that donates all the profits to humanitarian organizations 
both locally and globally.) For more information about our prayer connections, directions or to RSVP, 
please call 281-232-8338. Find us online at Or follow us on Facebook at  

Grayson Lakes

Mason Rd

Katy Mills

Katy Fort Bend Rd

“Our mission is to treat your pet with the same love and quality care we would Patrick D Choyce, our own.” DVM

December 2012

REBATES (Limit 1 per customer):

of 3 months or more of Frontline Tritak Frontline Plus

$24 OFF

24221 Kingsland Blvd

Cimarron Pkwy Highland Knolls

Family of Faith Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Youth-Led, Family-Fed Worship Service The Family of Faith Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is inviting all people to our Youth-Led, Family-Fed Worship Service on Sunday, December 9th, 5:30 pm, at Salyards Middle School, 21757 Fairfield Place Drive.  Go to for more information.  

Katy Aglow

Aglow International is a global, trans-denominational Christian organization. More than 200,000 Aglow members meet together each month through local fellowships. The local Katy Lighthouse is a safe haven for those seeking salvation, healing, deliverance andrestoration. A place where God’s love abounds; a place where lives are refreshed and transformed by His love, as we grow closer to Jesus and serve one another. At the monthly gatherings, there is time to meet and visit with friends, enjoy corporate worship and prayer and hear from a guest speaker. Many of the ladies share lunch afterwards. You are most cordially invited to attend the Katy Aglow group. You will be glad you did. Meeting: December 11, 2012 Speaker: Joan Murray Time: 9:30 AM - Arrive/Visit 10:00 AM - Meeting begins Place: Fellowship Hall at Church on the Rock, 433 S. Barker Cypress, Houston, TX 77094. (Dir: 1-10 Exit Barker Cypress Rd., go south 3 blocks to corner of Barker Cypress @ Kingsland Blvd.) Contact: for guest speaker and group information for information about Aglow International  


These mission quilts go out into the world to provide people in need with the warmth and comfort of a quilt. LWR’s goal in 2013 is to provide 500,000 quilts for people in refugee camps or in areas hit by a natural disaster.

 The Piecemakers meet twice a month to tie quilts. The public is welcome; if you can tie a knot they need you! For more information, call the church office at 281-392-2300.

Kingsland Baptist Church Weekly Events for Adult 55+ Game Day - Meet with us every Wednesday in the Crawford Fellowship Hall from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM as we fellowship around the table playing Chicken Foot, Scrabble, Cards, etc. Senior Aerobics offered at Kingsland Baptist Church Please join our Adult 55+ exercise class at 11:00 - 11:45 AM each Thursday morning in the gym at Kingsland Baptist Church. Peggy Skaggs is our trained and certified instructor and the class is open to all levels.

From left Tawana Goodwin (from Krause), Judy Mach, Belinda Davis, Jackie Schofield and Dee Hodgdon.

Living Word Lutheran Church MAKES QUILTS FOR KRAUSE CENTER Each September, the Piecemakers quilting group from Living Word Lutheran Church takes a break from making quilts for Lutheran World Relief to make quilts for the children at The Krause Center in Katy. This year, they presented Tawana Goodwin with twenty quilts. Each child receives a quilt when they arrive at the Center and takes the treasured quilt with them when they leave.

 During the rest of the year, the Piecemakers make quilts for Lutheran World Relief.


For more information, contact Mike Kelley at 281-492-0785. Kingsland Baptist Church is located at 20555 Kingsland Blvd. We are located across from Taylor High School Tennis Courts. For more information, you can visit us online at or call the church office at 281-492-0785.

Power for Today Bible Study and Prayer “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matt 6:34 Held every 3rd Tuesday - 6:30-7:30 pm Omni Hotel Westside - Café on the Lake 13210 Katy Freeway Houston, Texas 77079 281-558-8338

Grayson Lakes

December 2012

The Katy Christian Women’s Connection (KCWC) prayer coffee The Katy Christian Women’s Connection (KCWC) hosted a prayer coffee on October 11th at their new Prayer Coffee location, The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch Church in Katy. The ladies enjoyed the fellowship, sharing and prayers of the women in attendance. Jennifer Phillips Lawrence shared her testimony of how the Lord has work through her life, with abundant blessings for her family, it was very inspiring and she touched everyone’s hearts. This group meets monthly for prayer coffees, a few times a year for luncheons and also offers Bible studies. Go to their website at for more information.  


Hi Jewish Community. Let’s get connected! To share Shabbat dinners, Chanukah parties, Passover Seders or simply get together! Interested? Email us at or visit www. - our website.

EPIPHANY BINGO Epiphany conducts their bingo games every Friday night except holidays. There Is No Smoking Allowed During All Bingo Games. They have security, lighted parking, big screen color monitor, computerized bingo equipment, snack bar and large cash prizes. Profits benefit charitable outreach programs. Epiphany Catholic Church, Church Community Center, 1530 Norwalk Dr. (between Fry and Mason Roads, south of I-10 behind Nottingham Subdivision) off Highland Knolls. Early bird games begin at 7:30 PM and regular games at 8:00 PM. For more info, call the bingo hall number at 281-578-3905.

St. Bartholomew the Apostle Catholic Church BINGO At St. Bartholomew the Apostle Catholic Church in downtown Katy, “BINGO” is being played in our Parish Hall every Friday evening except Holidays. Doors open at 7:00 PM, games start at 7:15 PM with four Early Bird games. Regular games start at 7:30 PM. All profits will benefit community outreach and Religious Education programs. The Church is located in downtown Katy at 5356 Eleventh St. You can get to the church if traveling west on Hwy. 90 to Katyland Rd. Turn right at the light, go to the second stop sign (at the stadium) Eleventh St., turn left and the Church Hall will be on your right one block down. For more info., call 281-391-4758.

LOU'S PAINTING, Ltd. • Interior - Exterior Your home is an expensive investment! Painting beautifies & preserves that investment!

