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The Williamsburg Settlement Swim team had a terrific season, finishing in second place in its division. The team had 116 swimmers with about 70 earning the opportunity to participate in the end of season Meet of Champs. Two of the swimmers, Brayden Prekop and Ian Bennett, set league records! The swim team board would like to thank all the wonderful parents who not only signed their children up to swim but also volunteered many hours to help run the meets. The Dolphins continue to have registration and calendar information on the WSMA website and this year also has its own website: www.wsstdolphins.weebly. com. The swim team board looks forward to seeing everyone back next year.


The Board passed a resolution at its July 17th meeting to require anyone who takes down pickets from the perimeter fence to replace those that have been removed with new cedar pickets using treated wood screws or best industry practice materials (aluminum ring-shank nails, etc.) to attach to the 2”x4”s. If the 2”x4”s are damaged, then these should be replaced with new treated pine 2”x4”s. The top rail should be 2”x6” cedar and the bottom rot board should be 2”x6” treated pine. The use of treated pine pickets on the perimeter fence is prohibited as these warp in the sun and the Board has found that when the old pickets are taken down, especially those that are nailed rather than screwed, the pickets split, break off edges and are for the most part unfit to for re-use. We would appreciate the cooperation of all residents whose property borders the fence line to pass this requirement along to any contractors who may at any time need to temporarily remove pickets from the perimeter fence to perform work in their rear yard.


The August yard of the Month is awarded to Gerald and Robin Sorrell of 1519 Earl of Dunmore. They have lived in The Settlement for almost 3 years. They have four grown boys who all attended KISD schools. They are also blessed with one granddaughter. Robin said they have lived in many homes, but this one at The Settlement are absolutely her favorite. Gerald is an avid hunter and fisherman. He also collects sports memorabilia. The trees in their yard are nicely surrounded by beautiful beds with beautiful blooming yellow trumpet plants. The beds are full of agapanthus. Their yard and home are absolutely stunning. Thank you for adding beauty to The Settlement.

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Williamsburg Settlement

September 2012


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The pool will be open on weekends (plus Labor Day) through its closing on September 4th. Hours of operation for the pool are 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. For your ongoing reference this information is posted on the Swimming Pool tab of the Recreation page of www. - our website.


JULY 17, 2012 A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Williamsburg Settlement Maintenance Association, Inc. was held on Tuesday, July 17, 2012, at 5:30 PM at the Williamsburg Settlement Clubhouse, 1602 Hoyt, Katy, Texas 77449. ATTENDANCE Board Members present were Floyd Ball, Cyndy Thompson, Dave Ellis, Walter Smith, Martin Spears and Don McClelland. Also in attendance were Trae Williams, area director for our current pool contractor, Houston Recreation Management (H-Rec); Officer Chad King and Dolores Sue representing Planned Community Management, Inc. (PCMI). With a quorum being established, the meeting was called to order at 5:32 PM. MINUTES The Board reviewed the minutes of the June 19, 2012 meeting. A motion to accept the minutes as written was made by Walter Smith, seconded by Don McClelland and unanimously approved. HOMEOWNER CONCERNS There was one (1) homeowner present. PATROL SERVICE REPORT Martin Spears presented the patrol service report. It was a quiet month.


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The other complaints received were focused on the performance of the lifeguards. These included pool tags not being consistently checked; occasionally there were too many people in the guard room; lifeguards have been observed sleeping in the lifeguard room or on one of the lounge chairs and have been seen using their cell phones while on duty. Although now considerably improved, there were also initial problems with the cleaning and care of the restrooms.

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POOL COMPLAINTS Because Trae Williams of H-Rec was present and to prevent him from having to sit through the entire meeting, it was unanimously agreed to re-arrange the agenda to discuss pool problems and issues at this time. The Board reminded Mr. Williams that there have been an unusual number of complaints this year. There was an initial problem with poor water quality, which took until June 16th to finally resolve. During this period, the swim team had to cancel its May 22nd practice and on June 13th, the water was so bad that a resident requested that the pool not be opened. Residents have also complained about the baby pool being dirty. Fortunately, all of these issues have now been addressed and the pool water quality has been excellent for a number of weeks.

Mr. Williams stated that he comes to the pool most mornings and if he finds things that the guards have not done he performs these duties himself. He apologized for past problems and assured the Board that he will do whatever it takes to meet the Board’s expectations and to provide it with the confidence necessary to continue with the H-Rec pool management contract.

September 2012

Williamsburg Settlement

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He also addressed the problem that occurred one morning when the lifeguards were involved in a vehicle accident while on their way to the pool. As soon as H-Rec learned of the incident another guard was dispatched to the pool. However, by this time there were many people waiting and when the guard opened the gate people poured in and for a brief period the pool was not under adequate control. The supervisor did come over and order was restored as quickly as possible.

the same specification as those removed (Cedar).

Mr. Williams stated that the lifeguard issues are being addressed and he has posted step-by-step procedures they are to follow. Further, if a guard is seen using a cell phone while on duty, this should be reported and the phone will be confiscated.

Letters informing them of this requirement will be written to the Municipal Utility Districts, Comcast, Centerpoint and all vendors who might be performing work in the area. WSMA Residents living along the perimeter fence will also be asked to have any contractors who they may use to follow this requirement.

At this time, the Board thanked him for attending the meeting. FINANCIAL AND DELINQUENCY SUMMARY Dave Ellis presented the financials. As of June 30, 2012, the money in the bank totaled $604,849.35. This includes checking, savings accounts and CD’s and is the money to cover both operating expenses and the necessary reserve to fund maintenance and replacement of the Association’s capital assets. Delinquency for the month ending June 30, 2012 totaled $29, 474.37. The Board is aggressively pursuing all delinquent accounts, which increase the legal fees, which are reflected in this total delinquency figure. OLD BUSINESS PUMP ROOM DOOR REPLACEMENt Martin Spears reported that if there is no rain, the door will be painted, July 18, 2012. LANDSCAPE/ PERIMEtER FENCE ISSUES Larry Crain could not attend the meeting; however Floyd informed the Board that the Municipal Utility District (MUD) Number 61 was performing work and taking pickets off the perimeter fence and replacing some of them with treated pine instead of the required cedar. The MUD Board was advised and it agreed that the contractor should have replaced the broken pickets with ones that conform to

Williamsburg Settlement

At this time, a motion that “anyone performing work in the area that requires the temporary removal of pickets from the Association perimeter fence will be required to replace the removed pickets with new cedar pickets secured with industry standard fasteners” was made by Martin Spears, seconded by Cyndy Thompson and unanimously approved.

Martin Spears reported that he has received a complaint about the land outside of the fence behind Spatswood being overgrown. The Board discussed this issue. This land does not belong to the Association and hence does not fall under WSMA deed restrictions. Therefore the Association has no authority to enforce the mowing of this property. If the grass gets so high as to violate Harris County standards, then that should be reported to Harris County and it may mow this property or issue a citation to the property owner to bring it back into compliance. NEW BUSINESS FIREWORkS Some Board members had received complaints about fireworks over the July 4th holiday. Floyd Ball explained that a disturbance such as that caused by fireworks (when no burn ban is in place by the County), may be a disturbance of the peace or disturbance by noise, as opposed to a civil issue and thus falls outside of the jurisdiction of deed restrictions. Firework complaints should be reported to the Harris County Sherriff’s office, although in this instance the Board understands that the Sheriff’s Department had so many calls from across its area that it was not able to respond. There is an article on the website asking residents not to set off fireworks within the subdivision and an email is sent out reminding residents of this immediately prior to each holiday period. There was a complaint about the fireworks stand sited near the

September 2012


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convenience store close to the Earl of Dunmore / Mason Road entrance. The Board believes that this fireworks stand was located on commercial property. Medicare SeMinar Mr. Mick Grassberger approached the Board and asked if it would be interested in him conducting a seminar on Medicare and related issues for our residents. Mr. Grassberger was out of town and unable to make the meeting, so Dave Ellis read an email proposal from him. After due discussion, a motion that “the Association offer to allow Mr. Grassberger use of the clubhouse without charge to perform a community service seminar for Williamsburg Settlement residents as long as it is not promoting any particular investment firm” was made by Martin Spears, seconded by Cyndy Thompson and unanimously approved. Dave Ellis will provide email and website support to Mick in determining if there is any resident interest in such a seminar. However, responses will need to be directed to and managed by Mr. Grassberger himself. MoSquito Spraying Frequency With the amount of rain in recent weeks, the Board agreed that mosquito spraying needs to be increased. A motion to “instruct PCMI to contact the mosquito spraying company and request that it perform the mosquito spraying on tuesday and Friday nights until September 1, 2012” was made by Martin Spears, seconded by Walt Smith and unanimously approved. Selling oF BarBeque A Board member had received a complaint that a resident sold barbeque in his driveway on the weekend. The Board was made aware that it was a fundraiser and it was for two (2) weekends only. As this is not being done on a regular basis and was a special event,


it would not be characterized as the conducting of a business and hence was not in violation of deed restrictions. pool repairS Dave Ellis explained to the Board that it had previously approved an estimate from H-Rec to replace three (3) missing return jets and repair or replace four (4) additional return eyeballs at a total cost of $409.62. These repairs, which were necessary to improve water flow into the deep end of the pool, have been completed. However, further inspection revealed the need to replace an additional five (5) return eyeballs that are also damaged. This would bring the total cost for the repair up to $731.67. A motion to extend the scope of this repair to cover the balance of the broken jets was made by Dave Ellis, seconded by Walt Smith and unanimously approved. adJournMent to eXecutiVe SeSSion At 6:40 PM, the Board adjourned to executive session to discuss Delinquencies, Deed Restrictions and an Architectural matter. The Board thanked the residents for coming to the open session. adJournMent oF eXecutiVe SeSSion At this time, the Board reconvened to open session to inform residents of decisions made during executive session. There were no homeowners present. deciSionS Made during eXecutiVe SeSSion delinquency The Board unanimously agreed that the owners who owe small amounts (greater than $25) will have one final letter sent and if not paid by September 1, 2012, will have their trash service suspended. The Board also agreed to send four (4) accounts to Messock and Walton (attorney for the Association) for default of payment.

