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“The Pool is oPen!� HFD ENCOURAGES SAFETY IN AND AROUND WATER Summer season is here. Kids are out of school and into the pool. But before we enjoy our time in the water, the Houston Fire Department would like to remind you of a sobering statistic. Last year in the City of Houston, 18 children drowned. Although a majority of the incidents happen backyard and apartment pools, they are not limited to just these areas. Many deaths occurred in bayous, lakes, bathtubs, hot tubs, ponds and other bodies of water. If you or your children plan to be around the water, these safety tips can prevent a tragedy from happening to your family. 1. NEVER leave children alone near water. 2. ALWAYS watch your children around ANY body of water. 3. Everyone in your family needs to learn to swim but remember, swim lessons don’t make your child 4. NEVER consume alcohol around the water. Even if you don’t swim, being impaired by alcohol will lower your awareness and response and may lead to tragedy if there are children in the water. 6. Bring a cell phone to the pool in case of an emergency. 7. Pay attention to local weather conditions. If thunderstorms are in the area, get out of the water until the system has passed. 8. LEARN CPR! 9. Teach your kids to: the shallow bottom

and other defects with the fence, report it to the management immediately. Practicing these

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INTRODUCTION It’s no secret that crime is increasing every year and is invading what once were considered “safe communities.” As the following FBI report shows, crime is on the rise. Crime against property occurs on the average of 20 times a minute with an estimated $1,000 loss for each occurrence. Burglary is a crime of opportunity where entry is gained due to the carelessness of homeowners. Single family homes are twice as likely to be burglarized than apartments. While receiving a lot of publicity when it happens, hotels and motels account for less than 3% of all burglaries. The most likely things to be stolen in a burglary are cash, small electronic equipment, home computers, cameras, jewelry, furs, tools and handguns.


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Few people really bother about security until something happens to them or a neighbor. The public’s complacent attitude is the burglar’s best friend and your worst enemy. There are many things the average person can do to make their home less of a target. This report will get you started on the right road. Remember, the two things a burglar fears most are being seen and having to take too much time to complete the crime. While burglars typically “target” a home when no one is home, if you surprise one in the act, your chances of being injured are too high to attempt to intervene. A sobering statistic shows many homeowners attempting to defend (themselves, family members or their property) with a weapon end up having it turned on themselves. A SECURITY SURVEY Many local law enforcement agencies will provide a free “walk through” of your property. The purpose is to identify all potential trouble spots and determine what steps can be implemented to improve the overall security of your property. You can probably organize a “block party” and have the police “sweep” your entire block. Because of cost-cutting many local law enforcement agencies are stretched to the limit and there may be a long waiting list. Sometimes off-duty of caution are in order if you have some third party security company do a survey for you. Many of course will do a free survey to get their foot in your door and try and sell you their security devices. So be forewarned that a locksmith will probably try and sell you better locks, an alarm company a security system and so on. So use common sense. PUT YOURSELF IN A BURGLAR’S SHOES One thing every homeowner should do at least twice a year is take a walk around and through your property with a close friend or neighbor who is not too familiar with your house. Start outside and ask yourself “How would I best break in?” The purpose of not doing it alone is your pal may spot things you’ll overlook. Return the favor and complete a survey for your friend. Besides the obvious “lived-in” look, don’t get into a habit of only doing certain things only when you’re not home. Chances are good you can tell when your neighbor isn’t home. Remember it’s a burglar’s job to know the same things. Most professional criminals can tell

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Several dead giveaways are always closing the drapes ONLY when you’re not home. Having no garbage cans out collection day or an empty can sitting at the curb, are tip-offs you’re not home. So is closing up the house as tight as a drum in the hot summer months without the air-conditioner running. Turning on a certain light or two and every other room is in total darkness. Ditto for picking up all the kid’s toys, taking in the dog, shutting the garage door if you frequently leave it open and turning off the lawn sprinkler.

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Many people, before leaving, turn on the “burglar light,” the light over the kitchen sink. You might as well hang a sign on the front door you’re not home! If you use an answering machine never leave a message that you’re not home. Instead say you can’t come to the phone right now. If you don’t have a machine, turn down the volume on phones before leaving so it can’t be heard from outside - another dead giveaway nobody’s home. EFFECTIVE BURGLAR DETERRENTS You’ve probably heard it several times and it’s true! A dog is one of the best deterrents. Not because it’s vicious, it need not even be seen, but it has to be heard. A dog with a menacing bark will scare away a lot of would-be burglars, not only because they don’t know what kind of dog you have and what risk it would be to them if try tried to break in, but more likely because a noisy dog will create a disturbance and get attention - the last thing a burglar wants! If you don’t have a dog there’s nothing stopping you from pretending. A Beware of Dog sign on your fence, a doghouse in the back yard, even a loose dog chain or bowl can drive away a potential burglar. Don’t be fooled by companies that provide cheap electronic “dogs” who bark none stop if a intruder trips a relay or otherwise signals his presence. Most experienced prowlers are familiar with these devices and won’t be fooled or scared off. Electronic devices that are effective, besides the typical whole house alarm systems for windows and doors, are infrared or motion detectors that sense movement or the heat given off by one’s body. Anyone approaching too close will trigger any number of attached devices. The most effective are powerful lights or burglar horns that without notice. Just like a barking dog, the would-be burglar will usually hightail it out of there for fear of being discovered. To be effective, the sensitivity of such devices much not be set too high or stray animals will set them off too frequently which will get you on the wrong side of your neighbors. Also be sure such devices are high enough that they can’t be easily turned off or broken.

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SECURING DOORS Illegal entry through the front door occurs more often than all other points of entry combined! All exterior doors should be of solid hard wood or steel reinforced. A good door does no good if the doorframe is in bad shape or of inferior construction. Pay special attention to the door jams. Most, even in expensive homes, are made out of cheap pine. It doesn’t take much force to “kick in” the door even if protected with dead bolts, if the strike plate is attached with only a couple of 1/2 or 3/4 inch screws.

Take a few minutes and install 2-1/2 to 3 inch stainless steel or nickel plated screws in all your exterior door jams. Be sure screws go at least 1-3/4 inch deep into the underlying framing lumber. While you at it, consider getting heavy duty strike plates or a door reinforcement kit sold in many larger home improvement centers. Be advised you may have to chisel out more of the door jam to install but it’s worth the effort for the greater protection provided. Another way to increase the chances of your door holding is to further protect it from being on inside center when shut and swings away when the door opens. Any kind of sliding glass door is a favorite target. Guard against the door being lifted up and out by installing several screws into the door’s upper track. Open and shut the door through its entire range to allow just enough of the screw’s head protruding to allow free movement without allowing the door to be removed. Several devices can be installed into the door’s upper or lower track that acts much like a dead bold by running a heavy pin through the door track and deep into the frame. Just having a length of old broom handle at a 45 degree angle in the door track also prevents the door from easily being forced open and works nearly as well! Your garage door is easy pickings unless you have an electronic door opener. Today these devices are fairly cheap (around $150) and make it practically impossible to force open the overhead door from the outside without breaking through the actual door panels due to the high tension produced from the worm drive or chain device that makes the openers work. Yes, it is possible for burglar to punch in the right code and gain access, but with today’s remote controls

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providing so many possible combinations, the odds are very slight and the burglar won’t waste the time trying all the possibilities. Final bit of advice on automatic door openers. Do be sure to change the security code from the preinstalled settings, which are almost always set to zeros. Also, if you notice your door open and you’re sure you shut it, one of your neighbors probably set his opener to the same code. Take the time to change your setting or you’re giving a potential burglar a great opportunity to gain free access.

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SECURING WINDOWS Burglars break windows as a last resort - or by accident. The preferred method is cutting a access hole or slipping in a thin stiff wire and undoing the locking device. Most double hung windows have cheap locks, which should be replaced by heavy duty sash locks or even keyed locks, if you can put up with the inconvenience. An old trick is installing a small eyebolt in either corner. If done correctly the window can’t be opened, with the eyebolt in place, from the outside. Of course you could screw the window shut by drilling a hole through the frame but it defeats the purpose of having a window and presents The safest windows are glass block. Almost impossible to break through, they of course can’t be opened and are not as pleasing to look at. A good choice for basements or areas at or near ground level. Another good protection is installed roll-a-way electric security shutters or decorative security grates. The main down side is they

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sure to accompany it. HOUSEHOLD INVENTORY The above steps can go a long way to protecting your home, but no matter how secure your residence is, if a professional burglar has targeted your home and is determined to break in, the unthinkable may still happen. To aid law enforcement agencies and greatly assist in insurance claims you should maintain a detailed household inventory of all your valuables. It makes sense to “mark” important items with some permanent identifying mark. There are a variety of simple tools you can rent that will engrave serial numbers, a driver’s license number or some other unique marking into your valuables. Remember most burglars “fence” stolen items in order to get cash, usually for illegal drugs. You’ll greatly reduce the chances of someone walking off with your TV, VCR or other valuables if it has a conspicuous ID number that can’t be removed, simply because it will greatly reduce its street value and make it too much work to get rid of and of course it is a lot easier to trace and return the property to the rightful owner.

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close-ups of really important items. To tie-in, have a family member pose with the valuables. In a clear voice identify each item, the date of purchase, price paid and model and serial numbers. Remember to update the tape every time you purchase something new.




Eldridge Rd.


Today, many people have a video camera. Sweep each room and

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If you don’t have a video camera, a regular camera also works well. Make a companion audio tape to go along with it. It very important that the tapes or pictures be kept off the property or they may be a hour or so and complete the security check list on the following page. Correct weak points as soon as possible and your home and belongings will be more secure.

July 2012

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GENERAL SECURITY 1. Have you arranged to have member of a law enforcement agency do a professional survey? 2. Are all trees and shrubs pruned and well maintained to prevent anyone from hiding unseen? 3. Do any trees, down pipes, lattice work provide easy access to 4. If you have skylights can they be removed from the outside or easily broken? 5. Any ladders, tools kept outside to assist any potential intruder? 6. Are you guilty of keeping a hidden house key outside the house where it’s sure to be found? 7. Is your home well lit with particular attention to exterior doors? 8. Can your main entrance be seen from the street? 9. Are exterior doors at least 1-3/4 inch thick and made from solid wood or reinforced with metal? 10. Do all exterior doors have heavy duty dead bolts and reinforced door jams? 11. Can anyone gain easy access through a mail slot, dryer vent or pet entrance? 12. If doors have glass panels can someone break through and defeat the locking mechanism? 13. Have all sliding glass doors been protected from being easily lifted out from their frames? 14. Are all exterior lights and security devices in good working order and protected from breakage? 15. Does the door from the attached garage leading to the house have a dead bolt? 16. Does your overhead door have a working electronic door opener? 17. Does your overhead door have any loose, broken or missing door panels or hardware? 18. Do you keep the overhead doors closed and your car locked inside the garage? 19. Do all windows have reinforced locking devices that can be secured in the open position? 20. Do all screens and storm windows have reinforced locks? 21. Do ground level windows have guards or grates? 22. Are basement windows glass block or protected by grates or security devices?



