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7. Computer Storage Cart Healthcare workers on the go can get things done efficiently with a compact mobile cart that lets them bring along a computer, work surface, and storage on their rounds. 8. Procedure/supply cart Additional overhead storage speeds workflow by making frequently used supplies readily available at eye level. 9. Emergency Cart An elevated defibrillator platform frees up the cart surface and pivots to provide 360° visual access to the display.



10. Decentralized Pharmacy Cart A mini pharmacy on wheels, the extra-wide medication cart keeps meds organized, accessible, and – with various lock options – secure. 11. Nurse Server Cart Modular drawers can be customized with various interior configurations to help nurses stay organized and find supplies quickly. 12. Bulk Supply Cart Wide supply carts offer plenty of open space for large instruments. They also can be specified with drawers for smaller items. 13. Cysto Supply Cart The cysto supply cart accommodates both catheters and general supplies. Each catheter rack slide includes prongs, side label clips, and front label holders.



14. Med/Surg Delivery Cart Deliver surgical supplies where they’re needed using a mobile cart that can be configured with a variety of drawer, shelf, and organizer components. 15. Linen Cart Adjustable wire shelves provide circulation and keep linens orderly. Meanwhile, curtain doors keep supplies clean without adding weight.

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Ideas for Heathcare Environments  

Ideas for Heathcare Environments

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