September 2012

Williamsburg Settlement

DeeD RestRictions - There were one hundred thirty (130) violations noted in the month of July. The Board unanimously agreed to force mow and edge three (3) properties that have been become overgrown. Photographs were taken of the yards in question. The Board also agreed that homeowners with dead plants and trees will be addressed more aggressively. Those that have been addressed already will be given ten (10) days from the August inspections to remove the dead material or the Association will do this and the cost will be charged to the owner’s account. Larry Crain will organize this task. With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM. The next meeting will be held on August 21, 2012


The next meeting of the WSMA Board of Directors will be held in the clubhouse on Hoyt Lane at 5:30 PM on tuesday, september 18, 2012. This will be the annual budget meeting, which will be held at the PCMI office at 15995 North Barkers Landing, Suite 162. The meeting will begin at 5:30 PM.


June 1 through June 30, 2011 Type of Incident Alarm/Local Assault/Family Burglary/Motor Vehicle Check School/Clubhouse Follow-Up Meet the Citizen Meet the Officer Suspicious Persons Traffic Initiative Vacation Watch Vehicle/Suspicious

Number of Incidents 1 1 1 30 3 7 3 5 2 14 4


This is just a reminder that the email addresses to which emails from the WSMA Webmaster are broadcast are those that have been registered on the website by the residents themselves. This email distribution list is used to disseminate important announcements to Settlement residents. However, email addresses do tend to be rather dynamic as residents change their ISP for a variety of reasons and when they do so, unless they reregister their new email addresses on the Registration page of the website, they will no longer receive these broadcast emails. So please, when conveying a new email address to those in your address book, also update our mailing list by removing your old email address and replacing it with your new one. This will ensure that you continue to receive the timely announcements on important Settlement activities. And for those who have not yet registered, you are strongly urged to do so as this is the best mechanism we have to quickly communicate with our residents. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


If any resident wishes to change the information that they have previously provided for publication in the directory, they can do so by using the Residents’ Directory Entry Form accessible via our website on the Registration page. When the information is received, it will be updated on the database. If the resident indicates that he or she wants that information published in

Williamsburg Settlement

September 2012


the directory, it will be sent out in a monthly update to all registered residents who can use it to manually annotate their copy and it will be marked for inclusion in the next edition. A log will be maintained of all changes since the last publication, which will be emailed to any resident who requests it. This way the directory can remain useful throughout its operational life. New residents to our subdivision are requested to use the same form to register their information for inclusion in the directory or to state their desire not to have their information included. This request is included in the “Welcome Packet” given to all new residents, as soon as PCMI is made aware of the change in ownership.


To report a burned out streetlight, any resident may call CenterPoint directly at 713-207-2222. However, for those with Internet access, you may also make this report on-line. For those interested, you can go to (the website address). Then enter your contact details so that they can get back to you if more information is required. On the following page enter the details of the light(s) with the problem. Just as you would if reporting the outage via the telephone, you will need to provide the street address where the light is located and the 6-digit number that is prominently displayed on the front of the pole. Under normal circumstances the crew will be out to fix the problem within 7 working days. Anyone noticing a streetlight that is out or has some other malfunction is encouraged to report the problem to CenterPoint via either of these two methods without delay. Our Association is charged for every streetlight each month, irrespective of whether or not the light is functioning. So please help us get value for your hard earned money!


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The Clubhouse is available for rental for non-profit activities to all residents in good standing with the Association • The fees are as follows: BIG ROOM RENTAL FEE: Up to 49 people - $50 50-100 people $75 Plus a refundable security deposit: No alcohol served - $100 Alcohol served or the attendance of 20 or more between the ages of 13 and 21- $200* SMALL ROOM RENTAL FEE: Up to 20 people - $30 Plus a refundable security deposit of $50 • *Note that when alcohol is served, two security guards must also be on duty. The requirement for two is mandated by the Sheriff’s Department. When no alcohol is being served but the event is attended by 50 or more people and continues past 6:00 PM or 20 or

September 2012

Williamsburg Settlement

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more people between the ages of 13 and 21 unaccompanied by their family members, one security guard is required. • The charge for the security guards, which is paid directly to the officers, is the responsibility of the resident requesting the rental. • Also, if there are more than 20 young people between the ages of 13 and 21 unaccompanied by their family members the Association requires one responsible adult for every 10 of these young persons to act as chaperones. • All deposits refundable upon passing the exit inspection. POOL RENTAL The pool is available for private parties during the swim season (only), subject to the posted pool rules and the following restrictions. During Pool Hours: • Only 1 group at a time. • Parties must be scheduled at least 2 weeks ahead of time. • Parties held during open hours are restricted to 20 or fewer persons (adults and children) who will be entering the pool and do not have their own pool tags. • In the event that the total number of persons in the pool (including regular pool users who are not in the party) requires an additional lifeguard then the cost of the additional guard will be deducted from the renter’s deposit. • Two responsible adults must be in the pool area at all times acting as chaperones to ensure the good behavior of all members of the party. • Party to be over and the area cleaned up by pool closing at 8:00 PM • A $100 refundable deposit is required.

Williamsburg Settlement

After Hours: • Parties must be scheduled at least 2 weeks ahead of time. • Fees: 1-49 people - $50; 50 plus - $75. • Private pool parties may start at 8:00 PM. They must end and the area must be cleaned up by the scheduled end of the party, either 10:00 or 11:00 PM as selected on the booking form. • One responsible adult for every 10 persons under the age of 21 must be in the pool area at all times acting as chaperones to ensure the good behavior of all members of the party. • Lifeguards will be booked by the Association. There will be a minimum of 2 lifeguards plus an additional guard for every 25 persons in excess of 50 who will be entering the pool. The perlifeguard hourly fee is $25. • Lifeguards will be ordered by the Association from the pool management company and paid for by the renter at same time as the rental fee. • The cost for the lifeguards will be added to the rental fee and will be payable by the renter to the Association at the time the booking is confirmed. • A $150 refundable deposit is required. For clubhouse and pool availability, refer to the Clubhouse Bookings page of the Association website and then to make a reservation, please complete the pool entries on the on-line Clubhouse Booking Form. If you need further information, call Dave Ellis at 281-347-2580.

September 2012


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Animals that are not properly restrained pose a threat to all our residents. While you may know your pet is friendly, an animal running at someone who is walking by is very scary for that person. Many children are afraid of animals and become frightened, which could result in the child getting hurt trying to avoid the animal. Veterinary Public Health (formerly called Harris County Animal Control) advises that “All dogs and cats must be kept under restraint while in the unincorporated areas of Harris County, Texas. The custodian of a dog or cat is not authorized to have, harbor or keep any unlicensed dog or cat or to allow any dog or cat to become a stray.” Restraint is defined as “the control of a dog or cat under the following circumstances: 1. When it is controlled by a line or leash not more then six (6) feet in length, if the line or leash is held by a human being who is capable of controlling or governing the dog or cat in question or 2. When it is within a fully enclosed vehicle or 3. When it is on the premise of the custodian and the animal does not have access to sidewalk to street.” While it may be nice to have your animal out in the yard while you work or play, it is against the law, unless the animal is properly restrained. Let’s all help keep our community a safe and comfortable place for all our residents by being responsible pet owners. This will not only protect anyone who may be walking or bicycling in the area, but also the pet owner who could be held legally responsible or possibly sued for failing to properly restrain their pet.