FIRE PREVENTION AND SAFETY 1. Is your heating system in proper working order and inspected for dangerous leaks yearly? 2. Is there ample air circulation around appliances that are likely to overheat? 3. Any overloaded circuits, long extension cords runs, too many devices plugged unto one outlet? 4. Fireplaces, chimney free of dangerous build ups that could catch from rolling into room? 6. Kitchen oven hood and far clear of greasy build-up that could 7. Smoke detectors installed on each level and tested weekly? 8. Smoke detector batteries replaced every 12 months or less? 10. All family members sleep with bedroom door closed to prevent designated meeting pace to go outside? 12. Children know how to use phone to get help in an emergency? WHEN AWAY FOR EXTENDED PERIODS 1. Security system armed? Automatic timers for lights, radio turned on? Phones turned down? 2. Arrange for neighbor to watch house, cut, water grass, give house that lived-in look? 3. No change in normal pattern of opening, shutting drapes, dead give-away lighting patterns? 4. Arrange to stop mail, newspaper delivery, yard work performed? 5. Arrange to have local police give “special attention” for area beat car?

off-site safety deposit box? 24. Do you have a complete and current video tape or pictures of all your valuables off-site?

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things we see everyday. Make plans now to spruce up. Cars that are parked in the street are also a turn-off to buyers. Make the extra effort to keep cars in the driveway. It looks better and is safer for your neighbors and your car.

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Please place my name on the Job Seekers List

(Students must be 12 before they can be added to the babysitting list.) Please fill in all information Job(s) _________________________________ Name _________________________________ Street _________________________________ Email _________________________________

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Birthdate - Mo/Yr_________________________ Age ______ Yr HS Grad________ or Gr ________ Phone _________________________________ Subd__________________________________

B -Babysitting SS -Safe Sitter SL -Swim Lessons CPR -CPR Certified FAC -First Aid Cert. RCC -Red Cross Cert. P -Pet Care (only) PP -Pet/Plant Sitter H -Housecare L -Lawncare T -Tutor C -Car Detailing

I give my permission for my child’s name and phone number to be published in the ‘Teenage Job Seekers’ section of our subdivision newsletter. Parent Signature ____________________________________________________

Mail to: Krenek Printing Co. 7102 Glen Chase Ct., Houston, TX 77095 email: 8

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U FENCES UÊ*/"Ê "VERS UÊ " , / Ê, *,S/ Ê - 7-Ê

IMPORTANT DATES July 4th – Student/Staff Holiday


During the April 12th Board meeting, the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Board of Trustees passed a resolution calling for a re-examination of the public school accountability system by the Texas Legislature. The resolution states that standardized, high-stakes testing is undermining our mission to prepare students for competitive careers in the global arena. CFISD superintendent Dr. Mark Henry stated, “The educational system is overly dependent on high-stakes, standardized tests. Educators do support accountability, but at the same time, oppose the current system that does not support preparing all of our students to be productive citizens and leaders in a rapidly changing world. Standardized testing, as currently implemented, hinders progress toward a world-class educational system by driving instructional time.”

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Salon Picasso

It is the district’s responsibility to produce graduates who are

Studios (AIRs#OLORs.AILS

Happy 4th of July!

and technology education programs for those students who are not state system, students have very little room in their graduation plans to explore vocational opportunities. Recently, the CFISD Community Leadership Committee (CLC), whose membership includes parents, business leaders and community members, endorsed the Board’s resolution, which calls for the review of the role of high-stakes testing and its impact on schools. According to Stacye Anderson, CLC community chairperson, “The CLC unanimously agreed to support the CFISD Board of Trustees Resolution Concerning High-stakes, Standardized Testing of Texas Public School Students. We are so glad to see our district become the largest district in the state so far to join this movement to implore our legislators to rethink the current approach to assessment of learning. Although we are extremely supportive of holding schools accountable for teaching all Texas children, the current overemphasis on standardized testing impedes learning and

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students is onerous.”

“Celebrating Our 17th Anniversary”

Although promotion of high-stakes testing may be based in good intention, adopting the attitude that if a little testing is good, then a lot of testing must be even better is detrimental to our students Next to Wolf Camera We Accept

emphasis on high-stakes tests restricts student career options, which in turn negatively affects our state’s economy. Local school districts school pursuits, including technical and vocational careers.

Joel Muller 281-304-9488


Eighty-four CFISD teachers, two paraprofessionals and two support staff members received Spotlight awards during the 27th annual Spotlight Awards ceremony on May 7th a the Berry Center. Spotlight employees are selected annually by campus administrators for their outstanding dedication to education. Go to for more on Spotlight employees.

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July 2012

11740 Barker Cypress Hablamos Español State Farm Insurance

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Dr. Mark Henry, Superintendent of schools, prepares for a putt at the B.F. Adam Golf Classic at Blackhorse Golf Club on May 17th.

Board of Trustees Secretary Don Ryan tees off at the B.F. Adam Golf Classic.


The Cypress-Fairbanks community raised more than $108,000 for student scholarships during the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation (CFEF) B.F. Adam Golf Classic, held May 17th at Blackhorse Golf Club. A total of 296 golfers and 50 volunteers participated in the event - one of the largest non-celebrity tournaments in Houston. “This year’s tournament was another huge success for CFEF. The community once again came out in full support to make the tournament the best yet,” said Marie Holmes, director of the CFEF. Lead underwriters for the tournament were the Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital and the B.F. Adam Family. Platinum sponsors included Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, Daltile placed third. The tournament was named after Bernard Fred Adam, a lifelong Cy-Fair resident and a devoted school board member who served 24 years on the board. Adam Elementary School is named in his honor. The golf tournament has always garnered great support from the community, raising more than $1.7 million for student scholarships since its inception.


July 2012

Copper Grove


With the help of the Cy-Fair community, “Salute to the Stars” has raised over $1.6 million for staff development grants and Cy-Fair ISD student college scholarships since it’s inception in 1998. Please help us in our efforts to improve the future for our dedicated youth. The need in our community is greater than ever and your support is needed to make a difference in the lives of our students and educators.

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Date: October 18, 2012 Time: Doors open at 6:30 PM Location: Richard E. Berry Educational Support Center, 8877 Barker Cypress


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The Cypress Ranch High School baseball team defeated A&M on June 9th championship.

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OPEN HOUSE...JULY 7TH...2-4 PM Monday-Friday 7:30am-6pm Saturday 8am-12noon

6 Hw y



ter eis Huffm

The Mustangs (32-8) had a strong pitching performance from junior Zach Brosch, who improved to 8-0 after throwing 5 2/3 innings of four-hit ball with one earned run and four strikeouts. Junior pitcher Jonathan Whitley relieved Brosch in the bottom of the sixth and helped Cypress Ranch out of a bases-loaded jam by forcing a two-

Hwy 29

Cypress Fa l ls Anima l Hospit a l

Bryce Johnson led the Mustangs at the plate, both going 2-for-3. State Tournament Most Valuable Player after going 1-for-2 with a home run, two RBIs and a run scored in the title-clinching game. Derek Dickerson and senior third baseman Justin Monsour all also recorded hits in the victory.

Copper Grove

July 2012


Town and Country Family Physicians Town and Country Family Physicians welcomes Bo J. Allaire, MD who joins our practice on May 1, 2012. We provide a full spectrum of healthcare services, including: complete physicals immunizations management of acute & chronic illnesses children s health sports & camp examinations and a whole lot more. We take care of adults, children, infants, adolescents and geriatric patients. 1

Anthony Popek, MD

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in Family Medicine

Stephanie Heflin, RN, ANP-C

10497 Town & Country Way, Suite 360, Houston 77024

CY-FALLS high SChooL

2012 - 2013 Cy-Falls High School Varsity Cheerleaders. Top Row: Cierra Eaglin (Mascot), Keon Roberson, Rarok Burns, Megan Williamson, Maddi Tipping and Shay Althoff. Middle Row: Lauren Smith, Rebecca Gourgues (Captain), Jori Sullivan, Lauren Gourgues (Co-Captain), Paige Tran and Miana Cunningham. Bottom Row: Ke’Nesha Springer (Co-Captain) and Lucy Nguyen.

2012 - 2013 Cy-Falls High School Junior Varsity Cheerleaders . Top Row: Daeja Howell, Loretta Williams, A’imee Davis and Jasmine Stephens. Bottom Row: Hannah Pilon, Morgan Hughs, Anyka Gonzalez, Kara Bacon and Katye Cheatham (not pictured).


Congratulations to our 2012 – 2013 Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleaders!


July 2012

Copper Grove


Three Cypress Falls Key Club members were selected to receive the Cy-Fair Kiwanis Scholarship. The Kiwanis Club of Cy-Fair, Houston, awarded a $1,000 college scholarship to Layeeka Ismail, the Division 3N Lieutenant Governor and Ryan Nava, the District Secretary. They also awarded a $500 scholarship to Julie Nguyen, the Cypress Falls Historian. Every year, students who have been in Key Club for at least two years, who demonstrate academic success and a commitment to service are given the opportunity to apply for the scholarship. Applicants include information about their Key Club careers, their educational and professional plans and their intentions on joining Circle K International and Kiwanis. Ismail, Nava and Nguyen were chosen because they consistently go beyond what is expected when performing their Key Club duties.

Expires 10-31-12

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On May 21st, Paula Hoffman, the Cypress Falls Kiwanis Advisor, recognized the students’ achievement at the end-of-year banquet. Cypress Falls Key Club members were impressed with the accomplishment and proud the students had received such an honor. The recipients were just as appreciative of the accolade. “I was extremely happy and grateful when I found out I was one of the recipients,” Nguyen said, “Every bit of money helps when it comes to college. It feels really good to know I got recognized for my efforts

Expires 10-31-12

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All work performed by Owner / Master Plumber, Greg Wishard


MPL 18041

community service organizations in college.” Ismail expressed some of the same sentiments, “I feel incredibly blessed to be selected for the scholarship. Key Club has given me numerous lessons, experiences and friendships that I will never forget. I truly appreciate the efforts and dedication of our Kiwanis club and hope to continue within the K-Family in the years to come.” Congratulations to Ismail, Nava and Nguyen for being selected to receive the scholarship. The award is well deserved after four years of a commitment to volunteerism. With the furtherance of their strides toward success, the three students will continue to excel academically and professionally while always lending a hand to their community.

Copper Grove

July 2012


Private & Pre-Schools




Bear Creek United Methodist Church School (near Hwy 6 and Kieth Harrow) has doubled it’s capacity to serve children who are between the ages of 12 months and 24 months before September 1, 2012. Children in this age group come two days a week from 9 AM - 1 PM and go home for naptime. Call Laurie Mattingly at 281-463-2969 or email for more information. We provide hands on learning through kindergarten, including a transition class and may have a limited number of openings in other ages.


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Texas Christian High School wants to congratulate all their seniors for an outstanding school year. The Texas Christian staff and administration is very proud of the student’s hard work and accomplishments. Three of the seniors graduating this year have

L ANDSC APE, L AWN & P OOL Where the Perfect Lawn & Pool Begin!



Landscape Design & Install Borders, Patios & Walkways Bo s Sprinkler & Drainage Systems Sp s Landscape Lighting Tree Pruning & Removal Sod / Grass Planting Mulching & Yard Clean Ups Pressure Washing Fences, Decks & Pergolas Pool Equipment Install & Repairs irs and much more... re... re



832 -259- 4261 14

The entire class has grown spiritually, academically, socially and athletically - so much so that many have received scholarships to the colleges of their choice. The mark these students have left at TCHS will never be forgotten and TCHS is proud of the young men and women they have grown to become. Brandon Bradley will complete his basics at Lone Star College and head to the University of Houston where he wants to become a musician or radio DJ. Hannah Cook is headed to Texas A&M where she will receive her degree in Elementary Education. Van Do declined his academic scholarship to St. Johns and has chosen to attend Diablo Valley College where he will complete his degree in Management Information Systems. Evan Glover is headed to the University of Houston where he will persue his acting career. Andrew Jimenez accepted his two academic scholarships to Houston Baptist University where he will complete his degree in journalism. Jayden Kwon is headed to Texas A&M where he will major in Foreign Currency. Ryan Musgrove accepted his cheerleading scholarship to Navarro College where he will major in Physical Therapy and athletic training. Nam Nguyen received a full academic scholarship to Houston Baptist University and University of Houston. He has not yet decided which school he wants to earn his degree in Dentistry from. Juan Ruvalcaba is headed to Texas Tech or the University of Houston where he will receive his degree in Business Administration. Taylor Trahan accepted a basketball scholarship to Lubbock Christian where she will major in Business Administration.

