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1. Auburn Slumber sleep chair by Nemschoff Space is at a premium in patient rooms. The Auburn Slumber gives overnight guests a comfortable place to sit and sleep in one compact unit. Available in chair, loveseat, and double-wide versions. 2. Cascade Slumber sleep chair by Nemschoff The scale of the Cascade Slumber appears light and non-institutional, never overbearing. Its sculptural profile, use of wood, and boot-style base combine to create an inviting design.

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3. Horizon Slumber sleep chair by Nemschoff Like other Nemschoff sleep chairs, the Horizon Slumber offers an optional magazine pouch, moisture barrier, and either a standard or extended headrest. Available in chair, loveseat, and double-wide versions.



4. SleepOver® 1-2-3 by Nemschoff A smart design makes converting this chair into a sleep surface as easy as 1-2-3. Two widths also give you choices in sleep surface dimensions depending on room size. Removable covers and storage components round out SleepOver 1-2-3’s features. 5. Slumber SLEEP CHAIR by Nemschoff Soft lines and generous upholstery ensure a comfortable look and feel in the industry’s first sleep chair. Slumber converts from a small footprint into a generous sleep area to accommodate guests during overnight stays.


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Ideas for Heathcare Environments