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September 2012

Williamsburg Settlement

Williamsburg Settlement

September 2012


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Time now to make plans for fall landscaping projects. • Clean up flowerbeds of fallen foliage, yellowed leaves and dead wood. Light green leaves may signify lack of iron (chlorosis). Correct with iron cheleates. • Cut off old dead foliage on irises. Scratch in a little bone meal around the roots. • Prune roses to reshape and groom plants for fall growth. Follow up with a dose of fertilizer the first week of September. • Plants come out of summer rest and go crazy. Insect populations explode as we get into cooler temperatures. Diseases that have been dormant wake up. - Citrus, croton, avocado and mango are susceptible to spider mites and thrips. Discourage them with a strong jet of water from a hose directed to the undersides of the leaves. - Hibiscus, citrus, palms, gardenia and ixora are susceptible to scale and mealybug. • Winter vegetable gardens and perennials get planted. • Wait until November to plant petunias and pansies. • Fire ants baits should be put out in September-October to lessen the number of eggs that make it to Spring. • St. Augustine grass gets its fall fertilizer during September. Continue to mow at maximum height. You want to leave a lot of leaf surface to produce carbohydrate reserves for the winter. • Keep an eye out for sod webworms. First sign of them is grass that appears to stop growing. You need to get them early for biological controls to work. When the caterpillars are only 1/4 inch, Bacillus thuringiensis applications can slow them. Bt is a bacteria that works on the caterpillars’ digestive systems and makes them stop feeding. Do the application late in the day. The larvae feed at night and you want them to get nice fresh Bt.


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Did you know that the West I-10 Fire Department is a department you can join? Members come from all walks of life and work together to serve their community. The West I-10 Fire Department is also committed to community involvement and as such would like all our citizens to know the best way to contact us. If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1, but if you have a question about the Department or would like to inquire about a public relations event, please dial 281-675-3639 or visit our website at

September 2012

Williamsburg Settlement


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Job(s) _________________________________ ❑ B -Babysitting Name _________________________________ ❑ SS -Safe Sitter

❑ SL -Swim Lessons

Address ________________________________ ❑ CPR -CPR Certified Email _________________________________ Birthdate - Mo/Yr_________________________ Age ______ Current Grade ______ Class of ____ Phone _________________________________ Subdivision______________________________

❑ FAC -First Aid Cert. ❑ RCC -Red Cross Cert. ❑ P -Pet Care (only) ❑ PP -Pet/Plant Sitter ❑ H -Housecare ❑ L -Lawncare ❑ T -Tutor ❑ C -Car Detailing

I give my permission for my child’s name and phone number to be published in the ‘Teenage Job Seekers’ section of our subdivision newsletter. Parent Signature ____________________________________________________

email to: (preferred)

or mail to: Krenek Printing Co. 7102 Glen Chase Ct., Houston, TX 77095 Williamsburg Settlement


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On Attic Ventilation

Roof Inspections starting at $150

Cannot be combined with any other offers. References Available • All Work Insured


September 2012

Free Estimates Fully Insured


281-642-7824 11

GEYER ROOFING Specializing in Re-Roofing





September 17th - Christus Mobile Clinic - Christ Clinic, 5504 First Street, Katy, TX. 77493. Call 281-391-0190 for more information.



• Kitchens • Bathrooms • Windows / Doors • Floors • Hardi Siding • Rooms Additions • Complete Renovations • Patio Covers Rob Geyer


Visit our website





40 18 Point A/C Special


FREE 1st lb. Freon 1/2 Priced Condenser Coil Cleaning


1 Yr. Warranty On Parts Changed We Value Your Business All Brands Serviced Local Neighborhood Company Free 2nd Opinions Fast Personalized Service

We Will Heat & Cool Your Castle!


Your Neighborhood Plumber


Since 1974

LIC. 17773

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Complete Plumbing & Drain Service We Welcome Your Questions • Open 7 Days a Week



KATY INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT WWW.KATYISD.ORG September 3rd - Labor Day, Student/Staff Holiday

Ron Geyer

“We work as unto the Lord”



Katy Independent School District announced its policy for providing free and reduced price meals for children eligible under the federal income guidelines for the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program. Go to to view a copy of the policy. Children living in households whose income are at or below the federally approved levels, based on household size, may be eligible for free or reduced price meals. Transfer students approved for the program from another school district may either complete a Katy ISD application or provide documentation of their eligibility status. Foster children who are the legal responsibility of a welfare agency or court may also be eligible for benefits regardless of the income of the household with whom they reside. The Nutrition and Food Service Department encourages parents in all eligible households to complete an online application prior to the start of school. Visit the district website ( for the online application. A Free and Reduced meal application form and an information letter will also be distributed in the student’s first day packet. A paper application will not need to be completed if you submitted the 2012 2013 application online. If your child was on the program at the end of the previous school year, they are eligible for the same benefit for the first 30 operating days of the new school year or until a new application is processed. A new application is required each school year. The Nutrition and Food Service Department is located at 5364 Franz Rd, Katy, TX 77493. Staff is available Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 2:30 PM to assist parents in completing the application. Bring the names of all members of the households and their Gross Monthly Income. For any questions, call the Katy ISD Nutrition Department office at 281-396-6240. Applications are available online, at any district school and at the food service office. Applications may be submitted any time during the school year, which started on August 15, 2012. The information households provide on the application will be used for the purpose of determining meal eligibility. Application information may be verified by school officials at any time during the school year.




September 2012

Williamsburg Settlement


Scott Thornton General Manager


Premium Vinyl Replacement Windows Any Size Double Hung White Window



Base Installed

SolarZone®Low-E for (Add $45) to meet Texas Energy Regulations

• Free Estimates/7 days a week • Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval • 12 month, 3yr, & 5 yr Payment Plans



Registration schedule and fees (sign up early and save): Thru September 17th: $104 Online After September 18th: $109 Online Go to to sign up. Registration fee includes a full uniform (shirt, shorts and socks), trophy, trained positive coaches, nice fields and background checks on all volunteers. All major credit cards are accepted.


West Houston Girls Softball Association invites you to come join the fun! Registration is now OPEN for our Fall 2012 season. Make some new friends and enjoy the outdoors in a fun and exciting way. No experience necessary! Girls, ages 5-17, are eligible to play! Every girl makes a team and every girl plays. Registration can be completed online, in-person or by mail (visit our website for forms and dates): If you have questions, please feel free to email Monica Canady at


Fun, Fair, Positive Soccer Fall Registration Now Open Registration for Fun, Fair, Positive Soccer (FFPS) is open for boys and girls ages 4 to 18 for the fall season. Games start on October 6, 2012. FFPS is a non-profit youth soccer program dedicated to providing a positive youth sports experience for all children. Founded in 1986 in Katy, Texas, FFPS has grown to 22 leagues and 16,000 players throughout the Greater Houston area. FFPS offers children a fun and fair experience, including one practice per week, a full uniform and trophy for every player, equal playing time, opportunities to play every position, co-ed/balanced teams, positive coaching and more. No tryouts are required.

Williamsburg Settlement

Coaches will call players to schedule practice by October 3rd. Practice times and location will be determined by the coach and team. The fall schedule includes eight games, with all games played locally on Saturdays from October 6th - December 1st (skip Thanksgiving week). For the Katy league, all games are played at George Bush Park - FFPS Soccer Complex, located on Westheimer Parkway off Fry Road. For more information, maps of locations or to sign up, visit or call 1-800-828-PLAY (7529).


Katy YMCA Fall Program Registration is still in progress. Limited spaces available. Contact the Y for details at 281-392-5055 or check out our website: • YMCA Child Care 2012-2013 Registration Now Open: Child Care provided at most Katy ISD elementary schools until 6:30 PM. Some schools offer both before and after school care. • Fall YMCA Youth Sports Leagues: Youth NFL Flag Football, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball or Cheerleading. Teen Volleyball and Basketball also offered. • Swim Lessons: 6 months thru adult. Group and private lessons available year round. • YMCA Martial Arts: Karate Do (Shotokan Style) and Tae Kwon Do offered. • Active Older Adults Open House: Wednesday, September 12th, 10 AM - 1 PM at the Katy YMCA. Active Older Adults are invited to the Katy Y to see what is offered in the area of fitness and social activities. Join us for fitness class demos, blood pressure checks, giveaways and snacks. • Y Guides and Princesses Open House: Saturday, September 22nd, 10 AM - noon at the Katy YMCA. Y Guides, formerly Adventure

September 2012


Your Local Maid Service for 20 Years



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Tammy Smith, Owner-Operated

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Guides, is designed to foster companionship and understanding between father and child, in a wholesome atmosphere that emphasizes fun and adventure. Activities emphasize family values and respect for the environment. One feature of our program that differentiates us from others is the involvement of all Dads in activities, not just one or two group leaders. Stop by the Y and bring the kids too! • YMCA ZumbaFest: Friday, September 28th, 6 PM - 8 PM at the Katy YMCA. Free and open to the community! Dance to the beat of rhythmic Zumba music! Team taught by several instructors. This workout will energize and invigorate you. Come and go or stay for the whole workout! • YMCA Turkey Dash Early Bird Registration: Join us for the 2012 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Dash presented by Reliant. November 22, 2012 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Turkey Dash, Katy’s largest fun run. Taking place on Thanksgiving Day, the event features a competitive 10K and 5K as well as a Kids 1 Mile Race and a 1 Mile Walk. An estimated 5,000 people will participate. In addition to racing fun, participants and families can enjoy a post race area that features a kid’s fun zone, live band, games and food. Visit www. for more information. Early Bird registration ends October 31, 2012.