July 2012

Copper Grove

"Warm & friendly atmosphere " owns

"   "  

Movies & music available for your enjoyment The latest in cosmetic crowns, bridges, veneers & whitening Most dental insurance accepted

Kerry Johnson, D.D.S. Sandra DeLeon Johnson, D.D.S. 18046 FM 529 (Kroger Center @ FM 529 & Barker Cypress)


New Patients Welcome!

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Cy-Christian Class of 2012 award reCipients

Cypress Christian School seniors (45 in all) were offered over $3 million in scholarships and accepted to over 40 different colleges across the U.S. On May 25th, the Class of 2012

additional scholarships were presented ranging in awards from $250 to $2,500. Award


July/august aCademiC and sports Camps at Cypress Christian

Cypress Christian School will host academic, baseball and volleyball camps in July and August

Copper Grove

July 2012


SLASH UTILITY BILLS! “All Seasons replacement windows

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281.415.9399 936.441.0202 BBB

ROSEHILL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL BASEBALL 2012 ALL STATE SELECTIONS Pictured from left to right for TAPPS (Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools) 3A Varsity Baseball: Justin Nelson - Honorable Mention All state Coach Robert Cooper - District 7 Coach of the Year Logan Oliver - 1st Team All state Matt Howard - 2nd Team All state


July 2012

Copper Grove

Higher Education

LONE STAR - CyFAiR COLLEGE PERSPECTiVE 9191 BARKER CYPRESS RD. FALL REGISTRATION AND NEW STUDENT ORIENTATIONS UNDER WAY Get on the path to college success at Lone Star College-CyFair. Go to Aug. 27th. Go to

L.I.F.E. LESSONS IN JULY Wednesdays at 10 AM in the Lone Star July 11th July 18th July 25th. Go online to or call

IT’S NOT TOO LATE FOR DISCOVERY COLLEGE SUMMER YOUTH PROGRAM Monday through Thursday sessions continuing through Aug. 2nd.

Go to youth-classes-cyfair

CHILDREN’S SHOW SET IN AUGUST Stage Aug. 3rd-5th and Aug. 10th-12th. Go to



Lawn & Landscape

t'MPXFST t#FE$MFBO6Q July 20th-22nd and July 27th-29th. Be sure Aug. 3rd-5th and Aug. 10th-12th Center Stage. Go to these co-productions.

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July 2012






Happy Maid Service More Than Just A Cleaning Service




First Time Customers

Ha pp y4 th of Jul y! West Houston Girls softball association reGistration

West Houston Girls Softball Association invites you to come join the fun! Registration is now OPEN for our Fall 2012 season. Make some new friends and enjoy the outdoors in a fun and exciting way. No experience necessary! Girls, ages 5-17, are eligible to play! Every girl makes a team and every girl plays. Registration can be completed online, in-person or by mail (visit our website for forms and dates): If you have questions, please feel free to email Monica Canady at

conGratulations to tHe texas united fc state cHaMPions!


Book your next appointment online at

U15 Boys TUFC Los Guerreros (Head Coach Martin Guerrero) & U17 Boys TUFC Westside (Head Coach Deepak Lumba).

texas united futbol club

Come join us and be a part of the largest youth soccer club in Houston. Registration is open now for U5-U10 boys and girls. To register please visit

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Roof Inspection

cy-fair ravens youtH football and cHeer orGanization

Cy-Fair Ravens TYFA Team is having football and cheerleading sign ups. For Open Registration information, contact jfbland2@comcast. net or visit our website at, phone: 281-5204041.

bear creek baPtist cHurcH HooPs caMP 2012

Come join our Hoops Camp for ages 6-14, July 16th-19th. Our Hoops Camp is led by Jim Stephens, Basketball Coach at Cy-Falls High School in Cy-Fair School District. Choose from two sessions for the the second session is from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Cost of the Camp is www. (click on Hoops Camp Registration) or in Monday through Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. On Fridays

July 2012

Copper Grove



Come join men 18 yrs. and older for our men’s Outward Flag Football league coming this fall at Bear Creek Baptist Church. Bear Creek is located on Fry Rd and West Little York. Practice/Games will be on Saturday afternoons around 2:00 PM.


The league will have a tournament at the conclusion of the season. Evaluations for all players will be September 11th and 13th from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM and the 15th from 10 AM - 12 PM. These will take place be October 13th and season concludes on November 10th with a tournament. For more information call 281-859-9900 and ask for Linda Newhouse or Scott Denton or email us at or Scott. You can register online at sports and look in middle of page for registrations in red for Outward Flag Football.


Cy-Fair Sports Association is having baseball, football, cheerleading, drill team and wrestling sign ups right now. Check out the website for more information


Westside Golf League is actively encouraging new members. We invite you to join us every Tuesday morning at Cinco Ranch Golf Club. Our purpose is to allow ladies of all levels to meet new friends

Girl Scout Junior Troop 16176 earned their Bronze Award and bridged to Cadette level.

contact Sue Crookson at 281-392-4913 or Yana Dommert at 281-394-2481

Copper Grove

July 2012


DOOR DOCTOR 281-591-0834



Birkes Elementary Troop 16399 bridged to Brownies.


Girl Scout bridging ceremonies took place around the globe last month. when a girl becomes aware of her achievements and is ready for new adventures and responsibilities. Girls are honored with achievement awards they have earned that help them move to the next level.

Discover the Hidden Gem of Cypress


Award Winning RESALE SHOP

Household Donations Accepted & Appreciated - tax receipts given 281-955-7683

Take k 20% ke

11202 Huffmeister

off yyour our entire purchase. Coupon oupon valid thru July 31, 2012 Reg. Priced Merchandise Only

Benefiting Cypress Assistance Ministries

We Love Dance!

Girl Scout Bronze Award The Bronze Award is the highest recognition a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. It helps girls improve the community around them while building leadership skills. To earn this award, a Girl Scout Junior will do a project that shows she understands and lives by the Girl Scout Promise and Law. If a girl decides to earn the Bronze Award, she must complete it before she bridges into Girl Scout Cadettes. Girl Scouts invite you to volunteer this summer and make your community a better place! Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council Copper Corners Service Unit serves all girls in the residence areas for Lowery, Birkes, Fiest Elementary Schools, Aragon and Labay Middle Schools and corresponding high schools. For more information about joining, becoming a Troop Leader, assisting a troop or inspiring elementary, middle or high school aged girls, call 800-392-4340 or visit

Serving Bear Creek/Copperfield for 36 years

Call or visit our website for info about our Summer Camps and Classes

T E E N C A M P. . . July 10 - August 2

Jazz, Lyrical, Technique, Hip hop, Leaps & Turns, Drill Team Jazz

K I D S C A M P ... July 10 - August 2

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Hip Hop




Hwy 6 N.

RETURNING STUDENTS August 9 & 10 Open to all August 11 Open to all August 17 Open to all August 18 Open to all


Glen Chase

2-7 PM

2-7 PM 10 - 2 PM 4-7:30 PM 10-2 PM

15525 Glen Chase 281-463-8522


FM 529

May 5th at Stephen F. Austin State Park along with Senior Juliette and LCHS Freshman, Kristina Bates. It was lots of fun and a great experience!


Young men between the ages of 11-18 are encouraged to visit Boy Scout Troop 61 at 7:00 PM Wednesday nights at Peace Community Church, 5151 Addicks Satsuma Road, Houston, Texas, 77084. They will get a hands-on experience of what Scouting has to offer and have the opportunity to visit with the Scouts and their adult leaders to

July 2012

Copper Grove

learn more about the things the troop has done during meetings and

2012-2013 September 18, 2012

copElAnd ElEmEntAry pAcK 435

much more. Troop 61 camps each month and has a group that goes to High Adventure Camp and to Merit Badge Camps each summer. every Wednesday

third Wednesday of each month .

pAcK 445 out oF FIESt ElEmEntAry

Boy Scout troop 10

every Tuesday night during the school



end of July st

FIESt cuB Scout pAcK 421


HomEScHool cuB Scout pAcK 164

July 1st


3rd Tuesday of each month at

Copper Grove

July 2012


Garage Sales



Friday, Aug. 3rd - 5 PM-8 PM - Come early for best selection Saturday, Aug. 4th - 7:30 AM-2 PM BARGAINS GALORE!!!! 6646 Addicks Satsuma Rd

Lessons for your child or yourself.

Summer Piano Theory Camp


Telge Rd. Area

ng i t a br ear! e l Ce 1st Y 3

Now Located in

8515 Jackrabbit Rd. @ West Rd.


Cypress Family Fellowship will hold its 3rd Annual Garage Sale on Saturday, August 4th, from 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Rain or shine the sale will go on as it will be held inside the church! Come shop in air-conditioned comfort! There will be tons of items... baby clothes, shoes, clothing for all ages, furniture, games and toys... just to name or missionaries supported by CFF. The church is located at 17330 West Little York Rd, Houston 77084, between Queenston & BarkerCypress.


Young Brothers Tae Kwon Do

Professionally Run & Traditionally Taught

Summer Special FREE Introductory Class Limited Time Offer Try Risk Free Today

exciting changes happening in the athletic program at Texas A&M purpose of this event is to promote the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Spirit while raising money to fund scholarships and other programs on campus. We are assembling an awesome Silent and Live Auction, full of Aggie collectibles and other items from local businesses that both men and women will enjoy. We will be joined by the Yell Leaders, Reveille, former players, as well as other Aggie celebrities and special guests. There will even be a photographer there to capture special memories from the event. Visit for more information.

Call for Details

281-463-1090 ALL TUDENTS S W NE e Receive a fre ! rm o Unif



New coach, new conference, same Aggie spirit! Please join us on Friday, July 27th at the Westin Galleria for the Houston A&M Club’s Annual Coach’s Night, featuring new Aggie Head Coach, Kevin



The Cypress, TX Alumnae Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha is excited to announce that plans are underway for our 2nd Annual Pink Tie Affair Casino Evening on Saturday, October 6, 2012 at the Sterling Country Club at Houston National. The Pink Tie Affair is an opportunity for the local community to gather in celebration and remembrance of those who have been affected by breast cancer. The evening will include Casino Games, a Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament, Hors d’oeuvres,

$ (No Place is Too Far)


832-282-6055 22



In order to make our fundraiser as successful as possible, we are looking to the good neighbors of our Community for their support. There are many ways in which you can contribute to the Pink Tie Affair as either a sponsor or a donor. The Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation ZTA Foundation are tax-deductable, so please consider helping us make a difference in the lives of women everywhere. The Pink Tie Affair fundraising event, through the ZTA Foundation, supports breast cancer education and awareness, the Komen

July 2012

Copper Grove



Thursday is Ladies Day!

Quality and service are not expensive... they are priceless.


Serving Highway 6 area for over 15 years!

