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1. 2750 by Nemschoff A curved back and thickly cushioned seat give the 2750 chair a comfortable style. Footstool available. 2. 2755 ABC™ by Nemschoff The adjustable back 2755 offers a wallsaver leg design and pneumatically controlled infinite back adjustment with a comfortable range. Full recline is at a 34° angle.


3. ANDANTE by Nemschoff A sculpted arm and reinforced joinery create a unique combination of beauty and strength in the exceptionally solid Andante patient chair. The generous seat width supports a range of body types. 4


4. ASHTON by Nemschoff Wallsaver leg design, wood finishes that stand up to 24/7 use and harsh cleaners, and a clean-out space all make Ashton a reliable and durable choice. 5. BAYFIELD by Nemschoff Bayfield’s curved wood arm cap and contoured back cushioning help keep the sitter comfortable. Wood detailing along the chair’s back adds a bit of style. 6. BRAVA by Nemschoff This Brava patient chair has a cushioned head rest area and enclosed arms with upholstered, wood, and urethane arm cap options.


30 Ideas for Healthcare Spaces


7. BRAVA HIGHBACK with Fold-down arm A combination of clean design lines, exceptional functionality and ergonomics, the Brava Highback with fold-down arm is designed to ease the interaction between caregiver and patient.

Ideas for Heathcare Environments  

Ideas for Heathcare Environments

Ideas for Heathcare Environments  

Ideas for Heathcare Environments