Registration is open for fall Flag Football, Basketball and Soccer leagues in Katy! i9 Sports is the #1 provider of youth sports leagues, camps and instructional clinics in the country for kids ages 3-14. We focus on fun, skills and sportsmanship with a commitment to safety. Summer camp registration is going on now and fall leagues start September 22nd. For more information, please visit www.i9sports. com or call 281-398-PLAY (7529).


SunShine KidS FALL FeST AT The RiVeR Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Red River, 23238 SH 249 Road Tomball, T Tom ball TX 77375 ba

55:00 p.m. till 9:00 p.m.

Food Served till 7:00 p.m. F

Tickets $20 at the door T $15 in Advance are Free) (Kids under 5 a

ü Live & Silent Auction ü BBQ Dinner ü Music & Fun

ü Wheel of Fortune ü Charity Black Jack ü And so much more!

— 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Sunshine Kids — For updates and more information:

Facebook: Sunshine Kids Fall Fest at the River or E-Mail: or Call 832.559.4028 Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene ©2012 Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene. Better Homes and Gardens® is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation licensed to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC. Equal Housing Opportunity


Come join us and be a part of the largest youth soccer club in Houston. Registration is open now for U5-U10 boys and girls. To register please visit


Come join men 18 yrs. and older for our men’s Outward Flag Football league coming this fall at Bear Creek Baptist Church. Bear Creek is located on Fry Rd and west Little York. Practice/Games will be on Saturday afternoons around 2:00 PM. The league will have a tournament at the conclusion of the season. Evaluations for all players will be September 11th and 13th from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM and the 15th from 10 AM - 12 PM. These will take place on the fields behind the church. Cost for the league will be $35 per player covering cost of officials and jersey. First practice/games will be October 13th and season concludes on November 10th with a tournament. For more information call 281-859-9900 and ask for Linda Newhouse or Scott Denton or email us at or Scott.denton@ You can register online at and look in middle of page for registrations in red for Outward Flag Football.


Bear Creek Baptist Church is offering Upward Soccer, Flag Football and Cheerleading this Fall. Our address is 5901 N. Fry Rd. in Katy, Texas 77449. We will be having Upward Soccer for children 4 yrs. by Sept. 1, 2012 through 6th Grade. Our Flag Football and Cheerleading will be for children in K this year through 6th Grade. Register began in July. Our evaluations start before the start of school. You can register on line at - click on Upward and register or register in the Main Office, Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM5:00 PM and Friday 8:00 AM-12:00 PM. Each child needs to attend an evaluation, not for the whole two hours but for about 20 minutes. Evaluations will be Tuesday and Thursday, September 4th and 6th from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM in the back behind our parking lot.

September 2012

Williamsburg Settlement

BASHANS PAINTING & HOME REPAIR • Interior & Exterior Painting • Wallpaper Removal • Installation • Custom Texturing • Sheetrock Repair • Pressure Washing • Cabinet Painting • Fence Repair/Replacement • Wood Replacement • Garage Floor Epoxy • Interior Carpentry • Custom Staining • Crown Molding • Roofing • Gutter Repair & Replacement • Faux Painting NO MONEY UP FRONT



Yellow Brick Road Preschool 281-391-7606 Call 281-391-7808 or Sign-up Online

Sunday Bible Classes - 9 am Morning Worship 10 am Evening Worship - 6 pm Wednesday Bible Study - 7:00 pm 5458 E. 5th St. * FULLY INSURED *


281-347-6702 office 281-731-3383 cell

E. 5th St.


Grand Parkway


Katy-Fort Bend

25 Years Experience • References Available


Oh Magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.

We accept all major credit cards

Psalms 34:3

On Saturday, September 8th between the hours of 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Cost is $75. We will be holding a clinic for the league on Saturday, September 22nd from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM in our backfields. Our practices will begin the week of September 12th. Our first games will be October 13th and go through November 17th. For more information, contact Linda Newhouse or Scott Denton at 281-859-9900.



The 8th Grade Katy Rebels-D’Addieco Team took 1st place in the June 30-July 1, 2012 Primetime tournament in Humble, TX. The team went 4-0 to win the tournament in convincing fashion. The zone defense continued to frustrate opponents and the extra effort to complete every hustle play led to opportunities that made the difference in the games. Their continued commitment to defense allowed them to control the pace of the games and deflate opponents early, resulting in large margins of victory against quality teams. Congratulations to Allison, LaShanda, Kim, Sydney, Natalia, Alyssa, Emily, Delaney, Tianna and Anna on another successful tournament!

Williamsburg Settlement

Katy, Texas has a new 3-Time World Champion, Mikayla Francisco, age 8. This past June 2012 at the American Taekwondo Association’s World Championships, held in Little Rock, Arkansas, Mikayla took home 3 Gold World Champion Titles in Traditional Form, Sparring and Creative Form. She competed in a total of 7 Top Ten divisions, placing in each event with 3 Silver medals in Traditional Weapon, Extreme Form, Extreme weapon and a Bronze medal in Creative Weapon. At age 6, Mikayla earned her first Texas State Champion Title in Creative Form in 2010 (Division-Girls 8y/o and under). At age 7, Mikayla eventually earned 5 Texas State Champion Titles in Traditional Form, Traditional Weapon, Sparring, Creative Form and Creative Weapon in 2011 (Division-Girls 8y/o and under). Mikayla was promoted to the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt in June 2011 at age 7. Added to her 2012 World Championship achievements, Mikayla also earned 7 Texas State Champion Titles in Traditional Form, Traditional Weapon, Sparring, Creative Form, Creative Weapon, Extreme Form and Extreme Weapon 2012 - this being her 3rd consecutive year as a Texas State Champion in TaeKwonDo. We are so very proud of Mikayla and thank family and friends for all the support along her Road to World Champion.

September 2012


Garage Sales

Become a Dental Assistant in just 10 weeks! 10 Week Course Saturday Classes Only Fall Classes Begin 10/6/12 Tuition $2850 • Payment Plans Training Since 1995


The garage sale will be on October 6, 2012 from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM - each sale will be conducted on the individual homeowner’s property. Grayson Lakes is located off of Katy Flewellen Road and Katy Gaston Road. Watch for the signs!


The Star of Destiny Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, will have a garage sale fundraiser on Saturday, November 3, 2012. The sale will be held from 7:30 AM until 11:00 AM at Estates of Chesterfield Swim and Tennis Club, 1707 Briarchester, Katy, Texas 77450. There will be household items, furniture, toys, clothing, books and much more! The items are reasonably priced and this sale is our main source of funds for our patriotic activities with our troops, schools, libraries and military families. Please join us and check out all the treasures!


at in K

w No Houston Dental Assistant School Located in Katy and Spring/The Woodlands

Craft Shows

For info packet call 281-363-0600 or email us at








Approved by the TWC Career Schools and Colleges


License # TACLA1038C



Financing Available WAC Greater Houston

pt. A/C 95 19 Check-up

or Service

30+ Years Experience/Family Owned

• Carpentry • Sheetrock - Texture • Pressure Washing • Siding - HardiPlank® • Refinish - Staining • References • Insured & Bonded




e y r w

Wood • Ornamental Iron • Chain Link


• Privacy & Security Fences Free Estimates! • Breezeway & Pool Fences 281-815-2024 • Entry Enclosures • Custom Designs w e y


Come to the ultimate shopping experience on Saturday, September 8th, 9 AM - 5 PM. 300 plus unique booths at the Berry Center Barker Cypress at West Rd. Free Admission.


“Crafts with a Mission” Craft show, September 15, 2012, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Westside Church of the Nazarene, 3434 N. Fry Road. Outdoor vendor spots are still available. Email Annetta at for more information and the forms.






Morton Ranch FFA Craft Show Get a jump on Holiday shopping, Homecoming Mums and more! September 22, 2012 at 21000 Franz Road (Morton Ranch High School) from 9 AM to 4 PM. FREE admission! Contact for vendor information.


On September 28th and 29th, from 9 AM to 3 PM, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church is hosting its annual Fall Gift Market. This is the ideal event to kick off your holiday shopping and decorating! The convenient location at the corner of Louetta Road and N. Eldridge Parkway makes it easy to shop the selection of unique jewelry, home decor, flower arrangements, handcrafted gifts, collectibles, pottery, candles and trendy clothing for ladies and children. The Fall Gift Market also features The Tea Room offering the famous taco soup, sandwiches, desserts and homemade baked goods, plus the Silent Auction/ Raffle benefiting church-affiliated projects and outreach. For more information, please visit or call Jennifer (281-6558774) or Terri (713-301-8791). St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 15415 N. Eldridge Parkway, Cypress, Texas 77429-2005, 281-370-8000.


The craft show, located at 19202 Groschke Road, Houston, TX 77084 will be on September 29th from 9 AM - 4 PM and will feature unique and wonderful gifts. There will also be face painting and a bounce house for the kids. Admission is FREE! For vendor information, please contact Diana Scudder at or 832449-3068.