• Power Washing • Sheetrock & Texture • HardiPlank® Replacement • Minor Repairs Free Estimates

Mike McKay


"Doing business from the same location since 1978"

YDR SERVICES Free es! mat Esti

Owner Operated


Se star rvice tin $ 22. g at 99


281-788-2047 December 2012

Grayson Lakes


Recipes for the Month

Become a Dental Assistant in just 10 weeks! 10 Week Course Saturday Classes Only Winter Classes Begin 1/12/13 Tuition $2850 • Payment Plans Training Since 1995

onion dip 1 1 1 1

– 8oz. block of cream cheese bag frozen chopped onions cup mayonaise cup shredded parmesan cheese

Soften cream cheese in microwave and mix the remaining ingredients. Bake at 350 degrees for about 25-30 minutes or until bubbly and brown around the edges.

aty K n wi No Houston Dental Assistant School Located in Katy and Spring/The Woodlands

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Second day, add the rest of ingredients and mix well refrigerate


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On first day, combine cooked Vermicelli, olive oil, lemon juice and allspice. Cover and refrigerate oernight.

Optional: 2 ½ cup canned ham, cooked chicken breast, shrimp, or cooked hambuger

281.395.3492 Office 281.543.3013 Cell


1 (12oz.) package Vermicelli, cooked and drained 4 Tbsp olive oil 3 Tbsp lemon juice ½ tsp Allspice

2 Cups mayonnaise 1 bell pepper, chopped 1 cup chopped celery ½ cup chopped onion 1 4ounce jar pimiento 1 ( 6-8ox) can pitted ripe olives chopped 1 5 oz can water chestnuts, drained and sliced Salt and pepper to taste

David L. Bartine CPA, CFE

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Rhonda’s Beans 1 1lb tube of regular or spicy Sausage

(browned and drained) 4 (15 to 16 oz cans different types of beans... Drain half liquid (dark red kidney, black beans, navy beans, pinto beans, etc.) 1 (31 oz) can pork and beans ( Do not drain) ½ cup brown sugar ½ cup barbecue sauce ½ cup ketchup ½ large onion, chopped 1 10oz can regular or spicy chopped tomatoes, drained 1 teaspoon liquid smoke 1 teaspoon mustard ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon ground pepper 6 to 8 strips bacon Preheat oven to 350 . In a large skillet, brown the sausage, breaking it up into pieces as it cooks. When cooked through, remove from skillet and drain fat. In very large bowl, mix sausage and everything else except bacon. Transfer mixture to a 9x13 inch or other large baking pan. Place bacon strips on top and bake for 1 hour. If necessary, run under broiler to crisp bacon before serving. Makes 15 servings


Grayson Lakes

December 2012

Get Into the Christmas Spirit Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace, love and goodwill to all. But with all the stress and commotion of the season, many of us end up feeling more like Mr. Scrooge than Santa Claus. • Shop early. Nothing takes away the Christmas spirit like fighting for parking and struggling through crowds. • Wish people that you meet in stores and other casual environments a happy holiday. Say it with a smile. • Drop spare coins in the Salvation Army collection buckets. • Do something nice for someone. Offer to baby-sit so a friend can do her Christmas shopping, take cookies to your neighbors or rake an elderly neighbor’s yard. • Volunteer your time to a worthy holiday cause. Even if you are busy, you can spare an hour or two to help people less fortunate than yourself. • Organize a drive at work or in your neighborhood. Collect food and personal items and donate them to a local shelter for the homeless or for battered women. • Play Christmas music. • Watch Christmas movies. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a good one for reviving a flagging Christmas spirit, as is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” • Read “A Christmas Carol” and “A Child’s Christmas in Wales.” • Decorate your house for the holidays. • Don’t spend more money than you have. Anxiety over after-Christmas bills can ruin your holiday.

The right way to give • Give with a cheerful heart. • Give within your means. An expensive gift doesn’t mean it’s the best. • Giving comes from your heart, not from the wallet. • Some gifts are priceless... love, time, effort, encouragement, prayer, etc. • Observe the needs and wants of the person you’re giving to. Consider his/her hobbies, lifestyle and what he/she wears. • Be creative, imaginative and crazy. • Shop for gifts early to avoid last-minute frantic rush.

Hanukkah In Judaism, the Festival of Lights, the Feast of Consecration or the Feast of the Maccabees; also transliterated Chanukah. According to tradition, it was instituted by Judas Maccabeus and his brothers in 165 B.C. to celebrate the dedication of the new altar in the Temple at Jerusalem. The festival occurs in December near the time of the winter solstice, as does Christmas and lasts eight days. Hanukkah later came to be linked also with a miraculous cruse of oil that burned for eight days, leading to the practice of lighting special Hanukkah candles, one the first evening, two the second and so on. The eight-branched candle stand (menorah) used in that ceremony is a frequent symbol for the holiday.

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HAPPY Kwanzaa Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday created in 1966. It begins on December 26th and lasts through January 1st. The name Kwanzaa comes from the language of Swahili and means first fruits of the harvest. To prepare for the holiday, families decorate their homes with Kwanzaa symbols. A candle is lit for each day of Kwanzaa. A black candle is lit first, then red and green candles are lit alternately. There are seven principles of Kwanzaa, one for each day. They are Umoja or Unity, Kujichagulia or Self-Determination, Ujima or Collective Work and Responsibility, Ujamma or Cooperative Economics, Nia or Purpose, Kuumba or Creativity and Imani or Faith.

December 2012

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Fort Bend County Fort Bend Master Gardeners For information on Ft. Bend Master Gardeners or lists of events, visit or call the Master’s Gardener’s Hotline at 281341-7068. Anyone with an interest in gardening is encouraged to attend our events. Saturday, December 1, 2012: Saturday with the Master Gardeners - Visit our 4 acres of Demonstration Gardens and talk to the volunteers who design and maintain them. It’s a great way to learn! Park in front of the Agriculture Center, located at 1402 Band Road, Rosenberg, 77471. Take one of the sidewalks back to the area behind the building to find the Master Gardeners. Gardens are open from 9:00-11:00 AM.

TEXAS MASTER NATURALIST TRAINING TO BEGIN THIS FALL If you enjoy nature and would like to learn more, do more and/ or teach young people about the great outdoors, consider joining others in a local chapter of Texas Master Naturalists. There are 60 or so friends and neighbors in the Fort Bend County area who are members and invite you to check out the organization at www. . The training class begins in the fall. Contact with any questions.

Sugar Land Garden Club Sugar Land Garden Club meets at the Sugar Land Community Center, 226 Matlage Way, Sugar Land 77478. For more information visit or call 281-491-1621. Sugar Land Garden Club was established in 1932 and is one of the largest garden clubs in Texas. Membership is open to all.

