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1. Wire Shelving Unit by Eagle Group Available in multiple sizes, exceptionally strong wire shelving supports bulk storage and heavy loads – economically. 2. Stainless Steel Table by Eagle Group Easy-to-clean stainless steel tables are available in various configurations and sizes, many of which integrate wire shelving. 3. Stainless Steel Case Cart by Eagle Group Use this mobile table to deliver surgical supplies to the OR and as a handy surface once the operation gets under way. 4. Wire Cart by Eagle Group Mobile wire carts can be moved wherever you need and customized however you like – with totes, dividers, drawers, and bins. 5. Chrome Utility Cart by Eagle Group Sturdy, maneuverable utility carts are ready for whatever job comes their way. You’ll find uses throughout your healthcare facility. 6. Floor-Trak System by Eagle Group Pack it in! This high-density system makes productive use of floor space via wire shelving that glides back and forth, creating aisles only where you need them.

Wire Carts, Wire Shelving, and Fabricated Stainless Steel

7. Stainless Steel Countertops by Eagle Group Clean rooms, operating rooms, central processing – stainless steel countertops make sense wherever you need to maintain sanitary conditions. 8. Stainless steel CAse CarT by Eagle Group Case carts streamline materials handling by ensuring that the right instruments and supplies are delivered at the right time for the right procedure. 9. Inhalation Therapy Cart by Eagle Group The inhalation cart accommodates up to 12 D and E cylinders in any combination. 10. Mail Cart by Eagle Group Transport documents and packages throughout your facility with ease. A deep lower shelf holds bulky items.

22 Ideas for Healthcare Spaces

Ideas for Heathcare Environments  
Ideas for Heathcare Environments  

Ideas for Heathcare Environments