HAPPY H KARZ 5930 Hwy 6 North, Bldg K

We Buy & Sell Cars!!

281-861-0344 OIL & FILTER CHANGE Includes: Replace engine oil with Castrol GTX oil and oil





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Prices vary by auto age and style. Call for estimate.







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Regular Price with this coupon Expires 7-31-2012

Race for the Cure® Survivor program, scholarships, educational with The Susan G. Komen Foundation, Yoplait, The NFL and Self Magazine, the ZTA Foundation has donated millions of dollars to this worthy cause. As one of the leading causes of death in women, breast cancer affects us all. toward our cause and anticipate an even better 2012. If you are interested in purchasing tickets or other ways of contributing to the event, please contact Natalie Taylor at or, our website. We hope to have your support and to see you there!


Harris County Precinct Three, Commissioner Steve Radack and Harris County Hospital District will be hosting Free Child Immunizations for children 2 months to 18 years of age at Bear Creek Community Center, 3055 Bear Creek Dr., Houston, TX 77084. The program will be held on Wednesday, August 1st from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Please bring all of your children’s shot records - child must be accompanied by an adult. Please call for reservations 281-8591566.


Covenant’s annual Day Camp is scheduled for July 9-13, 2012. We will have staff from Camp Lutherhill here again to lead the Kindergarten through 5th grade campers for a FUN week of activities as they learn about the gospel! K-5th program runs from 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM sibling ($100 max). There is also a Pre-K program which runs from

Copper Grove

Expires 7-31-2012


Regular Price with this coupon Expires 7-31-2012


7,500/ $ 22,500/ with this coupon 37,500/... Expires 7-31-2012




Regular Price with this coupon Expires 7-31-2012

8:30 - 11:30 AM additional sibling. Visit our website at 8799 to register. Covenant Lutheran Church is located at 3785 Barker Cypress Rd, just south of Clay Rd.


CAmp BC will be held on Tuesday mornings. Each week will have a new theme for campers to move from station to station, experiencing crafts, games, snack and devotions. Come live, laugh and learn with us in the Family Life Center Gym. Ages: 4 years old and potty trained through 5th grade, Time: 9:00 AM12:00 PM, Cost: $15, Location: Family Life Center Gym Wee Camp for ages 18 months old through 3 years old, Time: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM. Cost: $12, Location: Nursery July 10th, July 17th, July 24th, July 31st and August 7th CAmp AD is a day of adventure for our older campers. We have with us on the road! Grades 1st-5th, Time 9:00 AM-2:00 PM, Cost $25 July 12th, July 19th, July 26th, August 2nd and August 9th

CROSSBRIDGE CHRISTIAN CHURCH pRESCHOOL SUMMER CAMpS Ages: 18 months - going into the 3rd grade Time: 9:30 AM-2:00 PM Camp 2 - July 16th-19th Ooey Gooey Camp 3 - July 30th-August 2nd Science & Discovery Camp 4 - August 13th-16th Nature & Water Fun Cost Per Camp: $135

July 2012 under the Weekday Preschool tab 15415 West Road/Hwy. 6 N. 281-345-6438



All children who have completed K-5th grade (by June 2012) are invited to dive into a week of awesome Christian day camp led by the staff from Camp Lutherhill. It’s a fun week with music, games, art, Bible study and more!! August 6th-10th. Go to www.livingwordkaty. org for more information or to register online.


Houston Family Arts Center (HFAC) Actors Academy announces their 2012 Summer Performing Arts Camps. This summer, the HFAC Actors Academy is offering 37 different 1 and 3-week performing arts camps for grades 1-12. HFAC camps run through August 26, 2012 and feature acting, singing and dance instruction as well as performance opportunities in musicals, dramas and comedies - especially designed for kids and teens!





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The HFAC Actors Academy 3-week Musical Theatre Performance Camps for grades 1-3 and 4-6 are A Year with Frog and Toad, Disney’s Cinderella Kids, Jack and the Giant, and Disney’s The Jungle Book Kids. HFAC is offering twelve 1-week camps for grades 1-6 that include Acting Up, Imagination Theatre, Triple Threat Fun, The Lights of Broadway, Nail that Audition, Disney Magic, Mix-up Melodrama, Musical Theatre Song & Dance, Fractured Fairy Tales, Actors Workshop, When You Wish Upon a Star and So You Want to be a Pop Star. HFAC has numerous performance opportunities for teens in grades 7-12 including a 4-week performance camp for 42nd Street, a 1-week Triple Threat Boot Camp, a 1-week Jazz Intensive, a 2-week performance camp for Lend Me a Tenor and a 3-week performance camp for the Gilbert & Sullivan favorite The Pirates of Penzance. All camps include two complimentary tickets to the show, a camp t-shirt, a script, costumes and other needed materials.


For more info and to register for summer camps check the HFAC Actors Academy website at or call 281-6852623.


Theater/Fine Arts

t%*"(/045*$4t7*3643&.07"-t%"5"3&$07&3: t4:45&.61(3"%&4t/&864&%4:45&.4 t8*3&-&44/&5803,4


FREE PICK UP & DELIVERY Special Discounts for Law Enforcement



Accord Massages Forget Pain...get back to your life with a good massage. In our studio or in your home or office.

713-478-1448 24

Where: The University of St. Thomas / Jones Hall, 3800 Montrose Blvd. Houston, Texas 77006-4626. What: University of St. Thomas School of Nursing When: Friday, July 13th, Saturday, July 14th, Friday, July 20th, Saturday, July 21st, Friday, July 27th and Saturday, July 28th. (Six performances only!) Directed by Louis Provenzano. Featuring: Brandon Hobratschk as the Stage Manager, Anna Drake as Emily Webb, Tyler Thomas as George Gibbs, Candi Rae Boehme as Mrs. Webb, Tim Taylor as Mr. Webb, Ajna Jaisinghani as Mrs. Gibbs, Edmund Pantuliano as Dr. Gibbs, Gregory R. Brown as Howie Newsome, Ron Drumm as Simon Stimson, John Zipay as Sam Craig, Valerie Johnson as Mrs. Soames and Sadie Myers as Rebecca Gibbs. Our Town is Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play about the townsfolk of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire. The story follows

July 2012

Copper Grove

The Cypress Neighborhood Storage Place!

We Sell Boxes! We put the SMILE back into STORING!

Pay 1 Month’s Rent Get 1 Month’s Rent

27236 Hwy 290




We Accept:

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Queenston Queenston


West Road

Hwy 6




Houston, TX 77095


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Visit Us At:

July 2012 25

Bear Creek Animal Clinic Pet Wellness Fair Saturday, July 21st, (8am-11:30am)

Dr. Virginia Noriega utilizes the most advanced technology to give you the smile you always wanted. Ask about Senior and Dental Days $

10 Off Any Veterinary Service (Exam, Lab, Vaccines or Treatment) With this ad. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 7/31/2012


Call for Information 4924 Hwy. 6 N. (South of Kieth Harrow)

Grooming/Boarding Available! the courtship and marriage of George and Emily, offering a portrait of life in a small New England town. Grover’s Corners is a small early 20th century community with characters not unlike its modern 21st and successes, of people everywhere. Tickets: Tickets are $ 15 - general seating, $ 12 - UST students and faculty. Tickets may be purchased by phone: 713-478-9421, Online at http:// or the OUR TOWN The cast and crew generously donate their time and talent. Proceeds School of Nursing. For more information, contact Louis Provenzano proagency@gmail. com / 713-780-2926. Houston Family Arts Center Performances are at Houston Family Arts Center Garza Main Stage, 10760 Grant Road, Houston, TX 77070. GUYS AND DOLLS (July 13-29, 2012 TAG production at the Berry Center) GO TO for more information or to request an audition appointment.


The Houston Family Arts Center announces its 8th subscription the theme of “memories and traditions.” The season includes a timeless American classic, a stunning Tennessee Williams drama, three Tony Award-winning Best Musicals, the “revival” version of a musical with characters created by cartoonist Charles M. Schultz and two hilarious comedies. Season subscriptions are available


personalized customer service. Subscribers save as much as 30% off single-ticket prices. HFAC subscriber perks include the opportunity to pick the best seats before they go on sale to the general public, an opening night reception, and recognition in every Playbill. Patrons can purchase their subscriptions online at or Houston Family Arts Center 2012-2013 Main Stage Season Our Town (Aug. 17 - Sept. 9, 2012 on the Garza Main Stage) The Glass Menagerie (Sept. 23 - Oct. 14, 2012 on the Garza Main Stage) Crazy for You (Nov. 2-25, 2012 on the Garza Main Stage) You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Jan. 25 - Feb. 10, 2013 on the Garza Main Stage) Annie (March 1-17, 2013 at the Berry Center) Leaving Iowa (April 5-21, 2013 on the Garza Main Stage) Over the River and Through the Woods (June 7-23, 2013 on the Garzas Main Stage) Fiddler on the Roof (July 12-28, 2013 at the Berry Center)

HOUSTON FAMILY ARTS CENTER TO RECEIVE NATIONAL THEATRE AWARD Houston Family Arts Center (HFAC) is the proud recipient of this year’s American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) Twink Lynch Award. This prestigious award will be presented at the AACT National Convention in New York City on July 14, 2012. This award focuses national attention on HFAC as a leading force in Houston’s thriving community scene. The Twink Lynch Award recognizes AACT community theatre members for successfully completing major steps in new directions, expanding services to their community and moving to the next level of organizational development. Some of the HFAC achievements that led to this recognition include opening of the HFAC Garza Main Stage Theatre in May 2010, expanding of the HFAC Actors Academy staff and facility in 2011, creating new works, collaborating with other theatres and giving back

July 2012

Copper Grove

The Landing TheaTre Company announCe iTs 2012 summer season

SMUDGE by Rachel Axler, directed by Artistic Director David Rainey. Saturday, July Performances begin Friday, July 13th 14th and runs Friday-Saturday through July 28th at the O’Kane Theatre (One Main Building on the campus of UHD). There will be a special pay-what-you-can Industry Night on Monday, July 23rd. PRICE: $20 / Preview - $15. Artistic Director David Rainey will direct and the cast includes Jennifer Gilbert, Zachary Lewis and Chuck Hutchison. The production also features Lighting Design by Riana Canetti-Rios and Sound Design by Travis Ammons. A young couple, Nick and Colby, have all the expectations that most of us dream of about our child to be. But what they have achieved through their coupling is so shockingly far from their expectations that it is hard to believe. Coming to terms with that reality takes them on a life altering and often humors journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Two-time Emmy Award winner, Rachel Axler, forces her characters and us, to come face to face with our fears, our shortcomings and ourselves in this poignant dark comedy about parenthood.

- West

Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates, P.A.

2012 new ameriCan VoiCes pLay reading series

The other offering of Landing Theatre Company this season is a collaborative project with Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company and Wordsmyth Theater Company on a new play development series called The New American Voices Play Reading Series featuring four nights of new plays. The new series runs from Thursday, July 5th through Sunday, July 8th in Robertson Auditorium on the 3rd of the One Main Building at UHD. Readings begin at 7 PM, except for Sunday, which begins at 3 PM. Each reading is followed by a half hour talkback with the playwright, cast and director. PRICE: FREE. This year’s series features writers from all across America. The selected playwrights include Kevin Kautzman from Austin, TX; Reginald Edmund, a native Houstonian residing in Chicago, IL; Aleks Merilo from Portland or and James McLindon from Northampton, MA. For more information about The Landing Theatre Company please visit or contact: David Rainey at (email).

