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Steel construction

Steel construction covering ideas

The company S.M.G. offers comprehensive solutions in steel structures We design and manufacture all types of steel structures. Together with our personalized approach which is tailored to your needs and desires and with our ideas and proposals for the construction of production facilities, sheds and roofs we made comprehensive solutions. We offer you: • highly educated and specialized team of expert for the assembly of MISSANS’s products, • modern assembly equipment, • modern lifts, lifting and transport equipment, • professional and technical assembly team, • implementation of the assembly in accordance with safety standards. Assembly As every other project the assembly also begins with an initial preparation and planning of each task. Organization of the transport, construction machinery, preparing the team for the implementation of the initial preparation and activities from the beginning to the time of handover of the contractor’s building – all those things are under constant surveillance of our experienced construction managers. The assembly is made fast, quality and comprehensive, which is the first condition that the facility will served its purpose well and for a long time. The assembly of the facilities is carried out both in Slovenia as beyond its borders. We execute the assembly of the following systems:

• The assembly of steel constructions - heavy steel constructions - light steel constructions - the shelf warehouses - staircases - fences - landings

• The assembly of the roofing

We execute the assembly of polycarbonate roofing in all sizes and models BAYER Makrolon and RODECA.

• The assembly of the facade systems

We execute the assembly with the technical support of lighting and insulation facade plates RODECA.

• The assembly of the anti-noise systems

We execute the assembly of anti-noise fencing systems, which we made ourselves.


• The assembly of the beam system or roof lights

We execute the assembly of roof lights, which we made ourselves.

The design Our company gives the biggest emphasis on our own products or ideas of the steel constructions that bring us to the unique product that fulfill the place with well thought out and precise designed steel profiles. These steel profiles are good with blending with the environment but they also refresh the surroundings or even the object itself. We make the project documentation – the plans for construction buildings (with the emphasis on steel structures): • the realization of designs • projects for the building permit • projects for implementation (3D model, workshop documentation) • static calculations. Our designers are trained to work with computer software’s which design steel structures: PRO-STAHL 3D, AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS. The price of the assembly buildings which includes the planning, designing and management, delivery, construction, transportation and installation is conditional to the extent of work, services and the used material. Our manufacturers are offering the construction of industrial facilities and this includes all the small craft workshops through to the largest industrial facilities, construction of commercial and sport buildings that are architecturally complex and construction of multi storey buildings such as the parking garage.

From the idea to the realization

Steel construction covering ideas

The modern architecture has found the possibilities that the steel constructions have to offer.

The Slovene investors are accepting the steel constructions because of its aesthetics, prestige, flexibility, economics, environmental protection, technical performance and safety.

Steel constructions The steel, which we use as a building material, has many attributes, which provide optimal solutions from the aesthetical, economical, environmental and safety aspect. The steel can be successfully used in a combination with other materials such as glass, polycarbonate plates, RODECA roof light facade plates and iron plates and all of this can give a special aesthetic value to our objects. Nowadays constructers don’t build industrial object using the classic way. The modern way of life and business demands modern and flexible designs, renovations, upgrades and modifications of existing objects. The building industry can accomplish all that by using the assembly steel constructions. That is why people use these constructions for building not only industrial but also business, sport, commercial, storage and entertainment facilities. Steel is a material from the past, because people have used it for many centuries and because of its remarkable technical characteristics it is also one of the most important and valuable high enforcement modern material. People are planning to use steel also for building housing. The technical characteristics of steel like tensile strength, bridging large ranges, fast and precise construction, flexibility and easy maintenance are complemented by an economic, aesthetic, environmental and safety aspect. For steel constructions is typically that they are solid and can be simply combine with other materials. Light steel constructions are safe, the construction with them is anti - earthquake. Steel is a recycling and environmentally friendly material that is why building with it is ecologically clean.

General information


Steel construction covering ideas

The advantages construction




The construction with steel structures is very fast and simple and the assembly is also simple. Since the steel constructions are quite lighter from the concrete, the preparation of foundations is easier and faster. The steel constructions are produced and processed in closed factory halls, which means that the construction is not exposed to different weather conditions. They put them together at the selected location and then immediately proceed with the construction of facade and roof elements. The construction of installation is very easy. It is also important that there is a simple possibility of additional constructing and changing the floor plan when using steel constructions. The maintenance of the assembly steel objects is simple and it is characterized by a long life, the costs of dismantling and dissimilation are low and the object can be reused. The steel constructions compose the load -bearing structures and the complex of designing and performing the exterior and interior of buildings. Each of the steel constructions consists of basic primary and secondary structure. The secondary structure is placed on the previously prepared primary structure. The secondary structure can be a facade or a roof sub construction.

