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1. HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE WORKSTATION Easy to move and reconfigure, heightadjustable workstations give employees on multiple shifts a convenient place to get things done. Various accessories organize supplies and equipment.


2. Height-Adjustable TAble Height-adjustable tables are available to support the ergonomics of varying work process needs. 3. supply Locker on Wheels Mobile lockers deliver high-capacity storage in a small footprint. Clear doors can be specified to find contents quickly. 4. Under counter storage When change occurs, Co/Struc movable, modular casework can be reconfigured and reused – with little downtime or construction mess. Modular components integrate with Herman Miller Casework for greater versatility. 5. Locker on wall/keyless entry Modular Co/Struc components are suspended from wall strips or rails, so they’re easy to clean under and around. Lockers provide high-density vertical storage, while a keyless entry option keeps supplies secure. 6. CO/STRUC SYSTEM Movable, modular casework makes sense in the lab, pharmacy, ER, patient care areas – any clinical environment that expects frequent change. It consists of storage components, lockers, work surfaces, and carts that can be moved and reconfigured again and again.


7. c frame and drawers Made from impact-resistant plastic that won’t chip or dent, Co/Struc keeps looking good through 24-hour usage. Disassembly is a snap, so individual components like drawers or shelves can be removed quickly for thorough washing.

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Ideas for Heathcare Environments  

Ideas for Heathcare Environments

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