For an appointment call

832-553-5450 23920 Katy Freeway , Ste. 480 Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza One

miLdred’s umbreLLa TheaTer Company is pLeased To announCe our 2012-2013 season

Your Local Maid Service for 20 Years

LarGE aniMaL GaMES, by Steve Yockey, directed by Matt Huff. Through July 14, 2012, STUDIO 101 (1824 Spring Street, Houston 77007). apparel. Large Animal Games takes a skewed but razor-sharp look at relationships by examining the romantic lives of several couples and the man who supplies each of them with intimate apparel. MUSEUM oF DySFUncTion, august 9-18, 2012, STUDIO 101 (1824 Spring Street, Houston 77007). KiMbErLy aKiMbo, By David Lindsay-Abaire, Directed by Ron Jones, november 29-December 15, 2012, STUDIO 101 (1824 Spring Street, Houston 77007). Kimberly Akimbo is a play written in 2000 by Pulitzer prize-winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire. Its title character is a lonely teenage girl suffering from a disease a lot like progeria, that causes her to age 4 and a half times as fast as normal. Thus, Kimberly is trapped inside


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(a teenage boy) and the two form an attachment to one another that borders on attraction. The situation is not helped by Kimberly’s rapidly deteriorating health. Soon Kimberly’s family gets mixed up in some crazy money schemes and the family gets emotionally destroyed.

Copper Grove


July 2012

281-855-9212 27

Easton Commons Animal Hospital

West Rd Hwy 6



Easton Commons Dr


Easton E Commons Animal Hospital

Full Service Boarding, Grooming & Training


15030 West Rd.

Attention New Puppy & Kitten Owners!

Receive a FREE Science Diet® Puppy or Kitten Kit and complimentary first dose of heartworm & flea preventative with your puppy or kitten’s first vaccination visit to Easton Commons Animal Hospital.

20% OFF Grooming


Not valid on Saturdays or with other grooming offers. Expires 7/31/2012

First Time Clients Only Please call to schedule an appointment

Coupon must be presented at time of service Expires 7/31/2012


The Houston Horizon Chorus is an award-winning chorus of Sweet Adelines International in the greater Houston area. We’ve been singing together for over 30 years! Our organization promotes singing 4-part acappella harmony in the barbershop style. Come see what we’re all about by coming to our FREE concert this summer. Enjoy getting together with other women who love to sing from all over the Houston area. Bring your friends, your mom, your daughters or your whole family to this event! We’ll even give you the chance to sing with us on a few songs! If you’ve missed singing from your high school and college days, now is the time to get involved and have fun! We are always looking for new members and you don’t have to know how to read music to join the chorus. Come join the excitement! You’ll be glad you did! DATE: Tuesday night, July 17 TIME: 7:00 pm LOCATION: Cinco Ranch High School Commons, 23440 Cinco Ranch Boulevard, Katy, Texas 77494 (across the street from La Centerra)

Call for Details.


For more information, visit our website at: or call 281-755-1333.

morton Ranch FFA Craft Show Get a jump on Holiday shopping, Homecoming mums and more! September 22, 2012 at 21000 Franz Road (morton Ranch High School) from 9 Am to 4 pm. FREE

BRING THIS AD FOR THE DOOR PRIZE DRAWING! music we will sing together, along with the learning tracks. We hope to see you there!

One A-Chord is an interdenominational men’s and women’s singing group with a music ministry to the elderly in Katy and West Houston. We enjoy entertaining with a combination of music including



Sacred (Gospel and Traditional), Broadway (this year will feature “music man”), “Only in America” - great # 1 hits from the big band era, patriotic and “Old Standards.” Our group (Including singers, dancers, instrumentalists and “Hams”) creates an hour of musical entertainment for the residents. Our normal rehearsal/performing day is Monday morning. We will be starting rehearsals for our new singing season on Monday, August 6th, at 9:30 Am at St. peter’s UmC in Asbury Hall, 20775 Kingsland Blvd., Katy. We will have seven rehearsals before starting our new season. For additional information, please call Gail (music Director) 281-347-0233, Bill (Scheduling and Administration) 281-347-2520 or Jackie (Historian and Chaplain) 281-347-1568. You can check out our website www. for our current schedule and repertoire.





On September 28th and 29th, from 9 Am to 3 pm, St. mary’s Episcopal Church is hosting its annual Fall Gift market. This is the ideal event to kick off your holiday shopping and decorating! The convenient location at the corner of Louetta Road and N. Eldridge parkway makes it easy to shop the selection of unique jewelry, home candles and trendy clothing for ladies and children. The Fall Gift

July 2012

Copper Grove

more information, please visit

y y! pp Jul Ha of h 4t

Market also features The Tea Room offering the famous taco soup, sandwiches, desserts and homemade baked goods, plus the Silent or call Jennifer


If you or someone you know would like to display and sell Arts, Crafts and/or Market/Retail Items at one of the most successful Arts & Crafts Shows in this area, then this is for you! th Annual Gingerbread Village Holiday Market on Saturday, October 27, 2012

Misc Events




One per customer . Not valid with other offers . Expires 09/30/12 . Code 072012

. in Sears Center) 8475 Hwy 6 N., #A-2 (at West Rd 832-427-5214


may register Monday-Friday




about teaching your own class! July 1st-30th July 6th July 12th July 13th July 13th July 20th July 20th July 20th July 23rd July 24th July 24th July 25th July 26th July 26th July 27th July 30th July 31st

Copper Grove

July 2012



Digger Says...Ya’ll quit draggin’ that hose!


Sprinkler Company Installation & Repair Drainage Specialist Robbie Moore

Westside Resident for 30+ years


LI #7019 Drain LI #414814

Hunter Preferred Contractor

281-861-6171 Now! Over 2300 irrigation installations!!

The Alzheimer’s Association, Houston & Southeast Texas Chapter will host a Memory Café for individuals with memory loss and their care partners from 3 to 5 PM, on July 15th, at the Langham Creek Family YMCA, 16725 Longenbaugh Houston, TX 77095, near Cypress. This casual social meeting is open to anyone with progressive memory loss or cognitive impairment and their families or care partners. The café will enhance existing health and social care services, providing people with the opportunity to meet with others who have similar experiences. Attendees can play board or video games, do a session of Tai Chi, sing their favorite karaoke tune or simply take part in conversations with others. Information, as well as practical tips about coping with Alzheimer’s disease will be available. This informal setting provides emotional support and reduces the isolation often felt by people with dementia, their caregivers and families. Alzheimer’s disease is a growing epidemic and is the nation’s sixth leading cause of death. As many as 5.4 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s and this number is estimated to grow to as many as 16 million by 2050. In Texas alone, there are more than 340,000 people living with Alzheimer’s. For more information about the Memory Café or other Alzheimer’s Association resources, contact Ann Marie McDonald at annmarie.mcdonald@ or 713-314-1393.


We Install or repair more systems in the Northwest area than any other company!

If you enjoy nature and would like to learn more, do more and/ or teach young people about the great outdoors, consider joining others in a local chapter of Texas Master Naturalists. There are 60 or so friends and neighbors in the Fort Bend County area who are members and invite you to check out the organization at www. Weekly training classes will run September 8th October 25th. You can see more information about joining online or contact with any questions.

BBB Gold Star Award 2002, ‘03, ‘04, ‘05, ‘06, ‘07, ‘08, ‘09, ‘10



Free Estimates!



COUNSELING SERVICES Individual, Pre-Marital Workshops, Marital, Children, Adolescents and Family Anger Management Classes

Are You Prepared? This free emergency response training will be offered at the Bear Creek United Methodist Church at 16000 Rippling Water Dr, Houston 77084, starting on Aug. 1 through Sept. 19, 2012. It is an 8-week course, every Wed from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. There is NO cost to you! A training manual and starter backpack of supplies Classes will cover:

CERT training is designed to prepare you to help yourself, your family and your neighbors in the event of a catastrophic disaster. If emergency personnel are not available, you can use this training to save lives and protect property. For more information, see www. (CERT). To sign up for class go to and click on Training. Email training@cyfaircert. org for questions. Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared!

MEDIATION SERVICES Civil, Business, Church, Family and Relationship

Cecelia Johnson, Ph.D.

œ>À`Ê iÀ̈wi`Ê …ÀˆÃ̈>˜Ê œÕ˜ÃiœÀÊUÊ`Û>˜Vi`Ê Ài`i˜Ìˆ>i`Êi`ˆ>̜À

£È£x£Ê >ˆÀ˜Ü>ÞÊ À]Ê-ՈÌiÊÓäÈÊUÊÓn£‡ÈxȇÓx{n "We are here to help you live a more productive life."


July 2012


6:00 PM-10:00 PM At the Houston Farm & Ranch 1 Abercrombie Dr., Houston, Texas 77084 Live Bullriding, Mutton Bustin’, Stick Horse Race and Calf Scramble. $5 per person For more information, contact Chaille Voelkel - 281-932-2838 or

Copper Grove

GEYER ROOFING Specializing in “We work as unto the Lord”

Ron Geyer





281-477-3456 Visit our website

Vacation Bible Schools

The Family oF FaiTh luTheran, VBS

An Amazing Desert Journey Vacation Bible School will be featured at The Family of Faith Lutheran Church, located at 16710 FM 529 (between Barker-Cypress and Hwy. 6). During the week of July 9th - 13th, we will have skits, songs, games, bible stories, snacks and crafts that will prepare for us our ultimate journey - to Heaven. The VBS program is a part of our summer camp being held throughout the summer. VBS runs from 9 AM to noon for children ages 3 through the 5th grade. The cost for VBS is $15/child. Summer camp, which is open from 6:30 AM to 6:30 pM, is also available for additional cost. please contact Lorna Winoske at or

Church Events

ST. cuThBerT ePiScoPal church Summer moVieS

On Fridays, July 20th and August 17th, St. Cuthbert Episcopal Church will be hosting their HOT NIGHTS, COOL FLICKS summer movies at 6:30 pM. The event will kick off with the current hit movie “Courageous.” All features will be family oriented movies for those 12 and up with children’s movies for the younger ones. Admission is free and concessions will be available for a small fee. St. Cuthbert is located at 17020 West Road, Houston (the northeast corner of West and Queenston). Visit us at for more information.

cornerSTone umc To hoST Free concerT!

register your child.

Prince oF Peace luTheran, VBS

Vacation Bible School at prince of peace Lutheran Church will be held July 23rd - 27th from 9:30 AM-12:00 pM. Our theme this year is Amazing Desert Journey “Where Jesus Leads Us Home.” VBS is for all children pre-K - Elementary school. Register online at www. child this includes a T-shirt. prince of peace Lutheran Church is located at 16650 Longenbaugh Drive, Houston 77095.

coPPerField BiBle church, VBS children pre-K through the 6th Grade on August 13th through 17th, pM. The theme of this year’s VBS is Things Hidden - A Study for Children on Kingdom parables. Children will learn more about Jesus, memorize verses, sing songs, play games and make fun crafts. There will be a program for parents on the last evening. mile east of Hwy. 6 at 15216 FM 529. For more information, please Registration forms are available at churchministries/vacationbibleschool.html (church’s website).