West Fort Bend County Republican Women Are you interested in meeting your local elected officials? Would you like to know how Congress is dealing with “hot” items during this session? Contact Susan at 281-633-2277 or BurgerBizInc@aol. com for information on our group.

Become a Tutor-Understand our Student’s Lifelines Become an essential part of a student’s life by signing up to be a tutor for the Literacy Council! The Literacy Council of Fort Bend County holds tutor training every other month. After 12 hours of training, outstanding volunteers are equipped to teach Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to adults. The trainings prepare tutors to organize and compile lesson plans, learn about various tutoring techniques, understand the purpose of the Literacy Council and much more. Tutors do not need knowledge of any foreign language, nor do they need formal teaching experience. We offer many locations for tutoring throughout the area, including locations in Katy. Tutoring sessions are offered during the day and at night. If you are interested in impacting someone’s life by being their tutor, please contact the Literacy Council at 281-240-8181 or visit the website at Help us to “Change Lives Through Literacy!”

RUOK Program Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Dept. has a computer-generated program called “Are You OK?” (RUOK). It is a computer-generated call intended for senior citizens (over 55) and disabled persons who live alone and could benefit from a daily check. A computer will generate a call each morning, at about the same time and the participant chooses a time frame. A voice will ask, “Are you OK?” After this, all they have to

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December 2012


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281-617-2231 do is hang up the phone. If the participant goes out of town or leaves the residence for any time, you just temporarily un-subscribe and resubscribe when you return. If the call goes unanswered, the computer will call back 3 times at 15-minute intervals. If there is still no answer, the sheriff will dispatch a deputy or the local police. They will have with them a print out of information on the person that is not responding to the calls. This program was established by FBC Sheriff Milton Wright, Commissioner’s Court and Ken Whitt (FBC Sheriff’s Citizens Academy Alumni Assoc.) in 1998. Many police chiefs in the county are also participating in the program and will proceed with the welfare check for citizens of their community. To request more information or to enroll in this free and very beneficial program, please call the Sheriff’s dept. at 281-341-4704.

PLEASE NOTE - Pets on Leashes It is the law in Fort Bend County that all pets must be vaccinated for rabies, registered and restrained. All animals, when outside of an owner’s means of restraint (i.e., in a fenced back yard), must be on a leash. For the safety of all residents, please use all precautions with your pets and keep them on leashes when walking pets in the community EVEN IF YOU FEEL YOUR PET IS HARMLESS. If you see ANY animal roaming freely in the neighborhood, immediately call Animal Control at 281-342-1512. Even if you recognize the animal, be very careful approaching it, as you do not know how it will react; if you can safely retrieve the animal, then call the owner. Otherwise, Animal Control is your best and safest option.

Recycle at the Ft. Bend County Recycling Center! The Ft. Bend County Recycling center is located nearby in Rosenberg (just 10 miles away) and accepts glass/bottles and Styrofoam that Waste Management doesn’t pick up. Visit the Ft. Bend Co. government website for information: Some recycling facts: • It takes about 1-2 million years for glass to decompose. • It takes 1+ million years for Styrofoam to decompose. For more facts on decomposition time, visit

CINCO RANCH BRANCH LIBRARY (FT. BEND CO. LIB.) 2620 Commercial Center Blvd., Katy, TX 77494, 281-395-1311, Hours Mon. 12 Noon - 9 PM, Tues. 10 AM - 9 PM, Wed. 10 AM 6 PM, Thurs. 10 AM - 9 PM, Fri. 12 Noon - 5 PM, Sat. 10 AM - 5 PM, Sun. Closed. All programs are free and open to the public. For more information, call the Cinco Ranch Branch Library at 281-395-1311 or the library’s Public Information Office at 281-341-2677. LIBRARY CLOSINGS: Veterans’ Day - November 12th Thanksgiving - November 22nd - 25th • CINCO RANCH NIGHT READERS’ TO DISCUSS ‘While I Was Gone’ - The Night Readers’ book club will meet on Thursday, December 20th beginning at 7:00 PM, in Conference Room 2. The literary-review club is free and open to the public.

December 2012

Grayson Lakes


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• ADULT COMPUTER CLASSES - All computer classes will take place in the Computer Lab. Reservations are required. To register online at the library’s website (, click on “Calendar,” select “Cinco Ranch Branch Library” and find the program. Participants may also register by calling the library at 281-395-1311 or by visiting the library. Sharing Your Digital Pictures: Tuesday, December 4th - 10:00 AM MS Word 2007 Survival Basics: Tuesday, December 11th - 10:00 AM MS Excel 2007 Survival Basics: Thursday, December 13th - 10:00 AM WEEKLY CHILDREN’S PROGRAM SCHEDULE • Mother Goose Time: Tuesdays at 10:30 am, provides caregiver/ infant activities and songs especially designed for the youngest book-lovers, from age 1 month to 12 months. Library closed December 25th. • Toddler Time: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 am - offers caregiver/child activities, stories and songs for older babies, from 12 to 36 months of age. No programs on December 26th and 27th. • Story Time: Age 3-6, where they hear stories, watch movies and participate in age-appropriate craft activities, beginning at 2:00 pm each Tuesday. Library closed December 25th. • Pajama Night Story Time: Thursdays at 7:00 pm - gives families an evening option for the activities presented during the daytime. No programs on December 27th. • Kinder Korner: a time for kindergartners to enjoy stories, movies, crafts and other activities - takes place on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 4:30 PM. No programs on December 26th.


• The After-School Breaks: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 4:30 PM - crafts, movies, stories and more for school-aged children entering first through fifth grades. • The Tween Café, which begins at 4:30 PM on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, is designed for youth in the 6th – 8th grade.

GEORGE MEMORIAL Branch Library (FT. BEND CO. LIB.) 1001 Golfview Drive, Richmond, Texas 77469, 281-342-4455 Hours: Mon. 9 AM - 9 PM, Tues. 9 AM - 9 PM, Wed. 9 AM - 9 PM, Thurs. 9 AM - 9 PM, Fri. 9 AM - 5 PM, Sat. 9 AM - 5 PM, Sun. 1 PM - 5 PM. Website: Public Information Office - 281-341-2677. To register online for any event (www.fortbend., click on “Calendar,” select “George Memorial Library,” and find the program. Participants may also register by calling the library at 281-341-2604 or by visiting the library. LIBRARY CLOSINGS Christmas – December 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th New Year’s – Libraries will close at 5:00 PM on December 31st; Closed January 1st

SUPPORT/ HELP GROUPS • KATY CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES - Help to Survivors of Sexual Assault. The 24-hour Crisis Hotline number is 281-693- RAPE (7273). NON-EMERGENCY 281-391-5262. • The Compassionate Friends (TCF) - meetings are held in the John Burns building of Kingsland Baptist Church, 20555 Kingsland Blvd in Katy, across from the Taylor High tennis courts. For more info. please visit our website, or contact Melinda Ginter, 281-492-1262.