September 2012

Williamsburg Settlement


2nd Generation Tree Expert


QUALITY PLUMBING Operated by Master Plumbers MLP19029

Let US Save YOUR Trees! • Pruning • Tree Removal • Stump Removal • Fertilization • Lot Clearing • Deep Root Aeration

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Free Estimate Given Prior to Work Katy Resident


Are you looking for unique gifts, shopping for home decor, scrumptious desserts, a boutique and delicious homemade chicken soup? Then come prepared to shop and eat at The Annual St. Bartholomew Happy Hearts Bazaar, 5356 Eleventh Street, Katy TX 77493 on Saturday, October 6th, from 4 pm to 7 pm and Sunday, October 7th, from 8 Am to 4 pm. High quality handmade gifts, items to decorate your home, a boutique with purses, jewelry, etc., delicious homemade desserts - cookies, cakes, pies, kolaches, pigs in the blanket, candies and mouth-watering, yummy chicken soup for a quick meal and available to take home. Breakfast pastries will be available Sunday morning. We are a friendly group and are looking forward to meeting and serving you!


Saturday, October 20, 2012 St. peter’s United methodist Church 20775 Kingsland Blvd., Katy (across from Taylor High School) 9:00 Am to 4:00 pm Sponsored by St. peter’s United methodist Women (UMW proceeds benefit missions) Indoor & Outdoor Crafts Booths, Silent Auction, pumpkin patch, Bake Sale, Great Food, Free Admission Contact: melissa phone: 281-492-8031 x377 email:

• 7 Days a week • 24 Hour Service • 27 Years Experience $

e y

15 OFF

When you mention this ad.


* Weedends & Holidays Extra

Crafts, Name-Brand merchandise and Gourmet Food. Have lunch at our huge concession stand with Bar-B-Q, Spuds, Chicken Salad, Hot Dogs and homemade goodies. please email Susie Schwartz at if you need any additional information. The Arts & Crafts Show will be located at 6646 Addicks-Satsuma, Houston 77084, between N. Hwy. 6 and Eldridge, and between Fm 529 and W. Little York. FOLLOW the SIGNS for the best Holiday Bargains and “one of a kind” gifts!!!


pope John XXIII High School, 1800 West Grand parkway N., Katy, TX 77449, located on the corner of Franz and W. Grand parkway, will host its 1st Annual Autumn Harvest market on Saturday, October 27, 2012, featuring Arts, Crafts and Boutique Items, from 7:30 Am - 1:00 pm in the school gym. 12x12 spaces are available to rent for $50. please contact Jackie Sitton re: Autumn Harvest market at if interested. Space is limited so act fast!

34TH ANNUAL DEERFIELD VILLAGE CHRISTMAS BAZAAR Friday, Nov. 2nd - 12 - 8 pm Saturday, November 3rd - 9 Am - 4 pm Deerfield Village Rec. Center at Clay Road Between Barker Cypress & Highway 6 Lots and lots of Christmas goodies.


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, K of C #8096 Ladies Auxiliary will be hosting their 20th Annual Gingerbread Village Arts & Crafts Show on Saturday, October 27, 2012 from 9:00 Am to 4:00 pm. please join us (Free Admission) and shop at over 130 indoor booths. Booths feature Seasonal Décor, Beautiful Art, Handmade

Williamsburg Settlement

Bonded & Fully Insured

• Quality Work at Reasonable Rates • All Phases of Plumbing • Faucets/Toilets • Garbage Disposals • Water Heaters • Drain & Sewer Cleaning • Sewer Line Video Camera • Gas Tests and Repairs • Pipe Repairs


The festival will be on Saturday, November 17, 2012 from 10 Am to 4 pm, providing fun for all including craft booths offering handmade crafts. We are currently taking applications from craft vendors. Contact Sue Earl at for booth prices and other information.

September 2012



Fall Festivals

KATY CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S CONNECTION - FALL FESTIVAL AND AUCTION LUNCHEON Mark your calendars, our next luncheon will be Thursday, September 20, 2012 10 AM-1 PM

WE DON’T TRY TO DO IT ALL... WE ONLY DO WHAT WE DO BEST! SIDING, WINDOWS, ROOFING & INSULATION HardiePlank Siding & Exterior Painting Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Re-Roofing -- Blown-In Attic Insulation

$500 OFF*

HardiePlank or Window Replacement *Minimum purchase required

The Club at Falcon Point 24503 Falcon Point Dr, Katy, TX 77494 $16 inclusive per person Shop and have lunch in one location! It’s our annual Fundraiser! Bid to win one of the many exciting gifts at our Auction, shop from our vendors, enjoy homemade goods at our bake sale, plus hear an inspirational speaker and have lunch with friends! Our Speaker will be Sally Rowe, a native of West Virginia. She is a former bank officer and active volunteer. Sally will tell us how to declutter your closet and your life with her talk: “How the state of her closet reflects her life!”

Recommended by Tom Tynan, SportsRadio 610 am Call Today for Your Free Estimate!


Reservations: call 281-232-8338 or email by 5 PM, Monday, September 17th. Husbands are invited and are welcome to attend!


Please join the St. Edith Stein Catholic community for our Founders’ Day Festival on Saturday, October 6th from 11 AM to 10 PM. There will be fun for the whole family with food, games, BINGO, live music, a beer garden and raffles for amazing prizes! Plus, a country store selling handmade goodies! St. Edith Stein Catholic Church 3311 N. Fry Rd., Katy, TX 77449


Golf Tournaments KATY LIONS CLUB 9TH ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT Tournament Co-Chair: Lion Bryan Lavers Cell: 713-269-1474 Email: Tournament Co-Chair: Kari Harper Home: 281-676-8384 • Cell: 832-275-5717 Email:


All Your Plumbing Needs • Water Leaks • Water Heater Repair

and Installation Experts • Gas Tests and Systems

• Tankless Water

Heater Experts • Clean, Professional Technicians

FORMAT: Scramble - Bogey is your friend

Licensed & Insured $



WHEN: Monday, September 17, 2012 Registration & Lunch Begin at Noon Putting & Chipping Contest from 12:15-1:15 Shotgun Start at 1:30 PM

WHERE: Golf Club At Cinco Ranch Katy, Texas 281-395-GOLF BENEFITTING Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville, Texas, Scholarships for KISD High School Seniors, KISD Students in need of Eye Exams &/or Glasses, Lions Eye Bank of Texas and Leader Dogs for the Blind.

September 2012

Williamsburg Settlement

RO O T S O F L E A R N I NG Our curriculum is designed to: • complement each stage of your child’s development • stimulate creativity and academic growth • arouse the development of knowledge and skills • create a love of learning

Walk through our doors and hear laughter in our ABC’s and giggles in our 123’s 281-347-3401

22711 Franz Rd.

Newborns to Age 12

6:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Gold Sponsor: $5,000 Beverage Cart Sponsor: $300 Silver Sponsor: $3,000 Hole Sponsor: $250 Bronze Sponsor: $1,000 Award Sponsor: $100 Lunch Sponsor: $250 Cart Sponsor: $100 Long Drive: $150 Dinner Sponsor: $500 Putting Contest Sponsor: $150 Closest to Pin Sponsor: $150 (2) Chipping Contest Sponsor: $150 Tiger Drive Sponsor: $150

filled the bottles with change, bills and checks during the month long event. This event spotlights the extensive resources that Pregnancy Help Center provides to residents of 3 counties who are faced with circumstances surrounding a present, potential or former pregnancy. Pregnancy Test, Peer Counseling, classes for Moms and Dads, as well as, limited ultrasound and help with maternity clothing and baby items are just some of the services that the Center provides to their clients. Anyone interested in participating or in learning how to be a volunteer, should contact the center at 281-578-0078. If you happen to have a bottle out, please know that Labor Day, September 3rd would be a great time to return it to Pregnancy Help Center.


PLAYER ENTRY FEES Individual Players: $110 4 Player Team: $375 Mulligan: 2 for $10 or 5 for $20 Long Drive Tiger Drive Putting Contest Awards Banquet

On September 14, 2012, Christ Clinic will sponsor a fundraising breakfast from 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM, at the Marriott - Katy, 16011 Katy Freeway. The Emcee will be Lily Jang, KHOU, Channel 11. The speakers will be Senator Glenn Hegar: District 18 and Commissioner Andy Meyers. Individual tickets are $35 each. Sponsor tickets are Faith - $1,500, Hope - $1000 and Love - $500. Visit to purchase tickets or for sponsorship opportunities. For questions, call 713-256-7770.

ENTRY FEE INCLUDES ContestLunch Practice Range Balls Chipping Contest Door Prizes

Christ Clinic is a 501(c)3 non-profit clinic that serves the uninsured and those without governmental assistance in Katy, Texas with acute and chronic care needs. Since opening our doors originally in 2000, we have served over 7,000 patients at an ever increasing rate.




Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston is excited to announce that 27 local churches participated in this year’s Baby Bottle Blessings event. The event ran from Mother’s Day thru Father’s Day. Local residents picked up 2,864 Baby Bottles at their home church and

Williamsburg Settlement

Who is your favorite Super Hero? Saturday, September 29, 2012 Villagio Center, Katy, TX Race starts 8:00 AM Start a new family tradition and dress up as your favorite Super Hero and help Keep Kids Connected raise funds. Go to www. and sign up online or download a form and

September 2012


mail it in. Entry fees for the 5K Run/Walk are $28 before Sept. 16th, $33 (Sept. 17th-28th) and $35 on Race Day. Entry fee for the 1 Mile Family Run/Walk is $20. Entry fee includes a t-shirt. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Visit the website for all the details. Keep Kids Connected is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization that, through the generous donations of our patrons and sponsors, is working with hospitals and doctors to provide Netbook computers to children with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. For more information, contact Keep Kids Connected at: or P.O. Box 1127, Katy, TX 77492. To download an application, go to where Potential computer recipients can check eligibility requirements.


The Sunshine Kids are a non-profit organization dedicated to children with cancer. The children have the opportunity to go on vacations with other childhood cancer patients. It gives them the opportunity to share with others in their same situation and gives them a break in their treatment. The Gary Greene Champions office has an annual fundraiser in the northwest part of Houston. This year, it will be at the Red River Saloon on 249 (23238) just north of Spring Cypress on Wednesday, October 3rd from 5-9 PM, with food served at 7 PM. The location, as well as the Bar-B-Q dinner, is generously donated so 100 percent of the proceeds can go to the Kids. There will be a silent auction, food, music and fun. If you would like to be a sponsor, auction item donor or attend, contact Jennifer Carmichael or Sharon Teusink at 281-444-5140 - or to email either.


Service A/C Today!

281-347-2665 nd Free estimate or 2 opinion Air Conditioning Contractors of America

• Annual Maintenance Programs • All repairs guaranteed • Serving area since 1994

License TACLB 24777E and Insured

$25 off any repair

Expires 9/30/12


Duct Inspection with tune-up Expires 9/30/12

NO Interest

Up to 36 Months

financing available on select systems WAC

Expires 9/30/12

Vendor Call!! Vendor space for our October event is booking now. For booth information email - contact: Pat Groves. NWHC AGGIE MOMS will hold their 4th Annual Boots and Whoops scholarship fundraiser on Sunday, October 14th at Red River Dance Hall on 249 from 1:00-5:00 PM, featuring live country western entertainment, barbecue, dancing, arts and crafts show and car show. Aggie or not, you’ll want to join the fun. Tickets available through our website now. The Northwest Harris County Aggie Moms Club meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pM, at the Houston Distributing Company, 7100 High Life Drive and Cutten Road. Aggie Moms won’t ask you to wear a funny hat, learn a secret handshake or give a speech. We simply help you help your student reach their potential. Join us for food, door prizes and speakers. Our next meeting is September 11, 2012.


Keep Kids Connected, a local non-profit organization that gives Netbook computers to kids with cancer or other serious illnesses, collects and recycles aluminum beverage cans the second Saturday of each month at the Tradition Bank, Pin Oak branch from 9 aM-12 pM. Please stop by each month to donate your cans. The proceeds from the recycling are used to purchase computers. Visit www. for more information on the organization.


September 2012

Williamsburg Settlement

1/2 PRICE SALE Car Painting .99 Starting at


Thru October with this ad. Only good at 17107 Clay Rd location. 1ST PLACE

Any required or desired surface repair or body work at our hourly rate. Additional charge for trucks and SUV’s.


10 YEARS Repairing and Painting over 14,000 of Your Neighbors Vehicles! ONLY AT


FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED Repairs & Repaints for LESS! We work with ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES We will help with your deductible • Rebuild Total Losses • Frame Straightening At Autorama, we • Heavy Collission had 10 WINNING • Body Work SHOW CARS! • Painting • Custom & Complete Restorations • Custom Painting + Flames, Graphics, Etc.

17107 Clay Rd (1/2 mile west of Hwy 6)

Bear Creek - Katy Maaco

Williamsburg Settlement

281-463-2345 September 2012


NOW SERVICING & REPAIRING ALL JAPANESE & AMERICAN VEHICLES! Quality and service are not expensive... they are priceless.

Thursday is Ladies Day!


Serving Highway 6 area for over 15 years!


5930 Hwy 6 North, Bldg K


Cannot be combined with other discounts

We Buy & Sell Cars!!



Includes: Replace engine oil with Castrol GTX oil and OUR LOW PRICE oil filter. Check fluid levels-battery, radiator, transmission, power steering, brakes, clutch and windshield washer- $ inspect wiper blades, check CV joint boots for damage. Inspect tires for wear and damage, check pressure (including plus tax spare) and inflate to proper PSI. Expires 9/30/12

BRAKE SPECIAL Includes: Replace front brake pads: inspect front discs and calipers, rear discs and calipers ( or rear drums and wheel cylinders), inspect brake lines, hoses and master cylinder. Adjust parking brake. Prices vary by auto age and style. Call for estimate.




Regular Price with this coupon Expires 9/30/12

Regular Price with this coupon Expires 9/30/12

Regular Price with this coupon Expires 9/30/12




Church Events


GO 5K A Different Way and The Outdoor Market, organized by the CrossPoint’s Community Impact Team, will be held at CrossPoint Westgreen, located at 700 S. Westgreen Blvd, Katy TX 77450 on November 17, 2012. CrossPoint Westgreen will utilize their property, as well as the adjacent Mason Creek running trails and Rick Rice Park to make up the 3.1 mile route for the race. The route will also include a series of obstacles & “outreach” tasks, which include gathering care package items and stowing them in a cinched bag that each of the 500 participants will carry throughout the journey. The completed care package bags will be delivered to persons in need throughout the community as part of the CrossPoint Community Impact “Project Feed the Need.” Participant registration begins Sept. 9th continuing thru a firm deadline of Oct. 28th. Following the race is The Outdoor Market, a second annual event that features vendors, craftsmen, household items, children’s activities and concessions. Proceeds from both events will be donated to Christ Clinic of Katy. Visit to register for the 5K or for more information.



7,500/ 22,500/ $ 37,500/...

with this coupon Expires 9/30/12

Expires 9/30/12



Regular Price with this coupon Expires 9/30/12

info., visit the church website at or call the church office at 281-392-2300.


Grace Fellowship UMC is offering Junior High Small Groups in your neighborhood! Do you find that your Junior High Child is looking to build friendships? Is he/she looking for a place to belong? Is he/ she bored after school? Looking for something to do after dinner? Seeking guidance? Simply looking for a place to meet up with friends each week? If so, we have just the place for your child! Starting the week of September 9th-14th and throughout the school year, we’ll be offering Junior High Small Groups at a variety of times and locations. We hope your child will choose to come check us out! Then, together you can choose the one that fits your family’s schedule best! Small groups are a great opportunity for students to build deeper relationships with each other and with Christ! Details available at or by calling 281-646-1903, ext. 128.

CREEKSIDE CHURCH COMMUNITY BBQ Sunday, Sept. 9th at 12:00 noon Woodcreek Jr. High 1801 Woodcreek Bend Ln. Cost $5 per person, RSVP


Kick-Off Day at Living Word Lutheran Church is an annual celebration of the start of our school year ministries, which include Sunday School, Confirmation (Jr. High age), Senior High, Mom’s Group and Junior Youth for Christ (elementary age, meets midweek). A moonwalk, snow cones, bungee run, obstacle course and information about the ministry programs will be available from 9 to 11 AM, on Sunday, September 9th on the church lawn. Living Word Lutheran Church is located at 3700 S. Mason Road in Katy. For more


%off 10 brake work

with this coupon


The Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church is holding its first annual Art Show on Sunday, September 16th from 3:00 to 5:00 PM. We will

September 2012

Williamsburg Settlement

have live art demonstrations, a children’s craft room, displays of our members’ art creations and refreshments. Please join us for this free event. Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church is located at 6035 S. Fry Road.


As comedian Allan Sherman once said, “you don’t have to be Jewish”…… to perform comedy at Congregation Or Ami, West Houston’s only conservative Synagogue, but you do have to be funny. On Saturday, October 13th, nationally renowned comedian Ross Bennett, will perform his unique brand of very funny standup comedy at the Synagogue, in an authentic comedy club setting, at 8:30 PM. Bennett, a one time West Point Cadet who left the Academy to become a Comedian (“probably the greatest service I will ever do for my country”), has been performing comedy for over 30 years. Over the years, Ross Bennett has appeared at the Friar’s Club and on many TV programs including “Evening at the Improv.” Bennett also co-wrote and stars in the very funny play, PASTRAMI ON RYE WITH MAYO, about the last 4 comedians performing in the Catskills. The October 13th performance is open to the entire West Houston / Katy community. Please purchase your tickets early, as seating is limited. Congregation Or Ami is located at 3443 Wilcrest Drive Houston, TX 77042. Tickets, which are $36 each, include a wonderful selection of desserts, wine, soda and coffee. Premium seating and group tables are available. For additional information, please check online at or call 713-334-4300.


