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1. Mobile Technology Cart (Laptop) Easy-to-maneuver mobile technology carts support digital charting and registration at the bedside or other points of care. 2. Mobile Technology Cart (flat panel) An easy-to-operate height-adjustment lever allows mobile technology carts to support healthcare workers whether seated or standing. 3. Cast Cart Emergency departments can find plenty of room for orthopedic supplies on the extra-wide cast cart. For a custom storage solution, drawers and shelves can be combined in various ways.


4. Bedside Cart Easy-to-organize bedside carts simplify patient care. As with all Herman Miller carts, drawers are available in a number of colors. 5. Medication Cart Improve supply organization and delivery with a mobile cart that transports medications to specific floors or departments. 6. Anesthesia Cart A suspended shelf above and attached basket on the side put frequently used anesthesia supplies within easy reach at the point of use.

14 Ideas for Healthcare Spaces







Ideas for Heathcare Environments  

Ideas for Heathcare Environments

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