Grayson Lakes

December 2012

• The Compassionate Friends Houston West Chapter meets every second Monday at 7 pm at Tallowood Baptist Church at 555 Tallowood, room ET102. Info. at www.compassionatefriends. org and the Houston West Chapter at or by calling Greg Williams 281-345-9707. • CANCER COUNSELING (FREE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP IN KATY) - meets Thursdays from 7-8 pm at Christus St. Catherine Hospital. For registration and info., contact Cancer Counseling, 713520-9873 or Spanish-speaking available. • Free Mental Disorders Family Support Groups - Meets at a number of locations. Complete listing on or call 713-970-4419. • NAMI Family to Family - free mental disorders family education course. For info., please call Vi 281-893-2493 or Debbie 713-849-5637. • DEPRESSION Bipolar support alliance - For info., call the DBSA office at 713-600-1131 or check out our website at • The Katy OCD/Anxiety group for parents - meets on the last Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM at La Madeline restaurant in Katy. For more information check out our website: • Katy/West Houston/Sugar Land Tourette Syndrome Support Group - meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month @ 7 PM at Christus St. Catherine Annex Hospital, 2nd floor, classroom B, 701 Fry Road. For further info., please contact the support group leaders, Daryl and Barbara Brister 281-395-5392 or email • Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) - For Ages 12 to 17, call 281-870-9311 or for ages 17 to 25, call 713-647-8858. • Harris county WIC PROGRAM - For additional info. about WIC, call 713-439-6145 or For a recorded message listing all Harris County WIC sites, you may call 713-439-6130. • ECI Project TYKE - If you know a child under the age of 3 who needs assistance in at least one area of development or who has a medical diagnosis or condition impacting his or her development, please call ECI Project TYKE 281-237-6647 or make a referral on our website • Different Strokes - a support group for stroke survivors meets every Tuesday at 10:00 AM in the Senior Center, located at 13150 Memorial Dr., for fellowship, learning, sharing, exercising and loving. Call for further info.: Kay Callahan 713-461-5604 or Roberta Owens 281-463-3490. • The Arc of Katy - Board meeting is the 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 7 PM. We meet at City Police Station located at 5456 Franz Rd. The ARC of Katy members are always welcome. Please visit or call 832-754-9802 or 832-888-9265 for additional info. • Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) - meets at West Houston Community Center, 725 Bateswood. For times, please see our website at or call 281-392-8914. • West Houston Medical Center - offers free monthly Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups and free monthly Weight Loss Surgery Informational/Educational Classes. To inquire or register, please call 281-588-8657. • DRUG AND ALCOHOLISM FAMILY SUPPORT GROUP - Every Wednesday night from 7 – 8 PM. For more info., call 713-632-5237. • Home Encouragement - a 501(c)(3) non-profit that nurtures healthy marriages and strong families. For info., contact Kellie Hurst of Home Encouragement at 281-347-LIFE or visit our website at • Katy Essential Tremor Support Group - meets bimonthly on the second Thursday of each month, at the Heritage Grand Clubhouse, 25125 North Heritage Grand Circle, in Katy at 4:00 PM. For info., contact Betty Ann Schwarz at 281-347-2194 or email • Katy ADHD parent group - meets on the 2nd Sunday of every month, in room S201, at St. Peter’s United Methodist Church, 20775 Kingsland Blvd. from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. For more info., contact Laura Peddicord at 281-392-6064 or

December 2012

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• Grace Fellowship United Methodist Church - located at 2655 S. Mason Rd., Katy, 77450, offers groups for those who are hurting and healing from trials and difficulties of life. Please call the Grace Fellowship Care Ministry at 281-646-1903 for further details or see our website, www. • st. peter’s united Methodist church support groups – We offer many different types of groups. For more info., call 281-492-8031. Located at 20775 Kingsland Blvd. • The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch offers several support and growth recovery groups through its Merimnao ministry, open to everybody in the community. Call the church at 281-395-3950 or go to www.thefellowship. org/ministry/merimnao for more information. • Christ Clinic - No Insurance? Need medical treatment? Let us help. Christ Clinic located at 5504 First St., Katy, Texas 77493 (Next-Door to Katy Christian Ministries), 281-391-0190. • Holy Covenant United Methodist Church weekly Support Groups - Grief and Divorce care support groups. For more info., or call the church 281-579-1200. • CROSSPOINT COMMUNITY CHURCH - Celebrate Recovery meets every Wednesday from 6:30 – 8:30 PM. This is a free ongoing meeting, open to the public. For more info., go to or call 281-398-6464. • Katy/West Houston Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Meetup Group – monthly meetings provide info. and support for sufferers/families regarding any of these or related disorders. Sign up for more info at (search fibromyalgia and Katy TX to find us), email vtway@ or call 281-705-4395, Vickie Tway - Facilitator, for other info. and meeting schedule. • Hopekeepers - national web site is for more information or come to one of the local support groups. Grace Fellowship United Methodist Church (2655 S. Mason Rd) on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 10:30 AM. Epiphany of the Lord Church (1530 Norwalk Dr) on Mondays at 6:30 PM. • Lifeway International - an early enthusiastic substance abuse recovery program for adolescents, young adults and adults and their families, meets every Wednesday at 7:30 PM at Grace Fellowship UMC, 2655 S. Mason Rd, Katy. For more information call 713-270-6753.