Aglow International is a global, trans-denominational Christian organization. More than 200,000 Aglow members meet together each month through local fellowships. At the monthly gatherings there is time to meet and visit with friends, enjoy corporate worship and prayer and hear from a guest speaker. Many of the ladies share lunch afterwards. You are most cordially invited to attend the Katy Aglow group. You will be glad you did. Meeting: October 23, 2012 Speaker: Jennifer Campbell of Mosaic House of Prayer Time: 9:30 AM - Arrive/Visit 10:00 AM - Meeting begins Place: Church on the Rock (Fellowship Hall), 433 S. Barker Cypress, Houston, TX 77094 (Dir: 1-10 Exit Barker Cypress Rd., go south 3 blocks to corner of Barker Cypress @ Kingsland Blvd.) Contact: for guest speaker and group information for information about Aglow International

10% off any job Interior or Exterior Paint

Free Color Consultation

Cannot be used with other offers or discounts.

3 Year Warranty “Lots of Satisfied Customers”

Southern Painting Residential & Commercial

• Interior / Exterior • Uniformed Painters • NO Money Down

Over 50,000 Homes Painted

713-465-7717 References • Bonded & Insured Since 1989

- West

Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates, P.A.


Living Word Lutheran Church will begin free children’s and youth music programs starting in September. Age appropriate lessons in the basics of music will be taught, including singing and playing instruments. The program is open to all; church membership is not required. Ages 3 through Kindergarten meet on Mondays, 6:00-6:45 PM in The Annex, beginning September 10th. Grades 1st through 6th meet on Tuesdays, 6:00-7:00 PM in the Sanctuary, beginning September 4th. Grades 7th through 12th meet on Sundays at 4:00 PM, beginning September 16th. The programs will feature positive reinforcement in a fun and caring environment. Living Word Lutheran is located at 3700 S. Mason Rd., Katy, 77450 and the Living Word Annex is at 3750 S. Mason, Suite 900. For more information, please visit the church website LivingWordKaty. org or contact Susan Terry at, 832282-9333 or 281-392-2300 x213.

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Nichole F. Cole, MD • Jennifer Huebner, MD • Amina Sayeed, MD • Obstetrics • Gynecology • Comprehensive Care For Women • Laparoscopic/Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery For an appointment call

832-553-5450 23920 Katy Freeway , Ste. 480 Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza One

September 2012



September 2012

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Brad McCary, DVM Well Care and Immunization

In-House Lab Service


Senior Programs

Preventive Medicine

Prescription Diets



Internal Medicine



Fry Rd

Mason Rd

Grand Pkwy

Early AM Drop-Offs Welcome!

Franz Rd


Colonial Pkwy I-10

Park Row I-10

1827 N. Mason Rd. (In the Secrets Shopping Center)


347-0246 HOURS: M, T, Th, F 7:30 AM - 6 PM Wed 7:30 AM - 12 Noon Sat 8 AM - 12 Noon


KATY PAINTING “Quality at a price you can afford.”

Interior & Exterior Painting Home Repairs • Pressure Washing HardiPlank Installation • Sheetrock & Texture Larry Mikeska Serving Katy since 1982 • Katy Resident 53 years




Visit us @


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September 2012



e Advanc your healing Serious injuries call for Katy’s most advanced wound care treatments. At Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital-Katy, our comprehensive outpatient Wound Care Center provides extensive expertise and state-of-the-art technology for wounds that have not begun to heal in two weeks or have not

nurses and technicians to deliver cutting-edge healing closer to home. For more information or to tour our facility, please call 281.579.5542.

21720 Kingsland Blvd. Suite 102 Katy, TX 77450


September 2012

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Before you


into buying or selling a home...

Talk to someone who knows the waters! I get my clients


of the asking price... and in less days on the market!

Estate l a e R r u o Y ife! L r o f e c r u Reso

281-391-SOLD (7653) Our Family Serving Your Family Since 1976


Omega Pro II Racquetball Racket with zip case, never used, $35; 8” animal gold trim/porcelain (some) plates, $15 - $20 each; Emmot Kelly clown, numbered/framed lithographs, $75 - $100 each. Cheryl 281-543-2409.


Beautiful coffee color, microfiber sofa, brand new, $200. 281-5740753.

Sofa good to very good condition, $250 OBO. jordon98@hotmail. com.

6500 BTU window A/C, $150; 2 pieces matrac, $130; Rider motor $350. 713-389-8678.


Must Go, reduced price: Solid oak dining table, 2 leaves, 6 chairs, $300; dark rattan sectional sofa and barrel back chair, $400; kitchen table, 4 coaster chairs (needs repair), any offer. Call 281-856-0765. Yamaha beginner trombone, $250. 281-463-7811. New ATV tires, only 4, Mud Light ITP, 27X10.00-12 and 27X12.00-12, value $550, will sell for $300 for all 4. Call to see 713-492-8248. Custom white, faux wood blinds for sale. 3 - 40” W x 70” H, 1 sink window 34” W x 40” H. $40 each or best offer. Call 281-463-1175. Marcy Home Gym complete with self spotting bench, curling bar, latpull pully system & over 200 lbs. of weights. Also a chest-explosion machine & accessories for the pully system. Excellent condition. $325 or $350 delivered assembled. 281-881-6405. Sliding mirror doors (one pair) for a wardrobe or closet, each door is 39 “W x 79”H, together the doors will be good for a 78”W X 79”H wardrobe or closet, comes with upper and bottom alum guide rails, the doors are similar to IKEA PAX MALM ward robe article # 900745-72, picture available, asking $205. Contact

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1994 Mercedes SL320 convertible with hard top. Excellent condition, beautiful! 82K original miles, $11,000. 713-724-1062. 2010 Ford F150 XLT with Extended Cab, 4.6L V8. Exterior color, silver with tan cloth interior. Upgraded chrome wheels, 6 foot long bed with liner, power windows, doors, tinted windows, Sirius XM capable. Less than 20k miles on it. For pictures and inquiries, email anwilbanks99@ Rare 1967 Pontiac Firebird convertible, re-built, under warranty, 400 Pontiac motor-not matching no., less than 400 miles, totally restored, yellow with black interior, new paint, new disk brakes, new suspension, new interior & new black top with cover, new custom sound system, $24,000. Firm. 281-455-5543. 1998 Suzuki 1500 Intruder motorcycle, eggshell on white in color, black leather saddle bags, $3,000. 281-726-4305 Pat.


Nonprofit Youth organization, Teens Exercising Extraordinary Success (T.E.E.S.) is seeking the donation of a small building with office & meeting space to operate its Teen Talk Program which is volunteer run. T.E.E.S. is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization and currently hosts

September 2012


City Wide Exterminating Pest & Termite Specialist • Over 28 Years in Business Owned & Operated by Local Katy Area Resident

General Pest Control Starts at $60 (tax included) No Contracts Needed.

Call David Chirtos to start protecting your home today!

281-568-2055 832-275-8863 cell

Control fire ants for a full year!

Call for details.

Golf Hole Monitor for Par 3 Contests. Enjoy golf and the outdoors? Hole In One Challenge, a national par 3 company and affiliate of The First Tee and The World Golf Foundation, is seeking sales representatives to promote a par 3 contests on local golf courses. A portion of all sales will help support programs offered to young people through The First Tee. Work a 6 hour shift - approximately 8 AM to 2 PM usually weekends only. This is a commission only position with daily pay. Positions are available immediately. Must be able to pass drug test. Please contact Larry Wilkerson at 281-345-1517.

Does your garage door need service? We can help!


Se Habla Espanol

e y w r • We Offer Service for Most Models • Replace / Repair • Broken Springs • Hurricane Bracing • Reasonable Prices

281-858-9300 Cell


Free Estimates

Same-Day Ser vice

Call Anytime!

10% OFF Attic Insulation



Cannot be combined with any other offer. Must present at time of service. Expires 10/15/12.


New Home Comfort System Cannot be combined with any other offer. Must be 14 seer or higher. Expires 10/15/12.

FREE ESTIMATES on New Equipment

Neighborhood Handyman Services

(281) 905-1906

For all of your plumbing needs, call... ONE CALL Low Price Guarantee Licensed and Insured

Free Estimates MPL#40046



Any job over $95

• Water Heaters • Drain Problems • Faucet Installation and Repair • Water Leaks and Much More • Gas Test

YMCA Before/After School Counselors - Responsible adults needed to supervise children in local Katy ISD elementary child care sites either before school, after school or both. High School Diploma or GED required. Part Time. Shifts available: Monday - Friday 6:30 - 8:30 AM and/or 2:30-6:30 PM. Submit applications to Sherry Hubbard, or call 281-392-5055 ext. 235. YMCA Lifeguards and Swim Instructors - Must be at least 16 years of age. LIfeguards must be certified and have a love of children. Part time. Submit applications to Candi Revere at candic@ymcahouston. org or Manny Vila at or call 281-3925055 ext. 217. YMCA Child Watch Attendants - The Katy Y is seeking responsible individuals to supervise children in our Child Watch Department while their parents are working out at the Y. Must be at least 16 years old. Part-time. Day, evening and weekend shifts available. Submit applications to Pam Filip at or call 281-3925055 ext. 208. Manta Ray Enterprises, Inc. (MRE, Inc.) is always in search of highly motivated Real Estate Agents who’s core values that are aligned with that of the Broker’s. You are not expected to have the exact know-how when you start. But open minded and willing to learn from a TREC-MCE Instructor with over 28 years experience on leasing and working with property management with single family homes & condos. MRE, Inc. will guide you on the proper forms to use. Broker will provide a oneon-one support to any Real Estate Agent willing and wanting to learn more. MRE, Inc. will assist you to better serve your clients/customers/ investors with sales, leases and property management. MRE, Inc. has been recognized and involved with Katy ISD, Community Education for more than 23 years at Taylor High School in Katy. MRE, Inc. offers incentive packages along with additional Real Estate knowledge. For more information and to get started on your new career today; please contact the Broker, “Tisha” Matticks, at .