The primary construction The primary structure consists of the carrier frames and stabilization systems that ensure stability of the building so it can carry the load on reinforced concrete foundations. It is protected with a basic coat; the finish coat is performed in manufacturing process or the assembly. Advantages: • it provides a series of attractive architectural solutions • the material has excellent construction and utility properties • it is environmentally friendly • highly seismically safe • quick and easy construction The primary structure consists of: • end frames • intermediate frames • slipstream or stabilization circuit • other stabilization systems • floor structure The assembly Is quick and easy. It is suitable for all types of objects.



Steel construction covering ideas

The secondary construction The secondary structure can be a facade or a roof sub construction on a previously prepared primary steel construction or on concrete bearers. Advantages: • it provides a series of attractive architectural solutions • the material has excellent structural and functional properties • environmentally friendly • highly seismically safe • quick and easy construction Composition For the facade and roof substructure people use rolled thin-walled sections of galvanized sheet metal Installation Quick and easy. It is suitable for all types of buildings.

Overlap and coating of steel structures Enormous progress has been recently experienced by the materials with which we overlap or clothe the constructions of the assembly buildings. In addition to conventional thermal insulation sheets for covering roof and side parts one can also use various polycarbonate sheets of different thicknesses and colors. A new product from the lighting insulating facade sheet RODECA manufacturer from Germany is also used for dressing up the side parts. With this product we can achieve high thermal and acoustic isolation and high light transmittance. With these plates we are able to shorten the construction time but they are also good because they release load only on the structure and they provide aesthetic appearance of the building.

The secondary construction


Steel construction covering ideas

The processing of steel After a successfully produced and controlled workshop plan we can start with the construction of the steel structures, which takes place in a workshop with highly skilled workers who transferred the case from the plans into reality through specific treatments ranging from measuring, cutting, welding, painting or zinc coating.

Cutting steel Steel can be cut in different ways. It differs from the requirements of the cut or desired angle of the cut, the design or model of the cut, which requires that the cut is prime or accurate. Methods of cutting: • cutting with a cutting board • cutting with a saw and water splashes • laser cutting Laser cutting: • laser cutting can replace the existing and time stringent methods of cutting, sawing, drilling and piercing of plates or tubes • Laser cutting can reduce costs of the production • Laser cutting reduces consumption of materials • Laser cutting reduces the number of components • Laser cutting increases the products quality Cutting with the cutting board: Cutting boards are designed to cut small profiles. They can also be used in field work. These plates are also used for grinding steel profiles, welds … Cutting with a saw and water splashes: Saws are used for precise cutting of steel and we use it when profiles are cut flat or perpendicular or under certain angles. Basic tilt band saw is used for cutting all types of steel and other metal materials under angle in both directions.


The steel processing

Steel construction covering ideas


Drilling machines

Drilling is an operation of processing the material using cutting. When drilling, the tool uses its rotation and movement in its axis to cut the work piece. The tool for drilling is called a drill and it is incorporated in the drilling machine. Almost all of the drills have two completely identical blades. Exceptions are found with drills that are used for deep drilling (depth of the hole is greater than eight drill diameters), which have only one or two unequal blades. The shape of the drill depends on the type of material in which the drill is drilling. The result of the operation is a cylindrical hole. You can also drill with an universal lathe, the only difference is that the work piece rotates instead of the drill. For the manufacture of cylindrical holes (especially drilling in full) with not too much depth we almost exclusively use a screw auger. This is a tool for rough treatment. We use the plumb for increasing the already existing hole. The operation is performed on the same machinery and the same tool only a drill has a different geometry. It is used for increasing the fine welded holes. The purpose of the plumb is to improve the accuracy and roughness of the hole. The specific forms of drills can be used for making various forms of the holes (stepped or tapered) and with screw-in drill one can slash a thread into the hole. The most common drillings are in wood, metal and concrete.

Drilling machines are primarily used for processing holes by drilling and other similar operations. These machines can also be used exceptionally for grinding holes (with additional preparation); the combined machines can also be used for milling, turning ... The leading movement of all machines is the rotation of the tool and the tool usually performs the linear feed movement. Types of drilling machines: • hand drill • easy table drill • single-column drilling machine • single-column machine with a stand

Laser drilling Laser drilling has become well established in the complex outputs. It is being used for more than twenty years in aviation industry and can be also found in car industry where it is necessary to drill smaller and more precise holes. Compared to conventional drilling the laser drilling is faster and it is also possible to drill deeper holes with it. The good side of the laser is that it does not wear of or break. With the pulsed Nd YAGlaser one can make a hole with a diameter between 60 and 150 mm with a precise drilling. Laser drilling is also very useful for drilling the oblique holes which are a large challenge for normal drilling.