PARENT’S (MOM’S) & CHILDREN’S GROUPS, ORGANIZATIONS, CLUBS, ETC . • LA LECHE LEAGUE OF KATY AND WEST HOUSTON - Methodist West Houston Hospital, 18500 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77094. Daytime Meetings 1st Wed. of month, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM, Evening Meetings, 4th Mon. of month, 7:00-8:45 PM. For further info., please call: Susan 281-829-6833, Maria 832-606-9932 (Spanish). La Leche League International’s website is: • MOMS Club of Katy - please email momsclubkatyse@ You can also contact Jamie Ensminger, Membership VP: 832-493-1507. • MOMS @ Second - West Campus - Cost is $40 for entire year. Childcare provided for a minimal cost. For more info, call Faye at 713-465-3408 x 1007. • Bear Creek Baptist MOPS – Meets the second and forth Friday of each month at 9:30 AM. The cost is $10 per meeting for childcare and MOPS dues. For more info, contact Kristi Brock at or 281-858-4202. • Katy Moms In PRAYER International group For info., call Leslie Power at 281-392-2357 or visit www. on the web. • Mothers’ Share Group - meet Thursdays, from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM following the KISD schedule; at St. Peter’s United Methodist Church, 20775 Kingsland Blvd, Katy, TX 77450 in Room E221 (upstairs). For more info. or to confirm childcare, contact St. Peter’s UMC at 281-492-8031 or • Mocha Moms - a Stay-At-Home Support group for women of color. For more info, contact Hesma at 281-762-0262 or

Grayson Lakes

December 2012

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• iBLOOM - young Moms…come share Monday mornings with us. Visit online at Grace Fellowship UMC, 2655 S Mason in Katy. • REAL MOMS OF KATY PLAYGROUP - This group is down to earth and drama free. Learn more at • All Moms of Katy - come run AMOK with us! Contact membership at to get involved. • WORKING Moms of Katy - group to support working moms in the Katy area Charlene Taylor, 281-235-3043 or• Katy Moms In PRAYER International group For info., please contact Leslie Power at 281-392-2357 or visit the Moms In Prayer website at • KATY AREA PARENTS OF MULTIPLES (KAPOM) - meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at The Church of Holy Apostles located at 1225 West Grand Parkway S. For more info., please email or visit our website • Katy Parents of Gifted and Talented Support group (KPGT) - an advocacy organization dedicated to promoting quality educational services for the gifted students in the school district. Visit our website at for a printable membership form. • Katy Association of Child Care Professionals - meets the third Wednesday of each month at the MUD #81 building located at Cimarron Parkway and Hidden Canyon. Refreshments are served. For more info., call 281-578-6376 or 281-392-0989. • PARENTS WITHOUT PARTNERS - For more info. about Parents Without Partners International, check out our website at or Parent with Partners Greater Houston Chapter #63 at Contact Barbara 281-469-5646. • FAMILY TO FAMILY -an organization dedicated to helping families who have a child with disabilities. For more information, please all Joanie or Carolyn at 713-466-6304 or go to • Breath Of Life Children’s Center Clinic - We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For questions, please call 281-398-7353. • MEMORIAL HERMANN KATY HOSPITAL - offers parenting classes, for info. call 713-222-CARE. • West Houston Medical Center - offers parenting classes. To inquire or register, please call 281-588-8065.


281-962 - 4000


• KATY AREA REPUBLICANS KATY’S CONSERVATIVE VOICE - For info., contact Kate Diehl at 832-643-0378 or ktuqt@consolidated. net or check our Face Book page or our website • West Fort Bend County Republican Women – For more info., contact Susan at 281-633-2277 or • Katy Area Democrats - meets 3rd Tuesday of the month at Briarchester club house at 7:00 PM. For info., contact Pat Darwish 281-647-0986, visit or email • Katy Mommy Patriots - moms meeting to join the fight to protect our children’s future by getting involved in community and political events. Meets twice a month. For more info., call Kelly Horsley 281-858-8830 or Martha Mathis 832-321-4854. rotary clubs: • The Rotary Club of Katy Sunrise (RCKS) - meets every Tuesday morning, at 7:00 AM, for breakfast at The Club at Falcon Point, guests and visitors welcome. For more info. visit www. • The Rotary Club of Katy - meets each Thursday, noon to 1:00 PM, at Hasta La Pasta, 1450 Grand Parkway, Suite E. For more info., call 281-392-0045 or • WEST HOUSTON ROTARY CLUB - Tuesdays, 12:15 PM, West Houston Omni, North Eldridge at Katy Freeway. 281-627-0662.

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toastmasters: • Katy Toastmasters - meets the first three Thursdays of each month at 7:30 PM at Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union, 25525 Katy Mills Parkway, Katy, TX 77494. We are located behind Katy Mills Mall near Pin Oak Road. Visitors are welcome! Visit our website at http:// • Park 10 Talkers Toastmasters Club - meets every Thursday at 11:45 AM at NACE, 1440 South Creek Dr, Houston, 77084, telephone 281-228-6287. For more info. on Toastmasters, go to • Easy Risers Toastmasters - meets every Tuesday morning from 7 - 8 AM in the Fulbright Tower located at 1301 McKinney. For more info., contact Ed Young at business/networking: • West Houston’s (CBMC) Christian Businessmen Committee - meet at various times and places. For more info call Houston Metro Office 713-688-4343 or visit www.houston.cbmc. com or • American Business Women’s Assoc. Katy Charter Chapter - meets 2nd Tuesday of each month at Hasta La Pasta (Katy) 6:00 PM. Networking begins at 6:00 pm, dinner and meeting at 6:30 pm. Email RSVP’s and inquiries to • W. Houston Chapter, Intern’l Assoc. of Admin. Professionals (WHIAAP) - meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at Embassy Suites Huston - Energy Corridor at 11730 Katy Freeway (N. side of I10 - Kirkwood Exit). (Caroline Champness CPS/ CAP • ABWA west houston network - meets the second Thursday of each month, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM, at the Marriott Energy Corrridor. For more info. or to RSVP, visit our website at  • Business Network International - KATY - meets every Thursday, 7:00 - 8:30 AM, for breakfast and business networking, at The Club @ Falcon Point, 24503 Falcon Point Drive, Katy, Texas 77494. Please RSVP, Ron Orlando 281-398-5661. For more info. on Katy BNI, go to