Free Estimates


Wanted: Game tickets or memorabilia for Astros, Rockets, Texans, College teams, etc for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School Auction and Gala. Game tickets would need to be for after October 20, 2012. Thank you for these or any other donations! Please call Lorie at 713443-9319 or email


Amaya Garage Doors 24 Hou

weekly Table Talk sessions for middle and high school students. Our mission is to empower youth to become self sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of their communities. T.E.E.S. is volunteer run and receives zero government funding. If you are interested in donating a space to us, please contact Alison or Nikki at 281-347-1926.

e y

Now hiring security officers, part time/full time. No experience necessary. Retirees welcome. All shifts available. Accepting applications Monday - Thursday, 8 AM - 11 AM. Located at 1035 Dairy Ashford, Suite 225, Houston, Texas 77079. Phone: 281-759-1035. Driver needed, $10 an hour, prefer someone who lives in Sunset Meadows subdivision, good for retiree or college student, 713-6884700.

September 2012

Williamsburg Settlement

Richard Hodge - GM - License # - 19005

(281) 617-2231

Whole House

Surge Protection

ONLY $289 Call for details. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Coupon must be present at time of purchase. Not valid on previous services. Expires 9/30/12 ©2012 Clockwork IP, LLC

Position available for an experienced sales/appointment setter for a local security company. Offering salary plus commission, work from home or office. Apply at 1035 Dairy Ashford, Suite 225, Houston, TX, 77079, Monday through Thursday, 8 AM to 11 AM. Martial Arts USA is hiring qualified Tae Kwon Do Black Belts with WTF certification, over 18 years of age, background checks and interviews will be conducted. Contact Master Shin or Master An at 281-463-9333 or email YoungAn@cyfairtkd. com.Location, 17121 West Rd. Suite 200 Houston TX 77095. Wanted - Hairstylists. Looking for a fun and relaxing place to work, one that appreciates you? Look no further! Sheri Marie’s Salon & Co. is hiring great hairstylists. Visit or call 281463-7375. Looking for a highly motivated and outgoing person to be the front desk for a new dental office in Katy area. Candidate should be knowledgeable about dental insurance and have great communication skills. It is a paperless office so computer skills is a must. Experience is necessary, minimum 2 years. Need to know how to schedule, run daily/monthly/yearly reports, submit insurance claims electronically and manually, work on accounts receivable, manage patient charts, discuss and present treatment plans, verify insurance, pretreatment estimates and so on, handle patient upsets, deal with software support, etc. Please forward resume to Discovery Schoolhouse now hiring teachers and support staff. Must have experience working in a licensed child care facility, be flexible and dependable and have a passion for early childhood education. Call 281-401-9828 or send resume to Now Hiring! Do you love children? Small private preschool is now accepting applications. Must be dependable and energetic. Will train.

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Service Call with any diagnosed electrical problem* *Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer Expires 9/30/12. Mister Sparky must perform the electrical repair. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. ©2012 Clockwork IP, LLC

Must have copy of High School Diploma or GED and copy of Social Security Card. Apply in person to 16618 Clay Road, Suite 400. 281656-2273. Michelle’s Salon is looking for good experience hairstylist, massage therapist, nail tech and esthetician, lease or commission. 832-878-1052. The Pediatric Dentist of Katy is looking for a highly motivated Registered Dental Assistant. Our Pediatric Dental practice is located at 24022 Cinco Village Center Blvd., Suite 210 in Katy. Our office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 AM to 5 PM, with lunch from 12-1 PM. On Fridays we are open from 7:30 AM to 3 PM. Please bring by your resume in person. Housekeepers needed. Great hours for mom’s with school age children. 281-861-0394. Position available for an experienced hair stylist with a great attitude and good clientele. Benefits available. Call Images Hair Studio at 281256-2286. Dental Assistant needed, at least 2 years of experience, must be state licensed. 281-550-0900. Residential Electrician(s): Journeyman or helper/apprentice. Have experience, references & contact info. ready, beginners last employment info. Send resume to


Found: tan and white Collie/Australian Ridgeback mix. Found around Hopper Middle School area in February. Approximately 1 - 3 years old. No chip is implanted. Please provide proof of ownership. I can be reached at 832-330-6459, ask for Azzie.

September 2012



Room for rent in family home, Katy-Fry Road at Morton, all bills paid, non smoker, $375. Call 713-822-8615 - individual.


Timeshare: rent a lovely condo for a full week in Hawaii. Sleeps 4, fully stocked kitchen. What else needs to be said... It’s Hawaii! $795. For information contact Cheryl at 281-855-7427.

Due to the amount of space involved and the response of those wishing to publish a Novena to St. Jude, a Novena to St. Jude will be published along with a list of initials of those wishing to publish one. We are sorry, but we cannot make exceptions. $5 Charge for each Novena per area. Please specify which area you would your Novena to appear in. - Krenek Printing.

Playa del Carmen private condo, 2 bed / 2 bath. 1600 square feet, beautifully furnished. 2 blocks from beach, 3 blocks from famous Fifth Avenue. Photos, rates, guest reviews at: Call Jeff, 713-856-7774. Las Vegas Timeshare - On the Strip near the airport, sleeps 4, full kitchen, dining & living; jacuzzi in room, 2 TV’s/2 Phones, 2 pools outside building, fitness room, washer/dryer/safe in room, 4 days $355 - 7 days $500. No added fees. Cheryl 281-543-2409. Vacation home for rent: Hill country vacation home, Cedar Creek Cabin, new 2/2 with loft, fully furnished, huge front porch, satellite TV, beautiful views, abundant wildlife, Frio River at Concan near Garner State Park, sleeps 8. Call 866-7CON-CAN or go to for more information.


May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world, now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. St. Jude help of the hopeless, pray for us. Say Novena 9 times a day for 9 days. It has never been known to fail. Publication must be promised. Thank you St. Jude – PB MVT DAR MD LA CS SS IK LG


September 2012

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Klassic Garage Doors Professional Garage Door Repair We replace or repair garage doors or garage door openers.

• Maintenence • Replace Panels

• Broken Springs • Door Off Track

qery Call anytime 24 hour emergency service available

832-623-6692 281-763-4310 Cell

Remodel and More

16 Years of Hands on Experience & 7+ years in Business

• Kitchen & Baths Remodels • Exterior repairs and remodeling

• Home Maintenance • Paint, Flooring, Lighting, etc.

Knowledgeable, dependable home repairs and remodeling

• Flooring • Kitchen & Baths • Painting • Make Readys • Rehabs • Plumbing • Handyman • Roofing • Electrical

O opewner rat ed



e y

Richard's Plumbing Solutions • Water Heater Specialist

$20 Off First Visit

• Disposals • Drains & Sinks • Faucets • Toilets


• Licensed • Bonded • Insured

Second Generation Plumber

MPL # 38720

Family Owned & Operated

Knife Sharpening

Blake’s Blades

References Available

Full Set, Individual and Specialty Blade Sharpening and Restoration Period Weaponry Reconditioning


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September 2012


• IRRIGATION & DRAINAGE • Lic #18069 System Check $49.99 • LANDSCAPING Design & Installation • PAVESTONE & FLAGSTONE PATIOS/WALKWAYS

Winning Your Business Since 1989

281-398-5296 21811 Katy Frwy. D114, Katy, TX 77450


• Insured • Monthly Billing Cycle • Online Credit Card Payment Option

e y r

Cell (Cary)

832-256-8203 (Chris) Irrigation & Pavestone


FREE Estimates!

Cary H. Smith Family Owned & Operated Since 1989


Tammy Smith, Owner-Operated

10.00 OFF

New customer only on regular schedule. Not valid with any other offer. Not valid for one time or empty cleans.


chloe dental Your smile Our dedication

Tenemos personal en español que pueden asistirles.

Dentistry For Your Entire Family • Traditional braces, clear braces, ClearCorrect • Veneers, Lumineers, Crowns, Bridges, Root Canals, Dentures •New Zoom WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening

We accept Most Insurances, Medicaid, TX CHIPS Open Late & Saturdays Walk-ins welcome Payment Plans Offered


September 2012

• Oral Surgery & Wisdom Teeth • Dental Implant Surgery • Soft Tissue Laser Treatment • Digital X-rays with reduced radiation

w w w. c h l o e d e n t a l . c o m


3950 Fry Road/Katy, TX. 77449 (Fry Rd. at Clay Rd.)

“Serving the Katy area for over 7 years.”

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