Drilling &welding

Welding Welding is a joining of two or more parts of the base material into an inseparable whole. Merging can be achieved with heat, pressure or a combination of both together with or without of the addition of the material. Head-on welding using the pressure The work pieces are fasten in a copper clamping devices, which are also electrodes. One of the clamps is sliding the second one is fixed. The procedure is suitable for welding rods, wires and profiles with the intersection of 150 mm2. Most of welded steel is with low carbon content, but we are also welding the steel with better qualities so that we can accomplish the strength of the weld to 1100 N/mm2. This mode is used especially for welding articulated link chains and for extension of wires when being pulled. Burning welding Burning welding has many advantages over head-on welding using the pressure. The process is faster and economical and is suitable for serial work, the irregularly shaped profiles can be welded with it and the most important quality is the greater strength of the weld. There is a very low possibility that the weld is porous. With a correct performance of welding we get a weld that is strong and tough.


Steel construction covering ideas

Laser welding Laser welding is one of the most important operations of merging metal and plastic materials. It is well established in many industries, especially in the automotive industry because it has many advantages, such as high speed, low depth of the weld, high-strength ... Laser welding is slowly displacing other types of welding. The micro-welding has also implemented with the laser. We know the merge of very thin sheet metal, wires and other small items.

The steel structures can be protected in different ways Every day we are faced with a variety of hardware products (structures) such as transport means, residential furniture parts, stair railings and balconies, garden fences, gates, roofs ... These things can be exposed to all kinds of climatic influences and media as well as of mechanical damage, chemicals (cleaners) ... In the interior, especially in heated accommodation buildings, the corrosion effects are minimal but outdoors - there is a different picture. When we will be deciding what type of surface anti- corrosion products we should use, we must know which coating or covering will be sufficiently stable under the given conditions. Cleaning the surfaces Sustainability of anticorrosion coatings is highly dependent on types and levels of how areas are cleaned – this goes out to the performances of new coatings and also to existing coatings. When restoring paint it is recommended to accurately determine the type and level of damage on coatings. When doing the anti-corrosion coatings, we use hand and mechanical hardware cleaning, dry and wet-sanding, dust cleaning, washing with water under high pressure, flame cleaning, dry cleaning …


Types, properties and application of anti-corrosion paints and coatings Steel surface structures or articles may be protected by various anti-rust coatings (air, physical and chemical dried, furnace dried, dust and other coatings), laminated coatings, enamels, metal coatings from zinc, aluminum, chromium, nickel … or a combination of previously mentioned, for example: metal covering and coating (double - duplex systems). Metal anti-corrosion coating The most commonly used metallic coating for anti-corrosion surface protection of steel structures and products are zinc, aluminum, a combination of zinc and aluminum, chrome and nickel. The hot zincification coating is performed by submersion the product in the melt product of zinc and it is a very appropriate and long corrosion resistant coating for the outer structure in an urban environment. Products, which we want to be covered in the hot zincification, must be made out of steel with the appropriate chemical composition (e.g. the requirements of the standard BS EN ISO 1461), their surfaces can not be too roughened and coated, hollow elements must have specific openings. Zinc and zinc coatings are poorly stabled in the condensed moisture and in poor air and humid conditions. The hot zincification coating surfaces are often further protected by coatings and other organic layers. Galvanic (cold) galvanized coating is performed with electrochemical processes and is suitable for small items (screws, building hardware) that will be located in less humid or dry areas. The hot zincification coating – a choice without any question World Studies show that the anti-corrosion hot galvanized protection is much more economical and more durable compared to painting. The buildings that surround us are the standing proof of it. The entire steel highway program is anti-corrosion protected with the hot zincification coating. This procedure almost always protects the complex steel structure halls, roofs, pipes, barn equipments and also malleable and balcony fences for public and individual use.


Steel construction covering ideas

Steel canopies Steel canopies are placed under the steel structures but the canopies are less complex and easier. A canopy is a simple solution when we want to cover the space in front or at the housing facility. Canopy may overlap the terrace, the entrance into the residential building, the balcony, a car or any another means of transport. Metal frame is galvanized or varnished in cover color. The roof is flat, curved, ribbed or you can decide for any other form. We can dimension or plan your canopy by following your desires. The canopy can also adapt to your and space needs. You can combined it with an existing garage, it can become a part of the house but it can also be situated as an independent part as a single or in series. Beside custom canopies, which are unique, we offer different models of steel canopies and with them we can adjust to even the most demanding customers and situations and realize your conceptions with our ideas. Canopies are classic on four columns with the bases but they can be like a console and have two supporting pillars, which bear the roof part of the canopy and have a prestressed foundations. Canopies are manufactured assembly. That makes work faster and cleaner. The processing and production do not differ from the treatment and manufacture of complex steel structures. We mostly cover steel canopies with polycarbonate roofing of various designs, colors and thicknesses, which are an excellent response to all weather impacts and they provide excellent protection for you, the objects, the entire space in which we live or your car.



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covering ideas

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