Most Insurances Accepted Braces for Children and Adults Elite Premier Invisalign Provider • (BNI) Business Network International - Cinco Ranch - meets each Tuesday morning at 7-8:30 am at Willowfork Country Club at 21055 Westheimer Parkway, Katy, Katy, TX 77450. For info., Len Tierney at 713-824-6960 or go to and search for Cinco Ranch Chapter in Katy, Texas. • Parkway Business Partners chapter of BNI meets every Wednesday at Willow Fork Country Club in Katy. Meetings are held from 7:15 AM until 9:00 AM and visitors are welcome. For information or a reservation to attend, please call Chris at 832-252-9413. • InHouston-Katy PremIer Professional Business Networking - meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 4:00-8:00 PM at Vida Loca Mexican Bar and Grill, 21810 Kingsland Blvd Katy, Texas. For info., call Gail Stolzenburg 281-493-1955, gail@freedomnow. net or Newell Cheatheam 713-385-3622, newell@newellcheatheam. com or InHouston-Katy. • BIZPACK - “Connecting People in Business and Life” Networking And Breakfast $5: 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, 7:30-9:00 AM at Carriage Inn 1400 Katy-Flewellen Road. For info., call Jane Moughon at 832-455-4579 or email janemoughon@ • THE ULTIMATE FITNESS AND WELLNESS NETWORK - Meetings are the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. Membership is free. For more information, contact Karen Narum 281-871-8920 or • West Katy Netweavers - meets at Essence Cafe at Cross Creek Ranch Welcome Center in Fulshear every first and third Wednesday of the month, at 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM sharp. The cost of attendance is $1. For questions, tajanamesic@greengrovegroup. com or visit • Katy Bar Association - an Association of Attorneys who live or work in the Katy Area, holds its monthly meeting at 12:00 PM on the fourth Tuesday of every month at Willow Fork Country Club. Contact Nick Nicholas at or 713-752-4443 for more info.

Grayson Lakes

December 2012

How to Contact Krenek Printing DEADLINE (for all ads and news in the Katy area): The 25th of the second month preceding publication date.

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Affordable advertising across Katy & Hwy 6. 7102 Glen Chase Ct. Houston, TX 77095

! " # $!


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) $



Traeger Pellet Grill/Smoker (BBQ055) for sale (with two bags of wood pellets). Used 3 times, $150. Call Don at 281-578-5888. 57x81 Toshiba TV with two side cabinets, $500. Call 713-298-9537. 40-piece Noritake dinner set for sale, collectors item, $300, negotiable. Serious inquiries only. 281-391-6424.





Wedgewood China, 12 5-piece settings, plus serving pieces, $895. 281-395-3664. 6 piece corner office desk/hutch set, wood is light oak in color. Very nice! Call/text 832-544-4795. Curio cabinet, solid wood, dark stain, upper glass doors, good condition, $150. 281-463-8655. Free Pool Table, used condition. Email to pick up.

INTERIOR & EXTERIOR 30+ Years Experience/Family Owned

• Carpentry • Sheetrock - Texture • Pressure Washing • Siding - HardiPlank® • Refinish - Staining • References • Insured & Bonded

Tejas Smoker #1628: Great condition, garage kept, wood storage rack, stainless steel front shelf, $525. 713-823-2983, after 5 PM. Le Cache Wine Cabinet model 5200 Provincial Cherry. Capacity of 620 bottles. Sell for $2,700. Contact 713-705-0184. Bakers Rack - great condition, 4 drawers, six bottle wine rack. $125 OBO. Call after 6:00, 281-213-3999. Christmas ornaments, many themed, mostly Hallmark - will show by appointment. Scrapbook papers and stickers. 281-703-0926. Mary Engelbreit Collectibles: dishes, books, pictures, etc. 281-347-4428. Custom white, faux wood blinds for sale. 3 - 40Wx70L, 1 sink window 34Wx40L. $40 each or best offer. Call 281-463-1175. Marcy Home Gym complete with self spotting bench, curling bar, lat-pull pully system & over 200 lbs. of weights. Also a chest-explosion machine & accessories for the pully system. Excellent condition. $325 or $350 delivered assembled. 281-881-6405. Sofa good to very good condition, $250 OBO.

December 2012

Grayson Lakes




6 !3 711


e y r w

JP Roofing & Gutters

5 inch - 6 inch Seamless Gutters Flat Roofs • Metal Roofs + Leak Repairs HardiPlank Siding Int./Ext. Painting & Repairs

281-463-9077 FREE


Roof Evaluation

Your Satisfaction is Our Future 31

The School Year is Half Over. How is Your Child Doing?

Dr. Pavlovich will help your child succeed! Tutoring, Homework Relief, Study Skills and Test Prep

Holiday SAT classes begin Dec 24. Enrollment is limited. Sign up NOW!!

Katy Scholars Voted Best of Katy 2011 and 2012! US Commerce Association

Villagio Town Center Westheimer Pkwy and Peek Rd


CY-FAIR PLUMBING Quality Repairs at a Reasonable Price Specializing in Residential Repairs! Licensed & Insured for your Protection All Repairs Performed by a Licensed Plumber MPL #36937 • FREE ESTIMATES










Financing Available WAC Greater Houston


Certain restrictions apply.


License # TACLA1038C


$15 OFF


19 pt. Heat Check-up or Service

Includes all discounts & Promotions Must Present Coupon at time of Service


Classified Ads AUTOMOTIVE 2005 Nissan Altima 3.5L SE. Silver with black leather, 93K miles, Bose Sound with six disc CD. Excellent condition, $7,500. Call 281-687-1022 for more details. 2003 Infiniti Q45 for sale. Premium model. Black with tan leather. Loaded will all the options, navigation, back up camera, heated and cooled seats, rear shades on all back seat windows. Too many options to list! Great condition, all services, never wrecked, 149,000 miles, trade in value $6,400. Private party $9,000. Make us an offer! 205-317-5757, Stacey. 2009 Saturn Vue XE - 4 Door, white, FWD, 2.4 liter, 2 wheel drive, 45K miles, clean car fax. One owner, excellent condition, $14,950. Call 281-463-1175. Rare 1967 Pontiac Firebird convertible, re-built, under warranty, 400 Pontiac motor-not matching no., less than 400 miles, totally restored, yellow with black interior, new paint, new disk brakes, new suspension, new interior & new black top with cover, new custom sound system, $24,000. Firm. 281-455-5543. 1998 Suzuki 1500 Intruder motorcycle, eggshell on white in color, black leather saddle bags, $3,000. 281-726-4305 Pat.

WANTED Wanted: To buy old U. S. coins, pre-1964, private collector. 713-894-8490. Wanted: Rolex watches for collector. 281-414-3597.