Copper Grove

Cornerstone United Methodist Church (CUMC) is excited to announce that it will be hosting the Christian Alternative Rock Band Kadesh in concert July 28th emotionally charged music and energetic shows. Some of their songs include “A Single Moment,” “Never Be The Same” and “City in the Sky,” which can be found on their new album “City in the Sky.” While the concert itself is free, we will have band t-shirts and CDs for sale before and after the concert. We are opening the concert to youth grades 6th-12th, but spots are limited, so if you or your group is interested in attending, please contact Scott Grow at youth@ and let him know how many spots you will need. Cypress and West Road. Doors will open at 6:30 pM; the concert will Check out their website at for more information about the band.

chriST aPoSTolic church BeTWeen JoBS neTWorKinG

Every Tuesday CAC is dedicated to helping, networking, educating and empowering those who still believe in the American dream. We believe that God

July 2012




Maximum Exposure

for Your Home!

7610 Plumtree Forest Completely Updated! 4/2.5/2- $165,000

7711 Stonesdale Dr

Cov Patio, Outdoor Kit., Pool/Spa 4/2.5/2 - $213,500

17115 Crescent Canyon 16806 Laguna Springs Pool, Spa, Covered Patio 5/3.5/2 - $430,000

Large Corner Lot & Hot Tub! 4/3.5/3 - $249,900

8702 Preston Field

17611 Cypress Laurel

Cul-de-sac Lot! 4/3.5/3 - $229,500

Octagon Dining! 4/3.5/2+ - $257,000

8507 Split Branch Gorgeous Flooring! 4/2/2 - $165,000

14002 Falcon Heights Pool & 2 Story Bonus Room! 5+/4.5/3 - $425,000

Selling Homes Faster for the Most Money and with More Service!


July 2012

Copper Grove

has a job for you somewhere and it will take networking power to get the job. Information is power. It is all about job networking and helping one another. Come and network with others between jobs. Located at 5930 Hwy. 6 N., Suite F-1, Houston, TX 77084, 281-8042520, Fax 281-741-1686.

Service A/C Today!


Did you know that on the second Friday of each month Bear Creek United Methodist Church provides a caring, Christian atmosphere for your loved one? The program, scheduled from 10 AM to 1:30 PM. This gathering provides free time for caregivers and includes crafts, chair exercises, word games, entertainment, lunch and more. Caregivers are also welcome to stay and join the fun. For more information or to United Methodist Church is located at 16000 Rippling Water Drive, near North Highway 6 and Kieth Harrow.


“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matt. 6:34 Held every 3rd Tuesday - 6:30-7:30 PM Omni Hotel Westside - Café on the Lake

m p

281-347-2665 nd Free estimate or 2 opinion Air Conditioning Contractors of America

$25 off any repair


Duct Inspection with tune-up

financing available on select systems COPPERFIELD FAMILY MEDICINE

We are a group of women from non-denominational backgrounds and various nationalities. We fellowship once a week by reading the Bible and praying for our needs in English and Spanish. Please feel free to join us every Thursday, from noon to 1:30 PM and together we can learn and grow in His word. For more information, contact Paula at 281-703-0670.

Trey Hillert, M.D. Carlotta Hillert, M.D. Board Certified Specialists in Family Medicine


- 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM BIBLE STUDY - Wednesday - 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM DAY TRIPS - Monthly - Schedule differs. For more info., www. or call 281-856-2273. WALKING GROUP (aka Holy Strollers) - 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Church to be a part of our Senior Adult Group.

DO YOU HAVE FAMILY MEMBERS WITH HEART ATTACKS AND/OR STROKES? There are new tests that can let you know about your risks of suffering the same fate. Our office utilizes the latest genetic and imaging tests to determine what can be done to reduce cardiovascular disease. Take control of your health and find out what you can do to help prevent your own hear t attack/stroke.





Che rr y rk Pa

Epiphany Bingo has been conducting bingo games on the west side since February 14, 1986. Epiphany conducts their bingo games every Friday night except holidays. THERE IS NO SMOKING ALLOWED DURING ALL BINGO GAMES. They have a jackpot game of $750. Maximum prize giveaways of $2,500, allowed by law, are given away every Bingo Night! They have security, lighted parking, big screen color monitor, computerized bingo equipment, snack bar, and large cash prizes. building expansion, and payment towards debt. Epiphany Catholic Church conducts its bingo games at the Church Community Center, 1530 Norwalk Dr. (between Fry and Mason Roads, south of I-10 behind Nottingham Subdivision) off Highland Knolls every Friday night. Early bird games begin at 7:30 PM and regular games at 8:00 PM. For more information, call the bingo hall number 281-5783905. During Bingo nights, you may also call the Community Center number, 281-578-5078. Come, have some fun, bring your friends and neighbors, win some money and make some new friends.

All patients are treated by Board Certified Physicians, not by nurse practitioners or physician's assistants.

Hwy 6 N

Come join our group! We are an active, fun-loving bunch. Once you come for a visit and get to know us, you’ll want to be a part of our

Copper Grove

Up to 36 Months




NO Interest

FM 529

July 2012


7555 Cherry Park Offering Carotid Artery Scans (CIMT)



Jewelry Weighed in Front of You. NO MAILING REQUIRED Scrap, Broken, Old & Unwanted Jewelry Welcome..Any Condition We GUARNTEE the Highest Price by 5%*

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BEAR CREEK AREA 4978 Hwy. 6 North

HWY 290 AT FM1960 12149 FM 1960 W.



at Kieth Harrow (across from HEB)

(near N. Eldridge)

US 290 @ Tidwell 13482 Northwest Fwy. Houston, TX 77040


US 290@ 34th St. 11200 Northwest Fwy.

(Randall’s Grocer y Center) Houston 77092


KATY 20035 Katy Freeway Katy, TX 77449

WEST OAKS MALL AREA 2808 Hwy. 6 South

59 & BEECHNUT 8104 Southwest Fwy.

Beltway 8 & Gulf Frwy. 12804 Gulf Fwy.

FRIENDSWOOD 101 West El Dorado Blvd.





at Richmond (in front of Home Depot)


Houston, TX 77074

Gulf Fwy. @ Fuqua

at I-45 (near Sam’s Club)

BEAUMONT 4105 Dowlen Road Beaumont TX, 77706






It is very simple 3-STEP process! Send any number of friends, relatives, neighbors or anyone to We Buy Gold Center. Anyone can participate. You will receive a CASH REFERRAL BONUS when the referred person makes a transaction at WBGC. The referring person will get 10% of the transaction.

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Community Center

St. Bartholomew the apoStle CatholiC ChurCh BiNGo

At St. Bartholomew the Apostle Catholic Church in downtown Katy, “BINGO” is being played in our Parish Hall every Friday evening except Holidays. Doors open at 7:00 PM, games start at 7:15 PM with four Early Bird games. Regular games start at 7:30 PM. Maximum Prizes given away every evening of $2,500. Governed by the state of Texas. They have the most modern computerized BINGO equipment for verifying winnings, along with TV monitors for your viewing pleasure. The snack bar is maintained by the KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS 6950, with a variety of food and snacks with soft drinks. programs, to better serve the community. The Church is located in downtown Katy at 5356 Eleventh St. You can get to the church if traveling west on Hwy. 90 to Katyland Rd. Turn right at the light, go to the second stop sign (at the stadium) Eleventh St., turn left and the Church Hall will be on your right one block down. Please call for more details to 281-391-4758. Please come play and win. We can accommodate large groups such as social and family groups.

Call 1-855-351-GOLD

Bear CreeK CommuNitY CeNter

Please call for more information or to register for any of these classes ASAP. All classes are FREE OF CHARGE and are suited for adults, unless otherwise noted and are open to the public. ONGOING SENIOR DAY - Every Wed. at BCCC, join seniors for a day of fun and games. Bridge, Canasta, Pinochle and 42 are played starting at 9:00 AM. We also have afternoon bridge at 12:00 PM. WALKERCISE - BCCC offers walkercise every day at 8:00 AM. This is an indoor class that’s equivalent to a two-mile walk. Classes are free. STRETCH AND TONE - Stretch and Tone is designed to improve composition, improved strength and range of motion. This class is Tues. and Thurs. from 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM. Classes are free. AEROBICS - Aerobics combines muscle toning exercise and lowimpact mid-intensity aerobics. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:45 improved body composition. Classes are free. Call BCCC for more information. NEEDLEWORK GROUP - The ladies of the BCCC Needlework Group are looking for new members. If you enjoy embroidery, crossstitch or creative sewing, please join us Tues. mornings at 10:00 AM.


July 2012

Copper Grove

FUN TIME ART GROUP - Every Thursday morning from 9:00 AM to noon, would like to extend an invitation to adults to visit and join this no fee art group. Painting is in all mediums of your choice and help is available from all members. Come have fun together! Call for more information. CONVERSATIONAL FRENCH - BCCC offers anyone who has the basic knowledge of the French Language to join our French Language group, which meets at BCCC every Wednesday at 11:00 AM. Please call if you have questions. R.A.D. - The Rape Aggression Defense System is a 5-day (15 hours) program of realistic, self-defense tactics and techniques. July 30th through August 3rd, 12:00 to 3:00 PM. The R.A.D. System is a comprehensive course for women that begins with awareness prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training. R.A.D. is not a Martial Arts program. Please call if you have questions and/or to register. T.O.P.S (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) - Come and join this group of ladies and enjoy lots of games and programs to help shed those unwanted pounds on Monday mornings at BCCC. Weigh-ins begin at 9:30 AM and the meeting takes place at 10:00 AM. Call for more information.



Ask for Kyle - Owner

of the Better Living for Texans program.


“If It Has A Dirty Surface, We Can Clean It”

T he Kleaning C ompany

16719 Clay Road, Houston, TX 77084, 281-550-0885 Our hours are: Monday - 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Tuesday/Thursday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Wednesday -10:00 AM - 8:00 PM, Friday - 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Saturday - 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sunday - Closed. Schedule of events Adults THE BEAR CREEK BOOK CLUB - Wednesday, July 11th at 7:00 PM. Join the Bear Creek Book Club to discuss The True Story of Hansel and Gretel by Louise Murphy. NEW VOLUNTEER ORIENTATIONS - Monday, July 2nd at 6:30 PM. Interested in volunteering at the library? We have periodic orientation sessions to introduce you to our library and what kinds of work you could do. Applications are available at the Information Desks (must be signed by guardian if volunteer is under 18). Volunteers under the age of 12 must volunteer with a parent or guardian. FAMILY COOKING - Thursday, July 19th at 2:00 PM. Special cooking demonstration and graduation. This free program is provided

Free Estimates

281-861-0394 $10 OFF First Visit Only With this ad

ADVANCED HOME EXTERIORS We don’t try to do it all... We only do What We do best! SIDING, WINDOWS, ROOFING & INSULATION HardiePlank Siding & Exterior Painting

Weekly Programs SATURDAY @ THE MOVIES - Every Saturday at 2:00 PM. Enjoy can’t be beat!! Check with the library staff regarding title and ratings information. ADULT CRAFT & GO - Every Saturday at 1:30 PM. Stop by the Information Desk to pick up your special craft kit. These kits are designed to be taken home and completed to make something unique. Supplies are limited.

Recommended by Tom Tynan, SportsRadio 610

$500 OFF*

HardiePlank and Window Replacement *Minimum purchase required

Teen Programs TEEN PROGRAMS - Every Monday, 3:30 PM. Want to do something fun and interesting after school? The library is hosting weekly Teen events. You can watch an anime, take part in a book or movie critic club and so much more!

Call today for your Free estimate!


CHILDREN , 10:30 AM - Preschool Story Time for children ages 3-5 years.

Copper Grove

July 2012


CLEANING HOUSE IS A perfectly good WASTE OF SUMMER. Leave the cleaning to The Maids, we come highly recommended.