HELP WANTED - CARE Live in caregiver for elderly, ambulatory female. Must be mature female, nonsmoker with valid drivers license, transportation and good driving record. Duties include companionship, personal care, light cleaning and cooking. Must be able to live in Monday through Saturday. Please have references. 281-550-7577. Quadriplegic lady needs caregiver, will require lifting, will be trained, evenings and some weekends. 713-466-7890. Caregiver: Evenings, nights, weekends. Assist residents with their activities of daily living and personal care. Excellent communication, nurturing heart and interpersonal skills required. Resumes to or 281-395-3496, Ref: CGKMTLKP.

HELP WANTED Sales persons wanted to sell replacement windows and window coverings. Ownership opportunity available. Call Replacement Windows of Katy at 281-392-5353. Insurance CSR wanted PT/FT. Outgoing, people person, detail oriented need only apply. Prefer those that already have license, but will train/license the right person. Email Resume: Would you be pleased to earn $1,000 commission on a $1,295 sale and sell a product with a $15,000 value. Work from home. Be your own boss. Huge Demand. F/T & P/T. Not MLM. Contact Cynthia at 866-919-4439.


Grayson Lakes

December 2012

Weʼre here when you need us Having a sick or injured child can be very scary. The last thing you want to do is wait hours in the Emergency Room not knowing if they ’ll be alright.

Fry Rd.

Westgreen Blvd.

Mason Rd. Katy Urgent Care Center

Kingsland Blvd. Metro Park & Ride

21700 Kingsland Boulevard, Suite 104

If you or your family member has a non-life-threatening injury or illness, such as an ear infection, cold, fever, cut, bruise, sprain, or even a broken bone, we’re here to see you seven days a week, offering the convenience of a walk-in clinic with the expertise of an emergency room. The center offers in-house X-ray, lab and EKG services to our patients. Our goal is to get patients in and out within an hour.

In-Network with Medicare and Most Major Insurance Companies

Now Expanded to 9 Exam Rooms Open 7 Days a Week 9:00AM - 9:00PM

(281) 829-6570 • We accept Checks, Insurance, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and VISA. © Copyright 2011 Katy Urgent Care Center. All rights reserved.

Classified Ads

Now hiring security officers, part time/full time. No experience necessary. Retirees welcome. All shifts available. Accepting applications Monday - Thursday, 8 AM - 11 AM. Located at 1035 Dairy Ashford, Suite 225, Houston, Texas 77079. Phone: 281-759-1010.

Earn $50 to $75 dollars an hour promoting and selling women’s designer fashion jewelry. Work part-time and earn full-time pay with flexible hours. Earn trips, car allowance, free jewelry, plus money. Training provided, must have car and computer. Paid weekly. No experience is needed, but previous direct sales are rewarded. Must be 18 years or older. Contact Amber, or 713505-4250. If no answer, please leave a voice mail message with reference to job and phone number.

Martial Arts USA is hiring qualified Tae Kwon Do Black Belts with WTF certification, over 18 years of age, background checks and interviews will be conducted. Contact Master Shin or Master An at 281-463-9333 or email, 17121 West Rd. Suite 200 Houston TX 77095.

Enjoy Golf and the outdoors? Hole in One Challenge, a national par 3 company, is seeking sales representatives to promote a par 3 contest on local golf courses. A portion of all sales will help support programs offered to young people through The First Tee. Work a 5 hour shift - approximately 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM (weekends with occasional weekdays). $10 per hour plus commission after reaching minimum sales goal. Daily pay. Positions are available immediately. Must be able to pass drug test. Please contact Larry Wilkerson 281-345-1517. Visit Manta Ray Enterprises, Inc. (MRE, Inc.) is always in search of highly motivated Real Estate Agents who’s core values that are aligned with that of the Broker’s. You are not expected to have the exact know-how when you start. But open minded and willing to learn from a TREC-MCE Instructor with over 28 years experience on leasing and working with property management with single family homes & condos. MRE, Inc. will guide you on the proper forms to use. Broker will provide a one-on-one support to any Real Estate Agent willing and wanting to learn more. MRE, Inc. will assist you to better serve your clients/customers/investors with sales, leases and property management. MRE, Inc. has been recognized and involved with Katy ISD, Community Education for more than 23 years at Taylor High School in Katy. MRE, Inc. offers incentive packages along with additional Real Estate knowledge. For more information and to get started on your new career today; please contact the Broker, “Tisha” Matticks, at .

December 2012

Grayson Lakes

Looking for a highly motivated and outgoing person to be the front desk for a new dental office in Katy area. Candidate should be knowledgeable about dental insurance and have great communication skills. It is a paperless office so computer skills is a must. Experience is necessary, minimum 2 years. Need to know how to schedule, run daily/monthly/ yearly reports, submit insurance claims electronically and manually, work on accounts receivable, manage patient charts, discuss and present treatment plans, verify insurance, pretreatment estimates and so on, handle patient upsets, deal with software support, etc. Please forward resume to Discovery Schoolhouse now hiring teachers and support staff. Must have experience working in a licensed child care facility, be flexible and dependable and have a passion for early childhood education. Call 281-401-9828 or send resume to Now Hiring! Do you love children? Small private preschool is now accepting applications. Must be dependable and energetic. Will train. Must have copy of High School Diploma or GED and copy of Social Security Card. Apply in person to 16618 Clay Road, Suite 400. 281-656-2273. Michelle’s Salon is looking for good experience hairstylist, massage therapist, nail tech and esthetician, lease or commission. 832-878-1052.


Classified Ads The Pediatric Dentist of Katy is looking for a highly motivated Registered Dental Assistant. Our Pediatric Dental practice is located at 24022 Cinco Village Center Blvd., Suite 210 in Katy. Our office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 AM to 5 PM, with lunch from 12-1 PM. On Fridays we are open from 7:30 AM to 3 PM. Please bring by your resume in person.

a style for every point of view™

Housekeepers needed. Great hours for mom’s with school age children. 281-861-0394. Position available for an experienced hair stylist with a great attitude and good clientele. Benefits available. Call Images Hair Studio at 281-256-2286.

Doug and Loree Brazil, Local Owners

Manual & Motorized Window Coverings • Shutters • Draperies Wood Blinds • Honeycomb Shades • Roller & Sun Shades Vertical Blinds • Woven Woods • Roman Shades • Valances Custom Draperies • Solar Screens • And More...

25% OFF


ture Seri All Signa ro P ducts

Professional Measuring & Installation Residential & Commercial

Residential Electrician(s): Journeyman or helper/apprentice. Have experience, references & contact info. ready, beginners last employment info. Send resume to


Call today for your Free In-Home Consultation & Estimate

12-year-old sweet, affectionate, people friendly, male cat needs good loving home. He is a Tabby, large Maine Coon mix. Call Mary for any questions or pictures. 832-758-8436.


Each Franchise Independetly Owned & Operated

Dental Assistant needed, at least 2 years of experience, must be state licensed. 281-550-0900. Serving Katy, West Houston and Sugarland

PETS FOR SALE Cavalier King Charles Adorable Puppies for sale. Please call Karen at 281-743-3500.

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Room for rent in family home, Katy - Fry Road at Morton, all bills paid, non-smoker, $375. Call 713-822-8615 - individual.


Timeshare: rent a lovely condo for a full week in Hawaii. Sleeps 4, fully stocked kitchen. What else needs to be said... It’s Hawaii! $795. For information contact Cheryl at 281-855-7427.  Las Vegas Timeshare - On the Strip near the airport, sleeps 4, full kitchen, dining & living; jacuzzi in room, 2 TV’s/2 Phones, 2 pools outside building, fitness room, washer/dryer/safe in room, 4 days $355 - 7 days $500. No added fees. Cheryl 281-543-2409. Vacation home for rent: Hill country vacation home, Cedar Creek Cabin, new 2/2 with loft, fully furnished, huge front porch, satellite TV, beautiful views, abundant wildlife, Frio River at Concan near Garner State Park, sleeps 8. Call 866-7CON-CAN or go to for more information.

NOVENA Due to the amount of space involved and the response of those wishing to publish a Novena to St. Jude, a Novena to St. Jude will be published along with a list of initials of those wishing to publish one. We are sorry, but we cannot make exceptions. $5 Charge for each Novena per area. Please specify which area you would your Novena to appear in. - Krenek Printing.

COMPUTER REPAIR “Come by & see our Keep Katy Beautiful Festivitrees made with recycled parts!” 34

Free Diagnostics

Se Habla Espanol

5423 East Fifth Street

NOVENA TO ST. JUDE May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world, now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. St. Jude helper of the hopeless, pray for us. Say Novena 9 times a day for 9 days. It has never been known to fail. Publication must be promised. Thank you St. Jude – SD, LM, CF, NRB, IK

281-392-8802 Grayson Lakes

December 2012



“It’s not just a job, it’s your home!”








K To contact the Board or for information about Grayson Lakes: 22503 Katy Freeway, Ste 7 Katy, TX 77450 or Contact Trey DeVillier T: (281) 347-7772 F: (281) 347-8303

• Painting • Roofing • Drywall • Remodeling • Siding (All Types) • Patio Covers / Pergolas • General Repairs • Room Additions 94 Joe Edgerly e 19 Sinc Insu r ed


Merry Christmas!

Thanks for a wonderful year!

City Wide Exterminating Pest & Termite Specialist • Over 28 Years in Business Owned & Operated by Local Katy Area Resident

Community Contractors:

General Pest Control Starts at $60

Lake Pro, Inc. 281-391-3688 Bratton Pools 281-988-7700 C.J.'s Yardworks, Inc. 281-578-5999 Important Numbers:

Water & Sewer: MUD 130 Garbage Collection: Best Trash (service Mondays & Thursdays) Schools:

Katy ISD Administration: Woodcreek Elementary Woodcreek Jr. High Seven Lakes High School

281-290-6507 281-313-2378

281-344-3006 281-395-0011 281-341-4665 281-391-4848

Animal Control:

Ft. Bend Animal Control City of Katy

281-342-1512 281-391-4848

Ft. Bend County Road & Bridge


Report Street Light Outages (provide 6 digit # on pole)

Call David Chirtos to start protecting your home today!

281-568-2055 832-275-8863 cell

Control fire ants for a full year!

Call for details.

281-396-6000 281-234-0100 281-234-0800 281-237-2800

Emergency: 911

Ft Bend County EMS Willow Fork Fire Dept Ft. Bend County Sheriff City of Katy Police

(tax included) No Contracts Needed.

Wood • Ornamental Iron • Chain Link


• Privacy & Security Fences Free Estimates! • Breezeway & Pool Fences 281-500-6800 • Entry Enclosures • Custom Designs w e y



Residential & Commercial TACL B29149E

FREE ESTIMATES on Heat or A/C System Checks!

We Install Attic Insulation Building or Home Maintenance Available


Español 281-788-1568

Klassic Garage Doors Professional Garage Door Repair We replace or repair garage doors or garage door openers.

• Maintenence • Replace Panels

• Broken Springs • Door Off Track

qery Call anytime 24 hour emergency service available

281-408-0028 281-763-4310 Cell December 2012

Grayson Lakes


In an Emergency, don’t hit the panic button...

SPHIER Emergency Room Advantages: • Treatment for both children and adults with minor and major injuries and illnesses • Pediatric Treatment Rooms • On-site Laboratory, Ultrasound, CT and X-Ray • Patients requiring in-patient hospital services will be expedited to the hospital of their choice


Stop by and Register to Win 4 Front Row Rocket’s Tickets + Parking for the Game on 01/02/2013, a $1000 VALUE! On 12/31/12, the winner will be announced on our Face Book Page.

Sphier Emergency Room has been proudly serving the Katy area for over two years. We’ve designed emergency rooms with our patients in mind — to create a whole new SPHIER of Emergency Care. 832.321.1000 |


Katy Location

1560 S. Mason Road, Suite E Katy, Texas 77450




Come to us!



© 2012 SPHIER Emergency Room. All rights reserved.


Tammy Smith, Owner-Operated

10.00 OFF

New customer only on regular schedule. Not valid with any other offer. Not valid for one time or empty cleans.


Office: 281/646-1136 • Mobile: 281/797-1600 • e-mail:

Selling Your Home Is a VISUAL Thing Over 90% of all home buyers use the internet to search for a home Let me put you MILES ahead of the competition • • •

Visual Tours linked to popular web-sites Maximum quality photos linked to web-sites On-Line Sellers Advantage Program

Show off your home with on-line photo marketing!

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