ACT NOW AND RECEIVE $50 OFF YOUR FIRST CLEAN. Call now to receive your free, no-obligation estimate


Serving the West Houston, Katy, Copperfield, Cyress, Sugar Land, Rosenberg and Richmond areas.

New customers only. Not valid with other offers. Promo code: Summer.

, 11:15 AM -

for children ages 0-18

months. , 3:00 PM . Tickets will be released an hour before program starts. , 10:30 & 11:00 AM for children ages 18 months-3 years. , 3:30 PM - PG & Up. Movies for Middle-School Aged Children. Call the branch for title and rating information. , 10:30 AM All materials are furnished. Recommended for children ages 0-36 months. , 10:30 AM . All ages. 3 , 10:30 AM All materials are furnished. Recommended for children ages 3-5 years. 4 , 10:30 AM Recommended for children ages 3+ years. All programs are free and open to the public. For more information, call 281-550-0885 or log on to


11355 Regency Green Drive, Cypress, TX 77429, 281-890-2665, - 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM, - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM, -12:00 AM - 8:00 PM, - Closed, - 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Closed. Summer Reading Clubs


When adults read 5 books they receive a free book and are also entered in a drawing to win a $30 gift card. For those that register, they are entered in a Harris County Library system drawing to win a basic Kindle or Nook and for those that complete the program a drawing for either a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet. When teens register they receive a bracelet and after they read 5 the program. When children register they receive a bracelet and after they read 10 of completion. After reading 50 books they receive a blue Star Reader ribbon. at 4:00 PM. Cool off this summer and see a family friendly movie at the library. ADULT JULY ONGOING EVENTS at 2:00 PM. Enjoy reading and discussing the many wonderful works of Christian Fiction that are on the market today. Learn about the authors, the stories and discuss the ideas presented in the books. This month we are reading Love on a Dime by Cara Lynn James. at 2:00 PM. A book club where members read books and share the books that they have read with other book-lovers! This month we are reading Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman by Elizabeth Buchan. at 2:00 PM. Forgot all

July 2012

Copper Grove

those books that you read in high school or college? Want to read all the greats? Want to reacquaint yourself with Austen, Carroll, Hawthorne, Poe, Steinbeck or Stevenson? Then join us once a month for our classic readers’ book club! This month we are reading Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. at 2:00 Pm. Be at the Bee! The Library Quilting Bee that is‌ Bring your projects, machines, looms, material stash, etc. and quilt ‘til you wilt! at 12:00 Pm. every week. The classes are an excellent opportunity to learn more

For all your home maintenance and repair needs call us today. No job is too small.

10% Off Labor with this ad $200 Maximum Discount

laughter. All classes are free and open to the public. at 10:00 Am. Are you crafty? Come and join us for Sit & Stitch - bring knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, quilting or other projects! at 10:00 Am-12:00 Pm. Answers for



Owner: Cypress/Tomball Resident Since 1974 Fully Insured-General Liability and Workers’ Compensation.

Teen Activities at 4:30 Pm. iPad and Playstation 2 Games at 4:30 Pm. Go on a high tech or code treasure hunt. at 4:00 for teens ages 12-18 Pm. Enjoy Candy Sushi and Origami Flowers. at 4:00 for teens ages 12-18 Pm. make a Bead Scarf. Children’s activities at 3:00 Pm. Beat the summertime blues. Pick up a craft to do at home. Quantities are


STEVE TOUCHY 33/1.%8 3!6

for children ages 3-6 at 10:30 Am. A whimsical one-woman, tale-after-the-tale play sure

Serving Businesses and Families Since 1983

for children ages 3-6 at 10:30 Am. Ronald makes it magic! for children ages 3-6 , at 10:30 Am. Children’s Librarian will read stories, lead everyone in song and direct the making of a craft project. for children ages 0-18 months at 2:00 Pm. Children’s Librarian will read a simple story, lead everyone through the performance of nursery rhymes and songs and encourage interaction between caregivers and babies through the use of educational toys. - non-walkers only at 2:00 Pm. Encourage development through play and learning with this program designed to support your child’s growth at their own individual pace. From sensory stimulation to problem-solving games and storytelling, this class uses play-based activities to stretch the body and mind. at 2:00 Pm. For the Children is a fun-

Copperfield/Bear Creek

families to use library resources and teaches simple inexpensive activities that parents and children can do together to help children learn. Receive a free pass to the Children’s museum when you attend. for children ages 18-36 months. at 10:30 Am. Join Gymboree Play & music at the library for some summer fun. for children ages 18-36 months at 10:30 Am. Children’s Librarian will

Copper Grove

9),,291423291/"!3% 9)5/1#%9 $/03)/. 9.#/10/1!3)/.9!13.%12()0 9%!,23!3%942).%22)3)'!3)/. 9-0,/8-%.39!"/1!6 9/.24-%1!69 9/,,%#3)/.29)%.2 9/--%1#)!,!6 9!.$,/1$%.!.3 9.241!.#%9%12/.!,.*418 9/--%1#)!,91!.#()2%!6 91!$%%#1%329/.4"2#1)"%1 9%&%.2%9/7)#/132

July 2012


15840 FM 529, Suite 280 Houston, Texas 77095 Located in the Chase Bank Building on FM 529


832-593-7555 A Company Awarded with an A+ Rating A/C Check-Up

A/C Tune-Up



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read stories, lead everyone in song and direct the making of a craft project for this younger set. MAD SCIENCE for children ages 3-10 - Saturday, July 7th at 2:00 PM. Packed with spectacular science demonstrations. CHILDREN’S CRAFT for children ages 5-10 - Saturday, July 14th 2:00 PM & 3:00 PM. Paint a Wooden Snake. CHILDREN’S CRAFT for children ages 5-10 - Saturday, July 28th 2:00 PM & 3:00 PM. Make Your Own Puzzle. TOP SECRET MAGIC SHOW - Saturday, July 21st at 2:00 PM4:00 PM this case secret agents and spy gadgets, combines it with magic, puppets and a cute bunny rabbit. Children’s programs require a free ticket for admission. Tickets will be distributed beginning 30 minutes before the program begins.

0% Interest Financing Or Up To $1000 Instant Rebate Buy a Qualifying new air condition or heating system and choose your savings. Cannot be combined with any other offer, coupon, or special. WAC

LONE STAR COLLEGE - CYFAIR LIBRARY Monday through Thursday, 7 AM - 10 PM; Friday and Saturday, AM - 6 PM; Sunday, 1 PM - 6 PM. - The Lone Star College-CyFair Branch Library Friends Book Room is now accepting gently used books and offering them to the public for a set donation amount. The store is open six days a week and staffed by volunteers. Proceeds support library programs. Help support our community library. at location/cy-fair-college-branch-library, for news and events about the library and college and in the community. at LSC-CyFair Branch Library. GET A CLUE: 2012 HCPL SUMMER READING PROGRAM, available for children, teens and adults, through August 11, 2012. Join Today! ADULTS 7/11 (2nd Wed. of the month) 1 PM, room 215 - Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand. - 1 PM, room 215 - The Tiger’s Wife by Téa Obreht. - 12:00 PM, room 215 any food-related mystery. 7/9 - 2 PM - A boy and a girl from differing social backgrounds meet during the ill-fated maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic (1997, PG-13). 7/24 - 9 AM - Based on actual events, a plot to assassinate Hitler is

, library room 203 Tuesdays: 7-9 PM (various topics, see schedule). Saturdays: Saturday classes will resume sometime in July or August, please contact the library visit the website at http://lonestar. edu/library/15212.htm for current schedule. Day and evening workshops are available throughout the month at various times. Please visit the website at for the complete schedule.

ESL LIBRARY OUTREACH PROGRAM SUMMER: June 18th-August 3rd Wednesday: 10-11 AM Thursday: 10-11 AM Please check for current schedule at htm website.


July 2012

Copper Grove

Amy Nabors

Andrea Wiley

Bridget Huddleston

Carmen Fujimoto

Catherine Ellis

Clint Nabors

Debra Schaffner

Greg Stephens

WE’RE JUST AROUND THE CORNER Thirteen Offices Strong To Better Serve You


25250 NW Freeway, Suite 200 Cypress, Texas 77429

Joel Braswell

Lynne Tompkins

Mark Ellis

Monica Sinha

Ron Liechty

CLASSIFIED ADS Solid wood, mahogany breakfast table w/ inlaid tile top, 4 chairs, 39”x63”x30”H, 5 years old, good condition, $150. 713-466-3905. Solid wood antique dining room table with beautiful spiral legs. Draw leaves store underneath table and extend the size from 3’3” x 5’3” to 8’8”. Very solid, good condition, $400. 281-693-2406. Universal sewing machine, w/ cabinet, $20; tricycle, $5; child’s push around buggy, $5; child’s alphabet train, $5; First Year’s potty, $2; safety top bed rail, $10. Call 281-856-0592. Large bird cage, complete with many toys, very good condition, new very expensive, used $415. Child, teen, adult operated game counting machine, enhances counting, math skills, $250. 281-650-2403. Solid wood decorative display cabinet, dark stain, good condition, $150. 281-463-8655. Solid oak entertainment center, medium oak stain, excellent condition, $325. 281-463-8655. GE refrigerator, steel gray, profile 23.6 cft., double door, water/ice dispenser, $350; computer table, $30; water bed cover, $10. Call 281550-6308.

Copper Grove

Shannon Lester

Tiffany Nolan

Michele Verwold Vice President of Sales

Black & Decker electric lawn equipment: cordless push mower, cordless string trimmer and edger, cordless blower, $275 for all. 281656-8999.


Kawai organ, KL4, used less than 30 hours, $2,500. 281-392-8034.

Sarah Atchison

Truck camper, Leer Signature, fits 1997 - 2001 or equivalent 6’8” bed. Many extras. Paid $1,200, but will sell for $300. Any info call, 832715-6481. Yamaha keyboard, played once, paid $375, sell $175. 281-599-0332. Custom white, faux wood blinds for sale. 3 - 40x70, 5 - 34x58, 1 sink window 34x40, 1 door window 23x40. $40 each or best offer. Call 281-463-1175. Marcy Home Gym complete with self spotting bench, curling bar, latpull pully system & over 200 lbs. of weights. Also a chest-explosion machine & accessories for the pully system. Excellent condition. $325 or $350 delivered assembled. 281-881-6405. Sofa good to very good condition, $250 OBO. jordon98@hotmail. com. Omega Pro II Racquetball Racket with zip case, never used, $35; 8” animal gold trim/porcelain (some) plates, $15 - $20 each; Emmot Kelly clown, numbered/framed lithographs, $75 - $100 each. Cheryl 281-543-2409. Sliding mirror doors (one pair) for a wardrobe or closet, each door is 39 “W x 79”H, together the doors will be good for a 78”W X 79”H wardrobe or closet, comes with upper and bottom alum guide rails, the doors are similar to IKEA PAX MALM ward robe article # 900745-72, picture available, asking $205. Contact

July 2012


MOVING/GARAGE SALES Flood Insurance 10-5-+% Renters Annuities/IRA's (&%5%$(#"l -0-.#3#*% Boat Residential & -++%.#("l



Greg Conn Insurance Agency "Gets You Back Where You Belong"

Serving the Bear Creek/Copperfield Area Since 1986 ".+%.4/%2%*%.+ *",s Premier 10-Year Level Term Life Insurance* -,0'*3.%+(1+s $150,000


"*% %+"*e

$9.75 $9.25

$11.58 $10.75

"*% %+"*%

$15.88 $14.88

$19.50 $18.25

Free Phone Quotes 17036 West Little York Rd., Suite 300 @ Queenston Rd.


Byron Bruess’

Tree Services 281-578-TREE(8733)

Huge family garage sale: Women’s, men’s and children’s clothes, toys and games, household appliances, furniture, teacher supplies and much more. In Bear Creek, 15718 Echo Canyon Drive, 77084, July 28th, 8 AM to 3 PM.


Vehicle for immediate sale: Mazda 6s, 2003, 3.0 liters, 6 cylinder, Bose premium sound package, climate control. Fully loaded, mileage 132,000, excellent condition, $5,800 OBO. Call Jay Khurana, 281300-3236 or 281-550-6308. 2007 GMC Yukon, 49,000 miles, CD, MP3, OnStar ready. Blue with dark interior, 1 owner, excellent condition, $25,000 or best offer. 281855-9030 or 832-654-5339. 2010 Ford F150 XLT with Extended Cab, 4.6L V8. Exterior color, silver with tan cloth interior. Upgraded chrome wheels, 6 foot long bed with liner, power windows, doors, tinted windows, Sirius XM capable. Less than 20k miles on it. For pictures and inquiries, email anwilbanks99@ Rare 1967 Pontiac Firebird convertible, re-built, under warranty, 400 Pontiac motor-not matching no., less than 400 miles, totally restored, yellow with black interior, new paint, new disk brakes, new suspension, new interior & new black top with cover, new custom sound system, $24,000. Firm. 281-455-5543. 1998 Suzuki 1500 Intruder motorcycle, eggshell on white in color, black leather saddle bags, $3,000. 281-726-4305 Pat.


Wanted: To buy gold jewelry, 10K - 21K and old U. S. coins. 713-8948490. Wanted: To buy Rolex watches. 281-414-3597.


Station available at Salon Picasso Studios. Call 281-861-9911.

Summer means dry, brittle, overdone hair...

Let Images Hair Studio bring your locks back to life! Walk-Ins Welcome

Sun & Mon Closed

Tue-Thur 9:30am-7:30pm

Fri 9:30am - 5:30pm


Sat 9am - 4pm

Administrative Assistant needed for growing business. Candidate should have working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. QuickBooks is a plus and any Spanish is helpful. Good verbal and written communication skills are needed. You must be able to work on your own once trained. This is a permanent position. General offices duties include: Answering and making calls to customers; typing short letters, quotes, and contracts (using templates provided); sending and replying to customer e-mails in a businesslike and courteous manner. We value our customers and the quality of the work we do and want someone who will share our enthusiasm. We are willing to work with and train the right person. Please write to or send resume to using the subject line of Administrative Assistant on e-mail. Hours of operation are 9 AM - 5 PM, M - F; some weekend work may be required. Competitive salary. Location: 290 and Hwy 6 in Houston. Please, no phone calls about this job! Please do not contact job poster about other services. Swimming pool cleaner – Need experienced person to maintain a minimum of 40 pools per week in the Northwest Houston area. Must have two years + experience, must know water chemistry, have cell phone and reliable transportation. Only experienced need apply. Please leave contact information at 281-256-9610. Golf Hole Monitor for Par 3 Contests. Enjoy golf and the outdoors? Hole In One Challenge, a national par 3 company and affiliate of The First Tee and The World Golf Foundation, is seeking sales representatives

July 2012

Copper Grove

COPPERFIELD SMILE CENTER Dr. H. Craig Allen - General Dentistry Kroger ’s


Hwy 6

West Rd

281-550-7276 Open five days a week

We accept most dental insurance

15218 West Rd

Houston & Southeast Texas Chapter

memory café This monthly café provides emotional support and reduces the isolation often felt by people with dementia, their caregivers and families. Join us for games, exercise, sing your favorite karaoke tune or simply take part in conversations with others.

Light Refreshments offered

Houston, TX 77095

July 15, 2012......3 PM - 5 PM YMCA


16725 Longenbaugh Dr. Houston, TX 77095

Whitening Special $50 Teeth with Cleaning, Exam and X-ray

RSVP 713-314-1313

For new and existing patients. Expires 8/15/12.

to promote par 3 contests on local golf courses. A portion of all sales will help support programs offered to young people through The First Tee. Work a 6 hour shift - approximately 8 AM to 2 PM. This is a commission only position with daily pay. Positions are available immediately. Must be able to pass drug test. Please contact Larry Wilkerson at 281-345-1517. Manta Ray Enterprises, Inc. (MRE, Inc.) is always in search of highly motivated people whose core values are aligned with the Broker’s. You are not expected to have the know-how when you start. Learn from a TREC-MCE Instructor with 28 years’ experience on leasing and working with property management with single family homes & condo’s. We will guide you on the proper forms to use. Broker will provide a one-onone support to any agent willing and wanting to learn more. MRE, Inc. will help you better assist your clients/customers/investors. MRE, Inc. holds educational seminars to the community and any agent/consumer/ investor. MRE, Inc. will assist you with property management, sales & leases. We offer incentives to our recruits. For more information, please contact the Broker (“Tisha” Matticks) directly at mre@mantarayenterprises. com and make your appointment to start your new career today. Martial Arts USA is hiring qualified Tae Kwon Do Black Belts with WTF certification, over 18 years of age, background checks and interviews will be conducted. Contact Master Shin or Master An at 281-463-9333 or email, 17121 West Rd. Suite 200 Houston TX 77095. Wanted - Hairstylists. Looking for a fun and relaxing place to work, one that appreciates you? Look no further! Sheri Marie’s Salon & Co. is hiring great hairstylists. Visit or call 281463-7375. Now hiring Security Officers. Part time/full time on the job training. No experience necessary. Professional & reliable retired welcome. Must provide TDL, Soc. Sec. card, (clear criminal history). Excellent benefits, all shift available. Call today & set up interview. 281-759-1010. 1035 Dairy Ashford, Suite 225, Houston TX, 77079. About Hair Salon and Day Spa is seeking experienced stylists. Apply in person 15422 FM 529, Houston, TX 77095.

Copper Grove

LL Hair Studio Salon is hiring experienced stylists! Visit our website at to learn more, or call us today at 281-5505302. Now Hiring! Do you love children? Small private preschool is now accepting applications. Must be dependable and energetic. Will train. Must have copy of High School Diploma or GED and copy of Social Security Card. Apply in person to 16618 Clay Road, Suite 400. 281656-2273. Michelle’s Salon is looking for good experience hairstylist, massage therapist, nail tech and esthetician, lease or commission. 832-878-1052. The Pediatric Dentist of Katy is looking for a highly motivated Registered Dental Assistant. Our Pediatric Dental practice is located at 24022 Cinco Village Center Blvd., Suite 210 in Katy. Our office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 AM to 5 PM, with lunch from 12-1 PM. On Fridays we are open from 7:30 AM to 3 PM. Please bring by your resume in person. Housekeepers needed. Great hours for mom’s with school age children. 281-861-0394. Position available for an experienced hair stylist with a great attitude and good clientele. Benefits available. Call Images Hair Studio at 281256-2286. Dental Assistant needed, at least 2 years of experience, must be state licensed. 281-550-0900. Dental assistant position available. F/T, nonsmoker, experienced preferred, knowledge of Dentrix software and bilingual a plus. Must be state licensed; Front desk receptionist, bilingual preferred. Fax resume to: 281-861-7174. Or call 281-861-7500. Applications being accepted at Salon Picasso Studios. Lease/ commission. 281-861-9911. Residential Electrician(s): Journeyman or helper/apprentice. Have experience, references & contact info. ready, beginners last employment info. Send resume to

July 2012


presents Y

Problems Solved!

Service With A Smile!


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referral & repeat K10

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information contact Cheryl at 281-855-7427.

2 AKC male Yorkie puppies, born March 13, 2012, $550 each. Also have 2 adult females, 1 adult male, w/papers, $250 each. 979-2203945 or 979-224-3955.


Found dog: Solid black, lab mix, female, well-mannered, loves kids. Found in Canyon Gate. Call Ginger, 281-578-2333. Lost dog, reward $400.00. Small tan/brown dog, with long hair on ears and tail, short curly hair on back. Her name is Hannah. Lost on 6/3 in the vicinity of Charlestown Colony, she has a microchip. Call 713302-2375 or 281-543-3300. FOUND: 8GB SanDisk, looks like a disk that you would use in a camera and has files with pictures of a proposal, engagement photos and wedding photos.The wedding photos look like the wedding was up north. Call 713-545-8245.


Bay House in Sargent, waterfront property with boat access to house, built in 2003. 2 BR’s, 2 car garage, vaulted ceilings, central AC/heat, storage shed attached to house, carport, enclosed stairway, water & sewer system. Call Bill at 979-429-6853.


Room for rent in home, $550 a month, all bills paid. Call 281-6843441.


Timeshare: rent a lovely condo for a full week in Hawaii. Sleeps 4, fully stocked kitchen. What else needs to be said... It’s Hawaii! $795. For


Playa del Carmen private condo, 2 bed / 2 bath. 1600 square feet, beautifully furnished. 2 blocks from beach, 3 blocks from famous Fifth Avenue. Photos, rates, guest reviews at: Call Jeff, 713-856-7774. Las Vegas Timeshare - On the Strip near the airport, sleeps 4, full kitchen, dining & living; jacuzzi in room, 2 TV’s/2 Phones, 2 pools outside building, fitness room, washer/dryer/safe in room, 4 days $355 - 7 days $500. No added fees. Cheryl 281-543-2409. Vacation home for rent: Hill country vacation home, Cedar Creek Cabin, new 2/2 with loft, fully furnished, huge front porch, satellite TV, beautiful views, abundant wildlife, Frio River at Concan near Garner State Park, sleeps 8. Call 866-7CON-CAN or go to for more information.


May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world, now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. St. Jude help of the hopeless, pray for us. Say Novena 9 times a day for 9 days. It has never been known to fail. Publication must be promised. Thank you St. Jude – ET TK KK Due to the amount of space involved and the response of those wishing to publish a Novena to St. Jude, a Novena to St. Jude will be published along with a list of initials of those wishing to publish one. We are sorry, but we cannot make exceptions. $5 Charge for each Novena per area. Please specify which area you would your Novena to appear in. - Krenek Printing.

July 2012

Copper Grove

Get on the road to college and career success!

Sign up for New Student Orientation* this summer to take a tour, get academic advising and register for class! Attend advising workshops for help choosing a career path or some guidance in transferring to a four-year university! Call 281.290.3200 for workshop information. Registration is under way for Summer II and Fall! *orientation required for first-time students

LSC-CyFair LSC-Fairbanks Center 9191 Barker Cypress 14955 Northwest Freeway Cypress, TX 77433 Houston, TX 77040 affirmative action/eeo college





Call Today!

FREE for Seniors Medicare Medicaid Insurance






281-550-9797 w e r y


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July 2012



LET ME WORK FOR YOU! Jill Smith, Broker Associate ABR, GRI, SFR, ASP, CNE

281 704 3749 Phone

Your Local Maid Service for 20 Years

Tammy Smith, Owner-Operated


10.00 OFF


(281) 550-2919

The Original Since 1986

C OPPERFIELD A UTOMOTIVE 8411 Queenston ")2+%3



FM 529

en Creek rsep Ho

Hwy. 6 N

Barker - Cypress

West Rd

Complete Auto Repair Facility State Inspection & Emission Testing Certified Emission Repair Facility Front End Alignments

QUALITY INTEGRITY SAFETY Mon. - Fri. 7am - 6:30pm

Cherry Park

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